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SAUDADE – Oct 25th

➳  a deep emotional state of nostalgic or profound melancholic longing for an absent something or someone that one loves. 

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genre: angst/fluff - letter format
word count: 1.5k
warning: mental illness
next letter:
nov 11th

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anonymous asked:

Love your take on everything & it really gives me hope for a destiel endgame. I was wondering if you had noticed Dean getting a bit more 'camp'? I don't subscribe to that kind of stereotype normally but as Jensen, a supposedly straight, (let's keep cockles out of this!) actor's interpretation of bi, it seems as though his mannerisms have been somewhat feminised, maybe? I'm thinking mostly of The Face that Mary points out. (also Max's interest in the grenade launcher interests me!) discuss :-)

Helloooo my dear and lovely Nonny! 

Yes, this reply is long overdue and all I can ask is your forgiveness!! Thank you so much, I’m glad you’re enjoying my take and that it gives you hope! :)

I’ve had to ponder this question for a good long while, tbh, because I kind of know what you mean, but I also feel that Jensen’s mannerisms as Dean have had a few wrist flicks and eye rolls that have always felt overly dramatic because Dean can be high drama, right? I don’t know if I’d necessarily label these things as camp or feminised, though.

I mean, I could watch this gif forever. This moment is so fucking awesome! :P

We could theorise into eternity about what’s true and what’s not true about how Jensen claims to play Dean so straight and so uber-masculine, right? I mean… proof’s in the pudding, puddin’ - and even though the editors can change the meaning of a scene by cutting out parts or changing stuff around, there are too many moments that are clearly directed, if not chosen by Jensen in how to be acted out, that are done so in order to be edited in a certain way. There have been these moments of wrist flicking from the beginning, I’d say, because it’s how Dean moves in certain moods or moments. 

Anyone who disagrees with this, please, do jump in! I encourage you adding your thoughts and interpretation!

Now, I know we could debate where Jensen stands until we’re all blue in the face and we’d still be none the wiser. I know a lot of people who believe he sincerely did not know that Dean is meant to be bisexual and that he played him straight as a doornail for eleven or twelve years until someone said, look, we’re deciding to move forward with the love story so, beware, Dean is in love with Cas and this is happening. And I think this is fair enough! Because Jensen has been so outspoken about how he plays Dean and relates to Dean and Dean is s.t.r.a.i.g.h.t.

Yeah, in there lies the problem for me. In what motivation he’s had to make this statement again and again. I find it hard to believe that an actor would work on any project for over a decade and not take an interest or feel curiosity about how the narrative is built. Actually, I find it improbable. Jensen has spoken about how he used to fill every page of the scripts he’d get with thoughts on Dean’s motivation. Does this mean Jensen knew Dean is meant to be bi? Nope. And I can’t argue for or against, merely say that it doesn’t add up to me - at all - that an actor who is so in tune with his craft and who clearly cares about this character would play him - consistently - for twelve years without really knowing him. 

There is this marked pattern with Dean where he’s attracted to a man and immediately overcompensates by chasing a woman and it’s established in 2x02 with Ash and Jo (if not sooner…). It’s fascinating to watch that episode and notice this pattern because it becomes like a subliminal thing. 

It in no way works as proof that Jensen chose to play Dean attracted to Ash, and running after Jo to narratively compensate for it, like it’s a subtextual scale that weighs too hard on one side and then immediately needs to be righted by overtly stating that Dean prefers women. (which looking at the subtext blatantly just is not the whole truth and never was) But it’s a character trait that is brushed at from the start and then becomes the lynchpin for so many important character moments and, looked at that way, even works as foreshadowing for Castiel and the role he’s going to play in Dean’s character progression. But I shan’t go into deeper details on that now because then we’ll be here until Christmas morning. 

What I’m saying is that this has been a conscious part of Dean’s character from the beginning (to my mind) and my mind fucking boggles at the idea that Jensen - who has dedicated such a huge chunk of his career to playing Dean, a performance that will, most likely, be a career defining one - would not know everything there is to know about Dean. 

Okay, I’m crossing over into complete Jensen-behaviour conjecture and speculation and that’s not really what your question was about. (though they do relate, as your question reflected) :P

As for Max and the grenade launcher (god what a lovely choice of topic you throw my way!!) :) –>

Max is gay. Max is hot. Max likes the look of Baby. Max is invited to view Baby’s goodies. Max notices the grenade launcher. 

(that wasn’t meant to come out as the text for a story book for children) (…or was it) ;)

This has been discussed before so it’s very likely that you’ve read up on it a while back because I am so damn late in replying, buuuuut let me still give you the bare bones of this exchange, yeah? I mean, they’re pretty amazing bones.

The exchange between Max and Dean opens with Max saying that Baby is still “major” and Dean offering him the tour. Which consists of what? Max calling out the grenade launcher. And Dean replying to Max’s question of “is that a grenade launcher” with “yes she is” but then immediately grabbing what they need: witch killing bullets. 

I mean, the actual lead into this exchange is Max telling everyone he successfully got a guy’s phone number, right? Dean making this face:

What’s so amazing is how Dean gets a dose of a guy completely and utterly at ease with his sexuality, and then we’re taken to the trunk of Baby - the prop that Jensen says “is a part of me”, speaking as Dean…….. - and shown the phallic shaped monstrosity of a weapon in serious need of release and Dean, aptly, assigns it a sex and, to his mind, it’s a “she”, it’s a female in need of release, as is Dean’s non-performing side. His feminine side, if you will. His yin to his overcompensating, toxically masculine yang.

The beginning of inner balance being found between these two is given to us by Dean launching that grenade into that cement wall in 12x22. 

And here we have a beautiful setup for exactly what that moment means for Dean Winchester. And that he is so extremely subconsciously aware of it all.

“Yes, she is.”

I mean…. seriously, Dean.

And why is it Max asking to dig his nose into Baby’s junk? Sorry, I mean trunk. (….or do I?) Because Max is a reflection of Dean throughout this entire episode. He is our Dean exposition in many many ways. And he ends up making the wrong choice for the right reasons. And I look forward to when Max and Alicia return and I wonder if Alicia will be restored. Come on, Jack. You know you can right this wrong!! :)

Thank you for asking, Nonny! And happy holidays to you!


An open letter to the @wolf359radio cast and crew:

Thank you. So much.

I started listening to your show not long before the season 2 finale aired, and have been hooked since the very first episode. I can’t count the number of times I’ve cried, or laughed, or garnered odd looks from people when I’ve yelled/gestured/generally made a fool of myself in public while listening. It was all absolutely worth it.

Yours was the first podcast I ever listened to where I would eagerly await each new episode as it came, never letting myself fall behind by more than an episode or two. It was the equivalent of a book you’d stay up all night reading, even if it meant having to hide under the covers with a torch. It was a story that has saved my life more than once, and I know will never leave me.

On one re-listen I made a list of silly little facts that were probably just throwaway jokes, but gods did they make things seem so much more real. Sadly, most the list has been lost to the capricious whims of technology (though I absolutely plan to re-listen and recreate it), but I will always remember things like the list of ‘Eiffel Protocols’ which we never got to find out about, or when Eiffel mentioned Minkovski (possibly?) needing to get some her toes amputated because of a dumb stunt he pulled, or the fact that, for some goddamned reason, Goddard Futuristics felt the need to put a VHS player on the Hephaestus.

I know the fandom for this show isn’t exactly huge, and that I more drift on the edge of it, but I look at the Patreon and the fanart and every fun theory and AU that crosses my dashboard, and I am so proud to be a part of things. One day I hope I can give back to everyone involved as much as they gave to me. I have Plans in mind, and I just hope I can get skilled enough to start putting them into action.

I am… sad that is is over, but glad that it happened at all. There are so many voices I fell in love with, literal, figurative, and fictional. So…

To Zach Valenti,
  Thank you for filling so many roles so wonderfully. I don’t know how you can still talk after all the screaming Eiffel has done, but I hope you’re happy with how you managed to break my heart at least once each episode. You are an inspiration.

