i'm getting out of control here

It feels like everyone’s giving the boy a big loving welcome and it’s really good and sweet… I hope he’s as bashful as I’m making him out to be hahaha

Kpop fans are getting out of control on twitter and in general

Are you guys trying to make sure kpop groups stop coming here and interacting with international fans? That’s what’s going to happen if you guys keep being fucking idiots.
My main case in point is the bam bam incident and that hideous monstrosity of a t-shirt that someone wore to the Chicago got7 fan meet. HONESTLY WHAT THE FUCK IS WRONG WITH YOU ALL?!

Quit shoving your kinks on to other people! It’s like putting someone into your kink scene without their consent. Which is gross and wrong. They have a complete different culture. Stop trying to force yours on to them

And the Oscar goes to… (OS, 21,4k)

Working for Magnus isn’t easy. Magnus is out of control and Alec has to yell more often than not to get him to listen to him. He hates everything formal because it means he has to watch his mouth. Most importantly, Magnus is an incorrigible flirt.

Which would be alright if Alec wasn’t utterly, irremediably, unfathomably in love with him.

Based on this prompt:
“AU where Magnus is an Oscar winning actor and Alec, his PA, is in love with him.”

Available on Ao3 here.

Bruh…. Amita looks fuckin boss….

I might revisit the helm but yeah here she is in her armor. She takes out all her earrings and shit cuz they’re a hindrance in a fight, and she gets her mass of hair under control by twizzling it.

DEFINITELY need to revisit this on the computer. I’m loving those pauldrons MMMMMM

i’m here for ALL diabetics..type 1, type 2, thin diabetics, fat diabetics, diagnosed before you could talk, diagnosed in adulthood, in control of your bg, never able to get a grip on your bg, high A1c, low A1c, perfect A1c, from a family with history of diabetes, being the only person you even know with diabetes, diabetics who feel ashamed and those who are very confident and comfortable with themselves, those who can’t afford insulin, diabetics on pumps, diabetics who only do injections, those who ARE afraid of needles and those who don’t bat an eyelash when it’s time to stick yet another needle in your body, ALL DIABETICS..we don’t fit into simple type 1 vs type 2 categories, we are ALL amazing and tough people battling something we didn’t ask for OR DESERVE and I love ALL of us..in case the idea that you have to be the perfect diabetic is weighing you down, you are valuable and a very very valid part of the diabetic community and I’m happy to have you all around❤️

Omegas verse (5)

Okay so here’s how I want to write this. Oikawa actually makes the first move, thinks that he needs to suck it up and get over his stupid fear and thinks that it’ll be better if he’s in control. But then they’re getting heated, making out, and once Iwaizumi touches him under his shirt, he tenses like crazy. Iwaizumi notices, but Oikawa just yanks him down for a hard kiss, trying to distract himself and distract Iwaizumi. But of course, Iwaizumi tries to slow down, knows that something is wrong–fuck him and his alpha senses–and soon pries them apart. Tries to figure out what’s wrong, but Oikawa doesn’t speak, and he’s urging Iwaizumi on, until Oikawa pushes beyond his own limits and breaks. Iwaizumi immediately begins to soothe him, shocked but not panicked. His mind is already trying to figure out what this all means.

So they avoid the topic, but it’s blatantly obvious it’s something that hangs between them and needs to be addressed.

Sometime later, Oikawa goes into heat. The pills control his cycles for two months or so, but he needs to go into heat to restart a new period of pills. He was stupid, of course, and decided to go four months straight without going into heat, so now it hits harder than usual. He’s out of commission for two days, and Iwaizumi doesn’t hear from him at all, starts to get worried. Until it suddenly dawns on him that maybe Oikawa is going through heat. Worries about how that actually goes for Tooru, because how bad does his repulsion go? It’s on his mind the rest of his shift, and once it’s time to close up shop, Iwaizumi is completely preoccupied. He heads home, but halts halfway, determines to go to Oikawa because he’s worried, and he’s /worried/, so he’ll take responsibility for anything that happens. Swears on his own morals that he won’t lay his hands on Oikawa. Just wants to take care of him. Will suppress the primal part of him–which will be a test to his willpower–and will. Take. Care. Of. Tooru.

So before he knows it, he’s knocking on the door, waits, knocks again, gets nothing. Calls, hears the ring, and knocks again, calling out to Oikawa to open the door.

Oikawa’s smell is strong, enticing, fucking /erotic/, and Iwaizumi’s vision goes black for a second before he actually sees Tooru, eyes wide with want and fear, entire body shaking. Fuck.

