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What are your favourite traits about Izuku's character?

I’m kind of going to answer this as an Izuku master post if you don’t mind ;3

Okay here I go!

One I love about Izuku is how he’s so different from the regular shounen mc trope. 

First let me start with his intelligence, I love the fact that Izukiu’s used his brain to save him more than his body so many times. From the very beginning in the quirk apprehension test arc, where he channeled OFA to the tip if his finger and freaking propelled the ball over 700 feet.

How he was able to win the hero vs villain exercise despite being thrown around like a punching bag, and  he was dead scared when he fought Bakugou too but he was still able to push forward.

He was able to save himself, Tsuyu, and Mineta during the USJ arc too by freaking flicking the flipping water!!!!

And let’s not forget his epic victory in the obstacle race

Freaking heck Inko, I feel ya XD. Apart from the countless number of times he’s used his intelligence, he’s also pretty book smart and I am a sucker for book smart nerds.

He’s a multitasker. It’s not really much, but i do love the way he always manages to exercise while studying.

Also, I’m not sure, but I think Izuku might like to use simple tasks as an excuse to exercise

But I’ll just leave that as a headcanon for now.

He has a high pain tolerance. Izuku’s ability to resist pain is off the charts. No one really likes the fact that he breaks his body just for the sake of reaching his goal, but I think it’s super cool how Izuku is able to handle excruciating pain under any circumstance, especially during his fight with Muscular and Shouto. Breaking his bones may seem bad, but it really makes him more of a hero than a lot of people in his class, Izuku went out of his way to break his body just for the sake of the boy who’d been bullying him for years, just imagine the kind of image that would give him as a pro hero. It would give him a positive image, everyone would know that Izuku is a hero who will go to any length without any hesitation just to keep people safe.

The coolest part about this was that Izuku’s finger was broken throughout the rest of the arc, which he meant he’d been battling an excruciating pain while he tried to defend All Might, when he tried to defend Tsuyu, and then he still broke a leg.

He’s an absolute madman when it comes to his body, he wont hesitate to destroy himself if it means getting to prove a point (like his fight with Shouto) or saving people, or just reaching his goal in general.

Originally posted by shokasonjuku

He’s supportive to his friends which is really sweet since Izuku never actually had real friends before. Izuku’s quick to defend his friends too, it was this post that made me realize it. Back when he was in middle school, Izuku used to get insulted all the time (mostly by Bakugou of course), sure it hurt him but he never did a damn thing about it, but when someone…

 talks bad about someone

 he cares about, 

he gets triggered. Plus there was the scene in the training camp arc where he yelled at Mr. compress for talking about Bakugou being capable of being a villain or something along those lines. Then there was the scene where he tried to cheer Kaminari and Mina up after they got awful grades in the midterms.

He knows when to push friendship aside and when not to. Even though he initially had no idea of standing out in the sports festival, Izuku was able to get his act together and push his friends aside with having a clear image/goal of victory in his head.

He even said it himself, everyone was an enemy. There was no time to stop and think about Uraraka or Iida and how they would make it to the next round, it was all about him getting to the goal and being at the top. Izuku isn’t the type of person who intentionally wants to trample all over his classmates but at least he know when to get his shit together. Another example is this scene in the hero license arc:

He still gets scared, despite having an OP quirk. I love the fact that he still feels fear, there are so many things OFA can do and Izuku knows that. A lot of shounen mc’s I’ve seen only have those rare moments where they actually feel fear like once or twice. But Izuku, he’s come so far yet he still shake in the face of an enemy

He has people that he uses for sources of inspiration to formulate his own techniques. In a way I can kind of relate to this as a developing artists who uses so many other people’s art as a source of information. Anyway I think it’s pretty cool how he uses Bakugou’s moves, All might’s, and Gran Torino’s all the time, it just shows how he much he really admires them.

He’s a slow starter, and because of this we get to watch him grow. Well I guess you can say this is one of the reasons why i like the story in general, we see how Izuku started from rock bottom, from being quirkless, and now he’s so close to the hero he’s idolized ever since he was a kid. Plus I like the fact that Izuku had to work to get his body, he doesn’t naturally have a beautifull muscle-toned body like most mc’s do (not that I’m complaining, because I really like that trope) which shows how much he had to strive just for the sake of his dream. He lifts weights and stuff despite OFA being soooo powerful, but even Izuku knows if he slacks off, it’ll be useless.

Izuku doesn’t have the classic, generic, shounen mc personality. I’m talking about that annoying trope where the mc points to the sky or jumps on the table shouting to the heavens saying “I’m gonna be the best this!” or “I’m going to become the next that!” and then after that the mc gets called an idiot or fool by the people around him and gets viewed as someone incredibly stupid like Naruto, Rin, Natsu, Hinata, Aster,Subaru (I know he isn’t a shounen mc)….I could go on, but don’t get me wrong though, I love all of them, it’s just that the trope is so overused….and don’t even get me started on the ‘big appetite’ shounen mc cliche, I’m so glad bnha doesn’t have that.

And best of all,


Is so




 Just look at how cute he is! His hair, his eyes and especially his..


CHEEEEEEKKKKKSSS!!!!! They’re so cute!!!!! They have such a soft, round, tender look that I can’t get enough of.

In a nutshell, I really love my sweet green son Izuku.

Goblin in Review: The Kisses

As specially requested by @mynameishassie​ Here’s a review/reaction of all the kisses between Shin and Eun-Tak in Goblin. Just to play around cause I have nothing better to do.

Gif Credit | Rating: Innocence = 10/10, Dirty = 0/10, Satisfaction = 4/10

Ahh… good ol’ memories. The very first kiss between Shin and Eun-Tak in episode 6… a kiss so pure, innocent, and naive that all the snowflakes started floating upwards. What is gravity? Apparently it doesn’t work in the presence of these two sweethearts. So what makes this kiss important being their first kiss? Well this kiss set the stage for Shin to start thinking about life instead of dying. This kiss was initiated by Eun-Tak not because she necessarily loved him at the time, but because she didn’t know the consequences of Shin’s sword and what love really encompasses. This kiss compared to their last kiss is totally different in terms of romance and their mutual feelings. Shin was still only learning what it meant to be in love and Eun-Tak was still only desiring love. This is seen in their body language as Eun-Tak was struggling to stay on her tiptoes to hesitantly peck him and Shin’s shoulders were completely slumped forwards in utter dumbstruck. A perfect way to get our silly couple rolling. Despite this kiss being not hot and sexy, I appreciate this kiss as I love Shin’s reaction to Eun-Tak kissing him… to think this supposedly “weak” and “defenseless” girl can easily make this 939 yo Goblin confused and break down his defenses. But I desperately needed more than this kiss.

Gif Credit | Rating: Sweetness = 10/10, Hotness = 2/10, Satisfaction = 7/10

Now this was a proper “first kiss” of them being an official couple; what better way than for Shin to redeem himself by initiating the kiss while Eun-Tak asked for it in episode 10. The setting was perfect for our silly couple: fun date in a tent while drinking soju, a kick-ass entertaining performance, and a sweet and happy kiss shared between the two. This kiss was literally the definition of happiness as their kiss even has it’s own Sun shining a random light of unknown origin. It was quite hot of Shin to grab her face so gently as he kissed her and then Eun-Tak stole another kiss right afterwards. This made me love Eun-Tak more as she’s not afraid to ask for kisses… I understand why, lol. Just look at who her boyfriend is. I do like this kiss a lot, as said by Eun-Tak herself, “It’s perfect.” It was the perfect kiss to show how they mutually love each other after coming to an agreement that they will both fight to be together as compared to episode 4′s kiss. I wasn’t expecting anything hotter or sexier since our couple finally got together after jumping the hurdle of Eun-Tak finding out the truth behind Shin’s sword. But still, I needed more! lmao

Gif Credit | Rating: Cuteness = 10/10, Crime = 0/10, Satisfaction = 6/10

The cute photo booth kiss. That’s all that really needs to be said about this kiss, lol. It was a cute and off-guard peck that Eun-Tak gave to Shin which left him flustered and giggling like a little girl. >.< The funny thing is that Eun-Tak had pure intentions while it left Shin thinking about (most likely) not so pure thoughts … this girl can literally kill Shin on the spot whether she removes his sword or not, lmao. I just can’t get over how Shin caught himself using “tiny” and “small” in the same sentence! And then he proceeded to say he wants to come here every day, lmfao. This entire scene in episode 12 is adorable and especially how pure Eun-Tak’s intentions were to 1) get a picture with him and 2) give him an excuse to see his sister. Of course, it wasn’t enough to satisfy my fangirl desires and I was desperately hoping… praying… for a kiss that would exceed my expectations.

Gif Credit | Rating: Hotness = 10/10, Passion = 10/10, Satisfaction = 100/10 

Now we’re talking… this kiss swept me off my feet when Shin turned back to give her such a desperate, passionate, and engraving kiss before his imminent death. THIS WAS THE KISS WE WERE ALL WAITING FOR 13 EPISODES LATER!!! Just look at this beauty! Till this day… I love this kiss so damn much, it’s the kiss of the century. Just look at how Shin cupped her face as he kissed her with such a passion knowing that he might disappear forever. Look at Eun-Tak unable to say or do anything as she just closed her eyes in compliance… worried why he would suddenly kiss her like that. It was the perfect hot and passionate kiss to show how our couple loves each other and wants to be together. THEIR CHEMISTRY WAS OFF THE CHARTS! OMO! The only that that disappointed me about this kiss was how they DIDN’T FULLY CLOSE-UP FILM IT! Like why you gonna film a friggin hot kiss but not show us the whole thing close up??? Ugh… That was the good stuff there. >.> Despite my love for this kiss, I was praying that an even better kiss would happen once she was 29 yo. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Feels = 10/10, Longing = 10/10, Satisfaction = 10/10

This kiss was sooo good… a slightly melancholic kiss that was filled with feels as Shin immediately embraced a frantic Eun-Tak into a kiss as she finally remembered him. All I can say is that this kiss was so good from the angle it was filmed, from how it focused on Shin’s hand tightening on her, and to how both Eun-Tak and Shin’s eyes were filled with so much pain, sadness, and longing for each other. I started ballin like a baby cause they needed to be in each other’s arms and I was so happy when she finally remembered him! Ugh… To think this all happened in episode 15… T.T But this wasn’t the kiss I was waiting for… there was something else I needed to see from the episode 14 preview. 

Gif Credit | Rating: Lovey Dovey = 10/10, Rainbows & Unicorns = 10/10, Satisfaction = 8/10

Just another really lovey dovey peck between the two… oh wait… two pecks cause Shin wanted another one, lmao. I just love their height difference… *incoherent giggling* BUT I’M STILL WAITING FOR THE BEST KISS DAMNIT! DON’T FAIL ME GONG YOO!!! 