To Michaela Swee,
  Thank you for playing someone who had to fight so hard to just be herself, and to be seen as a person rather than a thing. Every time Hera stood up for herself and fought against the fears implanted in her mind, I cheered.

To Emma Sherr-Ziarko,
  Thank you for making me laugh, and cry, and physically feel the frustration that Minkowski held in in order to push through and get her crew home. I couldn’t have asked for a better commander.

To Cecilia Lynn-Jacobs,
  Thank you for giving life to a character with so many sides to her, especially with everything she went through. In the fridge-raiding scene in the finale, my heart melted when I heard her go from Lovelace the paranoid captain, to Lovelace the friend.

To Sarah Shachat,
  Thank you for writing some of the deepest and most heart-wrenching episodes of the show. And when I say ‘thank you’ I actually mean ‘how dare you’. How dare you make me cry over fictional characters. Seriously. How dare.

To Noah Masur,
  Thank you for finding a way to still make me love Jerkobi, despite the fact that he is a complete asshole. And yes, I intend to forever call him Jerkobi after all the dumb stunts he’s pulled.

To Zach Libresco,
  Thank you for playing a a pompous, long-winded, over-dramatic, utter bastard of a character. It is a hard thing to pull off, and you did it admirably, and I applaud you for it.

To Alan Rodi,
  Thank you for creating such a fantastic soundtrack for the show. I don’t think I’ve ever come across music that manages to convey both the vast emptiness of space, and the intimate thought processes of people quite as well as yours.

To Michelle Agresti,
  Thank you for being so… Bright. That’s the only word I can think of to describe your shining (pun intended) performance on the show, as tragically short as Maxwell’s run was.

To Ariela Rotenberg,
  I’ll admit, Rachael as a character never left a huge impact on me. But you managed to put a certain slyness in her voice that always left me second-guessing everything she said, and I thank you for that.

To Scotty Shoemaker,
  …Okay this one’s less a thank you, more a ‘How dare you voice an evil character with such a joyful tone, because now whenever I try to write my own stories involving one of my own characters, it’s your/Cutter’s voice that I hear. Because, I mean, you’d play him perfectly, but dammit this wasn’t meant to happen.’

And to Gabriel Urbina,
  Thank you.
  For everything.
  For creating a show that was a bright point in my life during a rather dark time. For crafting characters I love and hate and want to see more of. For never breaking my trust in you as a storyteller. Thank you.

Thank you, to all of you, and to everyone else reading this letter who actually managed to get this far.

Thank you.

So… To the cast and crew that made the USS Hephaestus Station what it was, this is story-enthusiast Ky L., signing off.

G’night, folks.

Okay so- It’s going to be a new year real soon. And I haven’t done anything for my pals during Christmas and I really, really wanted to do something to show how thankful I am towards my friends. So here’s a small ‘follow-forever’ thingie! ^^

I will put them under read more since it’s a long list hehe. This isn’t in any order, btw, I appreciate all of you and if I somehow, somehow, forgot to add you then- Im so sorry! ;;;

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anonymous asked:

I'm sorry, by that I meant coming back from the dead as evil.

‘who the hell is shepard?’ so dramatic. i love it. og normandy companions as requested.  –mod astra

Garrus is genuinely confused when they don’t seem to recognize him calling out to them–they don’t even seem to recognize themselves. Feelings of betrayal are definitely there. This is someone he believed in, someone who finally seemed ready to clean up the galaxy, and now all the sudden they’re pulling a complete 180? It’s not right, and it’s not them, and he’s going to do something about it. His friend, the person he trusted and who took a chance and trusted him, they’re still in there. And he’s going to drag them back, even if it kills him. 

Tali’s heart breaks for them. Obviously, she’s concerned for her own safety and for the safety of her crew, and she’s well aware that Shepard is dangerous. But the fact that they’ve been forced into the role of a living weapon kills her a little inside. She can’t really ignore all her other responsibilities to search for them, but she’ll spend every single bit of free time she has devoted to finding them or, once she has, trying to help them through the process of coming back to the crew. She’s not sure that they’ll be fit to lead like they once did, but that’s more than okay with her, and she’ll ensure that they know that too. 

Ashley is filled with righteous anger. Not at Shepard, not really, more at what’s been done to them. Because it was Shepard, physically, that flesh is definitely theirs. But inside? That was something else completely. She’s looking at a shell of her former friend, and she knows Shepard–the only way they’d ever react like that was if some serious damage had been done. She’s not entirely sure she can bring them back, but she’s going to try. And if she can’t? Whoever’s responsible is going to regret ever even getting the idea to put their hands on Shepard. 

Kaiden is trained to fire back–that’s what you do in response to a threat, right? As soon as the recognition sets in, he’s never been more glad that his shot missed. It’s immediately replaced with concern, though. That is Shepard, he’d recognize them anywhere–just what happened to them to cause all of… this? They’re still a threat, of course. His friend is essentially a cybernetic super soldier at this point, and at some point they’ll need to be taken down. He desperately wants it to go peacefully, to get the commander back and help them, but if it comes down to it and they can’t be saved, he knows what the old Shepard would tell him to do. 

Liara can barely process what’s happened. Obviously, that’s Shepard. Shepard, whom she trusts, just tried to put a few shots through her head. And they looked at her like they didn’t recognize her one bit. Well, that’d explain the gun, anyway. It doesn’t take her long after that to figure out what that was, though. And with the reach of her information, it also doesn’t take her long to figure out just who’s behind it. They’re insignificant, and very, very dead. Liara would track down the missing and brainwashed commander. If she can’t help them back to the way they were before, she’ll do her best to be someone they can lean on once they start to get their memory back and the trauma sets in. 

Wrex stuffs down the initial surprise, deep down to where he won’t be able to think about it until after. It’s them, sure but at the same time it isn’t. And that’s a lot to take in, even after all the years he’s been alive, he’s never seen anything like this before. A part of him wants to drag them back, see if he can somehow bring them to become the person he remembers so fondly. But realistically, he’s pretty sure that they might have to be put down in a less-than-pleasant way. If it’s up to him, he’ll make it as quick as possible, and maek sure that they’re remembered for the great person they were, not what they were forced to turn into. 

