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One night, Junkrat was screwing around and broke his robotic arm. I like to think he is ashamed of his missing arm and feels like a disgusting thing because of it but Roadhog won’t let him think that.
Also, I just wanted to make some sad Junkrat ;u;

things i love about captain isabel lovelace:

  • how she calls everyone “kids” or “nerds”
  • how she tells bad jokes to keep herself calm during stressful moments
  • how during her first mission she enjoyed free-floating outside the station while listening to music
  • how she was reluctant to destroy eris even after everything she put her crew through
  • how she was willing to team up with hilbert to take down the si-5 despite everything he did to her, and made it very clear that their cooperation doesn’t mean forgiveness
  • how she tells minkowski to “break a leg” before they start the mutiny
  • how she looks warren kepler in the eye and says “fuck you”
  • how she says “you did a rude thing” to kepler after coming back from the dead after he killed her
  • how she says “honey i’m home” and punches kepler
  • how she declares that she is going to be isabel lovelace again, and not the person who command turned her into after all the shit that she’s gone through

Hearing about what happened to Harry tonight absolutely disgusts me. You do NOT have to right to another human’s body. I don’t care if you’re a female fan, it is SEXUAL ASSAULT. Gender does not change the severity of what happened and what Harry now has to go through.

I think Harry handled things in the best way he could. It’s just heartbreaking that he now has to think about his every move when on stage. He should be having fun, and this likely will change that for awhile.


If there’s a bison miraculous it should go to Kim, just saying… cause he’s bi and he’s my son

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Ooh ooh! Ok interesting Sheithy thing I noticed! So I've already watched all of Voltron twice through and now I'm watching it a third time with a friend, and I noticed something interesting about how strong Keith's feelings are for Shiro. When Allura was captured by the Galra at the Galactic Hub/Space Base, Keith literally considered not even going after her. That goes to show how detached he is from the others. But when Shiro was captured, Keith REFUSED to stay put, and avidly searched for him.

right? and then the same thing when pidge tries to leave, like buddy…

keith: voltron is more important than any one person

keith when shiro goes missing: voltron who

(i’m kidding, i love him and i think he was making smart decisions in each of these cases.)

BTS as things my friends have said (part 3)
  • Seokjin: That was literally not even all that funny yet there are tears streaming down my face and I don't think I can stop laughing
  • Yoongi: I'd go but I don't want to so I'm... Im not going
  • Hoseok: I can't be the only person who really feels like singing at 6:00 in the morning
  • Namjoon: It's not that I hate your cat it's more like, I think I'm going through a clumsy phase right now and I don't want to somehow kill it
  • Taehyung: *sings 'If you're happy and you know it' in heavy metal, opera, country and hip hop versions*
  • Jimin: I can't do the whole social interactions thing so I'm planning to just fill the silences with sexy stares and cute laughs
  • Jungkook: This is gonna seem like such a coincidence but I can do literally everything else but that

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I loved Sam in this ep. But as heartfelt and kind and smart as he was in this episode...he's still not getting it. He and Dean are so not on the same page, about so many things. Sam thinks Dean just needs to bounce back like always. He's not getting that Dean is grieving in a different way, and why Dean is just so done. This isn't just another "we've buried people before, dean" situation. Part of the disconnect is Sam still has hope; Cas was Dean's hope, and I'm not sure Sam fully gets that.

Yeah, I mean Sam is trying to find a silver lining here, and he THINKS and BELIEVES (mostly because he has to believe) that they may be able to rescue Mary. Part of why he feels he NEEDS to believe in Jack, that he can be saved (aside from the fact that Sam HIMSELF went through that exact thing with the demon blood and powers) is that if Jack CAN be saved, maybe he can save Mary, too. That’s pretty much the only thing keeping Sam going right now, and it’s A Big Thing.

But Dean is also seeing Jack through a personal lens similar to how Sam is (wheee! Jack is all the parallels!). Dean’s personal lens is tinted a hell of a lot darker…

I was telling @tinkdw this morning that Dean’s looking at Jack as if Jack was s10 Dean.. the s10 callbacks were through the roof… The Black Spur Bar (where Demon Dean hung out with Crowley, had a relationship with a blonde bartender very much like the one Asmodeus killed and impersonated, and sang about imaginary lovers). Then there was Jack stabbing himself (which horrified Dean because when he was a demon, Dean cut his hand with the First Blade just to watch it heal…) Dean KNOWS how dangerous Jack is, but it’s not a “curse on his arm” that Dean held out hope could be cured (and used that hope to sustain himself and fight against the Mark for most of s10). For Jack, the power is part of who he is.. so to speak…

Yeah, so poor Dean, already grieving the loss of the love of his life, is confronted with a being he’s incapable of seeing as anything other than the absolute worst version of himself… while he’s feeling completely flattened. Meanwhile, Sam is looking at Jack as a sort of s2 version of himself and treating him very much the same way Dean treated HIM throughout s2. Dean had been DETERMINED to save him.

