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one of the greatest things about homeschooling is having quick and steady access to a kitchen full of snacks and i would just like to thank jesus for this blessing 

Sonic headcanon: Food headcanon

Due to their personality and lifestyles, the Sonic characters have different preferences in their food choices and favorites:

  • Sonic - Chili-dogs, of course. As far as cooking, he’s a “microwave” guy; likes foods that are fast and instant to make, like ramen, or getting take-out. Dislikes seafood and fish (barring sushi).
  • Tails - Is fine with whipping up easy-to-make foods stuff like PB&J and sandwiches. Isn’t really picky. Often has his food delivered, since he’s spends a lot of time in his workshop. Has a horrible sweet-tooth, particularly for mint candy, [chocolate-chunk] cookies, and pastries in general. Has an interest in food science; like Gastronomy cooking.
  • Knuckles - A “live off the land/harvest” kinda guy, due to his history as an isolated guardian. Likes fruits, especially grapes.
  • Amy - Similarly to Tails, she likes sweets. Pancakes with syrup and ice cream being big favorites; though she’s not too much into junk food (watching her figure and wanting to look presentable). She considers cooking and baking to be an art. (Makes some pretty good cookies!)
  • Sticks - Like Knuckles, she “lives off the land” as well. Pretty good with obtaining meats and seasoning, being a skilled hunter.
  • Dr. Eggman - Egg-based foods, natch. Sub-sandwiches. Generally nothing with a lot of cholesterol in it, he’s watching it (and his weight). Oh, and ham. EVIL ham.
  • Big - Likes ‘dem fishes! (Also lives off the land.)
  • Cream - She and her mom are grazers; they prefer plant-based foods and healthy snacks overall. (No meats!) Shares Amy’s love of ice cream and baked goods.
  • Cheese - ♬ Lovely buncha coconuts~ ♬
  • Rouge - Fine cuisine. Nothing with a lot of carbs in it. (Like Amy, she’s watching her figure. Also, being a GUN agent she has to be in top shape.)
  • Shadow - No huge perferences. Since he’s immortal, he isn’t picky about food. Can go longer periods of time than most without eating. Has a secret sweet-tooth.
  • Vector - “Meaty” guy. Big eater. Coffee. (Also likes gum and sports drinks.)
  • Espio - Calming foods. Likes tea. Herbs. If other options aren’t available, he’s fine with take-out too. (especially if money’s low). Secret sweet-aholic. (Sneaks them every now and then.)
  • Charmy - Honey! Honey! Honey! Anything with honey! (And sugar; Vector and Espio generally try to monitor this.)
  • Silver - Has no notable huge perferences. (He’s more likely to share or give up his food to someone more in need.)
  • Blaze - Like Espio, calming foods and tea. (Secret spicy food addict)

Well then, my week has changed!

We’re due to get a blizzard on Tuesday (12 inches or more expected last I heard), so I figured I’d be calling out of work that day because my itty bitty baby Ford Focus can’t handle snow, and I have to go out to my farthest store, which is a good 30-40 minutes away and all back roads.  Bad combination.

I just got an email from the boss saying work’s been cancelled Monday AND Tuesday.

So.  Damn!  Looks like I’ve got all the free time I could want to work on my Patreon stuff.  AND I just picked up a little commission tonight, which means I can buy some groceries too!  After having such a rough day, this is the best way to end my night.  :D

“I guess when you want to play her, you’ll just have to play her here,” Adrien joked, trying and failing to bring his pulse back down.

She snorted. “Every time I want to play her?”

“Every time,” he assured her, and tried to sound less serious than he felt about that.

“You’d get sick of me so fast,” she said, flicking through pages of stage selections with her tongue caught in her teeth.

As if.

“Try me.”

She looked away from the screen to fix him with a challenging grin. “Maybe I will.”

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Do you even do anything at work? You're always on tumblr.

If you do everything you’re supposed to do in three days because your anxiety makes you feel like a two week deadline is actually due in five hours so you work through the night for no real reason other than your anxiety making you think that you have to get this done Now which gives you nothing to do when you’re actually at work then you too will be on tumblr during office hours. Plus like. I work fast.



Is Dom ready for the snow-covered road?

Quick, gritty and agile. Letty’s car fits her like a glove.

Roman is all about speed and always rolls in style.

Good luck getting through Tej. His Ripsaw is ready for all-terrain combat.

Hobbs is a force. His car must be the same.

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Vader + smol Luke sleeping next o him, hugging his tabard maybe

It had been a sort of ritual for them for years now; if Luke couldn’t sleep, or if he had a bad dream, he would nudge at Vader through the bond, seeking an invitation to come to him, even though he never really needed permission; when Vader welcomed him, as he always did, he would slip out of bed and pad down the hall, usually finding his father in his office reading reports, or in his hyberbaric chamber, doing the same.

When and wherever Luke found him, he would climb into Vader’s lap and lean into the armored chest, sometimes tightly grasping a fistful of his tabard if a dream had been particularly upsetting; he would sit and listen to Vader’s measured breathing - it had always seemed to comfort the child - and slowly but surely fall asleep.

Luke was almost ten, and Vader knew he would be growing out of such behavior soon, but he secretly hoped that it wouldn’t be for another year yet; and no matter what, he was determined to make sure his son knew that he would never be judged or spurned for seeking comfort from his father, no matter how old he was.


I had to google what a tabard is, and in doing so I found this image; it’s… safe for work, but very strange

I’ll write you a three-sentence fic!

We can get through the daytime without a single black thought. But as soon as our heads hit the pillow and the lights go out, our minds are quickly consumed by the darkness.