South Park: Bigger Longer & Uncut : Sentence Starters
  • "Now come on children, don't be shy, just give it your best shot."
  • "What is five times two?"
  • "OK, now lets try to get an answer from someone who's not a complete retard."
  • "I'm Sorry ________, but I don't trust anything that bleeds for five days and doesn't die."
  • "Dude, it's a lady getting pooed on!"
  • "You're too young for this stuff!"
  • "Hey! It IS ________'s mom!"
  • "Dude, what the fuck is wrong with German people?"
  • "Let's start by building a big statue of me, right over there where that fat kid is standing."
  • "Hey, don't call me fat buttfucker!"
  • "Respect my fuckin' authority!"
  • "You need to watch your mouth, brat."
  • "I know I was mean before. But don't worry - I can change!"
  • "Dog-shit taco!"
  • "Oh fuck."
  • "Who's a fuckin' bitch? ________'s Mooooooooom!"
  • "Blame Canada!"
  • "I don't listen to hip-hop."
  • "Haven't you heard of the Emancipation Proclamation?"
  • "I bet him he couldn't do it. I bet him a hundred dollars."
  • "I'm just fuckin' stoked I don't have to pay him."
  • "Oh, that's real nice! He was your friend, you fat fuck!"
  • "Remember what the MPAA says; Horrific, Deplorable violence is okay, as long as people don't say any naughty words!"
  • "Suck my balls."
  • "What the heck is a rimjob?"
  • "I transferred from Yardale where I had a 4.0 grade point average."
  • "It's this V-Chip, I hate it!"
  • "I can't say any dirty words."
  • "And you can't say Shit?"
  • "I'm warning you!"
  • "She's a mean old bitch and she has stupid hair."
  • "________, did you just say the F-word?"
  • "No, he's talking about "fuck". You can't say "fuck" in school, you fucking fat ass!"
  • "Why the fuck not?"
  • "What's the big deal? It doesn't hurt anybody."
  • "How would you like to suck my balls?"
  • "Holy shit, dude."
  • "Get the fuck out of here!"
  • "Notice, that nothing happens."
  • "Success! The child doesn't want to swear!"
  • "Go on, honey. It's all right."
  • "Let me have some candy."
  • "Like you really need all that chocolate."
  • "We accidentally replaced your heart with a baked potato. You have about three seconds to live."
  • "What would Brian Boitano do if he was here right now?"
  • "I'm sure he'd kick an ass or two."
  • "I just want my mom to stop fighting everyone."
  • "For ________, I'll be an activist too."
  • "Some people say that I'm a bad guy, they may be right."
  • "Any minute now I will be born again!"
  • "What if you remain a sandy little butt-hole?"
  • "Hey Satan, don't be such a twit."
  • "Mother Theresa won't have shit on me!"
  • "Man, this movie gets better every time I see it!"
  • "I'll bet you a hundred dollars you can't light a fart on fire."
  • "This stick is on fire!"
  • "Oh my God, you killed ________!"
  • "You bastard!"
  • "How come you always want to make love to me from behind?"
  • "Is it because you want to pretend I'm somebody else?"
  • "Who am I going to pretend you are, Liza Minelli?"
  • "Sure, hon."
  • "Wait, before we put a message out, do a search on the word clitoris."
  • "It isn't like this film is the first troublesome thing to come out of Canada. Let us not forget Bryan Adams."
  • "Now, now, the Canadian Government has apologized for Bryan Adams on several occasions!"
  • "Can I finish? Please, can I finish?"
  • "I think we're fighting Canadians."
  • "Canadians, Australians, what's the difference?"
  • "Fuck is the worst word that you can say."
  • "Fuck Canada!"
  • "Hey fuck you buddy!"
  • "Well, fuck my ass and call me a bitch."
  • "I want to know where you heard all this horrific obscenities, m'kay?"
  • "I seriously doubt that ________ ever said: "Eat penguin shit, you ass spelunker"."
  • "Well you fucked your uncle yesterday."
  • "Goodbye, you guys."
  • "You told us that windows 98 would be faster, and more efficient with better access to the internet!"
  • "What do you think this is kid?"
  • "The word is "forensics"."
  • "Cancer is killing, Texaco's spilling, the whole world's gone to hell, but how are you?"
  • "I'm super! Thanks for asking!"
  • "Looks like we may be out of luck."
  • "Don't kick the baby."
  • "Hold me."
  • "Why should we fucking have to spell forensics?"
  • "There is no hope now, you must get out of here."
  • "Were is your God when you need him, huh? Where is your beautiful, merciful faggot now?"
  • "We can't leave without you! We don't know where the hell we are!"
  • "I can't face my mother."
  • "Our freedom shall be won."
  • "Though I die... La Resistance lives... on..."
  • "SHIT!"
  • "What the fuck are they fighting for?"
  • "When did this song become a marathon?"
  • "Here I come, God. Here I come, you fucking rat."
  • "Is sex the only thing that matters to you?"
  • "I hope you've learned something from this whole experience."
  • "Wanna see the northern lights?"
  • "You burned yourself to death by lighting your fart."
  • "You MUST shut of the alarms!"
  • "I fucking hate guard dogs!"
  • "I heard you the first time you British piece of shit."
  • "This is worse than the time when I fell asleep and you put your dick in my mouth and took a picture."
  • "The sun is shining and the grass is green. Under the three feet of snow, I mean."
  • "It's been six weeks since Saddam Hussein was killed by a pack of wild boars and the world is still glad to be rid of him."
  • "That movie has warped my fragile little mind."
  • "What? Fuck you guys. I wanna get out of here."
  • "I saw the __________ movie. Now who wants to touch me?"
  • "Now keep in mind, 'Operation Human Shield' will suffer heavy losses. But don't lose your spirit men! Stay until the bitter end."
  • "Ah, you'd better get packing, bitch, we're running out of time."
  • "What? No? No! You can't do that! I have to go to Earth!"
  • "Thank you Clitoris!"
  • "Careful? Was my mother careful when she stabbed me in the heart with a clothes hanger while I was still in the womb?"
  • "Man, this kid is fucked up!"
  • "Last words? How's about: "Get me the fuck out of this chair!" How's that for last words?"
  • "Did you bring the buttfor?"
  • "What, is that like finding Jesus or something?"
Cheating Scandal (ft. Mark)

Genre- Slight angst/ FLuff
Summary- Mark and his wife are involved in a cheating scandal but it is all a misunderstanding.
Words- 612 (Part ½)

Originally posted by jwaang

(I think this is my personal best!!)

‘____ caught cheating’, ‘Caught with another man’, ‘_____ caught in a cheating scandal’” I read the news to Mark as I sat down. “This is unbelievable. Is nothing in our life private now?” 

In the past month Mark and I’s wedding aired on television. Ever since paparazzi had been following our every move trying to get juicy stories for their boss.  
“There is a good side to this.” Mark stated.
“What is that?” I was slightly confused. How could anything good come out of this?
“That we’ll still be together after all this blows over.” He leaned over to kiss my lips
“Ugh, you’re so cheesy,” I pushed him to the side, “Mark this is serious, what are we going to do?” I put my face in my hands. Mark caught on to me actually being serious. You were really worried, “I don’t want your fans to hate me.” I let out a frustrated sigh.
Mark scooted closer to me, “they won’t hate you. And if they do they’re not true fans. A true fan would support me, let me be happy, and you make me happy.”
“You’re right. We still have to do something about this though.”
“I agree. Shall we schedule an interview with the press?”

“What are we going to say?” I asked Mark in the waiting room,
“The truth of course. Neither of us did anything wrong.”
“_______, Mark. MC is ready for you.”
“You ready?” Mark grabbed my hand and intertwined our fingers.
I nodded and led the way with him trailing behind me.
Since this was a private interview, we weren’t worried about seeing many people.
“Ah hello. Our newlyweds are here.” The MC gave us each a hug and motioned to the chairs where we could sit.
“Since you’re both here, why don’t I start by asking; how are you? Has anything changed since the marriage?”
“We’re both doing well, not much has changed. We still go on dates, and all that stuff. The only thing that has changed is now we live together and see each other every day.” I answered for the two of us. Mark always gets somewhat shy during interviews like this. He likes to let me do the talking.
Questions went on and then the MC finally asked about the scandal. Mark and I took turns answering the questions up until then. I decided to speak first.
“Can you say anything about the recent scandal?”

“We can. Recently my friend that lived out of country moved here and Mark and I offered to show him around. I have been hanging out with him lately but we aren’t dating; we’re just friends. The day those photos we’re taken, “I stopped to point to the screen behind me, “Mark was paying for dinner while, F/N and I walked along. I’m sorry if we caused any fans to be upset. I know some fans are having a hard time agreeing with our marriage.”
“Mark is there anything you’d like to add to that.
“It all like she said. It was all a misunderstanding. I hope our fans continue believing in us and supporting us just as they did before this scandal happened.”

After the interview was over, the MC came over to make small talk while walking to the 3rd floor to gather our belongings. He wished us a thanks then we parted.
“That went well. I’m glad you set this up. Thank you.” I wrapped my arms around him and he rubbed my back in soothing circles. “I told you it’d all work out.”

(There might be a {short} part two)

-Admin S

small, quiet room

Chapter two | on ao3: here 

Hawkins, fourteen years ago

Balancing a three year old Jonathan on her hip, lest he wander too far, Joyce does her best to grab a few items from the shelves and toss them into the shopping basket. She doesn’t get everything she should, doesn’t really have the money right now, but she makes sure to prioritize everything Jonathan needs.

Her job at the local hardware store doesn’t exactly pay the bills; she may spend weeks eating smaller meals or going without the basics, but if one thing’s certain she makes damn sure her son never does.

“Joyce, hey.”

Turning, she smiles to find Karen standing on the other side of the aisle. “Hi,” she says, hoisting Jonathan higher on her hip.

“How are you?”