Gifs Credit | Rating : Sexiness = _(꒪ཀ꒪」∠)_, Dirty thoughts = ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° ), Satisfaction = ∞ w/ too much salt

What more can I say about how much I am absolutely obsessed with this long over-due sexy make out between these two? Just look at how Shin launched at her… but at the same time Shin is such a gentleman as he stopped to make sure she was okay with it.. OF COURSE she would reply back enthusiastically! BUT I DIED WHEN SHE JUMPED AND WRAPPED HER LEGS AROUND HIM! OMG! AND FOR THE LOVE OF ALL MAKE OUTS, when Shin started planting kisses on her face and she was smiling from enjoying his touch… that was the sexiest thing I’ve ever seen!!! BUT DAMNIT! WHO THE FUCK CUTS IN THE MIDDLE OF GONG YOO AND KIM GO EUN’S KISSES??? WHY WOULD YOU DEPRIVE US OF THESE TWO WONDERFULLY AMAZING KISSERS??? WHY COULDN’T YOU SHOW US THE WHOLE DAMN THING??? (╯°益°)╯彡┻━┻

Seriously, the only issue I have with this kiss is that they abruptly cut the kiss at the GOOD part. They could have gradually transitioned out of the scene instead of just cutting in the middle of the kiss; they had plenty of time to add 30 more seconds – oh for goodness sakes, I would’ve been glad to see another hour. PLUS, WHY WOULD YOU NOT SHOW SOMETHING YOU TEASED US IN THE FUCKIN PREVIEW??? Two lovers who defied time, God, death, and were finally together would NOT just simply call it a night after sharing a passionate kiss on the couch AFTER staying together overnight in fuckin luxurious hotel (with probably a huge ass bed)… just saying. ┻━┻ ︵ヽ(`Д´)ノ︵ ┻━┻

And that’s all folks… I can’t really say that I’m completely satisfied since I love Shintak so much… It makes me sad that Gong Yoo and Kim Go Eun will probably never costar together again since it’s rare for people to costar together a second time. WHAT A SHAME! YOU HAVE TWO AMAZING KISSERS COSTAR TOGETHER AND THAT’S IT? Like I would have been okay if they didn’t show any skin… just some more steamy moments between the two because their love is so fuckin tragic that they deserve some more lovey dovey couple scenes. Ugh… just because I’m a salty grandma, friggin 15 age rating ruined it! At least the kisses got better and better and we got a few Gong Yoo certified kisses in Goblin. T.T 

“The kiss itself is immortal. It travels from lip to lip, century to century, from age to age. Men and women garner these kisses, offer them to others and then die in turn.” ~ Guy de Maupassant, The Complete Short Stories of Guy de Maupassant, Part One

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I love your Mystic Messenger headcanons! If you haven't already, I was wondering if maybe you could do one with the RFA dating the MC but they see them irl and find out the MC is a guy? I played the game and loved it but well ^^;; funny story, I'm a guy. Thank you!

thank you so much for this request, i like it a lot! it’s long so i put it under a cut c:

~headcanon requests closed for now~

Seven thought it would be like, the prank of the century! just tell every MC is a girl, it will be SOOOO funny when they all find out! but, um….he had no idea they were all going to fall in love with MC

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This kind of relationship

Title: This kind of relationship

Pairing: Crowley x fem!Reader

Word Count: ~2.6k

Warning: angsty maybe, but fluffy happy ending

Summary: the reader sends Crowley off to find someone else to sleep with while she’s busy being sick. Only then Crowley realises the woman he considers his girlfriend has a totally wrong idea of what kind of relationship they’re having.

(A/n: I was sick a couple of weeks ago and I got the very strong need for fluffy reassurance || Maybe I should have edited this some more, the fluff still feels halting, but I’m too tired right now.)

“Are you free right now?”

“Nop. Busy.”

“How’s your day been?”

“Can’t right now. Sorry.”


“Nop. Can’t.”

There was a sudden noise in your bed room and despite everything your hunter instinct kicked in. In a heartbeat you had the gun you hid close, even while sleeping in the bunker, unclicked and pinned on the silhouette. Your room had been dark, so it was hard to make something out especially in your just woken up state.

“Is that a gun or are you just happy to see me?”

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peanutbutterbananasmoothie  asked:

hi can you do a tiny drabble where someone comforts the reader? it doesn't have to be fabulous, i'm just not feeling great. thank you

Of course you can! Good morning sweetness! Long time no see! I’m sorry you aren’t feeling well :( I’m sending you lots of love and well wishes your way! Hope everything else is going okay ❤️ I almost wrote this as a Jim drabble but I backed out last second. My lizard brain always defaults to the good doctor.

“Y/N? Are you in here?” Leonard asked as he peered around the dark room for you, concern in his voice from you not showing up for your shift, or answering his calls. A small whine drifting from the bathroom caught his attention.

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“Stop pretending you’re okay, cause I know you’re not.” and "I'm too sober for this" for ky

here you gooo :))

Word Count: 2,494

Also posted on AO3 if you’re on mobile and the read more doesn’t work :)

I’m too sober for this, Kakashi thought with a heavy sigh, tipping his head closer to his glass and trying to ignore the man he could hear somewhere off to his left, complaining loudly to his companions about Kakashi. It was the usual drivel, how Kakashi didn’t deserve to wear the Leaf hitai-ate and call himself shinobi, who could trust someone who killed a comrade. The man grew louder with every word, until all other conversation in the bar ceased, every ear turned to this drunk man’s yelling, every eye on Kakashi.

He tried not to let it bother him, he really did. What could a civilian possibly know about what had happened, how could he even begin to understand the circumstances or the agony Kakashi still felt over what he had done? He couldn’t. So Kakashi tried very, very hard not to let it bother him.

That is, until the man said Rin’s name.

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Jax Teller Imagine #6 (request)

warnings: profanity

Hi i was wondering if u can do an imagine where the reader female is hurt after protecting abel  from a rival mc? If u cant thats fine. (reader insert)

You were in your car driving up to the front of your house after a long day. Abel was going to be spending the night with you while Jax was busy doing whatever he was doing. You sigh as your car came to a stop. You were finally home.

Abel is still awake when you peer at him through the mirror, but you could tell he is about to go any minute. His eyes keep closing slightly, then opening again at every sound he hears.

After exiting the car with him, you unlock the front door while balancing Abel on your hip and his baby bag over the other shoulder. You immediately drop his bag on the floor so you can quickly put him to bed and out of your hands before you did anything else. Once he is in your bed surrounded by pillows, you run back downstairs to shut the door.

You stop in your tracks, when you notice a figure to your right. You quickly turn to see there is a man standing in the kitchen.

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I'm so glad to see that you're back again! You're one of my favorite Gaara blogs out there and one of the few that keep true to his character in such an amazing way. I was wondering if you were going to post back the previous headcannons you had posted along with the other drabbles? Though it's okay if you wont I was just wondering. Anyway, I hope you are having a great day!

Aw! This just means so much to me, thank you very much, you’re too sweet. 

Unfortunately, when I deleted this blog most of the headcanons and mini drabbles were purged along with it. Really the only thing that I have are most of the fic requests that I’ve done for people. That being said, I do remember a great deal of the head canons that I did have, just not all of them. Here’s a list of some of the ones that I had: 

1) Gaara likes to read - That’s why he speaks more “proper” than other characters, and has a larger vocabulary.

2) After his fight with Naruto, he went into his room and didn’t speak to anyone for weeks.

3) Gaara has terrible penmanship - because he has a lot to think about he doesn’t have time to make sure things are legible. However, if he were to compose a letter he would take his time resulting in a neater handwriting. 

4) Gaara reached out to Temari first, Kankuro second - Both of Gaara’s ties with his siblings were full of hurt, but Kankuro definitely got the brunt of it. Gaara would have extended a hand to Temari first before he was secure enough to apologize to Kankuro.

5) Gaara sometimes wish his hair wasn’t red - He feels that it makes him easier to pick out in a crowd.

6) Karura used to speak to Gaara when he was younger - I believe that Karura’s spirit would console her son, but then that was taken advantage of by Shukaku so it stopped.

7)  Gaara doesn’t hate sweets like most people think - He prefers them in very small quantities, but he doesn’t mind the odd treat. He’s just more of a dark chocolate type of guy rather than milk chocolate. 

8) Gaara disappears sometimes - No one knows where he goes, and no one can find him. This generally results in panic, until he shows up safe and sound a few hours later. 

9) In his youth, Gaara was consistently late - Because he didn’t care about other people, why would he care about their time? This later resolved itself when he got to be more social. 

10) Little bits of sand float in the air around him at all times - He isn’t even doing it, there will always just be sand gravitating around him and there’s nothing that can stop it. 

11) I did have a headcanon that Shukaku was only compatible with people who had the blood type AB, but that was debunked by Shukaku’s second last host.

12) Gaara does have a sense of humor - He doesn’t find jokes very funny, but he will let out small “hmphs” when something that amuses him happens. 

13) Gaara doesn’t like celebrating his birthday - At the very least, he prefers not to receive gifts. The perfect birthday to him would be to have a good old fashioned dinner with his fam. 

14) On the topic of gifts, Gaara is an excellent gift giver - He pays such close attention to everything, and he remembers it all too. If you mentioned to him once that you wanted a specific jacket, you’re likely to get it, even if it’s months until he would give it to you.

15) Gaara is self conscious about his physical appearance - It has nothing to do with body image, he just doesn’t like to show a lot of skin because it makes him feel vulnerable. Seeing someone else naked, or having someone see him naked, is a kind of intimacy that he wouldn’t know how to react to, and he would probably get really awkward and anxious.

I’m sure there were like thousands of more, but those are the ones that I remember for right now, so I’m very sorry. I do have more head canons that weren’t part of the original list, more just things I wrote in response to people that I could probably conjure up if I thought hard about it. Hope this helps.  

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Ok dnp are killing me with their holiday cuteness, are you maybe possibly *pls* thinking about writing a fic about their time in florida? All of your reality-based fics are so amazing <3

they are killing me too pal! i actually was not b/c i felt like the idea i did have was too similar to @thatsmistertoyou‘s Florida installment of the Right Where We Are series (which is great and you should read if you haven’t already), but then you said a lovely thing and also they did more and more cute things so now there is this! (this was initially meant to be a bunch of snapshots but it took longer than i thought so maybe those will come later?) (crossposted on ao3 if anyone prefers)

always wind up staying

Dan takes a deep breath, closing his eyes. He focuses on the remaining warmth of the low sun, the distant noise of seagulls - alright, not that peaceful, but better than the screaming child he can just about hear under it. He’s alone for now, Phil, Martyn and Cornelia having gone back to the shore to check out the tourist shops and maybe buy ice creams. Waves are lapping at the rocks beneath him. The wind shifts his curls.