But Dean? The only thing that saved him from the Mark was having to face the original source of the Mark in Amara, and he barely got out of that alive, too… Jack is potentially more powerful than anything they’ve ever faced aside from Chuck and Amara, has a Mr. Rogers level of morality, and doesn’t even recognize when his power has caused something MINOR to happen (like blowing out the tattoo machine and tossing the tattooist because he felt owie).

And Jack was convinced to open up a portal to the darkest pit of Hell sort of equivalent to almost letting the Leviathans out (but possibly worse) because a demon wearing a familiar face told him God wanted him to… I mean… he’s just too naive to feel like all that power is safe in his hands…

How is any of that supposed to inspire hope in Dean? Sam gave Dean his own standard “keep fighting” speech, even mentioned the loved ones they lost– Cas and Mary, and the fact that he hopes they can at least save Mary… But Sam doesn’t yet understand why Dean just can’t keep fighting right now. I mean, what Dean’s lost here, I don’t even think Sam has a personal experience that compares to it…

Dean losing Cas has been paralleled to Sam losing Jess in the past (hello 8.07 and that parallel gif set of Sam seeing Jess on the street and Dean seeing Cas walking down the road…), and even as recently as 12.23 with the whole “pull my screaming brother away” parallel to the pilot episode. But now? This goes so far beyond any parallel to Jess. Sam CAN’T really understand that unless Dean tells him. Or until he figures it out. Fingers crossed one or the other (or both) of those things happen before Cas comes back.


Conan’s speech during his last show on The Tonight Show with Conan O’Brien (2009-2010)

It’s a famous speech and you’ve probably seen it before. But if you, like me, are going through a lot right now, this is a reminder: don’t give up.

“Amazing things will happen! I’m telling you! It’s the truth!”

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Hi, I'm going through some tough family things right now and I was wondering if you could do comfort headcanons for the Paladins? I love your blog, it's amazing!

OMG HOW DID I MISS THIS IN MY INBOX, ANON I’M SO SORRY. Know I’m always open to talk, you can just private message me, or drop an anon in my inbox. That goes for everyone, my inbox is always open.

– Ryan


• Comfort with Pidge would take many forms
• She’ll hold you until you’ve had enough
• She’ll marathon your favorite shows with you, coming up with canon and headcanon reasons for why characters do the stupid things they do
• She’ll talk your ear off, or listen to you if you’d like to talk
• Constant sleepovers (w/ bonus comfort cuddles from Matt)
• (Who doesn’t want bonus Matt cuddles??)
• But when you’re in the castle and you need the comfort, you know Pidge’s door is always open for you
• She’ll teach you about engineering and mechanics
• You and she’ll start a project, though you only have a vague idea of what you’re creating
• It’s not until you’re indenting thin strips of metal that you realize it’s a music box
• Although it was complex, Pidge’s instructions made it seem so easy
• You have that music box to this day, and you wind it up right before you go to bed


• Keith handles conflicting emotions on a routine basis
• He’s pretty savvy in ways for calming yourself, and helping others, once he knows more about that person
• He’s the first person you go to when you’re feeling down, or stressed, and Keith always knows the right way to take care of you
• Whether it’s with a long talk, a cup of tea, or some exercise, he’s always there for you
• But the one thing you didn’t expect him to do to calm you down was sing
• The first time it happened you were confused, and you didn’t know what to say
• But Keith must have thought you’d fallen asleep, and that’s why he continued to sing
• The next day, when you asked him about it, he denied it
• But the more you begged him, the more he caved until finally, he made you promise not to tell anyone, and he’d sing for you
• So after that, Keith would lay with you, holding you, comforting you
• And his voice would carry a song that would be etched into your soul for the rest of your life
• Also surprise affectionate Keith w/ kisses and cuddles and strong arms = super security blanket yes