She hasn’t seen Karen in a while, most of her time taken up by her day job or being a full-time mom, but it’s always nice to see a friendly face. Most of the town isn’t as forthcoming. Ever since they caught wind of her pregnancy, straight out of high school no less, she’s been the talk of the town. Everything she did was suddenly fodder for gossip. She’d get disapproving looks and tuts from those she passed, the prevalence only increasing the more she began to show. Now, even three years down the line, she still notices people whispering when they see her out and about. It’s worse when she has Jonathan with her.

Lonnie, though, they pity. Poor boy, so young, future ruined.

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Thank You Letter to Sam Winchester

Dear Sam,

            You know, for the longest time I just couldn’t understand you. I didn’t understand why you wanted to leave your family traditions, why you kept trusting all the wrong people, and why you made your brother’s life a living hell having to put up with your constant arguing. You seemed so naïve, and childish, and vulnerable. Then I realized that you reminded me of someone. You reminded me of my never-ending-pain-in-the-ass little cousin, Noemi. And I love Noemi so much I would kill for her, I honestly would, but sometimes she’s kind of a dumbass.

            See, Noemi’s not like the rest of our family; she’s not mean. She’s kinda gentle. She’s incredibly sincere, and she’s foolishly trusting. And I’ve been taking care of her my whole life. Sure, sometimes I’ll mess with her, but if anyone else comes within 5 miles of her in a potentially threatening way, I’m telling you I have the power to magically appear between them and her. And it gets me mad when I have to do that, because nine out of ten times I wouldn’t have to if she were just more goddamn careful. Why did she have to believe in that one girl everyone else knew was a two-face snake; that boy everyone knew was a cheater; that street everyone knew was sketchy; that stranger everyone knew was insane.

            It took you and your story, Sam , for me to finally understand. That she’s not dumb (well, not always, haha). She’s absolutely incredible. She befriends them all, the snake, the asshole, the crazy guy, the people on the sketchy streets. And she forgives them all when if hurt her some way or another, like it’s not a big deal, like it just doesn’t get her down. And the crazy thing about it is that even when she does get hurt, she uses the pain as lessons to grow as her own person, just like you. Who would’ve thought that works?

            You also helped me see that sometimes I’m the dumbass. I don’t know everything and if it weren’t for you/her, I’d be a horrible human being. You see, you and Noemi are my inspiration for love and crap. Sometimes I just don’t know how to forgive or let shit go, but I think of you guys, and how incredibly brave y’all are every time you make yourself vulnerable in order to help others, in order to get work done and move ahead and damn, I don’t know if I can ever get to your level but it’s worth a try if I can be half the person y’all are. Honestly, all of that is what real strength is all about. 

           Thanks for being so patient with your brother, Sam, and literally everyone else that doesn’t see the world through your eyes. I'm still learning how to be nice and how to share my toys with the other kids and stuff. And thanks for helping me understand her a little more. I know I give her a lot of shit and more times than not I put too much pressure on her to be someone she’s not and I’m glad y’all are strong enough to endure all that. I see her standing up for herself and sometimes it still takes me by surprise that she doesn’t need me, not the way I need her. I forget that she’s growing up and it hurts a little to see that she’s not the same wide-eyed chubby-cheeked munchkin she once was, and she doesn’t need me to step in the ring for her, even if I feel the urge to barge in anyways. And I see her being so kind I forget the fact that she really can hold her own when it comes to swinging fists.

         Thanks for being my inspiration, Sam Winchester. Please continue to be loving and caring and patient and understanding when no else sure as hell won’t. I’d wish you the best of luck, but I know you won’t need it because you make you own luck in this godforsaken world.

          Thanks, Sam, for everything you’ve done. This job takes a lot from you, and how you endure it, I’ll never know. But I see that you have and I am grateful. Sorry for throwing so much shit your way before, but I understand now. I just want to let you know that I acknowledge everything you’ve given up and sacrificed for the sake of goodness, and I want to say thank you. You’re absolutely incredible. As long as you keep being you, this world WILL find its way again, I‘m sure of it.

 Your friend that’ll always keep fighting because of you,

 (submitted by  mojojojopicksthemusic)

Christmas fic :)


“Mm,” Sasuke groaned, burying his nose aggressively into Sakura’s sweaty pink hair and taking a deep whiff of her femininity. He reached for her slender body with his good arm—his only arm, as Naruto liked to tease, poking the stump with his bandaged right hand—and pulled her close against his body, the all too familiar curve of her perky breasts brushing against his rough torso.

She let out a giggle and ran her fingers through his unkempt hair, brushing away the long black locks that covered his dark eyes. “Stop,” she warned. “You’ll make me laugh, and how will we explain this to Sara—Sasuke-kun!”

His lips, swollen from the passionate kisses Sakura had bestowed upon him earlier, pressed tenderly over the purple seal of her forehead. He smirked when he heard her faint gasp of pleasure at his affection, and murmured against her skin, “Close your eyes.”

“I have to get up, Sasuke-kun. Sarada doesn’t even know you’re here. You coming home was supposed to be a surprise, and are you really going to be the one who ruins it for her, mister?” Sakura forced herself out of her husband’s firm grasp around her waist, shaking off the thigh he wrapped around her waist to keep her restrained (and to indicate his apparent excitement).

“She’s a patient girl.”

Sakura scoffed, prying his limbs off her body and stepping onto the cold, wooden floor. She reached for her undergarments and fastened her bra, ignoring the subtle admiration from Sasuke’s eyes.

“Obviously, she got that from me,” she muttered. “I’ve been waiting all my life.”

“Hey,” Sasuke said, reaching for her hand. All traces of lust departed from his face, and was replaced by the somber solidity of a promise she knew he’d never break again.

“You don’t have to wait for me anymore, alright? I’m here.”

The beginnings of a soft smile made its way from the corners of her mouth until they met in the middle, forming a wide grin. She placed a kiss over his left eye and massaged the roots at the back of his neck.

“I know. Thank you, Sasuke-kun. I love you.”


“Sarada, honey. It’s time to get up. Merry Christmas.”

“Nn,” Sarada cried, stretching her little arms out into the air–narrowly missing Sakura’s nose–and released a yawn. She shook her head rapidly side to side to rearrange the bedhead from last night, and fumbled for her red glasses Mama picked out for her.

“Did you have a good sleep?” Sakura asked, holding out her arms for her daily hug, which Sarada returned graciously. She had her father’s mysteriously dark and handsome looks, but in essence had the features of her Mama. Sakura saw herself, twenty years ago, in Sarada’s forehead, eyes, nose, mouth–and for knowing that part of Sasuke helped her create this beautiful child, she was forever grateful.

“Are you okay, Mama? You’re crying.” Sarada ran her finger over Sakura’s cheek and wiped it on the front of her pajamas. “Don’t cry, Mama. It’s Christmas! I got you a big surprise.”

“I can’t wait,” Sakura said, maintaining her composure through her emotions. “I got you one, too, Sarada. Do you want me to carry you or do you want to hold Mama’s hand?”

Sarada leaped off her bed and stepped into her slippers, her dainty hand clasping around Sakura’s ringed finger. “I’m a big girl. I want to hold Mama’s hand so I can support her when Papa’s away.”

“Oh, honey.” She leaned down to kiss her darling daughter’s forehead. “Mama’s strong. She’s going to be okay. Don’t you know? Women have to be strong in order to survive.”

Sarada flashed one of her trademark smirks that echoed Sasuke’s so similarly. “I bet I get my smarts from you, Mama.”

Sakura winked. “Don’t tell that to your father.”

“Okay,” Sakura said, pushing Sasuke into the closet door and placing her hand over his mouth to silence any complaints that should come out. “Just stay in here and wait for my cue. You’re a ninja of stealth, so I trust that you can stay quiet for ten minutes while I keep her busy. Alright?”

“Is she upset that I’m not here?” Sasuke asked, removing Sakura’s hand from his mouth.

“I can’t answer for her, Sasuke-kun. All I know is that she’ll be excited to see you back.” She squeezed his shoulder and shot him a smile before closing the door on him and sitting next to Sarada, waiting casually to open her gifts.

“Aren’t you going to see what’s inside?” Sakura asked, guiding Sarada’s fingers to the ribboned bow sitting brightly on top of Sasuke’s mystery package. “It looks pretty.”

