i'm giving up on life bye

it’s so fun to go from watching a phil liveshow which is basically ‘guys look at this new thing oh i saw this animal the other day and this happened also let’s talk about my clothes and fun things’ to dan’s liveshows which are ‘all of you shut up i’ve got something really–oh yeah also i need to talk about phil for a few minutes–anyway *gives great life advice* you’re all terrible and we’re all gonna die ily bye’

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(Yeah that's what I mean sorry) ITS BECAUSE Auguste is always outgoing and chill, but if you mess up with his little brother bye. I'm not creative so I can't give you ideas, but I think it would also depend if we are talking about Laurent being shy about his romantic life with his brother or if he would also be the shameless man he is with others. And once I red hc about Auguste being problematic? But I can totally imagine Auguste seeing Damen and Laurent making out or something and screeching

asdfghjk this is all just too amusing for me. my latest obsession has been auguste being like “back tf off” when it comes to damen courting laurent so i can totally see him walking in on damen pressing laurent against a wall and just straight up throwing a pitcher at damen’s head. and my hc is that auguste would always tell smaurent about the girls he liked and gay little laurent would be like “brother ew stop” and now laurent loves to over share and auguste is like i DONT WANT TO HEAR IT

I'm really sorry for this...

But I can’t continue running this blog anymore. 

That work that I thought would just be one project every once in a while has become an actual full time job, one which really requires I work a lot of hours a day. I’m still not paid enough to use those money for the game tho, so I don’t think I’ll be able to keep up with the pace of the events. Soooo…
I really tried my best during these last weeks and I thought that these last days would be a perfect test to see if I could do this without shards just by doing things between breaks. And it went pretty bad. (And I had to use all of the shards I had left at the end to get Carnage’s cage cause I really wanted to have it.) 
As in I really couldn’t keep up with the game, the job and the blog without giving up some sleep (and even then I didn’t have enough time to answer asks anymore). Which is not good for my health right now, so I had to choose what was best for me and give up on this blog even tho I was still enjoying running it.
The blog will still be here, so if anyone wants to see screenshots from older events they have a place where they can find them all, but I won’t be posting anymore nor answering asks. 

These 5 months that I’ve been running this blog have been nice and stressful, but I really feel like they were quite a lot of fun and really useful. I have never written so much in English and some of you gave me big boost of confidence about my ability with the language. (I still think I’m pretty bad, but at least I feel like I could have a conversation with someone without making a total fool out of myself.)
So I really wanted to say THANK YOU to everyone of you that helped me in any way during this journey. I really wish I could keep doing this, but I guess once again real life is more important, even more so when I’m actually doing a job that I dreamt of doing for a long time.

I guess this is a goodbye, then… Keep enjoying the game, guys!

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Adrien was so exhausted.

His whole day was a mess. Arguing with his father, two akumas in a row, Chloé being mean to his Princess as always, and also a massive schedule for the day: Fencing, Piano and a summer photoshoot.


So. Fucking. Tired.

After a cold shower, Adrien didn’t even bother to brush his hair. He just dressed up with some random clothes and transformed, jumping from roof to roof ‘till he was at his Princess’s balcony.

When he dropped in her balcony, he knocked three times on the trapdoor. She screamed:

— Chat, I’m a little busy in there! Just get in, Chaton. — she said.

The cat opened it, too tired to say something. He just dropped in her bed, closing his eyes and sleeping silently. When Marinette got out of the bathroom, after drying her hair, she didn’t see her Kitty anywhere.

— Chat? Where are you? Today, mom made a lot of chocolate chip cookies and dad made quiche. I think you would like to eat before sleeping, you know. — the bluenette said.

She didn’t find him anywhere. Indeed, she heard him opening the trapdoor. Maybe, he was in her bed.

She checked, then saw the stray sleeping in her bed, still transformed. Biting her lower lip, she knew it. He was exhausted, and she knew why.

Two akumas. Gabriel being an asshole. Fencing, Piano and a photoshoot. You can’t blame her, she still had his schedule.

Poking him, she started to get impatient. Then, she kissed his nose, waiting for the flirt-monster.

Suddenly, she felt his cheeks heaten up. He woke up jumping back, like a scared cat.

— Good morning, Kitty. How are you feeling? — Marinette said, approaching the cat.

— M… Morning, Princess! — the hero said, laughing awkwardly — Uh… Is it morning already? I’m so tired, My Lady.

Marinette laughed, kissing his cheek and touching his forehead with hers.

— Silly Kitty. I was drying my hair! Wanna eat something? Dad made quiche today.

Chat just yawned, closing his eyes for some seconds and opening again.

— I’m just sooo, so tiiired, My Lady, but i would love to. — Chat said, releasing his transformation a few seconds after that.

— Come on, Agreste. You need to eat something! And then, we could play games, and… — she was cut off by a long groan coming from her partner. Huffing, she just covered him with her fluffy blanket and walked downstairs, to catch some movies, games and food. She knew Adrien very well because of the two years of their partnership, and she knew that he loved her parents’s food. She also knew that he was planning to quit modeling for a long time and probably this is why he argued with his father.

