i'm going through my saved files

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Could you draw moar of your human sans plez?

my computer crashed 2 times not saving my files after an afternoon of formatting, rebooting, and reistalling, and now my new tablet is finally working so take this as a thank heaven new tablet practice

take the bean

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hi! i just discovered your blog and i was going through and saw this post - post/54038134343 - i was wondering if you might be able to post a larger version of that smaller sketch of the outfit? i'm curious as to what your notes say and what it looks like up close. thanks!

Hey, sorry for the wait! I’m just starting to go through some of the backlog in my inbox.  I dug around through my folders and found the larger version.  I also found another sketch of the same outfit. (Thankfully I’m somewhat anal about saving and backing up all my old files, no matter how much they sear my retinas.)

Time for an asphodelon flashback…

(larger version)

This was one of the first costumes I designed for Persephone back in early 2013. I wrote the notes for myself basically, since I like to pretend I can character design. Although I still kinda like this design, I decided that I wanted something that looked more similar to actual ancient Greek styles.  (That and…asphodel flowers aren’t actually that large. By a long shot.) This and this costume are the descendants of this design.  The color scheme is largely the same, as is the pomegranate-inspired jewelry.  But the dresses are more in line with how ancient Greek clothing was constructed.

[I should add as a disclaimer that my designs are not intended to be 100% historically accurate, and this was a choice I purposefully made for the sake of creativity and personal flavor.]


It is not difficult to make a gif in Photoshop, here is how you do it. Click for captions if you need!

I am far more inclined to trust the program designed to prevent and warn me about virus infections than I am to trust the word of the person linking to a program that brings up warning flags.

“the reason its seen as viruses is because someone took this a while ago and remade it with viruses”

If you admit there is a ‘version’ filled with viruses, then what reason do I have to believe that my antivirus software is wrong here?

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First of all: your art is amazing. I've been a follower of your blog for a while and I'm still in love with it (◕‿◕✿) I wanted to ask you: how do you organize your drawings? It looks like you've made hundreds of them and I wanted to know how do you keep them in a way that you can find them, because I haven't had my tablet for a long time and I'm already feeling lost D:

Thank you so much! ovo/

I’ve made a lot and don’t remember deleting any doodle. I keep them in folders but y'know, I’ll give you a quick tour on my files:

This is my desktop. I like it neat but keep the ones I often access right there in the corner.

  • commission 2014 (commissions, duh)
  • TT (I just created this folder months ago and it’s where all my Teen Titans art and sai files go.)
  • Duh rum dump (Drawings and doodles I have yet to organize because don’t expect me to dig through files to save a drawing and then dig through it again just to upload it. No, I keep them here first for easier access. When they get old enough, I start cleaning.)
  • That jazz (This mah jam son.)
  • Art stuff (This is where the drawings are organized in folders.)

I’m not good with naming my drawings. Sometimes, I just type in the first thing that pops in my head while other times, I smash the keyboard.

After some time, when the dump folders grow too crowded, I start cleaning and organizing them, transferring most to the Art stuff folder. Folders are separated by fandom (PMDe, Pokemon, Pokespe) and other things.

And inside each folder, they are arranged by date (2011, 2012…) but some have their own folders for they belong in one series/project/challenge (nuzlocke, December challenge).

Another reason why I arrange them by year is because I sometimes like to go through them and pick some I may want to redo and compare.

My PMDe folder is probably the neatest. Hah. I have folders for doodles, fanart for others, and mission/task art just so I can easily find whatever I need.

This is how I manage my art files. Dump just-made art in one folder for easy access and then transfer them in organized files. 

Hope this helped!