i'm glad it's over tbh

After making sure the little prince had arrived safely back on his small planet, Jack Frost turned to leave.  The children on Earth would have missed him!  But as he took flight to go, a small hand reached out and touched his arm.  “Please stay for a sunset.”  Jack opened his mouth to protest, but he realized there was a boy right in front of him who needed a friend.  He would not be much of a Guardian of Childhood if he were to refuse!  

He sat down as the little prince pulled up his chair.  “You know, one loves a sunset when one is sad,” the prince said.  “I once watched forty-four sunsets in one day.”  Jack decided he had time to stay for at least forty-five.

My car just overheated and shut off on me when I was driving home… Luckily I was able to pull off into a park and a nice woman offered me a ride (and extra luckily we were only a 2 minute drive from my house).

How frustrating. We just got a replacement part cause it had been overheating anytime we used the AC, but earlier I didn’t even have the AC on and it overheated. Ugh this is so annoying rn and idk what to do. Gonna have the bf’s dad look at it shortly but damn man…. Could this have maybe happened at a different time at least?

2015 was blue and grey,
and vast shades of steel and heather
and I felt myself get lost in the middle of the transition.
I was consumed with every heavy shade of the enormous swallows of navy and spruce
and the dismal colors overtook my weeks and months
and painted every single one of my thoughts along with every single word that I spoke
is different.
2016 is peach
it is pale pink. it is bright yellow
it’s telling secrets at 3 am, it is
getting up early and drinking
coffee that fogs up your lenses and
the sound of dancing feet on
hardwood floors
it is sunbathing and
stained-glass windows
and it is hope.
my only new years resolution was to promise myself I would never get as dark as I did last year.
I always keep my promises
—  I am warm, I am brand new