Fuck, /fuck/. Iwaizumi doesn’t know what he’s reprimanding himself for, but he is, as if he was the one responsible for that face. Well, he wasn’t able to prevent it, so it’s just as much a failure as any, in his book.

Oikawa doesn’t have a grip on himself, Iwaizumi realizes in shock mildly strewn with horror. Because Oikawa would never cling onto him like this, body trembling, posture way too submissive as he peers at Iwaizumi.

“No,” he says, with way less conviction than he wanted, pressing a firmly gentle palm against Oikawa’s chest. “You need to rest. And water.”

But Oikawa’s eyes are glazed over, and Iwaizumi never expected the heat to affect Oikawa this intensely. His fingers scramble for grip in Iwaizumi’s shirt like they’re desperate, desperate to stop the desire. It’s painfully difficult for Iwaizumi too, with the way Tooru proffers himself, tries for a kiss. Iwaizumi had sworn, though, and he will not touch Oikawa in this state. But Oikawa forces him against the wall, kisses him like he wanted to die.

Edit: Oikawa probably calls Iwaizumi at some point of inebriation coupled with desperation instead of Iwaizumi dropping by all on his own…

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Why is ice emergency contacts a bad thing?

ICE is short for Immigrations and Customs Enforcement.

Its bad because this is a not-very-subtle way of telling people, “Hey! Do you think your neighbor is an Illegal Immigrant?!? Call your friendly ICE and get them thrown out of the country!”

If it was just “emergency contacts”, with actual emergency numbers people are less likely to know, like poison control for example, then it would be very clearly just an attempt on AT&T’s part to make health emergency services more widely available, then I would applaud that.

But no. The numbers under the (May I also add- Entirely unremovable and permanently at the top of my contacts list) contact “ICE Emergency Contacts” is just 911 and 112, which is a the general line to contact local police. This is very clearly a way to try to get more people to snitch, and promotes the already suffocating xenophobia in america. 

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Sending you good thoughts <3 Your trauma is not punishment for your existence. Your trauma is something awful that happened to you that was entirely out of your control; you didn't deserve it. I am here if you ever need someone to talk to <3

you’re right, i didn’t deserve it. i shouldn’t think otherwise. thank you for being so kind to me. i love you

Going on semi-hiatus till April 15, when Doctor Who returns! I’ll be active on Tuesdays, though, to catch up with Broadchurch. The rest of the week, I’m off sorting my life out. Anyone see me here except on those days, send me straight on my way back to hell real life.

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   Oh come on, I know a hungry vampire when I see one. That he had learnt when he was a kid, mostly so he’d be able to protect himself from the kind. He used to keep silver close when around them, the amulets always cold around his neck. With Harry, he sometimes took them off. He trusted Harry.

   Stiil, his heart was pounding

  He stepped into his workshop – he had things to do here, come on – but didn’t get much closer. “I need you to eat something. Preferably before you pass out or lose control or, you know, hurt yourself. Or somebody else. It’s risky, dude.

glacianwove replied to your post: lays down. what if the reason for the sea being so… 


i am HERE for the astrals’ powers getting more powerful / out of control the more pain they are put under????

twd au where team family meet because of Pokemon go

Glenn (team instinct) and Maggie (team mystic) are fighting over a gym. it starts out harmless but then they start getting really competitive and start visiting the gym more and more just to battle each other, since one of them is always in control. they keep bickering and arguing about the game and who deserves the gym non-stop, until one night when they’re leaving they just don’t stop arguing and they pass a diner and Glenn interrupts to say ‘I need to eat. Just give it up and admit I beat you.’ and Maggie’s like 'We’re not finished here!’ so she just follows him in and they end up getting dinner (still arguing. the waiter is impressed) and then this keeps happening again for a few weeks until the bickering starts getting a flirty edge without them noticing and someone comments that they’re a 'lovely couple’ on the street and after they pass they just stand there thinking 'oh shit’. they’re avoiding eye contact until Maggie slowly starts grinning and Glenn starts grinning and then they’re both laughing and Maggie reaches across to hold his hand

Carl is obsessed with the game (Team Valor, naturally) and drags Rick out to the park every weekend to go hunting, where he becomes hunting buddies with a boy called Andre (team mystic). Rick doesn’t think much of it until a sweaty out-of-breath Carl runs up begging to have Andre and his mom over for dinner, and Rick’s just about to say no because they have plans already until he sees Michonne walking over and he loses his train of thought. she’s apologetic and says, 'Sorry, they’re just excited. Andre shouldn’t be inviting himself over.’ But Rick’s suddenly flustered and just says 'No, no, It’s fine! It’s no bother.’ they end up having them over that night and Rick is super awkward, cracking bad jokes and stammering and full of nervous laughter, to the point where Carl asks him point blank, 'Dad, why are you acting so weird?’ And Rick is mortified until he hears Michonne snorting next to him and he calms down a little. they share commiserating stories about their sons and the game and they’re both surprised how easy it is until they look up and realise Carl and Andre have fallen asleep on the couch, and notice how late it is. Rick walks Michonne to the door and there’s an awkward beat of silence until she says that they should do this again sometime, but just the two of them and then there’s a lot of grinning and an awkward cheek kiss but they go out again and then they keep going out and fall in love