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First Impressions | Jungkook

Originally posted by sugutie

Summary line: What is the first encounter/interaction with BTS? What were you doing that made them so interested to interact with you?

“Hyung! It’s going to be so much fun. We’ve been on this before, remember?” Jungkook rubs Hoseok’s shoulders.

“I do remember. Which is why I don’t want to go on it again.” Hoseok looks up with fear. He watches as the participants gets pulled higher and higher before being let go and flying over their heads. Back and forth. Back and forth in heights Hoseok never wants to have nightmares of, let alone dream them.

“You were able to bungee jump.” Jungkook reminds him.

“That was on camera, for our BTS Run segments. There are no cameras here.” Hoseok rubs his own arms.

Jungkook turns Hoseok around who’s in front of him in the line. The rest of the boys are going on a different ride. Hoseok backed out of that ride and Jungkook accompanied him. What Hoseok first felt grateful for, soon learned that it was a set up. Jungkook dragged him over to the freefall ride. He’s not as young as he once felt, and even if he was, he would still be too scared to go on the ride. Jungkook sees Hoseok’s infamous frown which clearly means that Hoseok is unhappy. If anyone can make a sun unhappy, it must be very serious.

“Okay, hyung. Why don’t you go find the guys, they might be off their ride now and they don’t know where we are.” Jungkook let go of his hyung and Hoseok gratefully skips out of the line like the roadrunner.

Jungkook sighs and leans forward on his elbows on the metal bar that organizes the line from chaos. He’s going soon, and he kind of starts to regret letting go Hoseok. He’s fine being independent from everyone, but it feels like a waste to bring Hoseok so far in, just so he could escape.

Someone nudges past him in the same fashion Hoseok did moments ago.

“Y/B/N! Y/B/N!” You shout for your brother who finally escapes your grasp. You drop your shoulders in disappointment. He’s supposed to be braver than you, and now look at him. Gone like the wind. You look back at your original spot. People have already filled it up, and you don’t see the point in reclaiming it anymore. Now that you’re not with your brother, you hesitate whether or not you should still do this. You want to go on this ride at least once. Your brother had been boasting about doing it with his friends once and it was nothing to him, so you asked if he could do it with you. You felt better to know someone who had done it before would be with you, and he’s your brother of all people.

But you should’ve known this would happen. Your brother is the kind of guy that gets psyched out easily; God knows how he got on the ride the first time. But you soon learned the answer. In the line, you kept asking questions to him about the ride, showing your nervousness in hopes that he’d say something that could comfort you, or at least debunk all your worries. But everything you kept spouting out without a thought soon got to him. Yeah, he’s been on the ride before…but he was peer-pressured and blacked out at the first swing. He ran faster than a jack rabbit out of that line and made you lose your place for following him.

You blow the hair out of your face and lean forward on your elbows on the metal rail. You glance at the forearms on your left in the same position as yours. You want to make a quick glance, but that plan comes to a halt when you see Jeon Jungkook staring down at you. Wearing a white shirt and a red beanie.

“You should probably take off that beanie when you get on the ride.” You gesture to his hat. He looks up even though he can only see a sliver of red.

“Right.” He takes it off.

“You don’t have to take it off now. We’ve got a while.” You laugh. He smiles sheepishly, “It’s hot anyway.” The conversation ends there. But it’s not often you get to talk to a celebrity.

“I don’t know if I want to do this anymore.” You sigh and look up above, right when a triplet of people swings by your heads with screams of terror, or excitement.

“It’s not that bad. Have you ever wanted to fly?” Jungkook asks you.

“Just like Iron Man.” You confess. He raises a corner of his lips to a smile.

“Well, this is the best way we can feel it, for now. One day, we might have jet packs, and this is just your training.” He shrugs. You smile weakly and look around him, “Where are the others?” It clicks to him that you actually know him. Early you didn’t say anything so he just figured you didn’t know him.

“They’re on another ride. Originally, I pulled Hoseok with me, but he backed out so…” He shrugs again.

“Well my brother dashed out a step behind him.”

“Yeah, I noticed.”

“…Do you want to do it with me?” You ask and peek at him. He looks down at you.

“U-um, ‘cause you know, we both lost our partners and i-it’s no fun to do it by ourselves, right? I’m not going to take advantage of you, I swear. I’m…I’m just a little nervous.” You try to convince him, but he needs no convincing.

“Sure, I’ll do this with you. I can’t leave poor ARMY unaccompanied, now can I?” Jungkook grins at you. You blush and nudge him, “Hey, we’re just two people going on a ride. You don’t have to try to flirt with me right now; you’re off-duty.”

Who says I’m doing this because I’m an idol? But he bites back his thoughts. You’re right, he’s off-duty, he doesn’t need to flirt with you. Doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to, because…well look at you! But to be honest, as shy as he really is, if he doesn’t flirt with you and treat you as ARMY and not just a random girl, he might not be able to have that courage to speak more than necessary, much less flirt with you as the identity of a young man rather than an idol. But since you just called him out, he doesn’t really know what to do. He scratches his head as the line keeps moving.

You two are soon the next pair to go. He signs the forms without hesitation, which you have to watch him do it, or else you’d lack the confidence to do likewise. If an idol like him will do this and not worry for his life, which is being watched almost 24/7, you shouldn’t either.

You two are strapped together tightly, all snug and fit. You feel Jungkook shifting a little, but that’s because he’s feeling a little embarrassed to be so close to you, practically joined at the hip. You suck in a deep breath as you feel tugged upward.

You whimper, but Jungkook is the only who hears you. He’s just as nervous as you, but for completely different reasons. He calms down his shaking hand before he grabs on to yours, “Don’t worry. I’m right here with you.” You finally exhale and attempt to breathe normally.

You two get higher and higher. About the halfway point of the height of the arch rig that holds up the two of you. By a very sturdy rope. With a very sturdy clip. Latching on to a very tight wrap. That wraps you and Jeon Jungkook closer than twins in their mother’s womb.

Jungkook looks down and feels adrenaline already coursing through his body. You decide to look too, because you’re probably not going to look when you two fall.

People are small. This park is small. The world is big and the sky is limitless. You smile for the first time before hearing Jungkook go, “Here we go.”

Without another warning, you two drop and so does your stomach. You scream but most of the wind cuts you off. Jungkook is right by you, screaming as well, but out of excitement.

You feel that adrenaline when you whoosh up after the lowest point and swing upward again. And there goes another fall, backwards this time.

“Here we go. Iron Man, are you ready?!” Jungkook laughs and all his teeth are showing. He outstretches both his arms in front of him. One of his hands are holding tightly onto yours, so at least one sticks out. You shake as you outstretch your other arm with him. You shut your eyes and scream and laugh at the same time when you two swing again.

“Open your eyes. Iron Man doesn’t close his eyes when he flies!” Jungkook knows that you’re closing them without even looking at you.

“A-ah.” You let out a shaky whine and open your eyes. You see your two fists in front of you and one of them is being held by a fist bigger than yours.

You start laughing. And you start laughing harder as you feel your momentum slowing down and your height decreasing.

“You’re so funny. You enjoy it at the second half, when it’s not as exciting.” Jungkook laughs at you when you two are at the end of the ride, but still lowering down onto the ground.

“That’s when it’s not as scary.” You say as the ride’s crew members help unwrap you two. You’re unsteady and your knees almost give out, but Jungkook quickly wraps his arm around your waist.

“I-I’m okay.” You shake, a little embarrassed for everyone to see you so weak.

“It’s okay. It’s normal.” Jungkook helps lead you out to the exit. You two look around once you get back out to the open grounds of the amusement park.
No Hoseok or your brother in sight.

“Where are the others? We can walk over to their ride and wait for them. I’ll call my brother.” He agrees with you and you two make your way over, but you stop him about a quarter way there.

“Wait!” He halts. Are you going to throw up?

“Look!” He looks up to where you point to see a ladder game. The point of the game is to climb the slightly horizontal ropes and wood ladder to reach the top and hold your ground at the top two steps for five seconds before you get to win any prize. And those prizes are huge. It’s a tough game and there are no consolation prizes because the grand prizes are so worth it. For this game, you either get a huge, six-foot teddy bear, or an adult-sized floor pillow shaped like a stretched out square-shaped dog.

“I change my superpower. I wish I could win that ladder game every time.” You sigh longingly at the prizes.

“It doesn’t look too hard.” He remarks.

You scoff, “The only people who can do are the hosts of those games. I’ve never seen a random person actually win this.” Oh, but you shouldn’t have said that to Jeon Jungkook.

Jungkook watches as the host of the game oh-so-arrogantly climbs the ladder like these were the stairs to his own home. “Well, as a prize for you being so brave to go on the freefall, I’m going to show you something you’ve never seen before: someone winning that game.”

He leads you the side of the game and sets you down on a random ledge. He walks over to the host and puts five bucks in his hand. Jungkook tests the first step. It’s shaky and the ladder is held up on both ends under an inflatable. He clenches his teeth as he grabs a hold of the second step and puts a foot on the first one. He finally gets onto the ladder with all four limbs. He feels it out and it shakes; he’s shaking and all his muscles are trembling.

He’s not to the third step and he tumbles off the side and bounces on the inflatable.

“Next time, kid.” The host laughs and looks around, announcing the ladder game to passersby. Jungkook doesn’t look at you. Instead he gives the guy another five bucks.

“Next time is now.” He says with determination. He thinks back to how he watched the host do it and tries to imitate him. He gets to the fifth one and falls again.

After the sixth time of failing, Jungkook walks with his head down back to you and sits next to you. You rub his back, “It’s fine. You were really good. I’ve never seen anyone get to the fifth step. At most, the fourth. And I’ve only ever gotten to the third step myself.” You attempt to console him.

He’s leaning his elbows on his knees and he looks up to see that arrogant guy climb the ladder again and swing his legs off the ladder when he reaches the top. There’s a low rumbling in Jungkook’s chest and you wouldn’t have noticed if you didn’t feel that vibration from rubbing his back. You shiver.

“One more.” He gets up and goes to pay the guy five bucks. His last five bucks. You’re feeling better by now and you walk up to behind his ladder.

“Alright! You can do this! I believe in you!” You cheer him on without calling out his name, fearing that he would draw more attention than he already has.

“Go on! Alternate your hands and feet! That’s it!” You cheer, wooping for him every time he makes another step. You cheer even harder when he goes farther than he’s previously gotten. You’re jumping up and down, clapping like a mad man asking for rain.

He finally makes it to the top, but he has to hold his ground for five seconds. You see his legs trembling and his grip on the wood makes his knuckles and skin turn white.

At the fifth count, he finally lets go and slides off the side of the ladder and rolls down the inflatable towards you. You’re wooping out loud like you’re at his concert. He grins at you when you grip his arms and jump up and down.

