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Do you have any type of visual guide to the bmc characters? I always see pictures of the cast and drawings of the characters but i have no idea who's who?

bonus: the gal’s halloween outfits (except jenna i couldn’t find any pictures EDIT: jenna’s the clown in the back lmao) 

also! i have tags for each one of them so if need you can go through my tags (also rich is usually drawn with a red streak in his hair, and most people draw the squip as a handsome computer) 

the actors, too, just in case:

  • jeremy - will connolly 
  • michael - george salazar
  • christine - stephanie hsu
  • rich - gerard canonico
  • jake - jake boyd
  • brooke - lauren marcus
  • chloe - katlyn carlson
  • jenna - katie ladner
  • squip - eric william morris
  • jeremy’s dad/scary stockboy/mr reyes - paul whitty

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No offence but I don't think it's really fair to just stop writing because you feel like it in the middle of a series. If you have factors that need to taken care of before you write again then sure, take your time and rest,recharge or whatever you have to do to get better. But when you share your works onto a public forum there's a responsibilty to your followers and the people you love and read your work to do your best to finish it. If you honestly just can't that's fine but it isn't moral to

just randomly stop one day because you just felt like it - not fair on the people who have supported you so far. Everyone should try their best and you can’t finish everything is true. Fandom not being an obligation is also true but you do have some responsibilty in finishing what you started for the people who love your work. It’s understandable that you may not finish everything and may have to let some pieces go, but that doesn’t mean that you can just randomly stop one day bc you don’t want    

The writer does have the best judgement in the end but sometimes it can be really unfair on the people who loved and supported various works only to have them stopped because the person couldn’t be bothered to finish it anymore… it’s a really sad feeling.            

No offense, but is this a joke? When these messages popped up in my inbox I literally had to take a whole 5 minutes to collect myself before even thinking of replying. Like for once I am shocked and speechless that someone could be so openly self-entitled and greedy toward fic writers. I mean, it’s not like we don’t get enough shit at the bottom of the barrel as content creators, but lets add on rude and demanding readers while we’re at it. And if it seems like I am being a bitch right now then I apologize and I do not mean for this to come across as aggressive even though having this kind of attitude toward fic writers is what makes them want to stop writing altogether.

Writers do not have a responsibility toward anyone except themselves, and that responsibility is to do what they love and what makes them happy. I’m sorry but… are you paying for fics? I don’t think so. I’m pretty sure we are all here doing this for free because it brings us happiness so who are you to say we actually OWE you something when it is 100% free entertainment? It’s your choice to read, to support, to leave a like or comment, and we appreciate it greatly but it gives no one a right to demand things from us and finish things as if we owe it to you because you took 5 seconds to like or a minute to comment when we can spend days, weeks, or months producing one update.

Do you know how hard it is to write in the first place? I imagine you probably have never created a piece of fiction in your life, otherwise you would understand the time, the effort, the energy, the patience, and the little pieces of ourselves we put into stories. It’s a lot of work and it’s a lot more work than anyone that doesn’t write realizes. So add all of that onto a fic we might not feel inspired by anymore and really, what’s the point? It becomes stressful, exhausting, wracking our brains and feeling guilty because we can’t finish something we once loved and put so much attention and time into. Do you think we just go all willy-nilly hopping from one fic to the next not caring if we don’t finish? Do you even know how heartbreaking it is to not find motivation to go through with a story we care about? But all you can think about is how we better finish it because we OWE you, regardless if it’s tiring or stressful when we reach this point. Nope. I don’t think so.

Also, if we want to talk about what’s UNFAIR, we can talk about how much time, effort, energy, and thought went into an update for it to get no feedback after the reader skims it for 10 minutes and then demands an update. Not even bothering to like, or reblog, or leave even a detailed comment about the story… just read as fast as you can and then expect an update. And since you forgot to mark one of your messages as anon, I’m well aware that you’re not one that typically likes or reblogs fics since I have never seen your username before… yet you have the nerve to come in my inbox and act like this, talking about what’s unfair and WE have a responsibility to YOU. Do you not feel like YOU have a responsibility as well, or is this just one-sided because any writer that discontinues a fic for whatever reason is being unfair. 