“Mama,” Sarada began. “I told you already, I’m a big girl. I know what’s happening. You can let Papa out of the closet now.”

Sakura’s body froze, her hands paused in midair. Her green eyes widened twofold, and she was caught so off-guard that the only sound she emitted was a weak garble.

“W-What are you–” Sakura began, trying to wave off her daughter’s silly conjecture as if she hadn’t heard correctly. Her eyes darted back to Sasuke’s hiding place, and she wondered what thoughts were going through his head at the moment. Perhaps they were calmer than hers, and maybe he even had a little pride that his daughter was so sharp–”She takes that after me,” he’d say with nonchalant Uchiha arrogance.

Sarada smirked, folding her arms. “I’m not mad at you, Mama. But I can tell when Papa is secretly home. You look much happier and youthful when we’re all together as a real family. And although you are so pretty, you become ten times more beautiful when Papa is around.”

Sakura began to protest, but knew her efforts would be futile. Instead, she brought Sarada onto her lap and held her tight to her chest, showering kisses on top of the head of black hair she inherited from her Papa. “You do get your smarts from me, Sarada-chan. What a bright girl.” She picked up the gift with the ribboned bow and dropped it into Sarada’s eager hands.

“Go ahead,” Sakura said. “Open it.”

With delicate movements, Sarada began to untie the bow and placed it on the ground. She smoothed it into a crisp, straight line, and slowly began to lift the cover off the box.

“What is it?” Sakura asked, peeking inside.

“It’s–” she began. “It’s…Papa and your wedding picture?”

In a flash, Sasuke was already by his girls’ sides, bringing Sakura onto his lap and Sarada onto her’s. Sakura hadn’t even heard him leave the closet, and Sarada feigned ignorance that she knew he was even at home.

“Papa!” she shouted with true glee, throwing her arms around his neck. “Merry Christmas!”

“Aa, Sarada.” He ruffled her hair. “Have you been a good girl?”

“Yes, Papa.” Sarada bit her lip, showing the wedding portrait of him and Sakura. “Is this for me?”

“You always said you wanted to see what Mama and I were like a long time ago. I thought you would like this.”

Sarada took a deep look at the portrait, framed in cherry wood and engraved with their names and his clan symbol. Meanwhile, Sakura shot Sasuke a dirty look, silently asking him if he thought that was an appropriate gift for their daughter.

“Did you love Mama a lot then?”

“Sarada!” Sakura blushed. She and Sasuke vowed they wouldn’t talk about the past until she was older, and topics like their love for each other were off-limits for a child her age.

Sasuke smirked. “I still love Mama. That will never change, okay?” His words were directed to her, but his gaze burned on Sakura’s, his eyes whispering messages of his unspoken love that settled deep in her heart. She rested her head against his shoulder and wrapped her arms securely around Sarada’s waist while she continued to gush over her parents’ picture.

“Merry Christmas, Sasuke-kun.” She nuzzled her nose into the crook of his neck. “We love you.”

“Yeah, Papa! Welcome home!” Sarada chimed in, bouncing eagerly on her father’s knee. “I’m so glad you’re back with me and Mama.”

“Get used to it,” he murmured, his cheek flattening against the crown of Sakura’s head. “Because you and Mama will be seeing much more of me soon.”


I realize that it’s been nearly a month and a half since I last wrote something. As many of you know I’ve been through some pretty crappy personal stuff and lost much of my motivation to write or produce anything decent for you guys. Every time I wanted to try I was scared of failing and just never attempted. But because I want to make this a new year filled with joy and self-love and love for the rest of you guys I will overcome these obstacles and continue writing not only to improve myself but to thank all of you for supporting me. This was very rough but I wanted to do an Uchiha family fic! Hopefully Sasuke and Sarada weren’t TOO out of character >.<

Thank you all again for continuing to love and support me and I hope you had a happy holiday or day :)

Malcolm in the Middle sentence starters
  • "I am destined to be the most miserable person on earth."
  • "I want a sundae and then some pizza."
  • "So, what kind of socks are you wearing?"
  • "I will leave home forever! Or I'll never leave... whatever's worse."
  • "You don't have any friends."
  • "You spent $300 on sequins?"
  • "I want to wear my pajamas to school."
  • "I expect nothing and I'm still let down."
  • "I can smell colors."
  • "I have social skills, jackass."
  • "I'm just gonna go crawl under a rock now."
  • "People can't help what they like."
  • "In our house, 'feelings' is the F word."
  • "Are you trying to seduce me?"
  • "I'll get up when the world stops being a cruel joke."
  • "I know what you're gonna say and believe me, I totally agree."
  • "There was no excuse for what I did. It was idiotic, immature."
  • "I was being sneaky and stuff."
  • "You're going down."
  • "Who's this dork?"
  • "You wanna go learn something about the real world?"
  • "Too bad. You're coming."
  • "I got the DVD player but we'll need to steal another $600 if you want the surround sound."
  • "Maybe we can figure out some sort of deal."
  • "Nothing exciting ever happens around here."
  • "I just wanted somebody to like me."
  • "She's cute, she's smart and she even lies to cops."
  • "I'm in ass heaven."
  • "I'm Mr. Cool."
  • "Why does everything end in a group suicide with you?"
  • "What happened to your face?"
  • "What happened to your pants?"
  • "Well maybe she wouldn't be a lesbian if you tucked in your shirt once in awhile."
  • "There was nothing they could do about it."
  • "I don't want to burn up any calories repeating myself."
  • "I just don't get why we're celebrating. It seems wrong."
  • "If he wants to marry a total stranger, that's his business."
  • "Have you really thought about what you're doing?"
  • "I'll spend the rest of my life being sweet to her."
  • "You will never connect normally with another human being."
  • "We photoshopped your head in."
  • "I have a need to show off."
  • "When they laugh, I'm sure they're always laughing at me."
  • "They're all jealous."
  • "I bet you feel like a jackass."
  • "This in no way justifies what you said before."
  • "It's ditch day."
  • "I'm surprised you didn't hear. Everyone was telling their friends... Oh."
  • "The professor of boozeology has some homework for you."
  • "What's he doing here?"
  • "I know I always say gossip rots your soul, but it doesn't count when it's this good."
  • "I'm so glad we don't have any secrets."
  • "I'm glad you told me."
  • "Feels good to come clean."
  • "I ended up at the supermarket, where I squeezed all the Wonderbread into balls, so the manager threw me out."
  • "Oh my God, I'm as unpopular as you?"
  • "You don't have to freak out, I know how to handle him."
  • "Thank you for inviting me."
  • "Are you trying to prove you can't go out in public?"
  • "This is your last chance."
  • "Don't try 911. They're not qualified."
  • "Maybe we need to look at ourselves honestly."
  • "You're a ruthlessly brutal thug."
  • "I have my moods."
  • "Look how it was my first impulse to criticize you, that just shows what a pompous asshole I am."
  • "I usually assume people are my enemy."

anonymous asked:

Hi can I get a jealous smut scenario with Taehyung (BTS) who've you've been dating a couple of years but recently a woman has been getting very close to him and one day she pointed things about you that you already felt self-conscious about (freckles on your chest, the scar on your face, etc) which leads to a fight with you and tae when he got home(after you tell what she said) and you tell him "I'm leaving" in the heat of the moment which leads to your heated sexy time

Slight change to this prompt ☺ instead of telling him later I made it so that the girl was saying things in front of him and you and that is what led to the argument. Hope you are okay with the change ☺ 

18+ Enjoy!!