“Congratulations dude. Take your pick.” The guy congratulates him. He gives him an impressed expression. Maybe not so arrogant after all. Jungkook wipes the sweat off his forehead with his short sleeve and looks up at the large grand prizes.

“Which one do you want?” Jungkook asks you and you look up to him in shock, “What? Me?! But you paid and you played!”

He nods and pants, “I can’t take these home anyway. We have too much stuff. Go on, I wasn’t planning on having one anyway.” You giggle and think about how stocked his home is. You look at all the prizes and point to one of the giant teddy bears, “That one.”

Jungkook gestures to the guy which teddy bear you wanted and the guy unhooks the teddy bear from it’s spot on the net. He hands it to you and you squeeze the life out of the teddy bear that’s bigger than you.

“Come on, I’ll treat you to something to eat. It’s a thank you. And besides, you’re out of money now.” You two go to a nearby food stand to grab a couple of hot dogs and a lemonade. Out of gratitude, you get an extra cotton candy for both of you to share. You two keep walking and Jungkook helps you hold your teddy bear. He has his hot dog on the other hand and using a couple fingers to grip onto the plastic bag that holds the cotton candy. You have your own hot dog and hold his drink in your hand, and the other tucked between your chest and arm, straw readily positioned for your use.

“Where to now?” He asks in-between bites and leans towards you so you can give him a sip of his lemonade.

You two go on the rides everyone else in your groups are too afraid to go on. Originally, you’d be afraid too, but after that freefall, you’re on an adrenaline high and you feel like you can take on any. It also helps that the one beside you is just as brave, if not braver.

Roller coasters, random rides, water rides, the whole nine yards. It’s by the time the sky changes colors that you decide to check your phone for time.

“Oh!” You make Jungkook halt on his tracks, “I forgot to call my brother.” You see one notification from your brother. Apparently he found a friend hours ago and told you to give him a call when you’re ready to leave.

“Brat.” You mumble. What if you were alone and lonely? But you look up at Jungkook, who’s playing with the teddy bear, and you smile.

“Come on, where is your group?” You take the teddy bear from him and he checks his phone, seeing at least two calls from every member.

“Oops.” He dials Namjoon’s number, “Hey…yeah, sorry, I went off to play elsewhere.” He looks at you and grins, “Okay, where do you want to meet up?…Fountain at the entrance. Got it. See you later.” He hangs up and takes your teddy bear back and puts it on his back, as if he’s piggybacking your teddy bear. You two laugh and talk on the way to the entrance of the park. Even on the way, you two buy a random light stick from a nearby stand.

You two finally reach the entrance to see six boys huddled in a circle; half of them sitting on the ledge of the fountain, and half are standing up.

“Jungkook!” Jimin calls him over and you two walk over.

“Hey…Jungkook…” Namjoon looks between the two of you.

“Hi, I’m Y/N.” You greet them and they greet you back. Jungkook clicks that this is the first time he’s heard your name too. It’s an interesting, not necessarily uncomfortable, silence that graces over the eight of you, but only Jungkook starts to feel embarrassed.

“Here you go.” He hands you the bear.

“Actually, we’re leaving now. Are you leaving too, Y/N? We’ll walk you to the car. You shouldn’t carry that big thing.” Seokjin smiles warmly. You agree and call your brother to tell him to meet you at the car before you all make it out of the amusement park. Seokjin makes Jungkook carry the bear again, not like he really minds though. You all finally make it to the car and Jungkook helps you stuff it in the back of your car.

“Alright. It was great to meet you all. Thanks for…today.” You smile, not sure if Jungkook takes today the same way you do. They wave and leave you to sit in the car and wait for your brother. You already convinced them that you didn’t want them there if he shows up, in case he has his friends too.

Jungkook answers the bare minimum to their every question on the way back to their car. His ears are red and everyone is snickering. After his every “yes” and “no”, they have to ask further questions to get more details.

“Okay. So let’s get the story straight. You two were alone on the line to the freefall, so you two decided to fly together because she was scared. You even held hands on the ride. Then she felt weak when she got off the ride and you held onto her while you two were walking. And then she wanted the bear. And she taunted that no one has done it before, so our little Jungkookie decides to be a competitive hero and spend all his money on the game to win her the bear. And then she treated you hot dogs and lemonade.”

“- And the cotton candy. Don’t forget the cotton candy.”

“Right. And the cotton candy. And then you two went to all the different rides, practically claiming territory everywhere and not even once did we even fate to bump into each other. And you were having so much fun, you forgot us, or even call us; making us worried sick, but not too much because we were on rides too. Until she remembered the time and got in touch with her brother. And she’s the one who reminded you to call us. And then you two bought light sticks and finally met us all at the entrance at the end of the day.” Hoseok lists off everything on the agenda that happened for Jungkook. Jungkook feels like there are some holes in the story, with the way he said things, but he doesn’t care enough to clarify them, “Um, yeah. Basically.”

All the boys get to the car and starts to bust out laughing. Leaning on the car, clutching their stomachs, and full on dropping to the floor for laughing so hard. Jungkook shifts his feet and looks down embarrassed.

“Jungkookie, do you even hear us? Do you even know what happened?” Jungkook looks up at Yoongi whose gummy smile is on a full-on break out.


“Jungkook. You went on a date.”

Namjoon | Seokjin | Yoongi | Hoseok | Jimin | Taehyung | Jungkook

Flashed - Part 2
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Hey lovelies! You all seemed to enjoy the first part of Flashed, which is amazing! Thank you so much! Also many many thanks to cat-winchester-mikaelson-curtis is for the lovely message and for the patience. I got home yesterday and have a massive Jetlag, but I somehow managed to write this. I'm not really happy with it, but I hope you at least like it a bit? Excuse any mistakes, I will re-read this tomorrow and hope to see more of my mistakes. Thank you!

Read Part 1 here

Summary: Part 2 of the lovely request about the Reader being a regular on the show since she was 14 (now 24) and about Reader dating Grant Gustin / The Flash
Pairing: Grant Gustin x Reader
Warning: None I believe
Words: 1'403

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I'm Never Saying Goodbye To You

Pairing: CrissColfer
Word Count: 1090
Summary: After filming their last scene together, Chris and Darren aren’t quite ready to say goodbye to Kurt and Blaine.
Notes: This got stuck in my head after all the filming photos we got of them on Friday and I couldn’t not write it.

“I’m gonna miss him.." 

Those were the first words out of Chris’ mouth once they got into the van after a strenuous morning of entering and exiting a subway station dozens of times. Darren glanced over at him, saw Chris in Kurt’s clothes, saw Kurt’s ring on his finger, and he knew immediately who he was talking about. He looked down at himself then, at Blaine’s clothes and Blaine’s ring, Blaine’s gel still in his hair..

"I’m going to miss him too.”

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anonymous asked:

I don't know if this counts as an emergency ask. If it doesn't then you can just delete this. I'm a girl, and for two years now I've just been feeling worthless and depressed. The family member I was close to past away, and right after that I was in was an emotionally abusive relationship. It's gotten worse recently, and idk what to do anymore. No one around me knows I feel this way, but think I'm happy. Anyway maybe something from the Straw Hats might help(or just Zoro if you don't have time)?

(Definitely does count as an emergency ask. Let me know if I can do anything else for you. I’m sorry it took so long.)

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Stronger Despair of a Different Pain (Connor x Reader)


The sky held a dark blue hue that was patched with soft transparent clouds. I lit the signal fire and looked into the distance towards the ships near the harbor. They fired their cannons one by one, as was ordered. I quickly performed a leap of faith into the hay at the bottom of the tower. I jumped out of the wagon but the explosion of stone behind me by the cannon fire made my fall painful.
I stumbled to my feet and heard the ringing of a bell in the distance. My vision was blurred and I felt distorted. My legs struggled to keep me up as I had my hand on the wall of a building as I tried to get past the wreckage. My body was in severe pain but I managed to get through an open door to stay away from the guards that were rushing to the chaos.
As I was about to exit through the other side of the room, a cannon burst through the building and I was tossed into the clearing. I was now in even more pain, but I pushed to my feet. I was definitely in no condition to fight.
I made my way through a hole in the stone wall and into another clearing. I stumbled to a barrel to steady myself from falling.

I bared my teeth and yelled, “Where are you, Charles..?”
I hadn’t expected the voice of my father to be behind me..


I was helping Achilles get comfortable on his bed after he ate the soup that Diana made. He was struggling to move and I could see that it was almost his time. He was still very strong spirited though, anyone could see it in his eyes and how he spoke.

“Y/N, I need you to go to Connor. I know that it will be very dangerous and that Connor is able to do this on his own, but I believe that you must go to him. You two were trained equally and you are more than able to fight as he does. I am honored to have known you and him, and to have been able to see you two grow up together. You two are like my children, and I just hope that one day you will thank me for what you have learned..” He struggled for his breath, and I panicked.

“Ach.. Achilles. We have always been very thankful for what you have done for us. You are the best father I..I would’ve ever imagined. I don’t care if you could have been better, because you have done more than enough.. I-I thank you. Connor thanks you.. we love you..”
I felt a hot tear roll down my face as my voice weakened and cracked.

He smiled sadly, “Please, don’t cry. I couldn’t have raised better Assassins. I am happy to have lived long enough to see you and Connor fall in love, and use the skills I have given you to the fullest.. Please, promise me that you will go to him and help him.” He reached for my hand and I kissed the back of his cold and wrinkled palm. A tear dropped onto it, and I looked up to see his clouded eyes and his chest stopped moving.

I bit my lips and softly closed his eyes as I whispered ‘Rest in Peace’. I went downstairs, pulled on my robe and grabbed the weapons. I checked my hidden blades and stepped outside into the setting sun. I took a deep, shaking breath.. and went to New York.

The sky already turned into a soft dark blue as I made my way through the streets of New York. I saw people rushing about and I knew something happened that concerned Connor. I found Stephane and Duncan, two of the Assassins Connor and I have recruited.

“Y/N! Connor told us to keep control of the guards and help the ones who have been injured by the cannon fire!” Stephane yelled over the chaos of buildings being hit.

I nodded to them both, “You two are to continue helping the civilians with that, but you are to help me as well if I call for you. Understood?”
They nodded and I told them that I was to find Connor. “No matter what, you do not follow me unless I tell you to.” And with that I ran towards the cannon fire. As I kept blinking my eyes from the tears that clouded my vision, I hoped with all that I was that Ratonhnhaké:ton was okay.


