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Things that confuse me in Fallout 4:

  • you can heal Nick Valentine…with a stimpack??
  • burnt and ruined books, empty lunchboxes and napkins somehow don’t count as “Junk” but functional circuit boards, biometric scanners and distress pulsers do
  • How the Institute hasn’t found the Railroad HQ yet, considering there is a massive red line leading directly to a location that has their fucking logo painted on the outside wall
  • the password is  R-A-I-L-R-O-A-D ffs how has nobody besides some random dude from a vault figured this out before
  • how did Ironsides get on that ship. also where did he get that sweet hat
  • Diamond City people remember what Halloween and Christmas is, but have forgotten how baseball works despite living in an old baseball stadium
  • how can the Bobrovs have a Russian accent when nobody’s had contact with Russia in 200+ years? same for Cait’s Irish accent or Proctor Quinlain’s british
  • “yes I’m sure this 200 year old irradiated canned slop is still good to eat”


hey hey hey! im the sleep deprived anon that was inspired by your hip hop iwa! I didn’t get to finish his body because I uhhh ^-^“ fell asleep actually!! but here he is i hope you like! you’re like my inspiration and stuff and all of your AUs give me life!!

art by @yeamazaki

“Good friends are like stars. You don’t always see them, but you know they’re always there.”

“Because of you I laugh a little harder, cry a lot less, and smile a lot more.”

“I may not always be there with you, but i’ll always be there for you.”

“Close friends are truly life’s treasures. Sometimes they know us better than we know ourselves. With gentle honesty, they are there to guide and support us, to share our laughter and our tears. Their presence reminds us that we are never really alone.” 














Mun: And for all of my other friends I have met and befriended~

When Your Sister and Your Dad Both Ship Wolfstar
  • (Aftermath of https: //walkingshippinghell.tumblr.com/post/156387935031/introducing-my-dad-to-wolfstar and https://walkingshippinghell.tumblr.com/post/159506308826/that-one-moment )
  • Dad: (Holding my copy of Order of the Phoenix) He fucking stares at him for FORTY FUCKING LINES
  • Sister: Wow omg dad don't swear but ya
  • Me: Can I have my book back please
  • Dad: And in Prisoner of Azkaban Lupin just transfers the blame for the death of Harry's parents from Sirius to Pettigrew in like five seconds like honestly
  • Sister: True dat
  • Me: Guys I'm glad you found something to ship but stahp please
  • Sister: (Pointing at the page) And it specifically says Lupin is staying "with Sirius"
  • Dad: Oh I didn't even notice that you're right
  • Me: (Gives up) And did you notice in-

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I'm really glad to have found you, bc you taught me a Very Important Thing about fanfic and the treatment of canon: that sometimes you can (and to feel better about it, should) strip canon down back to the absolute basic and rebuild from there. It just... there's a series or two that I used to like but now don't and I still WANT to like them and just... you introduced me to a concept I wasn't aware of. Thank you so much for that.


For me, that’s the fun of fanfic. Canon is a box of scraps with some pretty pieces mixed in, and you can totally toss the junk and keep whatever catches your eye. 

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You make me so happy! I'm so glad to have found you on the internet. Thanks for being you and bringing what you do here!

This ask particularly touched my heart for some reasons, perhaps because I feel quite low lately as I kept comparing myself with my friends? Envy is driving me crazy, and then guilty comes over to play, they’d tell me I’m no good, tell me I’m getting nowhere, tell me I have no value. They’d tell tale of all the things I could have had if I tried? If I have everything? If I was someone else?

But you just tell me that I should just be me. And that somehow, tell me I’m ok.

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“Did I scare you?” you asked with a laugh, nudging Sam gently. He wrapped an arm around you and kissed the top of your sheeted head.

“Absolutely. Scariest ghost I’ve ever seen,” he replied. And though it was hard to see out from your ridiculous getup, you could hear the smile in his voice and knew you’d succeeded. 

x x

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Sorry this is not an ask , just an opinion , but I don't understand why people call you rude/mean/ an asshole , you're actually so sweet and nice to your followers , not to mention that you're so funny! + Your dolls are so amazing and unique , I've been following this blog for almost a year and I'm so glad I found you! You always inspire me \( ´ω` )/ Don't listen to people who call you rude stuff , you're amazing !!

Thank you!
But I can understand where those people that call me that are coming from now, I can be/used to be very blunt and too sarcastic and rude to people just asking simple questions. I used to get super heated over trivial things and made myself appear to others that I’m a pretentious vegan ass hole.(and I was one tbh) I was influenced by the wrong people.

I totally can admit to this now, bc I have taken the time to look at my behaviour from a different perspective. I used to take all my frustrations out on people on the internet bc irl I’m very, very quiet and bottle stuff up.

I’m still trying to not explode over stupid things and being less abrupt.

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dear god i am so sick of girls freaking about ghostbusters the only reason you like the movie is because all the characters are women so shut up already

hello there and let me tell you a thing

The answer to your question is yes, we are absolutely freaking about the fact that all the main protagonists of this movie are women. We are allowed. We’re allowed because I saw two movies this weekend and sat through a combined 45 minutes of trailers. I’m not sure how many that is, I lost count after 12. There was one movie- Suicide Squad- with female protagonists. One. Every other movie trailer featured a male protagonist (one had SEVEN!) with either no female characters or a female secondary character whose purpose in the movie is to advance the male protagonist’s plot and probably to give him a prize at the end for doing a Good Job (the prize is her body).

Guess how many movies had a female lead character. I’ll give you a hint:

Originally posted by nachoosorio

In 45 minutes of trailer watching- over a dozen trailers- there was not one movie advertised with even ONE female lead. NOT ONE. NOT A SINGLE MOVIE. IS COMING OUT. IN THE NEXT YEAR. WITH A FEMALE LEAD. NOT. EVEN. ONE.* There sure as hell isn’t another movie with FOUR female protagonists and one male secondary character. 

So yes, yes we are excited. Yes, we are screaming, we are freaking out, we are crying tears of joy, because for ONE GODDAMN SECOND we are being validated by the entertainment we are paying for. You can literally have every single other movie that is coming out in the next year and a half, so please shut your mouth and back off so we can enjoy our moment without whiny spoiled entitled children getting upset because only 99% of the content produced by Hollywood this year is for you instead of the usual 100%.

Oh, and Ghostbusters is a really good movie. So suck it.

*you can make the case for Rogue One but that trailer didn’t play and also count for me how many men are going to be surrounding the leading lady and get back to me

Captain Swan + lyrics (Modern Lieutenant Duckling/Footloose AU)
(Josh Ritter - Getting Ready to Get Down)

Mama got a look at you and got a little worried
Papa got a look at you and got a little worried
The pastor got a look and said ‘Y'all had better hurry,
Send her off to a little bible college in Missouri’

And now you come back sayin’ you know a little bit about
Every little thing they ever hoped you’d never figure out
Eve ate the apple ‘cause the apple was sweet,
What kinda God would ever keep a girl from getting what she needs


FuruyaWeek » Day 2: Strength

“It’s not over yet. The sound of the fastball in the bullpen clears any doubt in our minds about winning.


I hope the cat forgives him.

Goat Sim Payday DLC #3