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Routine Part One (Lin x Fem!Reader)

I AM SO SORRY. I would’ve had this out earlier, but I went on a band trip to Disney World. I thought I would have this done before I left but I wasn’t satisfied with it.

YAY!! MY FIRST CAST FIC!!! Also, just saying this now, I am a sucker for young Lin. Like it’s a big problem.

This is going to be a multiple part thing, so be ready for that. I really hope you guys enjoy this, love you!!

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150) It is too early for you to be this loud.

Summary: Reader and Lin have the same routine every day. Go to school, bicker all throughout 1st period, ignore each other for the rest of the day until seventh period where they bicker again, repeat. This keeps happening until one day they have to work together to save the arts program at their school. Their routine is very different after that.

Warnings: high school bullies, teen!lin being a jerk, reader being a jerk, just everyone being a jerk

Words: 1553

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You walk into your first period class on a Monday morning during your senior year with a coffee in hand, which is the only thing keeping you from keeling over from exhaustion. You say hello to your English teacher, and sit in the back row like you do everyday. 

You grab your books out of your backpack and lay your head down on the desk, like you did every morning.

And just like every morning. Lin came in singing Les Mis at the top of his lungs which makes the girls in your class swoon. Once upon a time, hearing him sing would have made you do the same thing, but now all it makes you want to do is barf.

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Tfw non-Jewish people tell you, a Jew, to stop making Nazi jokes

It’s crazy man. These people haven’t cared at all about Jews unless it benefited their cause, and now they want to go around calling everybody anti Semites for making JOKES? Even when the person who is making it is Jewish herself?? That’s why the PewDiePie thing bothered me so much. A guy makes a couple jokes about Nazis, and he’s demonized by the media as a “fascist antisemite.” These “news” sources should maybe go cover the actual antisemitism in the world. Go cover the rampant anti semitism in France (http://m.washingtontimes.com/news/2016/jan/18/france-might-not-have-any-jews-in-the-future-and-h/). Go cover how Jews are treated in countries under Sharia Law (http://www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org/myths-and-facts-treatment-of-jews-in-the-arab-world-chapter-11) (and before people get mad at me: I obviously do not believe all Muslims hate Jews that’s just ridiculous). Go cover the fact that one of the most prominent feminists right now (Linda Sarsour) has made tweets ADVOCATING for Sharia Law (http://www.snopes.com/2017/01/25/womens-march-organizer-linda-sarsour/). Go cover the thin line between anti Zionism and anti semitism that a lot of anti zionists (not all of course) are crossing. Go cover the hate crimes against Jews in America (the rates of which have always been high (it’s not solely trumps fault is what I’m trying to say)). Don’t pretend like you’re helping by pretending to care about us when the only time you talk about us is when you’re attacking a youtuber for making jokes. We’re not a goddamn chess piece in your quest to police language. Don’t pretend you’re helping, because you’re just taking attention away from the real issues.

So uh this turned into a rant.

bts as dogs

a staffordshire bull terrier because he’s soft and misunderstood, just wants to be loved?????

a beagle, do i really need to explain this, he’s specifically the one from cats & dogs tho

a border collie because he’s full of energy and A Soft Boy????? would 10/10 befriend some sheep

a schnoodle, just because it’s called a schnoodle

a big great dane i can’t get the image out of my head of him as the scooby doo from the live action film

a corgi, because doesn’t this just look like him?????????

a chihuahua, fight me on this even though you know it’s true

no offence to all the “smarks” who want undertaker to carry on forever, but i’m pretty sure he has health problems from doing this for so long and why wouldn’t you want him to go out to someone who is clearly the future of this business whether you like it or not AND someone who can put on an amazing but SAFE match with him cos let’s be honest he needs a safe worker right now like just enjoy the fucking match

this is a post you can reblog or send to someone you care about to indicate that you are unable to engage in direct communication or conversation at the present moment for various reasons, none of which are “i don’t like you” or “i’m upset at you” and to reassure them that there is no need to worry about you

if you are viewing this post, i (the sender/reblogger) would like you to know i still care about you but at the present moment am unable to engage in direct communication or conversation at the present moment for various reasons, none of which are “i don’t like you” or “i’m upset at you”. there’s also no need to worry about me.

There are so many lovely messages I still need to reply to (and I will get to them soon for sure) but for now I will just lock in the time and date that I plan to do the next liveblog, just in case you want to be around at the time. 

My weekend itself is a bit busy this week, but I don’t want to leave you guys hanging for any longer than I have to, so I’ll aim to try and do it on Thursday evening!




One of the reasons I think I like Emma Watson’s voice so much is because of how simple it is. She doesn’t hit insane notes like Paige O'Hara did. Although Paige has a beautiful voice and made the perfect Belle, I don’t think Belle necessarily needs to be a perfect singer. She is a country girl. She wears simple dresses and likes to read in her spare time. Belle isn’t a princess (well, not initially), she doesn’t like extravagant things. Belle likes books and Belle likes flowers. She grew up in a small village, although she wants much more than this provincial life. Belle is someone many people can probably relate to because of this. She isn’t necessarily special. She’s beautiful and intelligent, and independent to a fault, but she doesn’t have magical glowing hair or turn into a frog or have a pumpkin change into a carriage for her. Belle is, in essence, just a farm girl, and even though Emma admittedly isn’t the strongest singer, she has a rather nice voice and I think it fits the part of Belle very well.

and I like how she lowers the key so I have a better chance at hitting the notes


I’m working from home today. Do I put the game on in the background and scan planets between customers? Or will that make the time go slower, since I can’t move forward with the story? Decisions, decisions.

(Also, I just figured out how to scan planets and systems on Friday. Oops.)

