i'm going to be making some others so yeahh

anonymous asked:

I think the other anon suggested fluorite for Vriska because, if i'm not mistaken, her lucky dice were made of fluorite.

yeahh so I’ve been told ;v; anyway I changed it now;;

Anon:Oh my, new gemstuck is just wonderful I can’t believe sollux is a fusion, it really make sense good job in making them hope you make more

thank youu! <3 I’m glad you liked it! I do have some more I started a while back to finish ahh

Anon:Can I submit a gemstuck drabble to you based off of your AU maybe. ((IDK if I’m actually going to write it because writing sucks ahaha))

if you want to, have fun! but I warn you I’m really lazy when it comes to reading fanfic ;v;

Anon:If karkat’s a gem now than who’s playing the rols of Lars

somebody said that could be Dave attempting to be cool loll

Anon:Uhm, sorry if this has been asked before! But would Rose (lalonde, that is) and dave have a role in the AU? if so, what do you think it would be? ’ v ’

Rose might be one of the cool kids but I’m not sure!