She knew when that happened. He would always come to her trapdoor, knock three times and fall asleep in her bed. And she would always give him food, play games with him and cuddles.

Lots of cuddles.

And sweetness between the two of them.

When she got upstairs again, she just turned the computer on and put everything on her table, walking in her Kitty’s direction with a smirk.

Kissing his neck, she watched as he turned into a red mess, moaning to her. And she always liked that.

— Wake up, My Kitty. Eat something, then, we can sleep. I promise. And tomorrow, we can watch some movies. Just call Nathalie later, okay?

They ate everything together(mostly Adrien), then, got to bed. With legs tangled and lots of kisses, they were relaxing. Marinette was teasing her boyfriend so much. Leaving hickeys on his neck, kissing him with passion, sharing caresses…

But he was almost too tired to it.

At morning, Adrien was still undressed and asleep, embracing Marinette and moaning random things. He always did that.

When Marinette got up, she had do get out of his arms, giving a peck on his lips before she dressed up and got downstairs, making some hot chocolate — she knew he liked it — and getting some croissants from the fridge. Then, she got up and started tickling him till he woke up. He smiled, smelling the food.

— I’m so lucky to have a baker’s daughter as girlfriend. — he grinned, slightly opening his eyes before yawning — Good morning, M'Lady.

— Don’t forget I’m a hero. — she said, smiling — And you, Mr. Black Cat, has got tons of fangirls all around France.

— You’ve got fanboys.

— Well, I guess we’re even.

Adrien got up, using some pink pajamas pants.

— Yes, My Lady. We are even. — he said, embracing her and giving a peck on her cheek.

— I love you, Minou.

— I love you too, Princess.


Stranger Things Appreciation Month~Day 9: Stranger Things + Food

I hope you’re enjoying your chicken Ted. 

@shesavedus I know why you do it. I’m never gonna stop now.

but think about (young) aedion ashryver:

  • getting the news of how the king of terrasen was murdered along with his family and having his heart broken for aelin
  • hearing that they found all the dead bodies except for hers and struggling to find her himself
  • sneaking at every chance he gets to investigate possible tracks of her or where she went and never giving up until he has ran out of ideas and his body is covered with dirt (from all those caves)
  • getting discouraged by everyone saying she’s done for
  • overhearing how the throne is vacant now that there’s no true heir and picking a fight with everyone over it
  • holding on the thought of aelin’s return all those years until he found an opportunity to get himself into the king of adarlan’s force
  • risking his life and his absolute everything to the sole thought of aelin somehow - oh dear, just somehow returning without even the assurance that she’s even alive
  • generally being devoted to his cousin, his queen all those years
  • getting the news that she’s alive and she’s well and she’s a proper woman and being ecstatic to the fact that she’s alive and he can finally see her
  • and then giving up his chance to meet her - after all those years - so chaol can escape 
Selena Gomez {Sentence Starters}
  • "Everybody tells me I don't know what I'm doing."
  • "You might be right, but I don't care."
  • "I'm missing you so much."
  • "You made me insecure. Told me I wasn't good enough."
  • "I just wanna look good for you."
  • "How's anyone supposed to be there for you?"
  • "I was changing, arranging my life to fit your lies."
  • "It might be everything I've waited for."
  • "I'm sorry for changing. I'm sorry it had to be this way."
  • "Take a leap in faith and hope you fly."
  • "You walk and talk like you're some new sensation!"
  • "Maybe I'll even laugh about it someday."
  • "But, I won't apologize for who I am."
  • "I don't need you anymore. I'm sorry."
  • "I just wanna feel your body right next to mine."
  • "I'm better off without you. I don't miss you at all."
  • "I guess this is good-bye and good luck."
  • "This love will be the death of me."
  • "My world is an empty place."
  • "There's a million reasons why I should give you up."
  • "I'm not too shy to show I love you."
  • "It's a world of wonder with you in my life."
  • "Let me show you how proud I am to be yours."
  • "Who says you're not perfect? Who says you're not worth it?"
  • "And I love the way you know who you are."
  • "When you're ready, come and get it!"
  • "There's no way to describe what you do to me."
  • "I'm never going to amount too much."
  • "A day without you is like a year without rain."
  • "When you look in my eyes, it takes my breath away."
  • "Everybody tells me that it's wrong what I'm feeling!"
  • "It's like the ground is crumbling underneath my feet."
  • "I know I'm going to get there someday."
  • "Don't know how I'll survive."
  • "Show me how you make your first impression."

