i'm giggling

Jinyoung: I’d like to promote with my real name from now on.

JYP: That’s fine. Junior wasn’t all that great anyways.

Jaebum: I’d also like to promote with my real—

JYP: Keep it JB. Your name hits too close to Jay Park.

YoungK: I’d like to promote as YoungK. *happy af cause he actually likes his stage name*

JYP: That’s great, Brian.


“If you want to be happy, start loving yourself.” - bro-mantic

if there were feelings like that, I think it’s because he doesn’t quite understand those feelings and he might say the wrong thing or be shy to make a move in either direction. I don’t think he’s like "hey beth, come here”. he’s more like “hey, I might like you, I don’t know, maybe. I don’t know if I’m doing this right or not doing this right.

Norman Reedus, on Daryl’s possible crush on Beth

aka cutest description of Daryl’s feelings toward Beth, ever. 

With the realization that I will be absent from my laptop and the internet for a whole week (Bahamas, baby! X-) ) I have decided to submit two pictures this week. One tonight and the other I shall submit tomorrow night. 

This one is titled “Payback” simply because Raph is taking revenge from this picture I submitted a while back. If you care to see it, here’s the one on my DA Account - HERE – Far too lazy to dig through tumblr to find the link…. 

Love picturing Raph tackling and tickling April’s sides and neck and her just squirming, and grabbing his hands in a desperate attempt to stop him but sadly, to no avail. Powerless to stop his hands and fingers from the most brutal tickling she’d ever experienced and most likely to appease him to stop by begging and promising him various food stuffs. It’s not until she agrees to supply his favorite pizza once a week for a year does he stop his torture.