LISTEN UP KIDS this is going to be a very important meta about how both spencer & shane are wrongly vilified, how rick isn’t a saint ( shock horror ) & how all three are more alike than you think ( @gutspilt​ i got ur back boo ).

first thing’s first. who is the primary character we follow from day one? who do we base our reactions off of depending on their experience in this new world so far? you guessed it: RICK GRIMES. rick is the storytelling focus; we watch his development and - consciously or not - base our opinions on other characters upon situations he’s been through thus far. we see the world through rick’s eyes, so it’s not surprising we inherit some of his internal bias, even though we as viewers are capable of seeing the whole picture.

this leads onto my main point: how both spencer and shane are directly antagonistic towards rick, ergo they’re immediately painted in a bad light. but think about the parallels for a second, and you’ll start to see why, if you praise rick’s actions, you can’t immediately condemn those opposing him.

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Can you please explain traits for us? Why do we need to save every single medal? Isn't it just on guilt? Will brooms activate traits?

(edit: Traits are something that’s part of Cross Union/exclusively for JPUX right now, but should be coming to NAUX in a couple weeks.) I’m going to keep things brief b/ccc it may be slightly different in NAUX, but yeah, I can hit the highlights:

  • Traits are kind of like skills, except they ALWAYS activate.
  • For most medals, they can only have one Trait
    • Premiums and other Tier4+ medals have two
  • You roll a trait every single time you fuse together identical medal #s (similar to as when you’d add a dot), including on guilt.
    • I believe the earliest is on 3★ medals.
  • The trait that is rolled is RANDOM out of 11 traits. Some of them kinda suck or have very specific uses. You can reroll the trait with another medal, and choose whether to accept the new one or keep the old one.
  • Mickey & Brooms / Fantasia Mickey B WILL NOT ROLL FOR TRAITS. 
    • I don’t know why. b/c fuck you I guess.

Thanks to those who commented on my post yesterday about extended breastfeeding, you’re sweet 💘 My MIL just has me down, go figure. We got some packages from her and one had tons of bottles in it for T. I called to thank her and she said “I figured you’d be needing some since it’s about time we get that baby off your breast don’t you think?” And when I said “Well I’m hoping to go at least a year” (hopefully more but I didn’t say that). And she loudly scoffs and replies “You really want to be one of those woman who breastfeeds their toddlers? It’s weird. You need to get that baby on a bottle. Plus the faster you get her off your breast, the faster you can get her out of your room and into her nursery where she belongs!” (I’ve mentioned how against room sharing she is too.) Ugh, it’s just like every parenting choice she has a problem with. She’s also against rear-facing past a year and a half/two years (two years is the LEGAL requirement btw, in my state), and this is the same woman who got drunk and screamed at me saying “You young mothers just don’t try hard enough to breastfeed, and go to other options because you’re too lazy to try.” (I was still pregnant, had all intentions to EBF, hadn’t even had the chance to try yet) That was in reference to my SIL who formula fed and her cousin who exclusively pumped. So she both screams at me for “not trying hard enough to breastfeed (while still pregnant) and gets irritated that I’m "STILL” breastfeeding (at barely 3 months.) I can’t win??

I just went back and read all of my posts from last night and it was… an experience.

Thanks again to everyone who sent me love last night! I literally can’t believe how sweet all of you are, I feel so blessed. I needed a night of positive feelings after everything I’ve been dealing with, so it was nice to sorta climb out of my depression for a few hours.

I hope everyone is having a lovely day! Make it a goal to bring a smile to someone’s face today. 💕💕

I’m annoyed with Muslim women’s day. Why do we need a day?? Christian women don’t have one. Jewish, Hindu, and many more women of faith don’t. so.. why do we have it?? it feels like some fake smile that you get from a girl but, in reality she dislikes you. Tbh It just makes me feel ‘more’ different. 



Because I love this child and he needs more love, especially his relationship with Yuuri ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

While Phichit is an incredibly friendly lovable cinnamon roll, he won’t stand for anything threatening his best friend Yuuri, even if the threat happens to be someone Yuuri loves. Yuuri clearly adores the Victor he knows now (just as much as he idolized the distant figure in the past), but Phichit won’t forget how much Victor hurt Yuuri in the past, unintentional or not.

I headcanon that on top of being a skilled figure skater, Phichit is an academic genius who skipped grades and entered college in Detroit super early where he met Yuuri, which explains their long acquaintance despite the age difference. He is very, VERY protective of Yuuri. I’ll put up a more detailed headcanon post later (and if there’s interest, possibly prequel comic of pre-YOI anime Detroit college days).

Also, extra:


Reasons why Rogue One should become a Broadway musical:

1. Bodhi Rook deserved an “I Want” song about how terrible life in the Empire is and how he wants to pursue his dreams

2. Why would you give Krennic such a dramatic cape and personality if he wasn’t going to storm through the Death Star booming loudly about the unimaginable power and potential of the battle station

3. Why would you waste the opportunity to have Darth Vader dramatically and sinisterly reprise Krennic’s own song about unimaginable power as he looms above him

4. Angry duet between Cassian and Jyn as she finds out what his mission was and he rejects that side of him and points out how he’s a good guy and remembers that he has a heart

5. K-2SO sideshow number

6. Galen Erso singing “Stardust” to Jyn, with a gentle first run, a sad dying number, and then a reprise as she finds the plans–the whole song was the code to find the plans

7. Chirrut and Baze love ballad

8. Princess Leia can sing at the end. It would be revolutionary.

9. “So You’ve Seen Saw”, a bombastic and inescapable number that Saw sings as he interrogates Bodhi and introduces himself

10. This started out as a joke but now I actually genuinely want this you can’t tell me it wouldn’t work Disney get on this please