Now, I’ll give you the benefit of the doubt. Maybe you really didn’t know how selfish this sounds and how hurtful it is to writers, so I am letting you know now. A writer can stop writing if they want to, whether it be lack of motivation, stress in their personal life, demanding readers getting on their last nerve, or because the sky is blue. Who cares? Enjoy what they gave you to read and move on. You didn’t take time to write the fic, they did. You get absolutely no say in what they do or don’t write and again, I apologize if this comes off as aggressive but comments like these are the quickest way to get under my skin. Have some consideration and understand that by “supporting your writer” you don’t give them shit if they suddenly can’t write a story anymore and you don’t make them feel guilty about it, calling it unfair, because they most likely already feel bad enough they couldn’t complete it.

‘Time Travel’ isn’t what anyone would traditionally consider a road trip, but in terms of going far from home and finding something you didn’t know you were looking for, it totally counts.

Which is why I’m counting this as an entry in Mcreyes Summer Break organized by @mcreyesevents because I need to post this (and I need to make this wild west time travel au happen goddammit)

Please welcome my newest Balmung character, Oyuna Qestir! Although she hails from the Steppe, Oyuna has lived more than half her life in Kugane, and thus doesn’t quite fit in anywhere. (Note that despite being a Qestir, she does speak for reasons relating to how she ended up in Kugane in the first place.) She works as a courtesan and entertainer at one of Kugane’s premier pleasure houses, and quietly sells information about her clients on the side. She needs friends, enemies, and contacts, so please let me know if you’d like to RP with her!

Serious Question

This is going to sound super silly, but I feel like I need to ask it in order to help myself. I’ve been in a massive rut with my art lately, and aside from Bi-Assed, I can’t get motivated to finish anything. Part of this is because of my day jobs, but the other part of me has just been feeling “Why bother?” I know that artists have to force themselves to get motivated and make art, and I’ve been trying, but with fatigue and depression it’s been……difficult. I honestly WANT to finish art (I have like 10 WIPS that I want to get done!!!), but I just can’t. Part of me thinks this is just because I tired, but I’m starting to feel like I’m just becoming lazy and empathetic, and I’m just using my day jobs as an excuse not to work on stuff. 

Make a long story short; depression and crappy day jobs as been making arting hard, and I don’t want to feel like this anymore. So this is going to sound arrogant and stupid, but I want to know; What is it about my art that you guys like? What are things that you think I can improve? What about my art makes you happy?

I feel like a jerk for asking this. “Ohhhh tell me how awesome I am so I’ll get motivated.” But….I don’t know. I feel like asking this will help me figure things out and get my shit together.  

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About the whole Jaebum being homophobic thing you were talking about. Honestly so what if he is, not everybody is going to like something. I myself am a Christian, and to me gays are gays (it's not my job to judge them). If Jaebum doesn't like them Jaebum doesn't like them. People need to get over it.

I’m not trying to sound rude but who are you ? So I can just block you because yes you don’t have to like every thing but at least show some respect to people who are LGBT.

Also I stated as a Christian in that reblog that it is not our place to judge but still telling someone who is time after time affected by an issue to “get over it” will do no good. Those who are affected have every right to speak about this issue because it is very frustrating.

“trini’s character was sidelined” no it wasn’t. it was a 1 hour 30m long movie abt FIVE kids and TWO villains, who also needed some sort of background - she couldn’t have been on screen for the entire movie - besides, her and zack are smaller characters in comparison to the other three. The yellow and black rangers have never been leads. Also, I, as lesbian, felt that Trini’s ““““gayness”“““ got just as much highlighting as it deserved. it wasn’t made out to be a big deal, but it was still talked about, and I think that’s how it should be. stop giving the makers shit, can y’all never be happy jfc

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Okay but Neil thinking of Andrew after his conversation about what love means to Nicky kills me cause he then dismisses his own feelings and its just so sad and he deserves all the love in the universe and I am glad he has Andrew now


let it be known that i met a remarkably androgynous cashier at the grocery store today and the combination of Presentation Goals and “holy heck they’re cute what do??” had me so flustered that i couldn’t manage to get my change + id back into my wallet so i just kinda…tucked them inside and folded my wallet shut…and my wallet exploded just now in a restaurant because i forgot there was all that stuff just shoved in there.


