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One night, Junkrat was screwing around and broke his robotic arm. I like to think he is ashamed of his missing arm and feels like a disgusting thing because of it but Roadhog won’t let him think that.
Also, I just wanted to make some sad Junkrat ;u;

I’m slightly disturbed now that I’m replaying Cullen’s scene in Broken Circle. I didn’t remember how… Damaged he was in this scene. Now that I’m paying attention, he was so beyond okay it isn’t even funny. Who thought it was okay ti put him back into service after everything he went through? The things he saw, the things he went through…He wasn’t okay. He was very much not okay, and yet, Cullen went right back to be a Circle templar.

See, the thing is, the order failed Cullen pretty bad at that. He could’ve been sent to stay in a Chantry for a while. Somewhere away from mages. But no. They left him in the very halls he was tortured and saw the people he considered friends die. 

You know what really hurts me? This sentence:

“And to think I once thought we were too hard on you.”

(he said something a bit different to my Warden, since this one isn’t a mage, but it was to the same effect)

Before the events of Broken Circle, Cullen thought that Templars were too harsh on mages. He was, maybe on the way of thinking mages deserved better treatment. He trusted mages enough to be infatuated for one. But then he saw abominations, he was tortured, had his most private thoughts and feelings violated, saw demons killing people left and right, Uldred was doing unspeakable things in a room above Cullen, where he could listem to everything. 

Also look at the place he was trapped in

Look at this. There are bodies and… Corruption everywhere. He got trapped in that place for God knows how long.

His fear turned into some pretty solid hatred. And I think maybe hate was the way he found to cope with all the trauma. It’s better to turn your pain into a weapon you can use against others, than leave it something that will only cut you (and I mean that as a trail of thought, not something you should do. Because it obviously isn’t the best course of action at all. Nor does it absolve anyone for their mistakes).

I don’t blame him for his hatred. I don’t blame him for wanting the mages dead. Anyone in his position probably wouldn’t be able to say something rational or not be dominated by fear and anger. And I pretty much doubt that anyone can go back to normal without help after this on the spot. This is enough to drive anyone mad.

To be quite honest, it’s truly remarkable he managed to snap out of it at all…

I just want to yell how much I love Louis right now?! And I know I’ve been critical in the past of him being like ~SOLO~ but sincerely I love this song?! and this really shook me up?? Like it hit me that after all these years I kinda see everyone in the 1D sphere as a sort of extended family …It’s like my friend, who’s going through one of the MOST devastating things you can go through in life, is going up there to perform tonight and I’m so proud of him?! Allllll the bullshit aside like this is incredible and I don’t know where he’s getting this strength but …I love him…

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what about so far niiiiick

You guys ask all the hard questions. 

One day I will go through properly and make a more comprehensive list but RIGHT NOW, OFF THE TOP OF MY HEAD, I PICK THESE THREE. IN CHRONOLOGICAL ORDER. 


In which Kurogane is trying to say with words just what his actions mean and it doesn’t quite work. 

Ie, through a complicated mix of Kurogane not wording it very well in the first place, Fai having no sense of self worth, and Fai also failing to ever consider that other people could like him any more than he likes himself (which is not at all), it’s made clear that neither of them really know how the other works at their core but the reader gets to see it all regardless.  


Where, among other things, Fai’s starting to realise that his falseness just straight up doesn’t work on Kurogane. Kurogane sees more of Fai than anyone else and yet despite that he’s still here, and Fai doesn’t quite know what to do with that information. 


Which, admittedly, was all off screen. BUT COME ON. 

SIX MONTHS of Fai and Kurogane alone together, being forced to communicate without words, and becoming an inseparable battle duo in the process. There is a lot in there and I adore all of it. 

One of my favourite things about Elise is her honesty. When she’s going through a rough time/in a slump she posts about it and gives insight into how she got through it. She posts pictures of her sweat pits. She posts about how she found her red carpet clothes at some second hand store. She doesn’t pretend her life is always glamorous. I know she’s just a small time Canadian actress right now but that honesty is just so refreshing and inspiring

i’m gunna disappear for a while to go and sort out my things bc i’m moving to london next week (!!!), but hit the heart for a starter for when i get back — i’ve lost my old starter call and tbh it’s been a while so a fresh one is needed. mutuals only & all that jazz, i might be selective but i have a lot of muse so we’ll see !

Me @ my emotions: quit being so fucking unpredictable and bad I don’t want to seem like a bitch so often oh my god

silent-dichter-remarks  asked:

Your comics are friggen everything to me. I got out of wisdom teeth surgery and the first thing I did was find out if you updated. Like, papyrus is going through some serious shite right now, I don't know how I feel about Alphys, and it's all so *realistic* to me with the progression of this healing period. It's literally water to me-- I need this and thank you so much for continuing and sharing this story with all of use cuz my stars is it an amazing epilogue and is a bloody master piece.

*sends warmests of hugs*

Thank you so much! XD tho it’s far from being a masterpiece, neither being a good epilogue <lies, i tell ya!>, but I have fun with this project and I like where it’s heading.

Stay tuned for the next pages! I’m glad you enjoy it! ^^

KC specs while listening to HELLO.

It struck me on the way home that the story line with Alaric and Caroline’s twins going through their witchy tantrums could be exactly what leads them to NOLA.

It makes sense that they would have to get some help with this and what could be better, and more convenient, than a city crawling with witches and all that old school magic.

Also home to an old hybrid friend of Caroline’s, who is always more than willing to help and protect her and the people that she cares about. Who also intends to be her last love.

I honestly feel like an idiot for not realizing this right away last night. Guess I was too distracted by the 3 or 4 other KC omens we got in that episode. As we have been getting all season already. ;)


So I was scrolling through the Ichabbie tag and I saw this gif that someone posted and I’m in my freaking feels right now! The way Crane holds Abbie after she looses Frank. He’s there for her, physically and emotionally. He’s just letting her be, letting her have her moment of grief. That thing he does with his head? A slight bow maybe. That kills me. There’s so much respect and sadness for her vulnerability. He doesn’t want to see her hurting, especially this way. But he honors her hurt and shock and pain. He’s like I’m here. Then Abbie when she leans her head back into his shoulder. She lets him hold her for that second, surrenders to him, to the strength he could give her right then during their battle. She only needed him. Needed him to keep her together, from falling apart completely. And he did. He was there. This was such an intimate moment between Ichabbie, probably the most intimate so far. And it’s beautiful and so heartbreaking. My goodness….

“Aros/aces don’t go through the same things gays/lesbians/bi’s/etc. go through!!!1!!1!” wow…it’s like there are different things each orientation goes through…who knew…

Okay, so this one I will tag to my senpai @sai-shou because I want them to know how amazing they are.

First of all, I want you to know that I really love your art and I really love your blogs, but most importantly I love you as a person. You are beyond incredible, and I know that you are going through a hard time right now, and I’m sorry that I can’t say the right things to make you feel better other than to keep fighting on and stay determined! If you ever need anyone, just know everyone is here to help you up when you are down! You’ve made so many people happy because of your art and you’ve inspired so many people including myself. It is time for us to return the favor and help you smile even through the hardest times! Keep on doing what you do best!

oh man sorry for vanishing. school decided to be a thing. wasn’t expecting the workload i got. but i’ve managed to scrap together some freetime right now so gonna get to some of the older things i owe.

the amount which i could go for some really smothering, cloying, snuggles right now is just insane. this is colored like the state of my brain right now. that’s not a bad thing ~ it’s just a mess! (-^ v^-) lol