With that one word, “Gone.” I charged at Connor with a punch and from that point on, every punch, every dodge of a weapon, every word that came from my mouth, was a blur.
As I was strangling Connor by the throat, gritting the words through my teeth, my fighting instinct clouding my mind, Connor was struggling against me. I should have stopped, I should have remembered that this was my own son I was hurting. But it was too late, I didn’t realize that my hidden blade unsheathed. It slipped into Connor’s throat and shock burst through my mind. My eyes widened and the one thing I could comprehend was the name we both whispered with sorrow. “Y/N..”


I couldn’t believe that I just felt the sudden burning pain in my neck, my father just stabbed me. My eyes widened when I realized that I was dying. I shouldn’t have stayed my blade. I shouldn’t have let the struggle of gasping for air stop me from saving myself. I should have stabbed him instead, I needed to, yet I didn’t. I just ruined everything. My eyes started to burn as the only thing my mind could think of was my love. My one and only. Y/N…

Her name slipped through as a whisper. Haytham knew it as well. He knew Y/N. She came with me to Valley Forge and was about to attack Haytham when he dropped from the ceiling. She didn’t care if he was dangerous, she stayed by my side every step of the way.
I wanted to marry her, even though we were Assassins. I wanted to keep her safe, I wanted to stay with her every moment I could. I needed to kill Charles Lee and my father if we were to be happy with no fear of the future. None of that would happen now.

He stumbled off of me as I pushed myself up and leaned against a barrel. He had shock painted all over his being.
I need to do this, I needed to tell him.

“You.. You have to tell Y/N that.. that I’m sorry. I’m sorry that I couldn’t..I couldn’t keep my promise to her. Please.. y-you have to tell her that I treasured every moment we had. T-That I wish I could do everything over again, and give her more. I love her more than anything.. I will always be with her, even when she cannot see me..” He opened his mouth as if to say something, his eyes turning into a pool that I never thought I would ever see. His hands were shaking, and I looked at the ground to avoid the boiling rage that could hinder my words. There was more..

“I need you to let her live.. Please. I don’t care what happens, but you must let her live…”

I saw his head bow and I grunted as the pain in my chest grew. It ached, it ached for her. I wanted to cry, cry for her and for our future that could never happen now. Achilles was right. Life is not a fairy tale. As much as I thought he could be wrong, as much as I believed in our future, I was the one who was wrong. Y/N and I always said ‘when’ instead of ‘if’. I wish that she could be here comforting me as I take my last breaths. At the same time, I would never want her to see me dying. At least I got that granted.

I could feel my heart slow little by little. As my life flashed before my eyes. From the memory of when I walked into my mothers arms for the first time, and the times she sang to me. The moment I played with my friends in the forest, and the look in my mothers eyes as she sent me away.. The moment I met Achilles, and the moment I met Y/N. The memories Y/N and I shared. The laughter, her laugh was the most beautiful sound to my ears. Her singing that rivaled with my mothers. Her beaming smile. The first kiss we shared and the many more we had since. The moment we made love and the feel of her heartbeat against mine. I treasured everything about her. I treasured her so dearly, because you never know when the last time you could show how much you love someone. The last thing that went through my mind before I turned my head to the side was the kiss we shared before I left to New York. She looked into my eyes with a sense of worry that I’ve never seen before. She looked as if she was about to break and cry. It was like she knew exactly what was going to happen. I told her that I was to be back before morning. I left her believing in that.

When I turned my head, I saw her. I thought I imagined it. But her face, once she turned the corner into the clearing, was full of terror.
When everything was fading, I felt a tear slide down my face as I breathed her name.
Everything faded, actually it brightened into white. and I saw a figure walk towards me. All I felt was warmth.. but what of Y/N?


I turned the corner of a wrecked wall, and I saw the one thing I dreaded. From my toes to my fingers and face, the blood just drained from my body. I felt as if I turned to stone… and that I would crumble at any moment. My throat closed up and all I could see was Connor. His dead body was on the ground and where his head lay was a pool of crimson. I didn’t realize that I was walking to him. I stopped and fell to my knees. I didn’t even have the ability to cry. All I could comprehend was that my nightmare came true. My mouth turned dry, and I couldn’t believe that his hands were cold. He always radiated warmth. When he was in bed with me, he would wrap his arms around me and pull me to his body. I was naturally cold, no matter if the fireplace was lit.

I was glad that his eyes were closed, even though I would never see his brown eyes again. I knew that I couldn’t bare his clouded, lifeless eyes staring into the distance. I didn’t know how I could do anything else but be drowned in speechlessness, but I turned my head slowly up and towards the man that killed his own son.

“Why..?” Barely a whisper dripped from my lips, that followed the first tear since I stopped running.
He couldn’t look at me… coward.

I stood and faced him. I felt my forehead tense and a scowl grow. I growled, “Why? You are his father, no matter if you are a Templar or not.”
I took a bold step towards him. “You killed your own flesh and blood.” I hissed through clenched teeth.
“How are you to live with that?” I took another step. I stopped about five brave feet away from him.
I felt the rage start to burn through my mind. Clouding everything that held me back. I fought it, but my voice failed.
“You! You were the one he thought could help stop the fuss. He hoped that reconciliation would be possible. He believed that you two could be real father and son after he made sure that no danger was to come.” Every word was spat at him with poison that I saw stung. I hoped that it stung deep. I also hoped that this was just a terribly vivid nightmare that once I leave, I would wake up in Connor’s arms.
My voice kept blaring at him until it turned into a whimper. My throat started to constrict and I felt as if I was about to just fall to my knees again and bawl my eyes out until I could never cry again in my life. I just stopped talking all together, bowed my head and slumped my shoulders. I slid my hood off and looked up to him.

Haytham had sorrow detailed all over his face. I saw a small tear escape one eye, and he bowed his head. His hat obscured his face.
He tilted his head up and opened his mouth. I didn’t have the energy to stop him, so I let him speak.

“Connor told me his last words, and they were meant for you..” His voice was the same tone as when Connor told him his mother died. It was still strong, but it was laced with sadness.
“He said that he is sorry that he couldn’t keep his promise. He..He treasured every moment you two shared. He wished that he could have done more for you.. he loved you so very much.. and that you were his everything.” He kept trying not to make eye contact with me. He tried to stay the composed noble man he believed he was. But everyone breaks. Every single person has breaking moments. This was one of his.

I actually looked down at Connor, hoping for some reason that he could have came back to life some how. I have no idea why I would think that because once someone dies, they can’t return. I imagined that those words were coming from Connor’s mouth instead. I could imagine his voice. It was so much nicer than Haytham’s. It was gentle and loving. It was like a lullaby every word he spoke. Even the power of his voice when he was stressed has something about it that was terrifying if you were the one that the words were being directed to. It made you respect him, and it made you feel safe knowing that if it came down to you being the one he was protecting with that powerful voice, that you were perfectly safe. He would do anything to keep someone safe and feel that they were safe. His ambition and protective nature were two of the countless things I loved.

“He also told me to let you live..” His voice faded and he just stood there. It felt like an eternity before I said the last words I spoke that evening.

“Haytham.. Leave.” I looked at him as he nodded and turned. I made sure that when I couldn’t see him anymore.. I broke.


As I left the clearing I felt the tear stain dry on my face. I felt excruciating remorse, and poor Y/N… She was so..so.. I-I..I cannot even explain how shocked she looked. Here utter misery was flooding the atmosphere. Before I turned the corner of a building, I watched as she thought that I was gone completely, and she dropped to her knees on the spot. She choked out a small wail of anguish, I felt my chest and throat constrict. I couldn’t take any more of it and I turned and walked down the street.


I silently sobbed into my hands. I couldn’t stay strong any longer. Just like Haytham thought that he was a tough and unbreakable force, I believed that with everything I’ve been through since I was a child, I thought that showing sadness was a sign of weakness. I made sure no one could see me as I just shattered into millions of pieces. I felt as if my body wanted to just burst, it was aching and trembling so much.

It felt like forever until I ran out of tears and my head felt like it was going to explode at any moment. My legs shook as I struggled to stand up. I felt like I cried out my weight, and I staggered a bit before I regained my footing. I felt weightless but at the same time I felt as if my feet were going to be crushed by my body. I set my hand on my forehead and I winced as I felt the scorching skin. I felt like my heart moved up into my head and I could really feel it with my shaking hand. I slowly shuffled over to the barrel, then to the wall where I entered the clearing. I shouted as loud as I could, which was a raspy and pitiful wail. I called for Duncan and Stephane.
They ran to me as I called them, and Stephane gasped.

“Y/N! Mon Dieu! What has happened?” He gently held my forearms and I let out a silent sob again. I just started sobbing again, but no tears came as I buried my face into his shoulder and wrapped my arms tight around his shoulders. He hesitantly set his hands on my upper back and rubbed softly.
As I was crying into Stephane’s shoulder, Duncan apparently went to where I came out of the wall, and saw Connor.

I looked up at him as my dry sobs were fading, and he had a hand over his mouth. I saw his chest heave and I turned to Stephane.
He had the most worried and terrified look. He set his hands on his forehead and whispered, “Il ne peut pas être mort (He cannot be dead).”
I looked at Duncan and he bowed his head. We all looked like we have been destroyed, defeated.

“Y/N.. We need to take him out of the city.” His voice was hushed but clear. I nodded and in a low tone, ” I’ll take him home. Stephane, would you please come with me..?” I asked him, he nodded and set a hand on my shoulder. Duncan said he’ll go to get horses and wagon. Stephane and I went into the clearing and he let out a breath as he saw Connor on the ground, the red around his head.

Stephane looked at me and I just bit my lips. My eyes started to burn again as I looked down at my feet. He gently took me into his arms and I started shaking again. I felt a tear fall onto my face and I closed my eyes tight, I knew that he was crying as well.. I just didn’t have any tears left. I felt as if my legs would just buckle underneath me from the weight of my heart that I felt was being stomped on. My throat raw and throbbing. I didn’t even notice the sounds of the cannons and crashes. I didn’t notice them since I first came to this spot.

Duncan arrived with the horses and the covered wagon. It was small, which was what I expected. Duncan and Stephane walked solemnly to Connor and gently picked him up. I climbed into the wagon, they stepped up and set Connor onto the blankets next to me. Duncan said goodbye and that he’ll be praying for me. I thanked him and told him that he can come to the funeral if he wishes. He nodded and left. Stephane sat in front and grabbed the reins. I felt the wagon start moving and I laid down next to Connor.

I was facing the side where the skin on his neck wasn’t broken. I focused my tired eyes on his face, and saw a dried tear stain trailing from the corner of his closed eye down to the side of his head. I bit into my lip and set my hand on his cheek. I turned his head to face me, and he looked as if he was just sleeping. I stroked my thumb across his freckles, I tried not to focus on the iciness of his skin. My hand moved slightly down and stroked a finger against his closed lips that would never move again. I reached slowly and kissed his nose. I looked back at his lips.. He would have had an adorable, beaming smile when I do that. I smiled sadly and I felt my eyes burning, again.

