i'm glad we had this chat

  • David: hey Emma, Hook, you're late
  • Emma: yeah we were, uh...
  • Snow: ... making pancakes!
  • David: oooooh really
  • David: did you use nutmeg Emma?
  • David: remember I told you...?
  • Emma: oh, uhm, sure
  • David: yay! Didn't I tell you that's the secret? Did you like them Hook?
  • Hook:
  • Hook: ah, yes
  • Hook: very much so
  • Hook: most enjoyable *pancakes* I've ever had
  • David: aha! I knew it! That's awesome! I'm so glad you liked them! And I helped!
  • Emma:
  • Hook:
  • Snow: don't either of you dare ruin this for him

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Howdy, Sai! Just wanted to say, I'm really happy you're doing better. You're still one of the strongest people I know, and I'm so proud that you're hanging in there even though it's hard. Some bits of love: Your art is better than ever, and the details are beautiful. Your girlfriend is absolutely adorable, we are all glad you found eachother. You are gonna get so stronk just keep goin you got this, getting clothes to fit is so nice. Also congrats you smart bean! Oh, and *We love you.*

Thank you Stacyyyyy, couldn’t have done it alone though, had a lot of good people help me up and push me forward (you too, with just that one message in chat). I’m hoping to continue to kick depression in the ass and generally be a happier person. Progress has been made! :D

Bones {Sentence Starters}
  • "Leave me out of it, I am not going."
  • "Fine. Then we're done here. Do you want to get some coffee?"
  • "I don't like people who think they're better than other people."
  • "No offense, but, um, I'm not interested."
  • "I just never figured you being in a relationship."
  • "Have you ever been charged with a felony?"
  • "You know, I'm glad we had that little chat about being nice to the locals."
  • "You're bad with people, okay? No use being offended by the fact."
  • "You don't need a gun. If anyone needs shooting, I'll do it."
  • "My most meaningful relationships are with dead people."
  • "I've noticed that very few people are scary once they've been poked in the eye."
  • "You know, I'm sorry for wrecking your weekend for nothing."
  • "How I feel doesn't matter. My job doesn't depend on it."
  • "Are you as cold and unfeeling as you seem?"
  • "You know, you picked a really odd time to have this conversation."
  • "When you say things like that, it's just to bug me, right?"
  • "Don't use your charm smile on me."
  • "I have been wanting to do that for years. You are so hot!"
  • "I thought you were told to stay away from him?"
  • "Yeah. So, um, you should be a little nicer to me, huh?"
  • "You thought you were protecting me. But you're the one who needs protecting."
  • "It hurts my shoulder when I break down the door."
  • "Or better still, you could forget the whole thing and come home."
  • "You do know how this is supposed to work, right?"
  • "If you keep living trying to protect yourself, nothing is ever going to touch you."
  • "I just... I feel like I want to kiss you."
  • "I'd say you were kidding, but, I don't think you know how to kid."
  • "I know when there's something wrong with you."
  • "If you had a pet pig, what would you name him?"
  • "Look, if anybody asks, the door was open."
  • "There's absolutely no reason for us to be discreet about our relationship anymore."
  • "He touched me with his creepy, serial killer hands."
  • "How long have you and _____ hated each other?"
  • "How are we friends? How is it possible? I mean we have nothing in common."
  • "Something's wrong, right? What can I do to help?"

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i GOT IN!!!!!!!! I'm taking sociology, history and chemistry! They were really impressed by my results aND I'M JUST SO HAPPY AGHHHH. Also, on the drive back me and my brother had a deep chat about life and horoscopes - we don't usually speak much so this was good lol. Thank you for all you support and listening to me ramble!! -R

hi, R~!!! one again - congratulations~~! (╯✧∇✧)╯♥♥ i’m glad to hear that!! and yeah, you’re welcome~~! it’s okay to talk to me about whatever you want, not only vixx~~

[2171 CE - Age 17]
Rose J. Shepard.
DHJ99 DTLABS (Drone Test Labs) # 659888

One week left of DTL before we pack up and head off to enlist! The nerves are starting to set in now. We had Alliance officials here the other day on a recruitment drive, they’re really pushing for DTL and CTL graduates. Perkins decided to drop out, said something about pressure from his family. I get that, I really do. Me, Scorsese, Phelps and Janua are taking a shuttle off planet this weekend for a little R&R. Scuttlebutt says Scorsese has something to ask me. Every time I’m too close to him I get this stupid lopsided grin creeping onto my face and I’m pretty sure I turn a shade of red. I know, I know, grow up! Test results are in and I hit my targets, DTL are letting the small incident the other week drop. Anyway, nothing else to report!

