i'm glad i can now

ocean man, take me by the hand lead me to the land,

Cause you are my best friend 
And you are where my heart is 
And I know at the day’s end 
I get to come home to you

first official Critical Role art, here we go!

if you aren’t following my personal blog, you probably don’t know that I’ve been mildly obsessing over watching this show since may 2016 (and have been “almost caught up” since like december, but they keep airing new episodes). it just took me this long to post art of it because headcanons are hard, man :0 these are still subject to change, and I may have forgotten some canon details, but it felt good to be able to do some art again!


2x15 | A Problem With Memory | Promotional Photos

haha we’re all dead inside

McGee: You ever going to get a new car?
Tony: Well, firstly, I never buy new cars. Secondly, I need something that ignites my passions.

It’s like a woman. I need to be in love before I commit.

McGee: You’ve never committed to a woman!


(gif from alyssinmymind - go to her tumblr, her gifs are awesome.)

I think I’d be pretty fine with Yousana’s story finishing that way, if the clip had been packed with girl squad things, or something else related to Sana like her family, Elias, Jamilla, SOMETHING.

But they used up a good 5 minutes on the love square nonsense and that’s what made me feel so furious. Those five minutes could have been spent on Sana bonding with her mom and dad, or maybe her bonding with Vilde, who finally celebrated Sana’s culture for once, instead of judging it.

I know that this episode had to tie all the loose ends, but adding scenes that could have easily been replaced with crucial or heartwarming moments between Sana and some person of colour makes my heater ache.

It shouldn’t be this hard to make a women of colour the centre of a story dammit.

well, that about wraps it up for Brotzly Week!

(unless you’re doing the bonus day, which i unfortunately can’t as i don’t have any wips close enough to being post-ready!)

let’s give a big hand to the @brotzlyweek mods for setting all this up, eh??? Nice one guys! I always love seeing content explosions and it was hella fun to contribute! 

and hats off to everyone who wrote, drew, edited etc, it’s been amazing seeing what everyone’s come up with! extra EXTRA hats off if you’ve been doing it alongside other work/life/school/big bang commitments, too! (and yes, i am including myself in that because dammit i’ve worked hard and i deserve a pat on the back fight me)

i wrote a ficlet for every day which were actually all part of the same universe (EVERYTHING IS CONNECTED, Y’ALL). The series in the order that it was posted is right here on Ao3, but if you wanna read the stories in CHRONOLOGICAL order (i.e. the order they actually take place within the universe) it’s something like:

1. You Have Arms. I Have Arms. What A Coinky-Dink (Day 1)

2. Of All The Worlds In All The Universes In All Reality, You Walk Into Mine (Day 6)

3. I May Wear My Heart On My Sleeve- But Joke’s On You, It’s Your Sleeve Now (Day 2)

4: Maybe This Won’t Last Very Long (But You Feel So Right, And I Could Be Wrong) (Day 7)

5: My Mind Is My Own Worst Enemy; It Keeps Trying To Convince Me That You Are (Day 5)

6: I Put The ‘Ugh’ In Laughter (Day 4)

7: You Are My Gravity- Every Day I Fall Harder (Day 3)

personally i think both reading orders have their merits, so take your pick- or do both, if you think any of these are worth a second read! XD huge HUGE thanks to everyone who’s read, reblogged, commented etc- you’re all fricken swell and you’ve made this one heck of a fun week! I’m glad we could all come together and celebrate this wonderful pairing together! ^_^

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hi i just went thru your cooper x audrey and now i want to Die they are so perfect for eachother

me: i’m not getting my hopes up for them in the revival

also me: IT’S 2017 IT’S 

                                       T I M E