I would not be true to myself if I didn’t make a post talking about the 3J performance from BTS’s Home Party. So here we go.

First, let me say that I desperately need a full fancam/bangtan bomb of this performance since the vlive version has a lot of awkward cuts and framing that makes it difficult to see a lot of the more intricate moves. Don’t get me wrong, this is already a mind blowing performance, but the bomb version will be even better. I saw something about CH+ getting individual fancams? If that happens let me know. I honestly might become a CH+ subscriber just for that because honestly, this performance. My god.

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hey uh same anon, if i'm honest i meant it a little more cuz it doesn't really feel like you're writing celeste? don't take this the wrong way but it's kind of coming off a little like you're exoticising japanese culture a bit for horror aesthetic

OUTOFDOLLS. Thank you for this message, this is the good critique I need and I’m so glad you sent it. I’m going to address the second issue first because I believe that’s the biggest statement in this question. I respect all cultures profoundly with all my authority, back from their mannerisms to their sayings to their ways of speech. I make sure that when I write something regarding it, I put my entire soul effort or even weeks into it because I think the biggest piece of humiliation and shame for me would be offending or discriminating any culture in general, but let’s further on why I’m getting so in depth with Japanese culture for our beloved Sotomi,

I am so deeply invested in Japanese culture for Sotomi is because of the doll culture in Japan.  All of the students talents are what makes them their character and for Sotomi I’ve chosen the art of traditional doll making. She is the SHSL traditional doll maker, and her talent alone makes lots of room for research. Doll culture in Japan takes a HUGE place in Japanese history, from religion to a child’s plaything to an object of delight to an actual living creature. Doll making goes deep into Japanese ancient culture from the makings of dogu, humanoid figures by the ancient Jomon culture in Japan (8000-200 BC)  and the makings of Haniwa figures of the Kofun culture (300-600 AD). There are even temple records  that refer to the makings of grass dolls to be blessed and thrown in the river at Ise Shrine (3 BC). This is one of the roots of the modern day festival Hinamatsuri. Doll culture is so popular in Japan that there are two festivals regarding it: Hinamatsuri and Tango No Sekku. There is also special behavior for dolls. An expression would be the ceremonies of Doll burial. When the doll’s owner must reluctantly throw it away, they takes it to a temple where old and new dolls, both costly and ordinary ones, are together. After the owners say goodbye and express their deep gratitude, the dolls are burnt to ashes. The sudden change in Sotomi’s deep investment in Japanese culture is not simply for a horror aesthetic; if anything I care less about that; but is the Doll culture. I do not exploit Japanese culture for some cheap thrills and that is definitely NOT my intentions. I spend agonizing time thoroughly researching, writing, and devoting my time towards the doll culture in Japan. The least thing I worry about in Sotomi’s characterization is her horrific side, my main focus are her dolls. Her dolls are apart of her entire character and literally, what she is! I have spent years of research and dedication on traditional Japanese dolls and I am very confident with my knowledge on them. And if I do come off like that, I will drop what I’m doing immediately and look for another way to express her culture. I favor the Japanese culture and in no ways would I ever wish to exoticize it nor exploit it.

My reason of how I cannot draw Mark fuckin’ Fischbach’s facial Region.

