i'm getting so tired of losing people

How to tell that it's getting bad again:

- I sleep to much or not at all
-I eat too much or too little
-I sound disinterested in everything
-Be spaced out a lot
- I will ramble a lot or not talk at all
-I lose track of time
- I make cynical comments, usually about myself
-I push people away
-I tend to rub my eyes and head a lot
-I avoid eye contact
-I am always shakey
-I will avoid certain conversations

im sorry im really salty right now but i have to go on a gd rant bc im????

  • this fandom is so violently against thinking outside the lovesquare it’s crazy. go through every ship you can think of, count the amount of content in the tags for each, and then come back to me if you don’t believe me
  • like first off let’s start with the f/f ships
    • by far the most popular two are julerose and chlolya, a.k.a. ships that don’t include mari and don’t mess with the lovesquare
    • and before you pull the whole “oh but their dynamic is better”
    • chlonette and chlolya are both rivals to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is chlolya more popular?
    • alyanette and julerose are both friends to lovers ships in their simplest form. so why is julerose more popular?
    • it takes clawing through alyanette, chlonette, lilanette, etc. tags to find content, meanwhile chlolya and julerose are everywhere bc they’re “safe ships”
  • m/m ships! 
    • this one’s even funnier bc mlm ships in this fandom are practically nonexistent
    • the most “popular” ones are adrinino and adrinath, but guess why you barely see content for them?
    • the only reason they’re more popular than kim/max is bc they either involve the main characters, or they involve nath (the only background character that people seem to give a shit about for reasons unknown????)
  • oh and it gets better bc let’s talk about het ships that don’t get any love
    • i’ve seen marinath used so damn often as a means to an end for lovesquare shippers. like if i had a dollar for every time i saw marinath used as a way for adrien to be jealous/confess his feelings, i could buy a fucking condo
    • nino x marinette? alya x adrien? no?
    • yeah. figured. kinda makes the lovesquare impossible, right?
  • the best part about this is that when you check which pairings get useless comments tagged on about ‘oh are you guys serious?’ ‘yeah but they’re just friends?’ ‘this pairing would never work’ and ‘x person loves y so they can’t possibly like z,’ do you know which ones you’ll see more often than not?
    • pairings that include adrien or marinette

im tired of seeing people be dismissive of alyanette, adrinino, and ninette. i’m tired of having to literally claw through the tags for chlonette or lilanette. im tired of seeing artists and writers get tens of thousands of notes on their lovesquare art and struggle to get 200 notes on art with pairings that disrupt the lovesquare. 

it’s disheartening. it’s annoying. it’s isolating. and it feels like a lot of people don’t even care so i guess im done

The whole James Roberts/Megatron controversy is wayyy overblown and people are treating James Roberts like he’s writing Megatron as if he never did anything wrong but let’s not forget the following points:

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anonymous asked:

God Kat, my toilet broke a couple days ago and I've been having to walk circuits of my local convenience stores (as it was a four-day holiday and thus no work (and also none of my friends live within walking distance) to use their toilets! It's embarrassing and I suddenly feel even luckier than I already did living where I do now. But now I'm imagining a Konoha where [important utility] breaks down and people get creative. The best raiton users are used to power generators 1/2

genin are suddenly fighting bloody battles wherein the losing teams have to pick up the night waste during major sewer problems and so on. Just. People being forced to use chakra and ninjutsu for things even *more* mundane and boring than they already do. And they’re angry more because it’s *boring* (and tiring on their chakra system if doing it for a long time) than anything else. All of the worst D ranks, all at once.

That’s fantastic and not something I’d considered, but perfectly plausible. I can totally see it. 

hiatus note

alright, I guess this means tumblr hiatus for I don’t even know how long.

I don’t have the time or energy right now to keep this blog updated when tumblr doesn’t even bring me much joy anymore like it used to. it all got boring and repetetive to me, maybe that’ll change with some time of not being here. but as it is I’ve been barely active for a year now anyway, so I doubt my absence will be even noticed much.

until then!


Do y'all see what happens with girl groups and how neglected they are by their companies. there are hundreds of boy groups out there with the same old recycled concepts who have one hit song and lift their shirt once and get thousands of fans yet girl groups work so hard (even twice as hard) and get multiple hits and shows us real talent but people listen to their songs but don’t actually support them and then they get tossed to the side until they finally disband. so please start actively supporting girl groups, love their sexy concepts, love the cute concepts as well because god forbid we lose more of these legendary groups.

