i'm getting my master's today so

Today was a good day!

To begin with, this is funny. So my university is undergoing some staffing changes right now, and as a result I was put under the guidance of a new academic advisor. So I met with him today to get ready for next semester, and it was great - he has a Master Shake figurine on his desk and we talked for like twenty minutes about the terrifying twenty-something foot tall crucifix that’s on campus. 😂

In other news, Blackbird editing is coming along nicely now that the semester is winding down both for myself and my students. I believe I’m going to keep to the Friday update schedule from now on, though I’m not 100% on that. I’ll keep y'all posted. At any rate, chapter 6 should be up sometime tomorrow afternoon/evening.

Thank you to everyone for the continued support! I’m hoping to catch up on putting my own reviews on various works as well, but just remember in the meantime that y'all are amazing and your writing sustains me through the endless bullshit-fest that is grad school 💜💜💜💜

Jinkx Master Class

So my mom and I are going to Jinkx’s Ptown show in July but she doesnt really know a whole lot about them.
Today she said the magical words I’ve been waiting to hear.
“Do you have any videos of them performing that you can show me?”

First of all, she called Jinkx “them” and I’m so proud. I’ve taught her well. Lmao Second of all…hi, have we met? I have a plethera of videos. 😂😂😂😂

So on Thursday I’m gonna give my mom a Jinkx master class.
I’m excited that she’s excited.

My mom is a cool mom. ;)
Life is good. ❤❤❤

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i'm so sorry to bother you seri, but i've had a really stressful day today and i wanted to get that out of my system ;u;

Ah! It’s ok! I mean, may be some tea will make you feel better? 

and If… If you want to talk about it you can ask Master Reigen for a session - he’s good at these things but… He’s not usually doing it on a house…

“lower voice” If you don’t have money with you… you can just tell me what’s bother you… I don’t think I would be able to give a good useful advice… but I can listen….


            “Sorry, Rider… It’s just… I got a call from my dad. Um, my mother’s condition is getting worse, and I just… I’m sorry. I just got really scared and dropped the glass of water. I’m really sorry for disturbing you.



↳ Two Quotes [½]:  I’ll be a story in your head. But that’s okay. We’re all stories in the end. Just make it a good one, eh? Because it was, you know, it was the best: a daft old man, who stole a magic box and ran away.”

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Today I had a girl who was like 13 or so come in w/ her mom & when the order was done I started bagging & the mom asked the daughter to help me bag. She then looks disgusted & says "No, I'm not going to get good at this because no way in hell will my first job be at a grocery store" & looks pointedly at me while acting like I'm too stupid to understand. The next guy was like wtf? & I said "it's ok I make $10.25 an hour & I'm working on my masters while living on my own w/ a brand new car at 20.

Yeah, there’s definitely nothing wrong with working at a grocery store or any other retail facility. It does get annoying, and there’s a lot to deal with but you do learn a lot of things as well. But yeah, good luck on your masters! 


YOOOO MY NEW PHONE CASE CAME IN THE MAIL TODAY (Friday). I ordered it on Tuesday, so that goes to show how fast shipping was! aLSO I ORDERED IT BEFORE POKEMON GO WAS ANNOUNCED. COINCIDENCE??? I THINK NOT. I bought it on Etsy. The shop’s name is CellularUniverse if you’re interested in getting one. We can match, and be Pokémon masters together~ 。:.゚ヽ(*´∀`)ノ゚.:。 I still have my BMO one, but it’s falling apart which is why I bought this one. orz