“I promise she’s not as bad as you make her sound.” Taehyung assured you as you waited for her to arrive at the restaurant. “We’ve been together forever Jagi, it’s not like she would even have a chance with me. I love you.” He smiled his perfect innocent smile to try to calm you down.
“Oppa,” you whined, “Any girl trying to steal you from me is as bad, if not worse, than I make her sound. Especially since you let her get so close to you!”
Before he could respond she walked up to your table and moved her chair so that she was sitting next to YOUR man. She linked arms with him as she greeted him and smiled at you.
“Noona!” Taehyung said, “I’m glad you could make it. Y/N has been dying to meet you.”
He lied. You never wanted to meet her. You wanted her to disappear from existence and leave you and oppa alone. Two years might seem like a long time, but she was spending more and more time with Taehyung since she got hired at Big Hit and she was drop dead gorgeous. The kind of gorgeous you find coming out of a plastic surgeon’s office.
“I’m so glad I’m finally meeting the girl who somehow managed to steal your heart.” She said, trying to be so sweet you thought you were going to get a cavity just from being around her.
You smile in response and lace your fingers through Taehyung’s free hand.
“I mean seriously, I can’t believe you chose her.” She said as she looked you over.
Taehyung looked surprised at the rude comment.
“She’s perfect.” He said, still oblivious to the fact that this noona was challenging you for YOUR man. “She’s beautiful, kind, has a good sense of fashion, and she loves almost everything that I do, well except Japchae and meat…but I can handle us liking different foods.” He laughed.
“Really?” she asked; “you think she’s beautiful?” the girl laughed. “But she has freckles, and look at the bump on her nose and that scar on her hand. If you ever married her, the photographer would have a nightmare editing out all of her flaws and that scar would ruin the pictures of your rings. Don’t you think you could find someone more on your level of beauty to be with?” she asked as she nuzzled into Taehyungs arm.
He was speechless. He wasn’t considering leaving you because of your flaws, the scar was his fault anyways for forcing you to ice skate when you didn’t know how, he just didn’t know how to respond to the noona being so forward and rude.
“Well..I..um…” was all he could say.
You noticed that he didn’t even try to push her off of him and you couldn’t take this any longer.
“I’m leaving!” you yelled as you let go of Tae’s hand, threw your napkin down on the table and ran out of the restaurant tears streaming down your face.
You jumped into a cab and went back to your place and began to pack your things. You couldn’t be with someone who clearly didn’t care enough to stand up for you to someone who was ‘just a friend.’
You were pulling clothes out of the closet when Tae ran into the bedroom.
“Y/N!” he gasped, clearly panicked, “W-What are you doing?”
“I’m making room for your noona to move in!” you snapped. You couldn’t handle this anymore, you loved him, but if he would let someone speak about you that way to him while you were right there he didn’t deserve you.
“What are you talking about?” he yelled, “She’s not coming anywhere near here ever! She’s not even someone I would call my friend anymore!” he was almost in tears he was so upset that you were leaving him.
You threw what you had in your hands into your suitcase and forced it shut. Most of your stuff was still there but you needed to get out of there and away from Taehyung. You tried to walk past him to get to the door but he stopped you and pinned you to the wall by your shoulders, causing you to drop your suitcase.
“Don’t leave me Y/N.” he begged with tears now flowing down his face. “I love you and only you.”
You tried to push past him again, trying not to let him make you forget how mad you were with his beautiful and distraught face.
He pushed you against the wall again and smashed his lips into yours, the salty taste of his tears mixing with the taste of his lips. You pushed him off of you again.
“I’m leaving!” you yelled at him for the second time that evening as you went to pick up your haphazardly packed suitcase.
“No!” he yelled, “You’re not!” he grabbed you by the waist and threw you over his shoulder and walked you over to the bed. He threw you onto the mattress and straddled you, pinning your arms above your head.
“You aren’t leaving me!” He yelled and cried at the same time. “Not because of some trash like her that I was too naïve to see her true colors.” He leaned down and kissed you.
You were guessing something else happened after you stormed out of the restaurant, but you were too engulfed by his kiss to ask him.
You kissed Tae back as he released your hands and unbuttoned his shirt.
“Do you care about this dress?” he asked you as he placed his hands near the top of the strapless dress.
You shook your head, not able to vocally respond. Taehyung immediately grabbed the thin red fabric and ripped the dress off of you, revealing that you had decided not to wear any lingerie underneath the dress.
Taehyung swallowed hard and gawked at your now naked body. You leaned up and pulled his shirt off and pushed him onto his back. You began kissing his neck and moved all the way down to the waist of his pants, leaving love bites as you went down, marking your man and causing moans to escape his swollen lips.
You leaned over him and undid his pants with nothing but your mouth and in one swift motion took off his pants, leaving his boxers on. He deserved to be tortured a little bit.
You straddled him, placing your already soaking wet womanhood on top of his bulge. You slowly moved your hips, stimulating your clit with his clothed member and allowing your juices to seep through the thin fabric of his boxers. Tae moaned at the feeling and tried to take his boxers off to go even farther with you.
“*Tsk tsk*I don’t think so.” You said as you moved his hands and slowly slid off of him. You lowered your mouth to his covered bulge and began to kiss his rock hard member through the fabric, using your tongue to tease him as you kept his arms pinned.
“Jagiya!” he groaned, “please…”
You stopped for a brief second to smile at Tae and he saw it as a moment to pounce. He flipped you over and held you in place with one hand as he struggled out of his boxers with the other.
He slowly inserted his head into you, but pulled out as quickly as he entered. You bit your lip pouting at his actions.
“What’s wrong jagi?” he asked teasingly. “Were you supposed to be the only one teasing tonight?” he put just his head in again, leaving you craving him.
“P-please..o-oppa…” you stuttered, unable to control yourself, trying to buck your hips into his throbbing member.
“What’s wrong baby?” he teased, repeating the teasing motion before backing away from you completely. “I thought you were leaving.” He taunted.
You sat up and pulled him towards you, using your hand to position him at your entrance, but not letting go so he could feel you wanting him, but do nothing about it.
“You’re gonna be the end of me jagi.” He smiled before licking your earlobe and leaving a rough love bite on your neck that caused you to let go of his rock hard member. He pushed you onto your back and put one of your legs over his shoulder before thrusting hard into you, moving faster as you moaned in pleasure.
“Oppa! Oh my God you’re so…deep!” You breathed on the crook of his neck. He groaned as your tight walls caressed his hardness. He slowed down for a moment, stopping the orgasm that was building up in your stomach. He looked at your flushed body, admiring your parted lips and wide-open eyes as your chest heaved up and down.
“I love it when you’re laying under me with your legs wide open,” He breathed, leaning down to nip at your jaw.
“Stop it! That’s embarrassing!” You punched his shoulder lightly and he laughed. He stroked your flushed cheek and leaned down to your ear.
“I love you Y/N,” He nibbled on your neck as he thrust into you fiercly again, causing you to moan shamelessly.
“Oppa…” you breathed, “I love you too, a-ahh!” You arched your back as your climax started to take over you. Your walls clenched tighter around him as he moaned in pleasure.
“Cum baby, cum for me,” he ordered as he picked up his pace.
“Taehyung!” You yelled as you dug your nails into his back, your body shaking from pleasure as he climaxed inside of you, letting out an animalistic groan.
After a few moments of catching your breath, Tae was still on top of you, staring deeply into your eyes.
“Oppa,” you said, still breathing heavily, “Your dick is still as hard as a rock.” You made a mocking face towards him.
He smirked, licking your swollen lips and thrusting into you once. “Only for you jagi.” He said as he turned you so you were on all fours. “Now where were we again?” he slapped his hands onto your hips, positioning his shaft at your entrance, rubbing his tip against your still soaking wet slit but not entering. “You were saying something about leaving?” he asked as he smirked to himself, knowing you couldn’t see his face.
“I’m still thinking about it.” You said, not playing into Taehyung’s game, not giving him the answer he was probably expecting.
“Well in that case,” he said as he thrusted into you roughly. “I guess we’ll have to make it so you can’t leave.” He smirked again. Yu answered him exactly like he thought you would. You were in for a long night.
-2hours later-
“My legs feel like jello…” you whined, pouting your swollen lips as you were catching your breath.
“So about you leaving?” he asked, cuddling you from behind.
“I don’t recall ever saying I was leaving.” You said, turning your head to kiss Taehyung. “I do have one question for you though.” You say. “What happened after I left the restaurant?”
Taehyung sighed and helped to turn you around so that your noses were touching.
“I tried to get up and run after you but noona pulled me back down by my arm. She said that she was the better choice for me and that it was better now that you were gone. I shook her off of me and yelled at her that you were perfect and the only one for me and I told her to leave both of us alone and then I ran after you. I saw you get into a cab and I hailed a taxi and told him to follow you. We got stuck at a red light near the apartment and lost you, but I figured out where you were going so I got out of the cab and ran here to find you.”
You smiled, knowing that he did stand up for you made things a lot better.
“I love you TaeTae.” You tell him, gently kissing his lips.
“I love you to Y/N.” he said, pulling you closer to him, resting your head in the crook of his neck where you both drifted off to sleep.