• Overworried baby is overworried
• Constantly asks you what he can do for you
• Lance would comfort you, and allow you your time, but he doesn’t like to wallow in the sorrow
• He feels it won’t heal you
• He knows that depression and bouts of sorrow are hard to overcome
• But he also knows how to overcome them
• Comfort from Lance would be in the form of socks on the training hall floor
• With loud music playing
• And he’s not letting you leave until you dance with him
• So the music starts playing
• It’s more like a slip-n’-slide than anything else
• But you’re laughing, and so is he, and nothing in the moment could be more perfect


• Comfort with Hunk is usually in the form of food
• But mostly in the form of bear hugs
• Bc who else is better at bear hugs than my Little Bear??
• He’s immediately scooped you up into his arms
• And he cradles you
• And his arms are just locked securely around you
• And it feels so warm
• Tbh he’d probably carry you around like that
• But comfort would be baking butter cakes together
• Then eating hot butter cakes together


• Comfort from Shiro is silent and understanding
• He’ll sit beside you, holding your hand, and listening to you
• He might not be creative like Pidge or Lance, nor as energetic
• But he’ll comfort you the best he could
• And that’s with his assurance that you will be alright
• That you are safe, and that he will beside you with every step you take
• For that week Shiro would sleep with you
• Holding you against him, and being in his arms, feeling his solid body against yours was such a security blanket
• Sure, Shiro would try to cheer you up, because he can’t stand to see you so sad
• But he doesn’t know anything other than dad jokes 
• And at that point, none of us are sure that’s what we really want
• But you secretly like it

I think the core thing that caused The Last Airbender to be the horrible, piece of shit movie that it is was the fact that Shyamalan clearly looked down on the TV series as just some dumb children’s show and not for the good thing it is. It really shows through in the movie that he thought that the show’s just a mindless cartoon made to momentarily distract children too dumb to comprehend the world around them. That was his first of many mistakes, and that, combined with his incompetence, laid the foundation for the film.

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Do you check the tags when people reblog your RPs?

It’s like the only thing I do.

But for real, fastest way to get me to love you is to reblog with tags. @the-moon-and-stars-my-love and @ravenclawslittleplush always reblog with tags and I love them with all my heart.

Red [Steve Rogers x Reader]

A/N: This was inspired by my favourite fanfic writer @ enterprisewriting. I can’t even imagine matching her level of writing but I tried. I love the idea but the execution may not be amazing. Nevertheless, do give this a read.

Losing him was blue like I’d never known..

The coffee machine was fated to never work for you. You pressed the button, frustrated at the dispenser. You were in desperate need of coffee. Surely the bitterness would temporarily take your mind off of certain things.

“Is it not working again?” a voice, that you immediately recognised as Bucky’s, called from behind you.

“Nope,” you replied, popping the ‘p’.

Bucky snorted and moved past you. He pressed the button on the machine and it miraculously whirred to life. The coffee poured into the cup he was holding as he looked over to you, eyebrows raised.

“I’m telling you, the damned thing is hell bent on not giving me any coffee,” you muttered as Bucky let out a small chuckle.

He handed you the cup, pouring coffee into another one for himself.

“So,” he said, leaning against the wall and sipping at the drink, “What’s got you up and awake?”

“I could ask you the same thing,” you retorted, biting your lip.

“I’ve got a shift in an hour, doll. What’s your excuse?”

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Simon D - All Or Nothing

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You stared into his warm eyes silently. A lot of things were going through your mind right now and there were a lot things you wanted to tell him, but you didn’t know where and how to start. Not any existing word or expression could come even close to the gratitude and appreciation you felt for the things he did for you time and time again.

“Why?” You said in a whisper and the moment the question left your lips, you knew you would regret asking. Simon would drop everything for you and rush right over whenever you were having a hard time. He would be there, even before you knew something was wrong. It didn’t matter where or when you could always count on him. But it also made you feel guilty for being a burden to him. He always put you first. The consequences of his actions didn’t matter. Sometimes you did wonder, why he always went out of his way for you. 

“You know why.” He responded shortly. But you shook your head at him.

“You know I love you.”

And just like that he crossed the line. It was just one simple sentence. But with those little words your entire world changed and you knew you could never go back to how things were. 
The moment those words left his mouth, you felt your entire body tensing up from head to toe. Your heart stopped beating for a moment and it felt as though time had stopped for you. You didn’t know what to feel or how to react. Should you laugh or cry? Should you be happy or angry?