Tara (valor) loves the game, and takes Meghan (valor) out every weekend to go hunting. they always grab lunch at this cafe opposite this gym that they’re trying to beat. Tara 20% wants to beat the gym and 80% wants to awkwardly stare at the barista, Rosita, that she’s been crushing on for months. the gym is being held by team instinct, and they spend months battling it and hoping they’ll run into the trainer, but they never do. they spend two hours in the cafe every week playing and talking and drinking orange soda, and growing increasingly despondent over their chances at taking the gym, until one day Rosita wanders over for a soda refill and glances at their phones and casually snorts and says 'You’ll never beat me with those.’ and wanders away. Tara and Meghan are freaking out, and a flustered Tara goes up to pay a while later and Rosita just smirks at her, but she checks the receipt on the way out and on the bottom is a scribbled 'hope you’re better at dating than you are at Pokemon’ with her number and ’ ;-) Rosita x ’ at the bottom. she looks back and Rosita gives her a wink and smirk before going back to work. Tara is grinning the whole way home

Daryl (instinct) downloads the game in secret, three months after its release, and denies any knowledge of it when it’s brought up. he only plays in public at dusk and dawn, when no one’s out, and he shields the screen to pretend he’s doing something else. he’s gotten pretty good at keeping casual, until he spots a rare Pokemon nearby and can’t help but get excited. he can’t see anyone around, so he starts fast waking all over the place, trying to find it, and he’s almost got it when suddenly someone bumps into him from behind, sending his phone flying. he spins around but it’s this hippie-looking guy (valor) who starts apologising immediately, saying it was an accident. his phone’s fine, so he just grunts and starts walking away, until he gets a few feet, glances at his phone, and sees the pokemon is gone. he looks up with rage and spins around to see the hippie guy slinking round the corner. he starts sprinting after him and catches up to him after a block. he tries to bump into him to knock his phone out his hand, but the guy somehow sees it coming and twists out the way, causing daryl to trip a little and drop his phone. the other guy picks it up for him, while daryl starts spluttering at him about stealing Pokemon and basic decency and the guy’s just looking amused, until daryl realises that he’s complaining about some random guy stealing his Pokemon and starts getting embarrassed. he goes red and grabs his phone out the other guy’s hand and takes off, ignoring his laughter. he’s almost home when his phone notifies him of a text. he opens it and reads 'your passion for Pokemon is cute. we should get drinks sometime :-) -Paul’ daryl goes red and deletes the text, but another comes soon after. after a few, he starts replying to try and get him to shut up, until he someone finds himself agreeing to a coffee date the following week

The ending to DHMIS 6 is beautiful, honestly.

Like, here you have Red Guy, someone who grew out of the corrupted children’s media industry earliest and is now an adult living a midlife crisis where everyone’s just as boring as him, then he gets control of the industry that once manipulated him and goes on a power trip which screws with Yellow Guy who still hasn’t grown up yet, then Roy enters with an outstretched hand, representing the older generation, beckoning Red Guy to keep going. This causes Red Guy to realize what he’s doing and he stops, going against the last generation and moving to the giant plug. His pulling it off represents the shift from television to the internet overtaking the media industry, which allows for everyone to have their own voice and to push their own content much, much easier than before where everything was owned by corporations and only the people with the most wealth and influence got a platform. The new generation, which is the trio as their favorite colors in a green room, represents the millennials who are the first generation to grow up with the internet and as a result are much more open to express themselves and care about what they like and want over what older generations want them to think. The kitchen now being green, despite the notepad in the first episode saying green is not a creative color, is probably the strongest metaphor made in the final shot that alludes to this. This new generation accepts and proudly displays something out of spite to the last one, and this can be applied to concepts like liberalism and LGBT pride and traditional gender norms, all the way down to doing something as simple as wearing hair dye or piercings simply because you want to.

The notepad reappearing in the last second isn’t a statement that history will repeat itself, but instead it is simply a threat to the new generation. Their reactions to it aren’t shown, only the fact that it’s back. This means that the industries of old want to take us back and control us again, and that we need to be wary of their advances. Will they succeed and will history repeat itself? Only we can decide.

