i'm glad i met you too kagami


Miracles Week || Day 4: Double Team (OTP) — KagaKuro
“I don’t know. After the game ended and eating with the guys… The thought just came into my head. I’m really glad I met you, Kagami-kun.”

KagaKuro AU based on this hella cute art; Kuroko is a cyborg who breaks into Kagami’s house and stays at the mechanic’s house long after he is fully repaired.

Kuroko learns about human mannerisms from Kagami, who is so unapologetically loud and brash yet is nurturing and gets easily embarrassed. As a cyborg, he has no hobbies, but has come to enjoy creeping up to Kagami and scaring the poor human senseless. Kagami displays an impressive spectrum of emotion, Kuroko notes.

On his part, Kagami has learnt patience, not one of his best traits, from Kuroko and appreciates the latter’s company; Kuroko reads Japanese Literature as Kagami fixes motorcycles in his workshop.

One day, Kagami looks to Kuroko and asks, “Hey, it’s a stupid question, but did you ever want to have a birthday?”

“Birthday?” Kuroko repeats, his impassive eyes boring back into Kagami’s. “What is the significance of one’s date of birth, Kagami-kun?”

Kagami’s forehead creases as he tries to think of a suitable explanation. “Well, it is the day you were born into the world. Every birthday you reach marks another year of your life, with new experiences and knowledge you have accumulated over the year mingling with ones from previous years.”

Kuroko’s face remains unperturbed, and Kagami wonders if he has gone too philosophical (that is, as much he can ever be) for even someone like Kuroko.

The silence drags on, too long for Kagami’s liking. He looks away, attempting to hide the color bleeding into his cheeks. 

“I know it’s a stupid question,” Kagami mumbles. “But y'know, you’ve been around me for so long and I-I just thought you would appreciate having your own special day. And to humans, what day is more special than a birthday?”

Kagami begins to fiddle with the clasp of his toolbox. Clasp. Unclasp. Clasp. Unclasp. The sound helps to quell his growing anxiety.

Then, slowly, Kuroko blinks.

The tension in Kagami’s shoulders melt away in response; he recognizes it as Kuroko’s quirk of showing that he has comprehended something.

“Then my date of birth shall be the day that I met you.”

Kagami chokes on his own saliva in his throat, coughing at Kuroko’s words, delivered so efficiently.

“The new experiences and knowledge I have acquired,” Kuroko starts to explain. “They were all brought about by you. I have lived amongst humans for a long time, but I did not invest much interest in relating to them. I thought cyborgs were never meant to process human mannerisms until you opened the door and guided my understanding, step by step.”

From his place perched on Kagami’s workbench, Kuroko moves to stand in front of him. He reaches out to grasp Kagami’s free hand, hanging limp by his side. 

“My heat sensors are detecting a rise in your body temperature, Kagami-kun,” Kuroko states calmly, stroking his thumb over Kagami’s palm. “Could it be that you’re flustered?”

To his credit, Kagami’s voice comes out normally as he rushes out his reply. “Of course I am, you idiot! Who wouldn’t be after hearing such a thing?”

Kuroko lets his slender fingers ghost over Kagami’s palm before he weaves them into the spaces in between. His lips quirk when he feels Kagami close his fingers; tentatively at first, before clenching his hand more securely.

Kuroko has felt these calloused fingers working on him before, but this time, the contact feels different. It makes him feel almost-


“You make me feel as if I’m a human, Kagami-kun.”

Kagami chuckles, though his eyes are shining good-naturedly. “What do you mean ’as if’? Feeling is a human sensation, isn’t it? That makes you a human in my eyes.”

Bringing his hand onto Kuroko’s head, Kagami gives several quick pats, before moving to the back of Kuroko’s head and pushes the latter into a firm hug. They remain like this, with Kagami resting his head into the crook of Kuroko’s neck.

The warmth of Kagami’s palm over his own. The rhythmical rise and fall of Kagami’s chest. The pressure of Kagami’s strapping body against his. The gradual exhalation of air against his neck each time Kagami breathes. The fluttering of Kagami’s eyelashes against his cheek.

There is no longer any doubt. All of these sensations make Kuroko feel alive, as human as the one before him.  

“I’m really glad I met you, Kagami-kun.”