I delicately kissed his lips, and kept them there. I tried to imagine him kissing me back. His hands gently holding my face. I tried, but failed.
I relaxed my lips but they were still touching his dry ones. I ran my fingers slowly through his hair after I untied it. I felt only a small bit of comfort from his still silky hair. His hood was the one that kept it from being soaked in his blood.
After what seemed like an hour, I stiffly sat up and piece by piece I took off his weapons. I took off his Tomahawk and hidden blade last. I set them all in the corner of the wagon and I slowly crawled to his chest. I rested my head on it, knowing that I wasn’t going to be able to feel or hear his heart. I bit my cheeks and dug my nose into his robe. I moved his arm to rest on top of my back. His hand limp on my shoulder. My throat was constricted, but I surprisingly started to hum the lullaby that he used to sing to me when I was distressed or when we were just cuddling in the afternoon.

“Stephane, could you please take us North, past the towns?” He said yes and I went back to remembering the times Connor would find me singing in the kitchen, or when I would catch him humming while he was tending to his weapons in the basement. He would blush and start to sing the song. Not only was his talking voice pleasant to listen to, but he had the most gentle singing voice, even though it was hushed because he was shy about it. He taught me the words and I taught him songs that I grew up with as well.

As I felt the wagon stop, I slowly got up and went to the front where Stephane was sitting. “Now we go off the trail and go up this hill. At the first few trees we leave the wagon and take the horses. You take Connor on one horse and follow me.”
He nodded and made the horses go up the hill. I went back to Connor and sat next to him. I gingerly set his head in my lap and raked my fingers through his hair starting at his forehead. I would do this for him when he was sick or suffering from a nightmare, reliving his mother’s or friend’s deaths. He would do the same for me, sometimes starting at the back of my neck, which felt heavenly. When he did that, he would rest his lips on my forehead.
I moved my fingers from his forehead, to behind his ears. I wanted to rake my fingers through his hair starting at the back of his neck, but I’d graze against his broken skin. I stayed with behind his ear and leaned over, resting my lips against his forehead. I looked up from his face, and saw that it was dawn.

Stephane stopped the wagon at a pile of boulders that were situated at the forest edge. Stephane got the horses and I helped him take Connor out of the wagon, after tying his hair. Stephane set his cleaver in the wagon, secured Connor on his horse, and picked up the reins. I did the same and lead him through the trees. Connor was the name that I heard most of my life. It was the only one that people could say. I was happy to pronounce Ratonhnhaké:ton, it rolled off my tongue smoothly. His eyes always twinkled with happiness when he heard me say his name. He loved both of his names. He tolerated his last name, Achilles told us of Ratonhnhaké:ton’s grandfather. How he was an Assassin. How he was a feared and respected Captain. He died when Haytham was a boy, before he knew what the Assassin’s were.

I saw the walls of the village and stopped the horse at the entrance. Stephane got off of the horse, but held the reins. He gave them to me, and I lead the way into the clearing. The villagers didn’t know why I was bringing in an unknown man and a horse with a blanketed bundle on it’s back. I walked over to the long house and I asked two of the men at the opening to help gently set the bundle inside. Stephane and the men carried it and set it at the feet of the confused Clanmother. I bit my lips.

“Clanmother.. I..I-I bring very depressing news.” She saw me start to break apart and helped me sit next to her. She held one of my hands in hers and I lifted the blanket with the other. She looked at his closed eyes and gasped silently. Her lips were parted and I heard hushed voices from the men.
The Clanmother spoke to them, and they stayed put. She held his cheek in her hand. I looked at her face as it became covered with heartache. Her eyes turned to my stomach, then to my (e/c) eyes. I saw a strange look in her eyes hidden underneath the pool of sadness. It was like she knew something I did not. I dismissed it.

She told me that she wanted to pray upon him and prepare for the ceremony. I nodded and left her with him. Stephane walked up to me and I hugged him, we were silent. He was the first one Ratonhnhaké:ton and I recuited. He was our most trusted friend. He knew how much I loved Ratonhnhaké:ton and he respected that. One day when Ratonhnhaké:ton and I had time, we talked with him. He told us about his life and he had girls here and there. He only preferred French, which was fortunate for Ratonhnhaké:ton and I. A few men tried to get my attention, but my one and only took care of them of course.

I sat with a few of the village woman who became my friends the first time Ratonhnhaké:ton brought me here. They tried to comfort me, and they happened to get me to eat a little food. After about an hour or so, Clanmother had the men bring out Ratonhnhaké:ton and his neck was stitched together. He was cleaned up and his robe was given to me, he was dressed in his native cloths. The ceremony had the Clanmother and elders give speeches and rituals of peace for his soul. Afterwards the Clanmother told me that she wanted me to take him back to our home. To where he lived and loved. He will forever have a place here at the village, as well as I do. She wished me well and sent me off with Stephane and Ratonhnhaké:ton.

I was back in the wagon with him in my arms. He looked more peaceful now, and I saw the stitches that were well done. Ratonhnhaké:ton smelled sweet, like honey and herbs. It was faint but soothing. It made my head feel a bit better, but my heart fell when I thought of the Homestead… The villagers there.. Faulkner and the crew.. Their broken hearts.

As we arrived at the manor, I got out of the wagon and went inside. Diana had her face in her hands and was sitting in the kitchen. Catherine was trying to comfort her. Father Timothy and Faulkner were there with the Lumberjacks. They saw me and Stephane walk in… and asked where Connor was.

“Raton- I..I-I mean Connor.. he.. is..” I couldn’t say it. Stephane set a hand on my shoulder. Their eyes widened and Catherine heard what I told them. She walked over, “He.. He’s gone, too?” Her voice was a whimper. I nodded and told them that we had him in the wagon. Faulkner and Stephane carried Connor inside. They laid him down next to Achilles on the bed. Two loved ones who meant the world to me, their skin cold, their eyes forever closed. Faulkner talked to me along with Father Tim. I told them of the ceremony that was held for him at his home village. Connor always told me that wherever I am, it was home for him. His main priorities were for me to be happy and protected, and for his people and friends to be as well.

Later in the day, Connor was buried with Achilles. Achilles next to his wife on one side, and Ratonhnhaké:ton on the other, next to Connor Davenport. Ratonhnhaké:ton was considered Achilles’ son as well, he raised him from a boy into a man. I was considered his daughter, raised side by side with him. They were the only family I really knew, my family before them died when I was young. I still hold memories of them however few they are, as I hold countless memories of these two. Faulkner is like an Uncle to me, so I guess he’s really the only family I have left. I told him this, and he told me that he isn’t the only one. Everyone on the Homestead is my family, Stephane is family, the dog from the stables, even the clan is my family. I felt a little better and as the sun decided to set for the first time without Connor, the second time without Achilles, I said goodbye to everyone. Stephane wished me well as he left with the wagon. Before he did, he and Faulkner helped me bring in Connor’s weapons.

Prudence, who was like a sister, Corine who was a mother figure, all the woman wanted to tend to me. I thanked them, but I wanted to have as little attention as possible. It wasn’t necessarily true, it’s just that all the fuss over me was a bit stressing. Prudence understood me, and she stayed with me as everyone wished me well and left. I remember how the dog was whimpering and licking at Connor as we set him in the grave. Connor and I once had a sad conversation about when either of us went. He said that it wouldn’t be any time soon, that it would be when we were both old and gray, after we lived a peaceful life and our children had their own families. He said it would be long after we got married. He told me that he would want to be buried without a coffin, with the flowers that his mother has over her grave, and that he wanted me or our first child to keep his braid. His wish was granted. We covered his grave from his bare feet to his closed eyes and silky hair. I wrapped his braid in my handkerchief that my mother gave me when I was a child.

She and the dog sat with me at Connor’s grave until dusk, when I started to yawn. Connor would have chuckled because he always told me how I looked like a puppy when I did that. I sadly laughed as I thought of that and I told Prudence of it. She helped me up as we made our way into the house. We brought in the dog, who Connor and I named (D/N), and he followed us around. She made me tea and heated some soup for me. I barely ate or drank but all I wanted to do was go to bed and somehow try to sleep. I knew I would be once again drown in a ocean of mourning. She helped me upstairs and made sure I was okay. She told me that she would check on me in the morning and bring some of her bread. I thanked her and said goodnight. She sadly smiled, knowing that no one will be having a good night tonight.

(D/N) jumped onto the bed and curled up next to me. I watched the fire consume the logs in the fireplace. I was finally cuddling with someone with a heartbeat. A warm presence, but the atmosphere was chilling and empty. I started to hum and (D/N) nuzzled my face. I smiled and kissed the side of his muzzle. I pet him as he laid his head on my stomach. He’s kind of like a dog version of Connor. He loved (D/N), which is funny because Connor is an Irish name for ‘hound-lover’. They cuddled and played together so much. When Connor would go hunting in the forest on the Homestead, (D/N) would go with him. When Connor would be sick, (D/N) would sleep next to him, or lay on his legs, which Connor didn’t mind. When (D/N) would lay on my legs though, I would try and move him over because he would almost cut of the circulation in my feet after a while. I zoned out and started to remember the moments Connor and I had in peace before Achilles became sick a week ago.
I remembered how he so sweetly and lovingly asked me while in bed if we could make love the evening before Achilles took ill. He was blushing and acting like a small child that was asking his mother for something he wanted, but was too shy to ask because he didn’t know if she could afford it.
I forgot what I said, but I know that I agreed. From that moment every kiss and touch, every word whispered into each others ears were treasured and it felt like forever. We fell asleep in each others arms and I woke up at dawn to his lips on the back of my neck.

It felt like hours before I closed my eyes and fell asleep.
I woke up in the forest though. It was a beautiful day, and I heard a stream trickle next to me. I sat up and looked around. I saw a person leaning on a tree near by, and they were holding something. I focused on their face, and gasped. It was him. It was Connor..
I got up from the grass slowly and took a few steps forward. He looked up at me and I ran to him. I slowed down when I got close enough to see what he was holding.
It was a baby. It had thick and feathery dark brown hair, and it’s tiny hand was clutching Connor’s finger. I looked up into his brown eyes that I’ve always known. He looked into my (e/c) ones and smiled. I smiled and felt a tear slide down my face. He held the child with one arm and pulled me close to him with the other. I actually felt him. I felt him kiss me. I couldn’t believe it. How was this happening?
I held his face and he kissed my palm. I moved one hand through his hair and he smiled even wider. It was the same silky tresses that I raked my fingers through every night. I heard a small noise and looked down at the baby. I gingerly touched it’s hair, and found that it was silky soft.

“Who is this little one?” I whispered and stroked the child’s cheek.

