i'm going back anyway

Heyyyy guys, I feel like I owe you an apology?? I haven’t been active here at all really, and I don’t think my last post about this ever actually went through cause mobile Tumblr is just……a mess

I’m sorry, I know I just kinda up and disappeared. I don’t even know what my last post said exactly but, regardless I’ve been very busy with life. My interest in Pokemon is still here! It’s just been as active as I’ve been here; I still love it to death, but I haven’t drawn it or touched it in months.

I might start doing things again at some point, who knows?? Buuuuut for now, things will still probably stay the same, since I’ve only just recently been on Tumblr in general as well. I’ll try to reblog things more often for you guys who are still here (somehow?? geez thank you) and maybe I’ll even try to draw some things, since I’m on summer break!

Regardless, sorry again, and thank you all for sticking around. You guys have always been a great bunch, and hopefully I can pick myself back up again >:0


Dear @orphanblack

I love how some people will literally do gymnastics to avoid accepting Harry as who he says he is. I think it would kill some of you to actually listen to his words. It’s a shame because you’re missing out on one incredible person & I genuinely feel sad for you. 

Name Aesthetics

well I hit 5k so first off thank you to all of my followers like??? you are all amazing and I love you?? so much??? I wanted to celebrate and to show my love and when I asked for opinions it was an overwhelming majority for name aesthetics so! 


  • must be following me
  • reblog this post
  • send me an ask (off anon) with your fave emoji + your name (or, if you’re uncomfortable giving your name out on the internet, any random name you would like done)

some examples of what they’ll look like (taken from when a few followers helped me out with the format):

  • reverie: clouds of lace, pale roses, champagne in tall glasses, a violin playing in the dead of night.
  • liz: old newspapers, paint-stained jeans, chipped yellow nail polish, winding country roads
  • alexandra: chainmail, worn-out maps, the rhythm of marching feet, banners snapping in the breeze 

you can blacklist “nameaes” if you don’t want your dash to be spammed! i’ll probably do them over the next day or two (hopefully nothing will come up) and how many i do will depend on the amount of requests i receive

closed now due to request overload but thank you!!!

anonymous asked:

Could I possibly request more of the Kryze sisters?

When you’ve managed to offend both of the Duke of Mandalore’s beautiful teenage daughters:

Kryze Freeze.

It’s all me! / (more)


fancy seeing you here lads ✌🏽

Ridiculously early tomorrow morning, I’ll be flying to Paris for the weekend so I’m just letting you know why there won’t be any new comic pages or anything until Monday at the earliest. I have no idea what time I’ll get back on Sunday so I might have time to draw something to tell you I’ve returned. I’m quite excited to go back to France again (I’ve been there three times before and loved it). Hopefully I’ll be able to take a lot of reference photos for cheesy, romantic FrUK fan art. 

Catch you later.

- Alex

It’s ya girl Errka (she/her)