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God could you imagine how Iggy would feel when presented with a harem? Because now I am. I'm torn between the Iggy that would be like "hell yeah of course I'm hot shit" and the Iggy that would be all flustered but flattered as hell by all the attention.

As much as I so wanna go right along with the sex god!Ignis HC, I know good and goddamn well how Ignis would actually react to all the thirsty hoes clamoring after his dick:

(Default gif for shell-shocked Ignis btw)

Ignis: …I don’t understand why all of these people want to-


Crowd: *cheers in agreement and thirst*

Ignis: …by the Six… *fiddles with his glasses nervously, a bright blush forming on his cheeks* What… these people don’t even know me.

Me: yes, they do. They’ve watched your every move. They’ve created HCs about what they couldn’t see. They’ve drawn pictures of you in outfits you probably don’t own… well, idk, do you happen to own a set of garters and pantyhose? Asking for a friend.

Ignis: *chokes* I beg your pardon?

Me: Yeah you were begging for something else in this one fic… anyway, so, go say hi to all of your adoring fans *pushes him closer to the edge of the stage where the crowd surges forward*

Ignis: *digs in his heels* Oh no, this couldn’t possibly be- you’re presenting me to a hoarde of people who want to… they want to…

Me: …fuck you, yes. You know, Gladio took to this a lot better, and Prompto is busy taking panoramic shots with his group and helping them figure out which Snapchat filters are best

Ignis: *full sarcastic snark mode on* Oh, right, I suppose you just expect me to discuss new recipes with the masses as they unrepentantly oogle my rear end, I gather.

Me: *forcibly diverts gaze from his ass* Huh?

Ignis: *rolls his eyes* And how is Noct doing with his harem?

Me: Uhhh… he was playing a nice game of “the crowd is lava” by warping to a high point on a wall and just hanging there until his arm gets tired before switching sides, last I checked.

Ignis: … so in other words, he’s terrified. I should go to him and get us both out of such untenable circumst-


Crowd: *SCREAMS*

Ignis: … *swallows*

Me: you can’t win. Don’t even try.


- Your feelings, your fears, your anger. You must learn to control them, focus them, concentrate them, and release them.

- As therapy?

- No, as firepower!

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this is random but i love when tom says the word "but" because of his accent. it sounds like "buttah" it's just the cutest and yes i'm weak for it

tom has such recognizable accent you can literally hear his voice every time you read a tom gif and you can easily imagine him saying anything….. i was trying to imagine him saying some pointless shit like “I like bumble bees…. they are scary…. but they’re your friendly neighbourhood bugs that keep mother nature alive….. so save the bees” and yeah i totally did it without breaking a sweat

I’m so goddamn stupid! I just realized that the little Giant is what kagehina’s love child will look like! Or is kagehina’s love child! Hes got Hinata’s looks, hairstyle, height, and enthusiasm plus kageyama’s hair, eye color and death glare. Okay maybe he does look a little like kageyama too!

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Suicide Squad’s cast ♦ Jared Leto Imagine

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I’ve been on tumblr for five years now and I still have no clue who the fuck makes up all these ‘tv tropes’ for their gifs. 

Every time it just feels like random words thrown together and people gobble that shit up. 

There could be a post with some purple shit on it and the word ‘ Jumbo ‘ on it and then at the bottom put ‘ Purple tv tropes’ and it’ll get like 11k notes. 

It cracks me the fuck up.


That night in the school, I felt utterly weak, like I needed someone to come in and rescue me. I hate that feeling. I wanna feel stronger than that. I wanna feel p o w e r f u l.

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this is a completely random comment, but the gif you have of bucky for your buckytrashnet post kinda looks like he's asking 'Do I have a wife?' really fast, and now i'm really sad because can you imagine if he did? Like having this amazing relationship with this guy who showed up out of nowhere and coming home one day and he's just gone? and then like twenty years later and your kid's all grown up and 'mom holy shit dad's on tv'


like imagine they just married and she was gone for the day to buy a pregnancy test (did they had them already in the 40′s?) or go to the doctor or whatever and she just found out that she is actually pregnant with the child of James Buchanan “Bucky” Barnes and so excited to tell him because she knows he’ll be so happy because having a family with her is all he ever wanted and she comes home and he’s gone. 

And later they tell her he died and she is heartbroken and all and the only thing that keeps her going, keeps her alive is this baby growing inside of her and then 20 years later the kid sees Bucky on tv as the Winter Soldier and while the kid is all like “OH MY GOD WHO IS THAT” she recognizes him immediately and starts sobbing like this can’t be real this can’t be happening.

And all her life she keeps looking for him. She collects every newspaper article about the Winter Soldier. She follows every hint and everything and knows, she just knows that something horrible must have happened to him because this is not the Bucky she knew. This is not the Bucky she loved and married but still she is so very in love with him. And in the end she dies, still heartbroken that her Bucky is gone but at the same time happy because she knows he is still out there and she knows that Steve is still out there and that Steve will get the old Bucky back eventually and maybe Steve’s going to introduce him to his only child and gives Bucky the family he always wanted