i'm going on a photoshop hiatus


2017(top) vs 2013 (bottom)
I tried to put the same amount of time in each one so I may try to paint the new one later.

I'm back!! (& 24 Hr Promo)

So I’m back on tumblr after a long 40 days away, so I’d like to celebrate by doing a massive promo. So here are some unsolicited comments about going on hiatus:

  • So I didn’t feel the need or desire to do any creative work in photoshop or html at all while I was away– you guys are my audience and my muse in one, I suppose <3
  • I really did miss you! Although I did focus a tiny bit better on my schoolwork and important things, I also felt like I was just wasting the same amount of time, only in different ways, without Tumblr.
  • If you’re curious about what going on hiatus for more than a month does to your follower count, I lost about 5% of my followers. Not bad.
  • I’m glad to be back so happy spring and happy Easter to you all, and I hope you’ve all been well <3

Anyway, reblog this at any point in the next 24 hours and I’ll add you to the promo. Love you all!