Walking Dead Quotes Sentence Ask Meme part 2!
  • ((Some of these may not be accurate from the show,the games or the comic books but feel free to add more if you want and to correct some if they are wrong))
  • "Good news is you're not dead yet."
  • "The living will have this world again."
  • "Everybody can't be bad."
  • "These people are my family."
  • "I just need to forget."
  • "Never let your guard down. Ever."
  • "Nowadays people are just as dangerous as the dead."
  • "You’re the butcher, or you’re the cattle."
  • "We’re not splitting up again."
  • "They don't get to live."
  • "You walk outside, you risk your life. You take a drink of water, you risk your life. Nowadays you breath and you risk your life. You don’t have a choice. The only thing you can choose is what you’re risking it for."
  • "That's what I'm going to use to kill you."
  • "I have to talk you all in to doing something, something I know we need to do. And I don't know how to talk about it."
  • "There are some things you don’t come back from. You either live with them, or you don’t."
  • "We were being human beings."
  • "I owe you everything."
  • "You can't think forever. Sooner or later, you gotta make a move."
  • "We can all live together. There's enough room for all of us."
  • "You don't have to do this."
  • "Liar."
  • "It could work, you know it could."
  • "How many walkers have you killed?"
  • "End of the world don't mean shit when you got a tank."
  • "A sad soul can killer quicker than a germ."
  • "Everybody loves a hero."
  • "I still think there’s a plan. I still believe there’s a reason."
  • "Everybody makes it until they don't."
  • "You're a tough son of a bitch."
  • "How many people have you killed?"
  • "You fight it. You don't give up. And one day you just change."
  • "You can lose a lot of soldiers but still win the game."
  • "You don't have to like what I did, just accept it."
  • "You take one sip before those meds get in our people, I will beat your ass into the ground. You hear me?"
  • "I'm never going to let anything happen to you, okay?"
  • "Anger makes you stupid. Stupid gets you killed."
  • "We’ve all lost someone."
  • "What I’m picking up is, murder is OK in this place now."
  • "You do a lot for us. For the kids. You sacrifice a lot. Is there anything you wouldn’t do for the people here?"
  • "It was a nice watch."
  • "We don’t get to be upset. We all have our jobs to do."
  • "When you care about people, getting hurt is kind of a part of the package."
  • "Like I said, you earned it. But for what it's worth, you see mistakes. I see when the shit hits, you're standing there with a shovel."
  • "You have to have numbers. People are the best defense against walkers or people."
  • "I'm just tired of losing people."
  • ((Okay that's all I can think of so feel free to add more! ^_^))
  • Whiny transphobes: GOD you stupid special snowflake SJWs stop headcanoning everyone as trans and forcing your trans headcanons on characters, why not appreciate the ACTUAL representation you have? Why not go out and CREATE media with REAL trans people instead of trying to force everything to be a special snowflake like you??
  • Movie/Show/Book/Game/etc: Has an actual canonically trans character in it
  • Literally the exact same whiny transphobes: holy fuck the media is pandering to the sjws everyone boycott this shit I'm so tired of everything trying to be ~politically correct~ all the time I literally don't want anything to do with this if I have to be reminded that trans people exist I hope this company gets shut down and they lose their money for this liberal bullshit

During the whole review debacle a few weeks ago, something else came up that’s been weighing pretty heavily on me. And it’s something that’s probably going to make a lot of people unhappy, but I’m going to say it anyways.

The rude reviewer accused us of being a “clique” and going to stories and insulting them if we don’t like the way they’re written (ironic, I know).

And while, as far as I know, that’s obviously not true – none of the people I know would ever leave a rude review on a story just because it’s not written the way they want it written – I think the person had a point about their being cliques in the fandom.

Because there are people who are popular. There are people who could publish their grocery lists and get dozens of reviews, just because they’re popular. And I’m not saying they don’t deserve those reviews, because they work hard too and they obviously do. But it’s pretty isolating when you write a story and get three reviews, and someone else writes a story and gets twenty. And it’s absolutely heart breaking when those three reviews tell you that you’re writing is wonderful and you’re so talented, but still…looking at those three reviews and comparing them to the twenty someone else got is heartbreaking.

Well maybe you shouldn’t compare yourself to someone else.

No. I shouldn’t. Nobody should. But people do, so stop dismissing it. It is a real thing that happens, and no amount of saying “don’t compare yourself” is going to stop it.

Well you should write for yourself, not for reviews.

I do write for myself. I post because I want to share and I want to know people enjoy reading a story as much as I enjoy writing it.

But this isn’t a post about reviews, I’m getting away from myself. Back to fandom cliques.

If you’re not part of the popular group, you’re screwed. It’s impossible to get into this fandom. I watched someone try, fail, and quit because no one would give them a chance. I’ve been trying for three years, and I’ve failed. And I know I’ve failed, because it was proven to me. Over and over and over. I am constantly ignored and passed over and forgotten. And that’s how it is for basically anyone on the outside trying to get in. It’s impossible to get in, because no one wants to give them a chance.