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Yen Press is terrible. They change phrases like Sebastian's "my lord" and "young master" to "sir". Making him bland and out of character. They're are other phrases that they change to make characters OOC. Oh, and don't get me started on name changes. They changed Bard's name to "Baldo". Baldo!! No wonder Yana finds the official English version funny, she knows they are bad. I'm glad they will be people who'll still do it, anything is better than that crud Yen does. (They'llalsoincreasetheprice)

I think that they translate things in a flowery or unnecessary way sometimes just so that their work differs to the stuff you can find online for free. I guess it’s just what you prefer to read though, none of it is really bad and OOC is often a somewhat personal thing. Although I’ve heard a lot of complaints from Japanese speakers about the online translations, I can’t personally say much about that :D

A good thing about Yen Press’s translations is they don’t seem to hold any fandom-related bias or preference? For example there is a line in the Circus arc where Joker literally says ‘the Earl along with his children were killed’, which is quite a crucial line in the manga. However, the online version says ‘the earl along with his wife and son were killed’ which is weird because the word ‘wife’ wasn’t even mentioned in the original line, nor was ‘son’ (singular). They have interpreted the line as it seems to be what Yana implied, but the act of doing that totally loses the original meaning and is now a bit problematic in light of new events in the manga.

However, the official version just says ‘both the Earl and his family were killed-’

I know very little about Japanese vocabulary, but just from this alone I’d say the official version deals with the interpretation much better; this way the meaning isn’t totally lost. There are so many mistakes in the online version due to everyone rushing to get a translation out (don’t blame them though because Japanese is so hard aaa) and that’s okay for some readers, but if you’re searching the manga for clues it is quiet frustrating at times if you interpret a line wrong because of it haha

“we’ll be looking for sunlight - or the headlights - till our wide eyes burn blind”

Summary: In which Nico and Will have been separated for a year, a reunion is had, and confessions are made.

(Based on a heartbreaking headcanon sent to me by princenek0 because Ashter is evil and wants me to SUFFER.)

It has been six months, twelve days, five hours, and seventeen minutes since Will Solace last saw Camp Half-Blood.

He is ragged and tired, his backpack slung haphazardly over one shoulder, when he crosses the boundary line for the first time in a year. Camp is, unsurprisingly, unchanged; the air still tastes of strawberries and hope, leaden with sunshine and clouds wreathing the horizon like puffs of snowy smoke.

Five minutes of silence pass before he is spotted, by a younger camper he doesn’t recognize. She raises the alarm, and there is a roar, like a wave building. And then he is swamped, surrounded, by faces he vaguely knows and barely remembers, and Lou Ellen is half-tackling him in a bear hug.

“You’re tall,” she accuses him. “And you cut your hair,” she adds, while Cecil grabs her by the collar of her shirt and hauls her off of him.

“Give the boy some space, Lou, Zeus almighty.”

There are a thousand voices in Will’s ears, a thousand hands on his shoulders, wanting to know about the ancient lands. About how he survived, up against old gods and old myths and old monsters. About the new scars laying heavy on his skin, slashing through the constellations of his freckles like meteorites.

Will barely hears them. He smiles and nods, and then he makes his escape, Cecil and Lou Ellen on his heels.

He waits until the three of them are alone to ask about Nico di Angelo.

Keep reading

Magic Kaito 1412- Character CD Commentary/Rough Translation

I apologize because my Japanese is really poor. I can’t really help on translating the songs’ meaning. However, I can give you a general idea on the drama tracks. The numbers in the parentheses are the track durations.

Track 1: Introduction- Kaitou Kid
Just Kid giving us a greeting. I could turn this track into a drinking game with the amount of times he said magic. (1:54)

Track 2: It’s Showtime with Kaitou Kid and Hakuba Saguru.
Kappei’s Kid voice is similar to Hakuba’s, but it’s easy to tell them apart once you listen for a while. It’s apparent especially during the chorus part (It’s Showtime!) Kid’s voice is higher than Hakuba’s and they both have a distinctive voice. There’s some small banter in there: “Why do you steal?” “It’s your job to figure that out, London detective (tantei-kun)~” But oh my god they sound really nice together. (4:05)

Track 3: Hakuba Saguru speaking
He tells us he’s glad to see us and Kid just sent a notice recently. He asks if we would like to listen to his deductions and catch Kid with him. Then he goes on to talk about Kid’s usual movements. He keeps asking you what your thoughts are. And just smooth Mamo voice porn for all the Mamo fans out there.  And then he says something along the lines of “the only one that can catch him is me…yes, everything about him will be brought to light by me” ((pfft I can’t translate accurately because I barely understand orz) (2:43)

Track 4- Nakamori Aoko and Kuroba Kaito singing
This is adorable. It’s very upbeat and yeah plain adorable. That’s really all I have to say. Aoko’s singing voice is very cute. Kaito also sings in a very dorky but nice way. They’re singing about their relationship, which is a bit more serious. (I think about being childhood friends, Kaito hiding something from her and Kaito telling her not to worry) There’s a lot of talk about promises and forgiving. A really nice duet. I demand we have ShinRan one soon!  (3:33)

Track 5: Nakamori Aoko speaking (This one had much simpler vocabulary so I can do a thorough translation)
It starts off with her grumbling about Nakamori being late even though she’s cooking dinner already. She also noticed that Kaito’s not here either. Then she realizes that every time Nakamori is late, so is Kaito. (Hahaha I wonder why) Then she goes on to talking about food and how she should start making the salad when they arrive. She talks about making seafood salad but Kaito’s scared of fish so that’s a no go. Then she goes on to complain about Kaito always criticizing her cooking even though she’s trying her best. (She is imitating Kaito here, so cute) She starts to wonder why the hell she’s cooking for this loser anyways. But decides “whatever~” (2:38)

Track 6- Koizumi Akako singing with some Kuroba Kaito and Kaitou Kid
As expected of Eri Kitamura, her singing is breathtaking. There’s some Kaito talking in the background, wondering why Akako is being so creepy, singing in that corner over there about enslaving people. Then Kid is wondering why he has such an uneasy feeling then he sees Akako and says oh it’s miss witchy Akako, scary~ But yes Akako is an amazing singer, superb job. (5:42- Longest track in the CD)

Track 7- Koizumi Akako speaking

She’s asking the mirror who is the prettiest in the world. Then I think some boys from her class are lurking around her house. She’s about to teach them a lesson about stalking. After she’s finished with them, she says she’s only interested in one man: Kuroba Kaito/ Kaitou Kid. She goes on to talking about making him her slave. And she’s not going to let him get caught until then. (3:06)

Track 8 - Kuroba Kaito and Kaitou Kid singing
Ugh, this is beautiful. There’s a melancholic feel to this song. He says smiles and dreams a lot. There’s a lot of longing and hope in this song. The emotion behind it in raw and powerful. I wish I understood more of what he’s singing about. EDIT: It’s a duet. It’s a fucking duet with himself. *Crying because awhirlingwind translated the lyrics and the poor baby* (4:07)

Track 9 - Kuroba Kaito speaking
Kappei did an excellent job with voice acting here. He just came back from a heist and it’s not pandora. He talks about his mission and avenging his dad. He’s starting to wonder how long it will take to find it. He believes he still has a long way to go, following his father’s footsteps. He goes on reminiscing about his father’s magic shows and advice to him. As he goes on remembering and wondering, his voice gets softer and you can hear him choking up with emotion. This is very powerful. After he trails off, he immediately jumps back in cheerfully. (I really wonder how much of his cheer is forced ;-;) He tells himself that it won’t do to dwell on this stuff because the Kaitou Kid now isn’t Kuroba Toichi, it’s him. And he’s not going to give up so his dad better being watching over him. Just very emotional and lovely acting, Kappei-san. (2:20)

Track 10- Kaitou Kid’s conclusion
Not much here, just Kid hoping we enjoyed the magic and he’s sorry that the CD is coming to an end. He ends with his trademark “See you, next illusion” (1:49)

Merry Christmas Hannah!