“Our daughter.” He whispered back to me. My eyes widened and I felt Connor kiss my forehead. My heart skipped a beat when those words resonated inside my head. My eyebrows turned up in worry. I looked up at Connor, who had a fretful look on his face. He was worried just like I was. Just that moment, I saw a woman in the corner of my eye. We turned our heads to look at her, and I saw that she was standing next to Achilles. He looked younger..
Ratonhnhaké:ton smiled and told me that she was his mother. She walked up to us and smiled at me. I smiled back at her and her eyes twinkled with happiness. Ratonhnhaké:ton gently gave her our baby. She told me that while she is waiting to be welcomed into the world, she will care for her with Ratonhnhaké:ton. I nodded and thanked her sincerely. She nodded back and turned, walking into the forest. Achilles smiled and waved at us. And I quickly asked if I could go to him. Ratonhnhaké:ton told me to go ahead, and so I ran and hugged him like I never thought I would hug him, being that he was an old man when I was a child. He hugged me back and I let out a few tears.

“Y/N.. I’m so sorry that I sent you to him.” He looked at me sadly.

“No, don’t be. I was too late to save him..” Achilles cut me off.

“Y/N, no. Do not blame yourself for this. It was Haytham who was responsible. Even though Connor could have done something, it was Haytham who did it. But I am happy that you and Connor are to have a product of your love.” He smiled and kissed my forehead before turning and leaving into the trees.
I turned around and saw that Connor was walking to me. He pulled me to his chest gently, and kissed me. We pulled away slightly after a few moments.

“Y/N… I-I’m so sorry.” His voice was soft and weak with remorse. My eyes started to water, and I opened my mouth.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton.. My darling… How..? How am I going to raise her without you? It’s cold without you.. I don’t even know how I will sleep or do anything anymore. Let alone that, Lee and Haytham are still alive! How am I going to raise her knowing that. I-” I couldn’t say anything after that, I let my head fall to his shoulder in defeat. He was quietly shushing me, and raking his fingers through my hair starting from the back of my neck.

“It’s all my fault, Y/N. I didn’t kill him when I had the perfect moment to do it. I-I don’t want you to know this, but I think I need to tell you how it happened..” I nodded and he took a deep breath. Something I missed so much from him.
“Once I lit a signal for the ships to fire at the fort, I dropped from the tower. I was getting out of the hay, a cannonball hit the wall behind me and ruined my fall. I was in no condition to fight and when I got into the clearing, I looked around for Lee. Haytham was there instead and we fought. After a while he was making me weaker and was strangling me, his hands on my throat. I guess I was trying too much to pry him off of me to focus on stabbing him in the neck instead.” He sighed and he told me that he thought of me the whole entire time we were apart. From the moment he left the Homestead, to when he went into the light.
“I’m so sorry that I..I-I broke my promise to you. I never broke any other promises, but I still cannot forgive myself of this one..” His voice became a whisper and I saw his eyes water when I looked up. I held his face and kissed it slowly, his cheeks, his forehead, his nose. He let out that beautiful laugh that I will forever miss. I pulled back and he had that beaming smile that only I got to have the pleasure of knowing, along with his mother. We got lost in each others eyes for a moment, until I broke the silence.

“Ratonhnhaké:ton, how am I dreaming yet I feel you like you never died..?” He smiled and held my cheek. He kissed my nose.

“Sometimes spirits of loved ones can feel like they are a body. While you are dreaming, my spirit is with you. (D/N) sees my spirit with you two in the room, yet he knows there is no danger.” A smile grows across my face and I let out a sigh of relief.

“Good. Because if someone came into the manor, I would kill them when I wake up.” He laughed and said that (D/N) would never let anyone come into the house who wasn’t invited. I agreed, and asked him another question.
“So.. After I wake, will I be able to see your spirit?”

“Sometimes.. I don’t know for sure because I haven’t tried to make my spirit seen besides now. But.. you will still see me in dreams. Sometimes I might not be in them for a while though.” I nodded and remembered how he told me of his dreams with his mother. They were rare, but he had a certain peaceful happiness when he did have them.
“And do not worry, Y/N. I can take care of Lee and my father. Even in spirit form. I will tell you when they are no longer a threat. I will also help take care of our child. I promise you this.” He smiled and I laughed a bit, a hint of sadness in it. He kissed my nose and forehead.

I woke up and saw that (D/N) was wagging his tail. I looked around and saw paper on the table. I went to it and found a pencil. I grabbed a book and went over to the window where streams of sunshine were flowing though the curtain. I set the paper on the book and started to draw.
After what seemed like hours, I finished the sketch. It was of Connor, and he was holding our little baby girl in his arms. His eyes looking down at her, his lips turned up in a smile. I let a happy tear roll down my face..
I felt a hand on mine, and saw his transparent one. I looked up and he smiled. I smiled back and he faded away.

“I love you, too.” I whispered. “Both of you..” I set a hand on my flat belly. I couldn’t wait to tell Prudence.

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Andreil "kiss me" pls and thx!!

i’ve skipped through some prompts because i needed the fluff,, anyway

After walking in circles for thirty minutes and then taking misguided directions from an old woman who didn’t seem to know the difference between left and right, Neil Josten was ready to admit that he was lost. Had his shitty phone been charged, he would have been able to make out the streets he was in and start towards his boyfriend’s apartment, but Neil had, as usual, set out to a surprise trip to Boston without packing his charger. That left him with a limited number of options: he had already tried asking for directions from the few people out in the streets of the fairly abandoned neighborhood he was in, but maybe he could find one of the larger avenues and look for someone who knew where they were going, or he could ditch the surprise element of the trip and call Andrew and ask to be picked up.

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An Unexpected Evening

Author: Assbutt

Character: Sam

Reader gender: female

Warnings: smut, fluff, cussing

You sit down on your bed and pop open your laptop for another hour of research. Sam was in the library and Dean was either eating or taking a nap, maybe both knowing him. Your phone buzzed next to you and the name ‘Sam’ lit up on the screen. You unlocked your phone and opened the message to see a picture of him hard. The only thing was, he wasn’t wearing anything over it. You gasped sharply and threw your phone at the foot of the bed. The image was burned into your mind, you shook your head and tried to blink it away, but nothing helped. You slowly got up and hesitantly picked up your phone, the picture still bright on your screen. You stared at it for what you knew was too long and then closed it. Sam hadn’t sent any words with it, so maybe he accidentally sent it to you. You type 'Uh, wrong person?’

The gray bubble pops up on the left of your screen, dots circulating. The words that came after were 'Actually, you are exactly the right person. :)’

Shit. Sam… He- what? You went and sat on your bed again, still thinking about the picture. This turned you on. Sam turned you on. You had never-

A light moan fell from your lips as your phone vibrated between your legs. Why did you set it there?

'How’s my baby?’ You read the message at least five times before replying 'Since when am I your baby?’ with a smug look.

'Since you stared at that picture as long as you did.’

What the fuck?! Did he have cameras in your room?! Jedi mind tricks?! You felt your face get hot and red.

'I gotta admit, that was pretty nice. ;)’ you quickly text back.

'There’s more where that came from.’ You could just imagine the look on his face right now.

Damn, this really did turn you on. Sam had never, ever since you’ve known him, been like this. Especially with you. 'I have a little something for you too.’ You snapped a picture of your cleavage and sent that.

'Oh, you don’t want to tease
me. 😈’ Sam quickly texted back.

'I think I do.’ You sent a picture of your thighs that time.

Sam shot back a picture that started with his belly button, to him tugging at the waistband of his jeans. You bit your lip at how you wish that could be your hand. You sent back the same sort of picture, tugging at the waist band on your shorts.

'Damn, you’re gorgeous.’ He replied.

'And you, are sexy as hell. 😏’ you laughed at yourself and the fact that this was actually happening.

'Glad to know I can live up to Crowley. 😋’ he texted.

'Lol, so Sam… What’s with the sudden burst of feelings for me?’ You gulp as you hesitantly press send.

Nothing. Then you see him type for a minute. It stops. Your heart is pounding hard against your rib cage and it feels like a hummingbird, begging to get out. Typing. Nothing. Typing for a couple minutes. Then a message pops up. 'Well, I was reading about how these creatures mate… And how similar it is to humans. They spend a lot of time together, then one day they develop feelings and just get together. I don’t know… But I thought of you and how much time we spend together. And I got a little excited…’

'Yeah Sam. I saw.’ You snickered and hoped he heard it through text.

'Would you like a live show?… We ask for volunteers. 😉’ you thought you almost heard him giggle all the way from the library.

'Oh idk… I’m kind of enjoying this Sam. 😆’

He sends another picture just like the first. You groaned and bit your lip at the picture, staring even longer this time.

'Don’t taunt me Sam. Plus, we’re sexting, not snapchatting. 🙊’

'What’s behind those hands (y/n)?’

'😳’ you clear your throat. Maybe there was a reason you and him had never done this before. You waited a solid five minutes, still no more messages. 'Sam, you know I was joking right?’ You pace the room nervously.

'Come to the library.’

'Gladly. 😊’ you look yourself over, fixing your clothes (although they would probably be in a pile on the floor in five minutes), and combing through your hair with your fingers. You walked out into the hall and out to the library. You skipped to the library excitedly, hoping today was your day to finally get laid by a Winchester. Your phone buzzed in your pocket. 'Come find me. 😋’

'The library is huge! How am I supposed to do that?’ You quickly typed.

'Look down each aisle of shelves. If I’m not there, remove an article of clothing. Then move to the next aisle. 😏’

'Shit, Sam. Once I get a hold of you… I swear…’

'😂’ Sam texted before your other message hardly got out.

'Can I get a hint or something?’ You ask.

'Start on the left shelves. Hurry, I’m growing impatient. 😈’

'You aren’t the only one.’ You snarked.

You walked to the left, the first aisle… Empty. You remove your shirt and continue. Aisle two, also empty. You remove your tank top. Next aisle vacant… Buh bye jeans. Doesn’t he want to take off ANY of your clothes himself? Guess not. The next aisle empty. You throw your bra down and that leaves you in your underwear. Now this is just pissing you off. Your brow begins to furrow in frustration until you see Sam in the next aisle. He was fully dressed. “What the hell? Why did I have to get undressed but you didn’t?”

“I thought you might like to undress me.”

“You thought right.” You smiled. You walked over to him beginning to remove his jacket and then his shirt. He pulled you in close, grabbing your ass. You moan into each other’s mouths as he grinds himself against you, giving the friction you both crave. You pull away from him to pull his pants down and throw them at the books in one swift move. He wraps his arms around your waist, pulls your feet off the ground and shoves you into the shelf. There would be bruises tomorrow, but not from the books. “Fuck, you’re so hot. And so wet for me.” He grunted and moved a hand down to your panties. You moaned as he stuck his fingers in them and pulled them down. He let you down to the floor, still pushing you against the books, kissing you violently. “Saaam-” you moan. “I need you. Now Sam.” You gripped his shoulders as he pushed into you slowly, letting you adjust. He then got up to speed, his hips slapping against yours. You could hardly hear the flesh on flesh over the ridiculous moaning from the both of you. “SAM!!!” You screamed into his neck and you went over the edge. He started trembling and he went over his edge in seconds. Once you were both done you got down to the floor, panting next to each other. You laid on top of him and he whispered sweet nothings into your ear as you stroked his hair. In this moment you felt bliss, and comfort. You would never leave his side as long as you lived.