It’s a horrible mentality. And it hurts. It hurts so much. I started this blog and came into this fandom because I wanted to share my work with others and make my friends.

And the current mentality sucks. It’s impossible for new blood to get in and get noticed, and it’s just draining for people who have been on the outside for years. It’s toxic, and it sucks.

And I’m not saying anyone does this on purpose. We’re all good people here. This isn’t accusatory. I don’t believe anyone consciously perpetuates this mentality. That doesn’t change the fact that it happens, though.

And it sucks.

A Public Service Announcement

Alright, so I’m going to go on a bit of a rant here. This is gonna be a long one, kids. I’ve had a bit of a day.

Recently, as in the past maybe month or so, I’ve been seeing a lot of anon hate going around. I’m probably not about to say anything that hasn’t been said, but I really just want to get my thoughts out there because I’m still fuming, even though I waited about an hour before sitting down to write this. I then took a nap and waited another couple of hours, but I find I’m still in agreement with my impulse and instinct. 

Specifically, I can’t entirely speak for other fandoms, but in the Pacific Rim fandom, I’ve seen both hate for Original Characters and hate for Canon Characters. Not only is this not okay, but it’s really not okay. First off, if someone went through the trouble to make an original character, they’re probably more creative and useful to the fandom than the hate spewing grey face in their inbox. 

We need original content to continue moving forward as a fandom - we’re not getting another movie, at least not for a long time, if we do. Our sources are limited. Not everyone can pick a character from the series and play it, otherwise things would get dreadfully stale. 

Which leads me to my next point. Just because you don’t like how someone plays ‘your favorite character,’ doesn’t mean you should spit your filth into their inbox. They don’t ship your OTP? Oh, boo hoo. Everyone–everyoneis entitled to their own vision of the character. It’s already difficult to take on the role of an established character, you have to live up to your own expectations and the information from the story, and then try to make a mark and compare to the other fine people writing on this website. 

Getting hate from some asshole who isn’t even courageous to show their own face doesn’t do anything other than make someone who is already going out on a metaphorical limb by submitting their original character or their own interpretation of an established character into a more bitter and cynical soul. Someone who had the courage to get out there and make good art is now hurt because some cowardly douchebag who chose to project their nasty and rude personal beliefs in an entirely wasteful manner. 

Hateful anons contribute nothing. They are detrimental to what is an overall wonderful and loving community. By submitting something that degrades another roleplayer or person, you are detracting both from this fandom and from yourself. You should be ashamed. 

Besides, dearest anon, no one is forcing you to follow these blogsYou do not have to read their roleplays. You do not have to look at the undesired memes. You do not even have to think about them. But the moment you reach out and insult someone or degrade them as a person, you lose the right to breathe the same air as the people in the community who are kind and respectful. 

If you feel like you honest to god just have to say something, why don’t you spend maybe five minutes and give constructive criticism. Telling someone to leave the fandom or stop roleplaying because you don’t like their style is both completely inadequate and entirely unhelpful. Once again, everyone is entitled to write the way they want. If you don’t like it, don’t read their posts

Not only is anon hate not acceptable, but it’s made doubly so by sending it to a roleplay blog. The blog is that of a character. The moment you bring the mun into it, you are crossing a line that should never be crossed. The mun’s existence is sacred and should be protected. If a mun volunteers information about themselves, again, this is a sacred trust, they are trusting the people who follow them to accept them as they are. 

Do not bring personal issues into anon messagesIf you have something to say to someone, send it via fan mail and be respectful so that they can reply in kind, privately.Or send it to them via an outside mode of chat–that shit doesn’t belong on anon, nor does it belong on a roleplayer’s blog. A mun should never be forced to sit there and defend themselves or a friend publicly because you have some sort of personal vendetta against this mun or that. 

How dare you presume to have the right to tell someone to go die, delete, or any of the other multitudes of disgusting words that I’ve seen from anons. It is just wrong. Ethically and personally, I sincerely believe that this is a line–if you disagree, that’s fine. I didn’t post this to argue with you about it, I won’t, in fact. 

It takes a special kind of cunt to cut someone down anonymously. 

If you are following me and are guilty of hate, anon or otherwise, I think that you should probably just click the little minus button, because I don’t want to be associated with you. Please shoot me a personal message so that I can also unfollow you, because I’ve no interest in being a part of your hate campaigns. 

I don’t care if I lose followers for this, I needed to get it out there, it needed to be said. I’m so fucking tired of seeing people that I really enjoy reading getting disheartened because of ignorant jerks.