1D’s Social Media Activity Since They Regained Control of Their Accounts:

Niall: GHOST, bro! hahaha legend! just kidding! I waited until I had more reliable wifi and now here’s all my travel pics and a couple of selfies to absolutely a-niall-ate you (harry taught me that one. i miss him)

Liam: I get haircuts sometimes and play fifa and have a private snapchat account and a girlfriend you’ll never find out about just kidding now you know all about our relationship in a NON-CRINGEWORTHY way, wow looks like people don’t like hearing about our love now i’m a hurt puppy


Harry: “same old shit but a different day”

things to remember about this first official trailer:

  • donghae’s poker face?? tbh i thought he’d be the first one to burst out laughing and “ruin” the whole thing
  • yewook’s faces when the mister chicken appears on the set like “omg here it goes the chicken has stepped in”
  • leeteuk’s frightened expression/choked sounds when the chicken tries to climb up his legs
  • hyukjae’s equally frightened expression/choked squeal when the chicken gets to close and then the way he tries to control his laughter by biting on his lower lip and omg SO CUTE
  • basically everyone eyeing the chicken as if it’s going to eat them alive
  • EeEEEEEIIIIiiiii
  • siwon’s sly smirk when kangin’s pants drop “hohoHOHO”
  • kyuhyun’s judging face when the guy comes in and fixes kangin’s pants, you gotta watch this
  • leeteuk’s “is it ok are you appropriate to be in public again?” glance and kangin’s “LOLOLOL” suppressed smile
  • “step away Sir i’m trying to clean up your mess” hyukjae: “ah yes i am very sorry”
  • *stays a whole minute still with his mouth open and somehow doesn’t start drooling*
  • kangin trying to keep himself from laughing once again feat. hyukjae whose jaw is starting to feel a little sore
  • heechul not giving a shit and stealing all the coins because he can
  • boy how the hell did you lose your glasses in there

I’m back a day early, yay!! I had a LOT of fun with the bears and the mountain lions and the mosquitoes, but I’m glad to be back!

Here’s the gist I’m getting about what I’ve missed:

  • Bellarke Shit™ (iconic, really.)
  • Bob apparently bailed on Comic Con??? This saddens me, but tbh I don’t blame him one tiny bit. This fandom is out of control.
  • JRoth emphasized that Clarke is BISEXUAL and will MOVE ON to another romance eventually. (As if this wasn’t obvious, but SOME people were saying otherwise, so yay?) Also, it seems like he’s thinking to end it in Season 5? Can anyone confirm? If so, I expect bellarke angst in s4, and a final resolution for them in s5.
  • lol Eliza who?
  • (in all seriousness, there’s no need to send her hate, guys. She could be a little more respectful when it comes to talking to fans, but just… w/e at this point. She has her opinions, and we have ours. I still love, and will continue to love bellarke. ET has no say in where the writing goes. Her job is to simply act it out. DO NOT send her nasty messages. After that slip-up, she’s probably already been told by the creators/PRs to watch what she says when it comes to fans. She KNOWS. Will she do it again? Maybe. But that doesn’t mean we have to jump up her ass any time she says something we don’t like.)
  • and LOL @ the writers saying “she said ship,” immediately trying to do damage control. I AM CRYING!! XD XD that was QUITE the screw-up there, babe. Even the writers of your show are trying to cover for you.
  • That sizzle reel was BELLARKE AF. They tried not to make it obvious, but COME ON. A voice-over talking about hope and freedom while SHOWING the Bellarke hug from s3????? Dude. Transparent.
  • and apparently Clarke doesn’t want to tell anyone about the reactors, but her FIRST instinct is to trust Bellamy with that info? Yeah… That doesn’t mean ANYTHING at all. Nope. Not at all. Nothing to see there.

Overall, I know some of you guys had a rough weekend. Just remember, ET said herself that she doesn’t ask JRoth to change anything about her character or the story to suit her opinions/needs. And she said MANY times that she wished JRoth would tell her what the heck was going on in s4, which shows that at the time of her comment, she hadn’t seen ANYTHING about s4. She just recently read episode ONE. And that’s all so far. She is ONLY talking about her opinions, and those opinions CHANGE based on what she reads in the script, and that’s OK. (Remember when FINN was the “love of her life” and she “couldn’t see Clarke forgiving Le.xa” before she read the s3 script?? Because I do! lol) I have a feeling she’ll change her tune once the CL debacle blows over and they start building even more tension between bellarke.