He’s just getting hotter, #MasterWine

At work today...
  • Little kid, maybe 7 or 8: *sees dragon head wall decoration behind counter*
  • Kid: You know, dragons are afraid of me.
  • Me: Why's that?
  • Kid: *sighs* I'm the master of everything. My power scares them.
  • Me: Hmm... I think I know a solution to that. Say you play a game with some of the dragons, like Go Fish. Let them win some games, instead of claiming victory every time. They might warm up to you if you're on their level.
  • Kid: They're mean, though. I wanna get along with them, but they're so mean to everyone.
  • Me: They're just pretending. They can't really make friends with humans too easily, right? Most everyone would run and scream before one could say 'hi'.
  • Kid: *nods a bit*
  • Me: I heard that, this one time, a dragon kidnapped a princess. She didn't mind, though. She was going to have to marry a real jerk of a prince, a lazy one. So now, she gets to go on adventures and be a treasure-hunter.
  • Kid: Dragons lay gold eggs, you know.
  • Me: That's because they eat their treasure. They can't sell it or anything. The whole scare-at-first-sight makes shopping impossible. And there's not too many dens that can fit all the gold and jewels they collect, so it's just dinner.
  • Kid: Yeah, I can see that.
Miyagi Blast 20.9.2015 tweets

~ so Jun-kun went online to check out fandom feedback (on Twitter?) about greetings shuffle (”cos he’s an Arashi fan” apparently lol)

~ why is sakumoto making me all starry-eyed with Sakura Sake rap imaginings?

~ apparently the acoustics at concert venue are perfect for the chorus of Yuminikakeru to bring the audience to tears?

~ So it seems our daredevil concert master got close enough to seats during his flying solo that he could even touch them?

~ Juntoshi fanservice when our youngest tried to show his love support for Arashi no ojichan.

~ Satoshi-kun and kabe-don (???) Kakkoi tsugiru~ Kya~~ Mittai~~~

~ So there’s gonna be a slew of morning news clips from Mezamashi and Asaichi (and I’m sure many others: Aqua, ZIP, Good Morning, Tokudane, etc) tomorrow. Yay~

~ Not sure how reliable, but DVD recording may be on 22nd Sept con?  

From tweets online.

Thank you Arashi-san, for your continued efforts to bring happiness to fans despite challenges life poses you.

It’s 3am we’re in McDonalds and they’ve closed the loos for cleaning. Random dude needs a piss. Staff take ten minutes and three keys to open the disabled loo for him. Then a lady shows up needing to go and he gentlemenly allows her to go first. Then when she’s done the dozy thing shuts the door behind her. He almost cries. The staff look lost. I wander over and unlock it for him (the locks on dis loos are universal and if you’re crip’d you can own the key). He looks at me as if I am an angel. ‘HOLY FUCK, THE MAGIC KEY MAN, THE LORD OF THE KEYS’ he screams. When he’s finished he offers to buy me something; when I defer he babbles for minutes about how THE MASTER OF THE MAGIC KEY MUST BE REWARDED. So I cave and get a black coffee, which he takes to be the secret of my wizardry, once again proclaiming me his master. He then returns to his girlfriend, looks her right in the eye and says with the most pride I have ever heard: “If you need a piss I know a guy.”


"No, I'm his dog!"

So today I babysat my 7 year old cousin and some of her friends.
“Hey, wanna play dogs?” A young boy asked the girl.
So of course the girl says “yeah sure!”.
I start watching them and then the boy says “Okay get on your hands and knees and crawl and I’ll be your master.”
Again the girl responds saying “okay!”
I don’t say anything at first because honestly he could just easily play that game with a boy. Then I started watching the way that he was going about playing this game. He started dragging the girl across the floor and then got a ball and threw it at her face. When I went to discipline him for his actions girl spoke up and she said “No, I’m his dog!”. She defended this boy completely. I know it’s something so small, but it hit me in a weird way. This little game of “pretending to be a dog” literally made her think he could do whatever he wanted to her and treat her however he wanted. This tiny little idea is something so many little girls keep with them. In time they manifest into bigger things. It turns into things like,
“He didn’t mean to hit me. He’s just angry. I’m his girlfriend he loves me.”
“He didn’t mean to call me mean names.”
Girls are taught to justify the actions of boys hurting them at such a young age and I didn’t see that clearly until right now. More girls need to be taught that “they’re not just dogs.”