okay I’m gonna be real honest here and I’ll probably lose some followers and people will shit on me but here I go. Can people PLEASE stop praising zayn for being a dick to people he loved??? like are y'all really so nasty that you’re gonna be saying hallelujah when he broke off his engagement of two years… The same girl who he seemed so in love with, that he has tattooed on his arm?? No matter who you are ending a relationship of that long is hard and sad and the fact that he did it and got over it so easily should be worrisome. And I know I was there dragging naughtys ass to the ground too and regardless of the way he treated or used zayn he was a friend to him for a long time and for zayn to just dump his ass and feel all high and mighty like that should we really be applauding that? and don’t get me started on the things he’s said about “real music” and how his 4 years with the boys didn’t “feel real” because not only was he belittling his time with the boys and our mutual support for each other, he’s eliminating any happy emotion he felt in those four years. His lines in this is us weren’t scripted he genuinely loved the boys and that band. So why the arrogance now? Why the selfishness? Why suddenly becoming a dick to everyone he knows and loves? Why would this kid who we knew as the shy and kindhearted one, the one who auditioned for the xfactor to give back to his family, why all of a sudden is he turning on everyone- retweeting that tweet about little mix, bashing Louis and naughty? Shouldn’t we be concerned maybe even a little- Instead of kissing his ass and high fiving him for shitting on those who loved him? He’ll always be apart of my life and I will always love him but I won’t sit here with the rest of yalll and be all “yes zaddy!” while he’s tearing apart the relationships that meant the most and setting himself up to take this all on alone lol bye.

So in the same episode where the spirit of a woman recalled her love of a man who couldn’t love her back completely because he was so bound to his work that he was unwilling to settle down, we also get Dean confessing to wanting to experience certain people and things differently than he ever has, that he wants more than he’s ever allowed himself, that he wants to fall in love.

He can’t quite comprehend living one life and then giving it all up for another, but being bound by this duty, by this life, is what has always held Dean back from truly experiencing a life of his own. It’s why he was more in love with the idea of Lisa than he was with her, because that entire year he was with her, he never completely let go.

And this duty is what holds Dean back from love. Just as the artist was bound to his work, Dean is bound to being a hunter, to living by the blade and dying by it. He says he always believed that’s how he would go out, at the end of a blade or the barrel of a gun, but death is licking at his heels now and there is so very much he still has left to do. So much he has left to feel.

If it is duty, a mission, a life of dedication to one thing and one thing alone that prevents Dean from loving, from feeling love, just as it did the artist, I wonder how Dean would react were a certain someone to confess their love to him after all this time. Would he finally see that he is permitted to break the chains of his life, to return that love, to know what it means to feel something other than hopelessness and fear?

I would try and wrap this up with something articulate and profound, but I’m still trying to fully process that we got a straight up canon confession from Dean that he has people in his life he wants to experience differently. Dean Winchester is bisexual as hell and I’ll give you exactly one guess as to who that person could possibly be bye.

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thank you so much!!! ;v; i really wish to see that sort of hairstyle on him in canon / official merch;;; 3rd year yams tying his hair up in a half ponytail gives me life

The signs as No Control and 18 LIVE reactions
  • gemini: omg so happy! Finally! I'm so proud:)
  • virgo: yeah cool but LOUIS IS MY SON
  • scorpio: BRO TIE ME UP AND FUCK ME
  • sagittarius: this is it. This is the day. GOOD BYE
  • aquarius: YEAH BUT WHERE IS ZAYN
  • pisces: I DONT KNOW WHAt to feel right now i could cry

…all these little ronnie radke fangirls sticking up for ronnie’s anti-abortion tweet……hahah… like for real you’re a woman have some respect for yourself..that came from a man that’s seen his daughter maybe 10 times in her life if it came down to it and he was the one who had to birth her don’t act like he ACTUALLY would have. he’s not one to put himself into others shoes because he’s too busy giving his opinion on the brand bye

"When is it okay to remove my ex on facebook? She was awful and cheated, and now it's over a year later, and I don't like my profile being open to people that aren't a part of my life. My list is small and personal. Is it weird or bad to delete her or will she think I'm not over her or something?"

- Question submitted by Anonymous

Dannielle Says: 

Why do you give a single eff about what she thinks? 

You don’t want her in your life, she sucks, it’s over, bye. You know? 

I, personally, never delete anyone from social media bc even though someone has broken my heart or pissed me off or let me down, I still care about them. I don’t check up on them all the time, I’ll take them out of my main news feed, etc. But I don’t ever want someone to think I want to erase them from my life because they hurt me, or made me angry, or let me down. Once I’ve loved someone, they’re a part of me. 

HOWEVER, if you DON’T want her in your life, if she DOESN’T make you feel good, if you DON’T care about what she thinks, and you DON’T want her to know what you’re up to, DELETE HER. What does it matter if she thinks you’re still not over her? You are. Who cares. Bye exgf! 

Kristin Says:

Yea – if the only reason you are keeping her in your list of “friends” is because you are worried about what she will think, it is time to say BUHBYE ADIOS CIAOBELLA SAYONARA TATA aka *clicks finger on ‘delete’ button*

You’re position makes complete sense. Your list is small, she isn’t in your life anymore, she isn’t someone you consider (or want to consider) a close friend, the end.

To all of you ex-gfs out there: if your ex deletes you from social media, it may likely not be about you… it may be about them making positive, healthy decisions about what they do and/or don’t want in their brain-space. 

Now, why don’t we all collectively press play on 'Since U Been Gone’.

*dance party*


Please be wary of a new super virus that’s sweeping the globe. “Minionism” is a highly contagious disease that comes from close proximity to Minion related merchandise, infected small children and defeated cinema workers. The illness gives the sufferer terrifying inflated eyes and reduces their ability to speak English coherently. Or be funny ever again. They are NEVER funny.