i'm giving her a chance


vicbert appreciation week: day seven - overall favorite moment

#when bae has this big speech to give and he wants you there #but you don’t go ‘cause it’s his moment to shine and you don’t wanna steal the spotlight

When Haki becomes queen she’ll have to step down from her position as head of the Lyrias academy district. Do you think that after (or before) Shirayuki convinces the northern nobles to plant Olin Maris, Haki will offer her position to Shirayuki?

       katniss looked around desperately, searching for something, ANYTHING familiar to show her that she was still in the arena.    what place is this?? ❜  she almost whispered, body shaking lightly; there was only one possibility that made sense, but it couldn’t be— she only fell asleep for a few minutes, it wasn’t enough time for that to happen.   a-am i dead?? but… no, no, that’s IMPOSSIBLE. please tell me i’m not dead.   the girl felt tears rolling down her cheeks, but it didn’t bother her. she failed, and now prim was going to die because of her.


You want to quit all this and run?

I could probably gush about Hilda for six years i love her s o much