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I just remembered that life goes on no matter what and that there is a reason for everything!! if im sad right now I’m going to learn things from what I’m going through and I’m going to grow!! there’s no need for me to feel anxious about things I can’t change the only thing I can do is accept it and move forward

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I'm going through a really rough time right now, I ended up in the hospital for mental health issues and could really use some puppies to cheer me up, even if it's only for a moment. Some of your cutest?

Oh my, i’m sorry to hear about that. I really hope that everything works out for you and things start going up from here :) Make sure you keep me updated with how everything goes! Here are the pups to cheer you up :D

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May I please request Big Bang reacting to their younger sister falling asleep in front of a computer because she's on a deadline for a paper and was up late typing it? I'm sort of in that situation right now because I've been stuck at work. I just have 2 more pages to write and then I never want to hear the word "neoclassicism" ever again. Thank you very much! 💞💞

Yikes, i feel you. I feel like I’ve been studying for the same thing for weeks now. 


He’d sigh seeing you with your head in the crook of your elbow and walk into your room. He’d shake you awake and tell you to go to bed almost sternly. But when you shook your head and started to rustle through your notes again he’d gather them up, point to your bed and wouldn’t return the papers until you had crawled into bed. 

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He’d feel bad for you, he saw first hand just how hard you had been working. He would battle with himself, let you sleep at your desk, or wake you up and possibly ruin the chances of you actually getting back to sleep. He’d decide on pulling the throw blanket from your bed and placing it around your shoulders before turning off your over head light and shutting your door.

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He would have caught you just in time as your head slipped from your hand and was about to hit the table. It woke you up suddenly and while he did want you to go to sleep he understood that you just weren’t ready yet. He’d take it upon himself to then help you study. Quizzing you until you were answering the questions before he could even finish the question. 

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He’d feel so bad for you. Knowing how you got around this time always made him feel like he needed to do something, but he never knew what. Seeing you passed out against your dest though would make him sigh and he’d walk in, waking you up and helping you to your bed. He’d ask you to get lost of rest and he’d promise that the next day he’d be there to help you if you needed it.

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He would have found you asleep while bringing you coffee, knowing that you would be trying to pull an all nighter. Him walking into your room while talking loudly would have woken you up and him seeing you all but drooling onto your notes would make his grin turn into a sigh as he handed you the coffee. He’d ask you if you were sure you couldn’t just hang it up for the night but when you insisted that now since you had fallen asleep for the hour you had, you needed to study even harder. He’d sit with you for a little while before heading home himself. 

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Hey Zoe I'm going through this crisis which I think I'm too young to be going through right now. After being on the internet and being around other people for so long I've to realize that a lot of people my age are more talented and successful than me. I mean things like they have better art, they have better lifestyles, they're more responsible, they have better grades, they're more attractive, and overall have more talents and nicer personalities. Any advice on how to deal with this?

Ill just be extremely blunt, stop being lazy by loathing yourself over that and work for what you want. That’s just how the world rolls.

1. Envy is pointless, because after all only when you live the same life with exactly same to every single details of that person, you can never have what they have. Then again, that means they can never have what you have. Let that sink in.

2. In every age you will see it, people who are more gifted than others. If they have talent or they upbringing is outstanding, sure they have a better starting point than you. It’s nature as life, no point digging in it. Then again, when you got older you will surely realize, that NOTHING COMES WITHOUT A PRICE. If you want to become famous, become talent, work for it. 

- No, talent won’t get you far, we see enough talent rotten away.

- No, not upbringing either, we see tons of people from low standing raise to the top.

- No, not beautiful face either, we see beauty is just a pretty skin bag.

I’m always curious about it, when people just cursed about some famous actress or hot girl like they have nothing but the face and know how to spread their legs to be famous. Even if that’s true, they sure as hell TRYING and with a little luck, they earned their status. SUCESS CAN ONLY BE EARNED, BY PERSISTENCY AND DETERMINATION.

3. Loathing yourself is what a lazy ass will do. While you sit still thinking how they have everything without trying (in fact you cant know for sure), they still advance with their own phase. It’s your call to whether use that energy for something meaningful and challenge your yesterday self, or just envy with people. Choose.

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hello um... I suffer from severe anxiety and a slew of other things and I'm having a bit of a tough time right now- I was wondering if you could possibly post some photos of pit bulls? please, if you have any? the breed means a lot to me- thanks, sorry to bother you, your blog helps me deal with a lot yeah. ❤

I’m sorry to hear you’re going through a tough time, i really hope things start to settle down and you start to feel a little better soon. Here are some cuties to try to cheer you up in the meantime :)