———Transmission end——–

[2176 - Age 22]
R. J Shepard
Alliance Engineer Corps

I found hell on Elysium and I have a feeling it won’t be the last time.
I’m not to talk about the losses. We’re on lock down communication wise.
It was shore leave. We were supposed to be on down time. Not all of us were mentally prepared!
The headaches still haven’t stopped. I’m signed on for 5 weeks of eval.
The nightmares are getting better. Or so I tell the Doc.
I attended the memorial for Scorsese.
I miss you. That weekend after DTL will always stay with me.
I bumped into Phelps. She was departing on a three month tour. She said I seemed different, seemed cold.
Everyone does. We were naive to think we’d end up any other way.
No one talks anymore. No one from my area anyway. No one asks how you are, no one wants to concern themselves with anyone else.
Probably for the best.
I’ve been invited to the awards ceremony.
We’ll see how that goes.
It can only be uphill from here.
We live to fight another day.
Or we’ll die trying.

—— Transmission end ——

[2183 - Age 29]
Cmdr. R. J Shepard.
N7 | 5923-AC-2826.

Document 875 - Classified.
Document 99224 - Classified.

I’m to depart on the SSV Normandy as acting XO under Alliance Captain David Anderson. We’re to head to Eden Prime, our task will be posted when confirmation of arrival is dispatched. Simple shake down run, estimated mission time - 2 weeks.

[I think I bumped into one of the crew earlier whilst taking a little breather in the docking port. Alenko I think he introduced himself as. He had this little lopsided grin whilst we chatted that seemed so familiar. It’s been years since I stood and just spoke to someone, where the conversation wasn’t forced and formal. Maybe I’m not lost afterall. He seemed sweet though, it’s a shame this mission isn’t longer.]

—— Transmission end ——

Road Trip Conversation
  • Me: (removes headphones) So, do you want to chat?
  • Him: About what?
  • Me: ...Butterflies.
  • Him: Are you for 'em?
  • Me: No.
  • Him: They're insects.
  • Me: Right? They're still BUGS, they just have pretty wings! Why doesn't anyone else see this?
  • Him: I'm glad we had this talk.
  • Me: (puts headphones back on)
  • Him: (continues to drive)

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Good job on the victim blaming. Harassment is always the harassers's fault - in this case 1D fans on twitter & instagram harassing B's family. No matter what the family has or hasn't done - harassment isn't ok. Condoning it and saying that it is the family's fault for wanting to have normal interactions on social media says more about the type of person you are then it does about them

Okay, Tammi, calm down. I have said REPEATEDLY not to interact with Briana or her family members. REPEATEDLY. I have said not to talk shit on their posts or to message them. I have said it over and over again. I have NEVER left them a comment, I have NEVER messaged them, I have NEVER sought them out in any way on any social media platform.

This is hilarious though - “saying that it is the family’s fault for wanting to have normal interactions on social media.” Normal interactions like what…? Turning your account on and off private whenever you want the fandom to see a pic? Allowing yourself to gain 300k followers on Instagram ‘cause you’re such a private person? Initiating conversations with fans, including young fans who you have no fucking business talking to? Messaging fans back when they message you first instead of blocking them or ignoring them? Promoting Adidas on one of the first few pictures you’ve posted on Instagram of your beloved new grandson? Messaging people on Tumblr to try to get them to post your private pics online? Leaking clubbing photos from a grandmother’s social media account? Announcing the birth of a child on a picture of a trash bag? Seeking out and favoriting fan art that has nothing to do with your family whatsoever? Is that what you consider “normal interactions on social media?” If so, you’re just as fucked up as they are.

Feel free to take your holier than thou attitude and shove it up your ass because I don’t give even half a fuck. I have nothing to feel guilty about because I have never ONCE interacted with and/or harassed that family. Why would I? I’d hate to kill brain cells and roll around in the filth by stooping to their level of manipulative, desperate, exploitative, disgusting, and pathetic.

Anyway, I’m glad we had this chat, Tammi. xoxoxo.

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It was Wacky Tacky day at school, so I wore my knee-high Ravenclaw over my jeans (cause that's totally wacky, lol). Anyway, the girlfriend of the senior class president, whom we call the First Lady and is also lacrosse team captain, ran over to me and we had a 20-minute chat about the joys of the Ravenclaw house. I love that Harry Potter brings everyone together even a popular senior with a nerdy freshmen.

  • Me: I swear I've seen the entirety of Parks & Rec on Tumblr.
  • Husband: You know the co-producer of that show just died.
  • Me: That's great.
  • Husband: What!?! You're glad someone died?
  • Me: No. This guy had a lead on me but decided to concede.
  • Husband: Oh, so you were talking about your game, not the conversation we we having TWO SECONDS AGO.
  • Me: Yes.
  • Husband: So you weren't even paying attention.
  • Me: I was, but then I stopped.