i'm glad your back

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Hey, have you been alright?

I’ve been okay. I was sick with the intestinal flu the last week or so and it left me feeling physically exhausted when I wasn’t experiencing violent stomach spasms. But I took a rest and I’m much better now, expecting a full recovery in a few days.

While I was sick, I received several rude asks, not all of them published, and I realised, given my condition, I wasn’t in the right place to be answering them either. So I also took a rest from Tumblr and I’m overall feeling just peachy now.

Thanks for your concern, really. Thank you :)

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CONGRATS ON THE JOB welcome back to the world of hating your job

Thanks :3 I just hope I won’t hate it more than my previous job (and I even loved it like 10% of the time)

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Hi there - sorry, I truly wasn't trying to be a smart ass with the word 'claim' - I think it was in response to either a post or tags by you a little while ago when you responded to somebody and used that terminology about yourself. I wasn't trying to imply anything, and I'm sorry if it had a 'tone' to it when read! Bad choice of word to repeat on my part. I guess my question is more...without being specific, do you have good reason to believe they are still together?

Oh, anon, ok! Sometimes not being able to see and listen directly to your interlocutor complicates things. Thank you for coming back and explaining, I really appreciate it :)
Yes, I do have my reasons to be sure they are still going strong, despite everything. I want to specify that, as messy as the situation has been for a long time, I’d absolutely reach the same conclusion even just looking at their behaviors and whereabouts.

I’m falling back into that dark place I was in before. I just miss laying down and you falling asleep beside me. I miss being able to hold your hand and calling you mine. I miss pulling you close and the feeling of your lips against mine. I know I’m whispering to the wind but I just miss you, and I want you back…


art by active-mind-15

Hello!! I would like to post this because after I first saw the quote my drawing corresponds to, it was kinda hard not to draw it. (I mean come on, these quotes are so fun to make into fan art.) I’m hoping that the two pictures are there instead of just the one since the second one is kind of a bonus. Arigatou and good day. ;)

corresponding quote: [x]

Transparent Shuuen gifs : Full set

HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU CRAZY KIDS !! I can’t believe you’ve been dying for 3 years now thanks Suzumu

Woooh, I can’t believe I finished them all !  ヽ( ´∇`)ノ  I think they turned out okay, though some of them…well I don’t like them at all, haha ;w;(I’ll probably redo these later). I think messed up with their height too, I’m so sorry

(They’re free to use ! You don’t need to credit, but it’d really nice if you did !  ( ᴖ◡ᴖ)  )

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` you’re welcome. i have more so if you needed more then please don’t hesitate murasakibara-kun. ` ( aaAAAAA drowns with ur love and affection. im good bby ! i missed you sooo much too okay??? like cries. im so gomen for being gone !! blme school ! )

“Ehhh…I wouldn’t mind having more, if you’re giving them away~”