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Lost Then Found

Chapter 2: Not like home

Within two days, everyone knew Matteo was back.

It kinda surprised him. News traveled so fast, there wasn’t a person unaware of his new job before he even started his first shift. Though, somehow, it explained why Luna was nowhere around. It wasn’t like seeing all of his other friends again didn’t feel nice. It did, especially after a year mostly spent with his parents.

Still, while he slowly caught op on what he had missed and worked nearly every day, he found himself craving to see Luna. Most of his shifts started in the late morning, which his dad was more fond of than Matteo himself. They both knew early shifts meant no “little girl”, as his dad continued to call her. After two weeks, he finally got to work in the afternoon. Tamara smiled to herself when she saw her newest employee walking in, all enthusiastic and hopeful. Matteo’s eyes didn’t leave the entrance for longer than a minute. In the middle of the shift, he knew school would be over and any minute Luna would walk in and change into her skates.

However, that day, he learned that avoiding him seemed more important to her than skating. No matter how long Matteo stared at the entrance, she didn’t appear.

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you’re gonna be the guy who tells people what’s good for them? of course it’s my job. it’s physically my job. that’s why i do it.


kyungsoo and david lee on the set for ‘be positive’

Okay so…I was re-watching a few episodes to study several of Paris’ buildings, but this screenshot is just??? Like, srsly, look @ these children!! Throughout their run upstairs none of them falter to smile at each other after being reunited. It’s one of the most adorable scenes ever and I cannot believe I didn’t see this ‘til now! I’M- (●´□`)ノ♡


They all struggled to hold in the giggles…god I love SHINee SO MUCH!

#SHINee ’s Back #1of1 Naver tvcast 161003

this was the result of today’s livestream! at some point I think the video bugged and went black tho uggh but I believe I’ve fixed it
I actually want to go back and livestream a bit more in a few, I just need to grab something to eat first;;;;


ok so these are the shirt design ideas to raise $$ for orlando … what do ppl think !! qvq i can make small changes

(just the squares are the shirt art, not the text under it!)

extremely late (and messy) but here’s some of your fave witches at the women’s march!

holy hell, never ask me to draw ezra or design an outfit. i’m sorry u two.

ANYWAY i was thinking: you see a lot of ezra-corrupted-by-maul stuff (WHICH I LOVE) BUT rarely the other way around? ezra’s a good egg and i want more aus where he drags maul kicking and screaming into the light (or somewhere in-between the dark and light b/c lbr, maul is p. much surviving on pure dark side spite these days).