I tried to get most of the things on your list, but that ‘don’t kill anyone’ was kind of hard to fit in sorry (I’m just kidding it’s Christmas). Anyways, hope you have a wonderful holiday with your family and friends. Here’s a bit of Percabeth to make it a little a little better. 

Percy taps his fingers on the edge of the table and watches the laces of his converse swing as he kicks his feet back and forth. Even after the hours he’s spent here trailing after Annabeth he gets antsy. He figures it has something to do with how quiet it always is, Percy’s never done particularly well with quiet. Punk rock loud enough to piss people off, that’s more of his thing. He runs a hand through his hair and grins at the thought of the fresh blue streak he’s dyed in it. Between his hair, the piercings, tattoos, and his generally scruffy look he tends to catch people’s attention.

Annabeth flips the page and Percy glances sideways at her. Her blonde curls are pulled back into a ponytail and he can see the stretch of her neck and the tendons held tight under her tan skin. She reads like she’s interrogating the book and Percy always has the urge to brush back the inevitable stray strand of hair and press his forehead to hers. He feels the heat in his neck and face at the thought and turns away so she won’t see. He picks absentmindedly at the rip at his knee and tries to remove the image of Annabeth’s lips being so close to his.

He’s nearly six feet of punk and angst and trouble but the thought of holding Annabeth’s hand sends him spiraling and he hates it. Being head over heels for your best friend is completely shitty, especially when you don’t stand a chance in hell with them. Percy can’t figure out what horrible thing he did to deserve this fate.

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anonymous asked:

can you write another gruvia fic w/ gajuvia brotp?

Whew finally wrote something that’s under 4k hehehehehe. Here you go anon, I hope you like it


Pairing: Gray/Juvia; Gajeel/Juvia Brotp

Rating: K+


Gray nearly slices Juvia’s chest open during training one day and he freaks.

It’s been happening a lot of times lately and he knows that it’s not because he’s getting better at fighting. Ever since he made Juvia promise to take him seriously in fights, she’s been scary good during their sparring sessions; lithe and nimble, dodging and countering his attacks with impeccable precision. And she’s been doing really well, up until Saturday last week, when she failed to block an attack that should’ve been easy to block. She got a nasty cut on her right arm because of it. It’s healing well and stuff because of her water powers, but obviously it still bothers him. And the day after that, she clumsily dodged a couple of his ice blades and got a bruise on her knee when she awkwardly landed on the ground. Which is really weird, because she’s usually so graceful when it comes to these things.

So yeah, he knows that his hits are only coming in because she’s been really distracted.

“Juvia!” he says as he moves towards her, nearly slipping on the ice.

The front of her dress is ripped so he can see a bit of her bra. He’s trying not to though because things have been really weird between the two of them. She’s been a bit distant from him ever since the whole Silver-Keith incident and he hasn’t been bothering to try and fix that, because even though he kind of has this thing for her, he still has END to worry about.

“It’s okay, Gray-sama, Juvia’s fine,” she says, even though she’s wincing. The scar isn’t too deep but he can still tell that it’s pretty painful.

“Does it hurt? Let me see it,” he says as kneels down. He wants to run a hand over her wound but that would involve touching her chest. And that really isn’t really an option.

“Please don’t worry about Juvia, Gray-sama,” she anxiously says. “She got distracted and—”

“Yeah, I noticed. You’ve been out of it this past week. What’s going on?” he says, brows creasing.

She tries to avoid the stern look in his eyes. “It’s just that…Juvia just…”

He tips her chin upwards so she meets his eyes. “Look, you can’t let this happen again, okay? This isn’t the time for you to be daydreaming. You can’t lose your focus. Ever. It could get you killed and if that happened—”

He abruptly stops, his chest tightening at the prospect.

He tries not to think about stuff like that but it still happens. A lot. She’s important to him and really, she’s the one person he can’t stand to lose at this point.

“Juvia is so sorry, Gray-sama,” she says, her chin quivering. “She’s doesn’t want to disappoint Gray-sama. She swears that she’ll do better next time.”

Her eyes are kind of glassy and her bottom lip is trembling and he just knows that she’s about to cry which makes him feel really bad. He hates it whenever Juvia feels sad.

He sighs and cards his fingers through his hair. “No…it’s okay. I’m…I’m sorry too. I shouldn’t have been so stern with you. It’s just that…I…I worry…and…”

He clears his throat. Whatever.

“Anyways, what’s wrong? You’ve been acting weird these past few days,” he tells her as he helps her up. He grabs the jacket he’s discarded on the snow and hands it to her. It’s a bit damp but at least it’ll cover her wound (and chest) up and he won’t have to keep focusing on her hair to keep from staring.

“The hanami festival’s just finished. Lucy wrote an article about it,” she quietly says as she wraps the jacket around her.

“Oh,” he says. He knows that even though she’s happy training with him, she still misses the guild. It’s been really hard on her, since this is the second time she’s experienced having her guild disband.

“Juvia just misses everyone, that’s all,” she says.

“I miss them too,” he says.

Her lips part a little but then she looks away and immediately he can tell, that there’s more that she wants to say.

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anonymous asked:

"I'm sick of being your secret"

Thick waves of exhaustion rolled off of the boys, each of them melting into the plush cushions of the black leather couch with a crisp cold water bottle in their hands. Chugging the drink down in almost one gulp, you watched in amazement as they sat, panting, trying to regain their breath from the mind blowing performance they’d just finished. The crowd had been electric tonight, the energy thriving from both the band and the audience running like a live wire through the venue; the adrenaline still very much pumping through the boy’s veins even as they slumped against the comfort of the couch if their twitching fingers fumbling with their phones and tapping feet were anything to go by. 

“Alright, bus run is in five minutes,” their tour manager declared, walking into the room while briefly glancing through the pages attached to clipboard in her hands. “We have five hundred miles to drive tonight so we can only have a max of ten minutes with fans.”

A collective groan sounded from the boys, but they nodded understandingly at the stern glare she shot them over the clipboard. “Tomorrow morning there’s four interviews, a really brief photo shoot, and then you guys have about four hours free until soundcheck.” The woman raised her eyes from the paper in her hand and quirked an eyebrow as if to ask ‘questions?’ When each boy shook her head, she nodded. “Alright, gather your stuff and we’ll be out.”

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I’ve never posted a fanfic on tumblr before… Not really sure how the format’s supposed to work and I’m too tired to go copy off of somebody else. It’s 4am and I accidentally wrote 6 pages when I was hoping for 2 at maximum.

Unfortunately, I got more ideas while I was writing this, so I might write an extended version of the akuma attack at a later time if I find the motivation.

But yeah, here’s my first attempt to contribute to the Miraculous Ladybug / Ladynoir fandom.

Triggers?: Slight blood, I guess. I’ve actually done this before while half-asleep, so I hope my shitty wording didn’t make it scarier/cringe-worthy.

Rating?: I say K+

Fandom: Miraculous Ladybug / Ladybug x Chat Noir

Summary?: Marinette accidentally gets a heart-shaped cut on her forehead and tries to hide it with a bandaid. Not wanting anybody to see it, of COURSE Chat is the only one who notices, right?

Anything else?: I’m so sorry.

A Tiny Heart

by cheerilyeerie

That week had been a rather hectic one. Although there had been consecutive akumas daily, the fights they had to conduct against them were more annoying than difficult. There were group assignments due the following Monday on top of general homework, so trying to get together with their classmates had proven to be impossible until the weekend.

In her mind, Marinette, slightly sleep-deprived, was hoping with all of her heart that Hawk Moth wouldn’t be THAT much of a douchebag and send a 7th akuma that Saturday. There was no sleeping-in, because she had to help out in the bakery that morning before going back to school in the afternoon in an attempt to meet up with Alya.

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