When we open our eyes the next morning we feel the same way we had the day before.


But every time we open our eyes after a night of darkness, a bit more of our light has slipped away from us. I can’t help but think that someday all the light will be gone.

So tell me… How do you live without light?

—  You don’t.

summary: she just needs to figure out where to put her arms. jerza.
rating: k+ – involves hugs and kisses
also: on fanfiction
notes: for Jerza Week 2016: prompt embrace. (of course, even when I get the prompts with plenty of time, i still fail to pull through.)


When he falls, he falls hard and fast and right into her arms.

“Agh!” he yells, throwing up his arms to reduce his impact. However, nothing is really going to help stop Jellal—who decided to throw himself off into the air at the highest point of his swing to see how far he can fly—and Erza—who just happens to be at exactly where ‘how far he could fly’ is—from colliding into each other.

And so the physics happen and so as fate would also have it, Erza gets a full dose of Jellal recess break that day at school.

“I’m sorry!” he apologizes, quickly pulling himself up. “Are you okay?”

He’s also quick to take her hand and help her up, but she picks herself up onto her feet.

“I’m fine,” she tells him, brushing dirt and bits of weird playground stuff off her. 

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to anyone who has a problem with tyler/caroline being labeled as “best friends” by some people:

  • they became really close after bonding through their first supernatural experiences
  • caroline opened up to tyler about her first kill because she felt comfortable with tyler
  • (because tyler “gets it” & understands her)
  • tyler gave caroline a space that she was free to be herself in
  • “Tyler has been such a strong core in Caroline accepting who she is. Tyler was the first person to accept Caroline for who she was and allowed her to blossom.” -Candice Accola
  • caroline helped tyler through all his werewolf transformations because she empathized with him. she didn’t want him to go through the same thing she went through & she didn’t want him to be alone.
  • tyler fell for caroline, but after she told him no he backed off and they continued to be friends for months before they got together
  • even when they were together they were still friends? just because they were romantically involved at that point doesn’t erase their friendship lol. their friendship continued through their romantic relationship.
  • tyler comforted her after her break up with matt, after her dad tortured her, etc.
  • caroline comforted tyler through his transformations, after his mom died, etc.
  • they were literally a source of constant support to each other before & during their relationship (or at least whenever tyler wasn’t forced off screen)
  • they continuously protected each other, often putting their own safety or agency on the line in the process
  • they were genuinely so happy in each other’s company

in conclusion, tyler & caroline were best friends. fight me.


Something I did not notice the first time I watched Utena: the dead Black Rose duelists before they’re thrown into the furnace after Utena wins each duel.  The coffins close into the wall too fast to see unless you pause in the right place.  (Keiko doesn’t get a shot like this for some reason.)


Hello fellow Voltron fandom!

Since my selfie post got some notes yesterday, I figured I’d make a better post about these shirts in case anyone else was interested in buying one!!

The designs are by @pandyapparel​ and ordered through Artscow! She was also really nice to supply some coupon codes on her original post so I was able to get two crop tops for $15 + free shipping!

The quality and fit of the shirts are excellent as well as super fast shipping considering the printing process and shipping internationally, so I couldn’t be happier!


(grumpy cat and my piece of shit dorito boyfriend)

Now go forth and let’s form Voltron! <3 


Hello friends!!! Its that time again.. here’s my favorite fics I’ve read this week. Enjoy!

the world was on fire (and no one could save me but you) by crookedlove 3k:

Harry is stressed and burnt out, and Louis is a thoughtful fiancé. They take a bath and it gets really sappy really fast.

Fake Tears and Garlic Bread by loueas 7.5k:

Louis is fed up of having to pay for his food and decides to pretend he has been stood up by his “date” in order to blag himself a free meal, Harry is the clueless romantic dragged into the equation, Zayn and Liam think Louis is an idiot, and Niall just really loves garlic bread.

Baby I’m Hypnotized by You by hickeystyles 14k:

Hypnotist AU where Louis and Harry are best friends and Harry moans out Louis’ name on stage at a hypnotist show and Harry doesn’t remember anything afterwards. Louis promptly has a nervous breakdown. Harry is oblivious.

we’ve people to see (let’s put ‘em on hold) by smoothniallsmooth 6.5k:

 the one where louis has a bad morning but spends an entire ten minutes pressed against harry in a crowded subway train. it doesn’t turn out so bad.

Faking It by TheCellarDoor 46k:

Harry pretends to date his best friend to escape unwanted attention from a too insistent classmate and hopes it won’t blow up in his face. Featuring embarrassing dildo accidents, awkward boners, longing, first times, late night conversations, emotional discoveries and Niall as the exasperated friend with bad advice.

Okay, so I get why people are disappointed and pissed off over Hallow’s pacing so far. They are going very fast - too fast, in my opinion. But I think I know why. 

DGM Hallow was marketed from the start as the Alma Karma arc, but they only have 13 episodes to squeeze all that content in. They’re rushing to get to the “important” part.

That really sucks for the fans (myself included) who like the Phantom Thief G arc and other arcs preceding Alma Karma. But I’m thinking once they reach the Alma arc, the pace will slow down and things will improve.

Stay positive, everybody. It’s okay to be disappointed and upset, but keep the faith. It ain’t over till it’s over!

It’s almost been half a year. Half. A. Year. Let me just ASDFGHJKL WHAT EVEN IS TIME. Anyway, I hope you all have another great month, and for those going through exams or anything that stresses you out; you’ll get through it, and take time to relax, you all deserve it :)