Dean Ambrose Imagine - greygirlambrose

Here is some late Valentine’s Day vibes for all you wonderful people – romantic dean requested by @greygirlambrose

Today was Valentine’s Day. And it sure as hell didn’t feel like it. Although we didn’t have Raw or Smackdown, I was packed with interviews and plans that I couldn’t get out of. I hadn’t seen Dean all day as I was out all over the city we were in. I couldn’t wait to get back to the hotel and maybe spend some time with him without sleeping within 15 minutes of my arrival.
I was about to go in for yet another interview with yet another radio station and I was feeling exhausted. I went over to the coffee machine to make myself some coffee and keep myself energized for the rest of the never ending day.
Along with all the bullshit I had, I was feeling quite down cause me and Dean hadn’t even planned something for day. I mean yeah, I’m busy and all but I was hoping we would fit in something. Dean’s romantic side was hard to see so I wasn’t even expecting anything but I was still secretly hoping for something.
The interview went by quickly and smoothly, with half of it being concerning me and Dean and the other concerning my career in WWE. The interviewer was thankfully not intrusive, I would have totally snapped if he were with all my exhaustion.
I checked my phone to see that I had five messages and two missed calls, all from Dean. I quickly checked my calendar to confirm that I was done for the day, and went back to viewing my messages.
“Babe when are you coming back?”
“I miss you”
“Cupid’s here”
“You come here right this minute.”
“How long is left?”
I chuckled lightly and sighed in relief as I saw that Dean was in a good mood and had his inner silliness coming out – also something that you don’t see much of.
I quickly walked down the stairs and walked into the car that was waiting for me to take me back to the hotel. On the way there, I sent a message to Dean saying that I’m soon there. He quickly replied with a large smiley face and a bunch of kisses. Again I smiled at his reply and couldn’t wait to get there.
As soon as the car arrived near the hotel, I thanked the driver and quickly made my way in. I entered the elevator and waiting anxiously to get to our room, I simply couldn’t wait to see Dean. Our jobs made it so easy to see each other yet so hard to spend time with each other.
I made my way down the corridor as my heels clicked against the marble floors. I quickly brought out my room card and walked in, immediately gasping at the sight. I couldn’t believe this.
Dean had set up a table with delicious looking food and he was standing near it wearing a tux and holding a bunch of roses. I was at a loss of words as I brought my hand up to my mouth. I never knew Dean would do this for me.
“Dean,” I whispered. No one had ever done such a thing for me.
“Before you say something, I just want to remind you, that I love you with all my heart and you’re the best thing that’s ever happened to me.” He said to me, with a slight blush to his cheeks.
I never saw this side of Dean, and I wish he let it out more because it was one of the most beautiful sights that this world can offer. At least my world anyway.
I ran up to him and hugged him tightly. I was so lucky to have him in my life and I don’t know what I did to deserve such a person that showed me so much love and respect.
“Dean, thank you so much,” I breathed into his chest as he held me close to him. I looked up at him and could see the warmness and happiness in his eyes as he looked down at me, and I’m sure mine mirrored his. “I love you so much,” I said, kissing his cheek.
The light rose tint to his cheeks returned once again as he smiled widely. “I’m glad you liked this idea,” he said, pointing towards everything while keeping a tight grip on my waist.
“Oh I love it Dean,” I said, lightly pecking his lips.
“And um, I have something else,” he muttered, almost seeming shy. I was glad that I had bought him something myself for this day, or else I would be feeling very guilty and empty handed.
He reached into this pocket and pulled out a small box. My heart skipped a beat as he opened the box and held a heart shaped locket in my sight. I had managed to not cry before, but now it was close to impossible.
“Dean…” I said, caressing his cheek. “There’s more,” he said, winking at me. He took the necklace in hand and opened the locket. Inside, was our first photo, fitted perfectly and staring back at me.
Inevitably, a tear rolled down my cheek as I once again held on to Dean for dear life. He held me back and I could feel his happiness radiating off of him. “Thank you,” I said, feeling awfully grateful for having him in my life. He quickly slipped the necklace around my neck and hugged me back while kissing my forehead.
“What do you say we eat that dinner in bed?” he said cheekily. I nodded at his idea and quickly got rid of my clothes, grabbed a shirt of his and jumped in bed. I smirked at him as he chuckled, while ridding himself of the suit and bringing the food on the bed. As soon as he was near me, I cuddled into his chest and sighed, thanking the gods above for being blessed by such a wonderful human being.

SPQR: Legion of Super-Heroes - 14

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He needed to ask about Hades. That was the main purpose of seeking Nico out again. He needed to ask about the mask in the painting. Every time he got close to bringing it up, he ended up rambling about everything else on his mind and it seemed too abrupt a segue. Truth be told, he didn’t want Nico to tense up and stop talking to him.

He’d been surprised to actually find Nico here. It was still a few days before classes started back up, and he’d ended up flying from The Principia to the Columbia campus the day after the meeting with Bianca Di Angelo to try to think through this without the influence of his teammates and friends.

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Don’t Worry

This is another one-shot that I had at first mentioned briefly in another post. This is going to hurt a lot of people including me and I’m the one writing this. 

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phiithatos  asked:

Prompt: "No place like home, No place like her" SasuSaku


“Thank you for staying until the house got fixed, Sasuke-kun.” Sakura Uchiha said with a smile as she looked at her husband.


Sakura’s green eyes drifted over to the other companion on the couch. Sarada had fallen asleep, her head laying softly against Sasuke’s shoulder. “I’m glad you got to see Sarada once more as well.”

There was a small hint of smile on Sasuke’s lips as his own eyes looked down at their daughter.

Even if it was short, Sakura was happy to know that Sarada was able to establish a more reliable bond with her father rather than just one with old pictures around the house.

“I just wished you could’ve said ‘hi’ to our old friends.” The pink-haired woman sighed.

Sasuke had been in Konoha for a while and he hardly left the house. 

Sasuke would’ve shrugged if Sarada hadn’t been laying on his shoulder, “I saw Ino and Chouji. I also met one of Sarada’s classmates.” That seemed good enough for him. He also had a run-in with Kakashi. It was a good reunion though it ended abruptly after Kakashi had slipped that Naruto’s daughter, Himawari, had managed to charm him into showing her his face.

After all the troubles the original Team 7 had gone through trying to see that man’s face –shadowing him for a whole day, trying to get him to eat ramen without appearing suspicious, dressing up as rogue ninja, and even plain out asking–, then to add insult to injury, Kakashi even had his face covered on the Hokage Monument. And the gray-haired man had the nerve to mention that a little girl managed to see it without trying?

Sasuke left Kakashi’s side without a word.

Sakura shot the man a look, “You met two of her classmates, Sasuke-kun.”

“Hm?” The Uchiha patriach feigned innocence.

Sakura crossed her arms, “Ino’s son, Inojin.”


Sakura rolled her eyes. “Kami,” she sighed. “He stopped by the other day asking if Sarada had any free time.”

“Oh. That person.” Sasuke replied uncaringly. He slammed the door in that pretty boy’s face after promptly telling him ‘No’. Like any boy would get close to his daugther, least of all the combined spawn of that wife-hogger (Ino) and that jerk with no filter on his mouth (Sai).

Sakura realized her attempts were futile. “Nevermind.” She clapped her hands together quietly. “I got you a present.” Her lips were pushed into a grin and she jumped off the couch before Sasuke could say anything.

She returned quickly, said present behind her back. “Tadah~” Sakura said as quietly as possible and she pulled it from its hiding place.

“A cell phone?” It was a sleek silver-blue flip phone, and dangling off of it were some charms of the Uchiha fan, a cherry blossom, and a tomato.

Sakura blushed a bit. “I figured that maybe you wouldn’t mind having it.” Her green eyes averted from his unnerving black. “And now that Sarada is getting to know you better, it would be best not to let that slip away. And it isn’t just my number in there. There’s Kakashi’s, and Yamato’s, and, um, and Naruto. You don’t have to call often either-” Sakura cut herself off when she felt a familiar poke on her forehead.

A more prominent smile decorated Sasuke’s face, amused at how flustered the pinkette was. “I’ll take the phone, Sakura.”

“I didn’t expect to hear from you so fast.” Sakura sounded flustered over the other line. It hadn’t been long since Sasuke left Konoha, it might’ve been an hour. 

“I’m about to eat the lunch you gave me.” Sasuke replied. He stared down at the Uchiha crest upon his bento. It being opened could wait until he was finished talking on the phone. 

He heard Sakura giggle, “You could’ve sent a text message for that.”


Sasuke could tell his wife was smiling, “But I’m glad you called.” Her voice was warm. “Is it that you already miss home?”

Home? Sasuke paused.

That was a word that felt like a rarity to him. Maybe because for the longest time he didn’t have a home. For Sasuke, home was something that had been taken away from him, from others and himself.

When Itachi had been forced to kill off their Clan.

When Sasuke decided to go rogue and join sides with Orochimaru in hopes of gaining more power.

Then when Sasuke killed Itachi, destroying any chance of regaining what was left of the family he lost.

But then there was Sakura. 

He remembered the time when he honestly didn’t like Sakura. Not only had she come off as an annoying fangirl, but he also looked down on her. She didn’t match-up with either him or Naruto when it came to strength and he doubted he would’ve ever exceeded the point they were at as genin. 

Then he left Konoha. But when he came back he saw that Sakura had grown, in both strength and character.

She hadn’t given up on him even when he took the darker path and she was determined to bring him back.

And then she did, all her own.

Sasuke eyed the Uchiha crest on his bento once more, and adjusting his phone to lay between his chin and shoulder, he opened it. 

[Come home soon Papa! Love Sarada & Mama]


Sasuke thought back to Sarada with her bright smile just like her mother’s. Then Sasuke remembered Sakura.


If someone were to have told Sasuke a long time ago that his future included a beautiful daughter and loving wife, he would’ve scoffed– maybe even killed the person for saying something so far-fetched.

But it did happen.

And Sakura was the one who made it all possible.

The raven-haired male took his phone back into his hand once more. “Sa–!”

“Sasuke-kun?” Sakura sounded worried.

Home was more than just a physical place now. And it was because of Sakura. Home was her; home was them.

“Thank you for everything… Anata.”