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The /r/LoveLive subreddit is finishing up its Aqours 2nd anniversary time capsule project, which made me rediscover the first one.

I guess the time capsule worked - I had completely forgotten that I wrote a message prior to the 1st Aqours anniversary, and was very amused by what I had put down as a new Aqours fan.

The interesting bits:

  • “[M]y first favorite was Mari, and now it’s You” - I can’t believe I forgot about this. Mari was my favorite for a brief period of time, because she was basically a NozoEli lovechild (my #2 and #3 µ’s gals). I was interested in You, but not very invested in her at first because I didn’t know too much about her other than her being a sporty gal. Then everything changed when the Fire Nation Shukashuu came along. :’)
  • “CYaRon, AZALEA, and Guilty Kiss are just a little too similar to Printemps, lily white, and BiBi IMO” - REEEE past me forgot the exclamation point in CYaRon!…anyways, I was so, so wrong about this, haha. I honestly could not imagine the seiyuu in different subunits now, because they feel so at home. CYaRon! (in my biased opinion) has some particularly good chemistry among its members, between tsukkomi-Anchan and boke-Furirin/Shuka.
  • Honestly, the fact that I talked so little about the seiyuu is hilarious. I think the most obvious giveaway for that is when I referred to my favorite singers as “either Hanamaru or Yoshiko”, because present-day me would’ve said “King or Aikyan” instead. Not that I talked too much about them in my 2nd time capsule post either, but I think in my first one, it was because I had yet to descend too deeply into seiyuu hell. RIP my wallet though, I’ve spent money on weeb stuff for the first time ever because of how hard I’ve fallen for Shukashuu.
  • “Fave subunit: Guilty Kiss” - LMAO WHY…actually, I know why, it’s probably because I hadn’t fallen in love with “Yozora wa Nandemo Shitteru no?” at that point. :^)
  • I can’t believe that “RubyMaru” was the first pairing I put down…I guess my RinPana bias was acting up. To be quite honest, right now I barely even ship them, because I treasure their friendship way too much. My 2nd anniversary post updated the pairing list with some more You pairings (and of course, ChikaYou was at the head of it, haha), and made sure to include the 3rd year OT3 for justice.
  • I’m pretty sure that it’s pointless to put down who my favorite seiyuu is at this point, because the day that Shukashuu is no longer my favorite will probably be the day that I stop being a part of the LLS fandom.

The Biggest Mood is both me and my housemate going to bed at 8pm because we both have migraines and me waking up 2 hours later migraine free but absolutely living on another planet

hello! life update in the tags!

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dear me (cause I love getting advice from you!!)

Dear Bri,

You’re finally going to college! You’re still so tiny but in a bigger way now and I couldn’t be prouder if I tried. Keep that sunny smile, that willingness to succeed, and always go to class when you can. Don’t push yourself too hard though - college is a different mental challenge than high school and some people forget this. 

Always cook when you can, stake out where all the free food is, and pick good shoes you feel comfortable running across campus in - if you are anything like me you will probably need to sprint to class for some reason or another at some point each year. Eating alone can be a really nice thing and no one will ever judge you for it and always take advantage of free t-shirts - they make a nice emergency towel. 

Eye contact and an easy laugh go a long way for making friends. Be flexible - not only in scheduling but in yourself. There’s a reason people find out who they really are in college and that’s by taking chances. 

Don’t believe anyone when they said they haven’t cried in the first few weeks of college - everyone does for some reason and no reason is stupid so don’t worry about it. 

Make note of how many blue lights/emergency boxes there are on your campus and always always always keep your cell phone on you. Plug campus security into your contacts as well as your RA/Landlord. Find where the closest hospital is to campus - you may never need it but someone might and it’s good to know. 

Learn how to tie knots and maybe how to pick locks. Everyone gets locked out of their room - it happens. Everyone sets off the fire alarm with burnt popcorn - it happens. Everyone gets caught in the shower when the fire alarm goes off - it happens. 

Always keep band-aids in your room and maybe a couple in your bag. Advil and NyQuill are precious commodities and should always live in the bottom of your desk drawer - even if you don’t think you need them it’s better to have it for others. Paperclips will disappear when you need them most. So will pens. Even if you take notes on your laptop bring a pen and a notebook. Some classes feel better being typed and some feel better writing them down. 

Take classes outside your major - they often end up being super interesting and fun and you meet new people. Learn as much as you can - both in the class and out of it. Learn a language. Learn how to ask if someone is ok in a language. Learn what languages sound like when they’re happy and when they’re not. Remember you don’t know everything and that’s ok. Don’t be afraid to drop a class or two. Sometimes that just ends up being a better idea.

Join clubs. Go to events. Say yes to that nature walk or scavenger hunt. If things aren’t as much fun you can always leave early. No one will judge you. 