BELIEVE IN BELLARKE, GUYS! It’s right there in the text. Social media is a game of opinions and hype. That’s all. Watch the show. See where it takes us.


Jonghyun Palmistry Reading

  • Energetic
  • Adventurous
  • Risk-taker
  • Loves challenges
  • Natural leader
  • Prefers to control situations
  • Gravitates to entertainment and performing arts
  • Galls in and out of love easily, but constant and ardent once settled
  • Warm
  • Caring
  • Needs lots of love and ego-boosting in a relationship
  • Attracts money with intuition and good fortune
  • Invests capital widely
  • Erratic supply of funds
  • Likes to travel to foreign countries with unfamiliar customs and cultures
  • Enthusiastic
  • Receptive
  • Good multi-tasker
  • Born performer
  • Competitive
  • Good instincts
  • Enthusiastic
  • Strong
  • All or nothing
  • Versatile
  • Adapts easily to new situations
  • Excels in a variety of occupations
  • Logical
  • Patient
  • Open-minded
  • Honest
  • Sometimes tactless

(gets a bit complicated here for two reasons because Jonghyun has a mixture of different nail shapes across both hands. The following section, which is going to be long and maybe a bit difficult to understand, is all drawn from his nail shapes and nail shapes alone. Just a forewarning.)

  • While naturally quick-witted and receptive to new intellectual ideas, able to respond to such with a good mixture of mental and emotional reasoning, he has become energetic and enthusiastic about his own opinions. Not afraid of being an independent thinker, he loves taking steps to express his own desires and make changes.
  • In matters of creative thinking, he has an abundance of energy. While not afraid to have his own unique style, he understand that sometimes simplicity is the best and has a down-to-earth style. He has a strong opinion of what will work and what will not.
  • When dealing with matters pertaining to himself, he is naturally able to respond to the thoughts and feelings of his audience/peers and change according to these while still maintaining his own presence. Still, he may crave the security of someone else standing beside him, and prefers it when things go according to plan, or he may get flustered/anxious.
  • In matters of leadership, he naturally adapts easily to changes and is responsive to the ideas of those he is working with. He is oftentimes able to make the best decision for the group by using a combination of feelings/emotions as well as practicality.  He prefers it when situations go his way, and those he works with are rule-followers. He may still need encouragement from those he is working with, despite his natural leadership abilities, combined with his enthusiasm and positive energy, that help get any task completed.
  • In physical matters, he naturally prefers a comfortable and simple life, but this requires more confidence and willingness to go against the norm. As a result, his opinions have changed to desire a more energetic and independent life full of action and excitement—for example, perhaps with frequent traveling. He is able to embrace even vastly different areas and make them his own.

End of ridiculous nail section

  • Dependable
  • Generous
  • Receptive
  • Possible chemical imbalances/lack of nutrients/iron
  • Tactile
  • Loves physical side of a relationship
  • Intellectually independent
  • Ambitious
  • Does not feel mentally/physically restrained
  • Able to generate and carry through with new ideas
  • Receptive to external stimuli and information
  • Strong impulse
  • Ideas and  impressions processed intuitively
  • Relaxed about appearance
  • Emphasis on intuitive, receptive, or spiritual nature
  • Emotional approach to life
  • Spiritual
  • Hyper-sensitivity
  • Feels need to express creativity
  • Emphasis on the importance of communication
  • Inspired thinker
  • Feels way through a task
  • Instinctual
  • Good planner
  • May cut corners
  • Good sense of integrity
  • Self-doubting
  • Ability to calculate odds and control impulsivity
  • Not shy of sexual experimentation
  • Efficient manager of tasks
  • Collector or hoarder
  • Articulate
  • Incredibly strong love music
  • Hands-on
  • Compassionate
  • Sincere
  • Warm
  • Vital
  • Talent for self-expression
  • Finds it easy to connect with others
  • Good powers of concentration
  • Imagination can “run away”
  • Sometimes embroiders facts unknowingly
  • Lover of peace and harmony
  • Strong imagination
  • Cautious
  • Not a lover of physical activity
  • Love of the home
  • Changing life
  • Heightened creative talents
  • Period of worry in later life resolved successfully
  • Warm and generous as a lover
  • Strong sex drive
  • Demonstrative Lover
  • Vital
  • Physical pleasure necessary for romantic relationships
  • Shows love through actions, not words
  • Flirtatious
  • Unconventional look on life
  • Self-motivated
  • Controls his own destiny
  • Close emotional/physical partner later in life
  • Gains power and influence through career
  • Acute powers of perception
  • In-tune with subconscious
  • Sensitive to thoughts and feelings of others
  • Extraordinary creative talent
  • Creative brillance