I cannot draw guys for shit, no matter how damn hard I fuckin’ try. This guy’s got the face of what many would depict as a greek god, or like a roman statue. He’s got a very defined facehole, with a jaw that could cut the string of life like in Hercules. He has a chiseled jaw that could decapitate a stone statue’s head, and it’s just… 













this dude who’s a cook @ work and is always talking to me/asking me how i am (same w/ like.. everyone he’s v friendly) asked me if i wanted anything this morning bc he hadn’t clocked in yet and was going to get breakfast and i said that i was fine/didn’t need anything.. yet.. he got me s/t that was apparently from the bakery across the street? and then apologized, after buying it, bc he forgot i don’t eat sweets? he always buys huge packs of water for everyone @ work too? anyway. almost cried

LES MIS MODERN AU — broship aesthetics: grantaire & gavroche

making a mess, sarcastic quips, shooting hoops and basketball tricks, roaming the streets, doing impressions, setting up elaborate pranks, getting bored of activities halfway through, going out for pizza, twisting their cap round on their head, wearing the same t-shirts for days, going out of your way to do each other favours, always having an apple in your pockets, energy drinks, pokemon, all-out halloween costumes, staying up way too late. (requested by anonymous) 

Things Tyler talked about in his Instagram livestream

•He’s not attending Vidcon but Mark, Amy, Kathryn, and Ethan are!
•He’s flying out for his cousin’s wedding tomorrow
•He’s been a busy boi with a job and shit
•He’s starting to work on editing more(??)
•Tyler isn’t posting anything on his YouTube channel Apocalypto_12 to see if he can receive a silver plague (100k subs) without uploading any content
•He WILL post videos on Apocalypto_12 at some point
•Everyone needs to go subscribe to his channel right now (my personal recommendation)
•Tyler totally dissing ships regarding real people (specifically Tythan and Septiplier)
•Speaking of Septiplier and Tythan, Tyler said that Tythan is becoming the “new” Septiplier
•Tythan will NEVER be real they’re just friends (statement was repeated several times)
•He doesn’t want to stop the flow of people’s imaginations with shipping??
•He doesn’t get the point of shipping Amyplier since they’re in an actual relationship
•He doesn’t want people to bash on the shippers
•His favorite thing about tour is all of it
•He confirmed that he is 6'1"
•"Ethan is short"
•He isn’t going to be in Mark’s charity livestream on Sunday
•He recorded some videos with the others today (and got frustrated in one of them??)
•Tyler has met Jack in person a few times
•He got a haircut yesterday so his hair isn’t “as curly”
•Tyler = Tarzan
•He had a beautiful speech at the end as always
Feel free to add anything else I may have forgotten/possibly gotten wrong!!

Just close your eyes, the sun is going down
You’ll be alright, no one can hurt you now
Come morning light, you and I’ll be safe and sound

Please no shipping. :T

A Wizard Did It
  • ((Context: My character, a Tiefling, is trying to sneak down the corridor at our party wizard Miana's guild, somewhere she shouldn't be and doesn't want to be recognized.))
  • NPC: Oh, hey Miana! Why.... is there a demon stood next to you?
  • Me (OOC): Shit. I'm gonna roll to convince her that I'm just an illusion.
  • Roll: *8*
  • Me, halfheartedly: I'm an illusion, created by a wizard.
  • NPC: Uh... huh. Not a very convincing one.
  • Miana: Oh, um, yeah. I'm working on it, it's still a bit rough around the edges.
  • Miana (OOC): I'm going to cast Minor Illusion to make the Tiefling look shimmery and poorly-rendered.
  • GM: Okay, that'll let you roll your Deception again.
  • Roll: *18*
  • Me, motioning emphatically at Miana: I'm an illusion, created by a wizard!
  • NPC: Ohhhh, now I get it. It definitely needs more work - can you make it say anything else?
  • Me, shaking my head sadly: I'm an illusion, created by a wizard.
  • Me (OOC): Looks like she's buying it! I'd like to roll to escape down this corridor while moving as if I'm a poorly-animated illusion...
  • Roll: *natural 20*
  • GM: Wow. You jerk, slide, and T-pose your way along the hall. When you get to the adjar doorway, you sidle through it so quickly and smoothly that onlookers are convinced that you clipped through it.