Mostly, have fun. Be safe of course, but don’t fall back too hard on caution. There will be things you wish you never did and there will be things you wished you had. You’re smart and you know how to use common sense - those will be invaluable. But mostly just be you and you’ll be great

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idk if you remember me, I'm the ex-homeless anon? I just wanted to update you on my situation. I got a better paying job, a bigger apartment, and I've gone back to school (I'm probably going to get my degree next year). I've also met the girl of my dreams and I'm going to meet her family next week!!

I’m actually crying 😭 I am so happy for you, I’m so glad that all of these things have continued to get better for you!

May 22

Today marks the one year anniversary of my going to TATINOF 

This is so crazy for me to think about because so much has happened in that year:

1. I have come out to my friend group 

2. I started to listen to p!atd religiously 

3. My band has played 2 big gigs for 500 people 

4. I got a tumblr (one more week and it’s the one year anniversary of this blog)

5. Made a great friendship 

6. Have that friendship end (and my heart broken)

7. Gone to 2 panic! concerts

8. Become friends with @eternalbrain, Sadie it blows my mind how we’ve been friends for 8 months (holy cow!!!). Knowing you has been overall really great, luv you!!! <3

9. Become friends with @fannist, Jess I’ve loved having a friend who’s as into (if not way more into) books as I am. Also a rant buddy (lol). Luv ya, mom

10. Sort of (it’s complicated) got a girlfriend (my lord it’s crazy guys, someone likes me back!!)

11. Gone on my dream vacation to London 

12. Had about 50,000 new obsessions, some stuck, some didn't 

13. Cut my hair short

14. Participating in a production of Lion King, the Musical

15. Had many ups and downs, but I’ve had a marvelous group of friends that have been awesome and dealt with me through it all 

it’s hard seeing people on social media that you wish you could be friends with irl but you can’t really because..that’s just the way things are? missed opportunities and present circumstances? and seeing those people (or the version of themselves that exists online) and thinking “wow i feel like i’ve been looking for someone like you all my life” it’s disheartening as someone who has had difficulty connecting with others for as long as they can remember

Happy New Years!!

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Tips for an autistic going back to public school next year?? I'm already having my psychiatrist write me a note saying I get to keep my backpack with me, but I'm super unorganized and just not looking forward to it. So please ANYTHING WOULD HELP! I'm thinking of even making a blog just to help autistics out at school but I need to know things first!

Well um. I don’t know how YOUR classes will happen exactly but ? (long post ahead)

- Read all the assigned books as soon as you can (trust me on this). If you have trouble concentrating on reading or you read really slowly, it helped me to listen to the audiobook at the same time, or instead if I wasn’t in a situation where I could bring a book and actually concentrate on it.

- Break down your homework in small, manageable tasks.

- Ask for the class material. EVEN IF YOU DON’T END UP USING IT. Better safe than sorry. We also have a post specifically on accommodations

- This post is my advice about studying for litterature class but honestly it can be applied to pretty much any subject. It’s about class notes taken on a computer. If you don’t have/aren’t allowed to use one, a new thing I tried this year and which worked wonderfully was to merge my written class notes with someone else’s, in a notebook, every night. It was an ENORMOUS amount of work to write class notes twice, but it paid off in the end.

- How to write an essay

- Block websites if you have a tendency to be distracted (especially by your SIs) when working on the computer. You can also use the Pomodoro technique to balance working and distractions.

- That being said this noise generator website and this website which tells you when you’re supposed to go to sleep are awesome.

- Stim toys ! A weighted lap pad ! Those will help you concentrate both at home and at school.

- If you can, avoid crowds at school. If you can’t, stock up on earplugs.

- Keep your work space organised: for me it helps to separate work from fun. I have two identical booksheves, the one on the left of my desk is for fun things and the one of the right is for serious stuff like studybooks,notebooks, binders, health records, financial stuff, school papers, dictionnaries, a printer …  My desk only has my computer and a water bottle on it at all times. (Of course I put stuff on it all the time, but I clean it up at the end of the day.)

- MAKE AN ORGANISATION BOARD. Studyblr blogs could help with this, mine looks like this:

[picture of a board which is half cork and half white plastic that you can write on with a dry erase pen. The white part is organised in different sections: “important dates” (like exams or appointments), “to do”, and a blank section. On the cork part, there are some papers and pins, and a removable cardboard schedule stuck in the frame. It has weekly classes printed on it, plus sticky notes detailing the week’s appointments and other important events.]

Using the cardboard schedule helps me visualize my timetable, and not be taken by surprise by approaching deadlines.

- Executive dysfunction masterpost

- Autistic studying advice

- Spoonie student ressources

- Interview advice and how to write an email

Hope that helped !

- Sister Cat

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I just read through the entire comic start to current and freaked out at that cliff hanger on the most current page.... You evil evil person.... <3


Promotional photoshoot & interview for the RSC’s Richard II (with David Tennant)


✧✧T - E - A - M - N - A - T -S - U✧✧

Four students out of bed in one night! I’ve never heard of such a thing before!
—  Minerva McGonagall, blatantly lying to Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Neville in Sorcerer’s Stone 
  • Me: Heinous is back and she's after Marco and he's probably going to get captured and get tortured again and Star will have to save him and-