i'm going mental i need to go to sleep

I’ve been exhausted lately as per use and my mom keeps thinking I need to go to the doctor but it’s literally just stress and not going to bed on time

Like I wish it was medical and had a solution but the solution is to be less stressed and get more sleep and stop procrastinating

We went in October for the same thing and that was turned out to be bc I wasn’t eating enough but since then I’ve been good about that and I’ve been totally healthy and oh my god the amount of times we have done lab tests bc of this and I’m literally always healthy

It’s just tiredness and no other symptoms so thanks depression and anxiety *high five*

I wish

I wish that I could be this pretty, skinny, and happy person.

I wish I didn’t have my mental illness.

I wish all of my negative thoughts would be gone so I could sleep.

I wish I could go back in time

I wish I didn’t have the urge to cut myself every single day.

I wish my suicidal thoughts would go away

I wish that every single day I wouldn’t think that I would be better off dead

I wish all of my anxiety would disappear

I wish people didn’t think I do this for attention

I wish I could live life

Sadly I can’t do most of those things.