i'm getting glasses soon

in today’s news: everything sucked and I can’t do anything right.

My darling impulse buy… He looks perfect even without okapi but he will have it soon. I adore him so much, I can’t wait to dress him up and spoil him!! 

I forgot how much I love love love speckle/freckle. They get so much hate but I think they’re pretty, they give so much texture to dragons :o

anonymous asked:

hi mather! i've been having a lot of good days recently and today i felt like getting out of the house, so i went to the eye doctor. i'm getting new glasses soon. i got panera bread for lunch and it was yummy. now i'm in bed drinking snapple and my kitty is lying on my toes. what did you do today? โ˜๏ธ

Son!! I’m very happy to hear that you are having good days that is very good!! My day was good! I had school, and my math teacher was out so I had an extra free period. During that period i went to a lake by my school and fed some turtles. I also ate two rainbow bagels today which were so delicious and so appropriate for pride month.

@ all my other sons: what is something that happened today that made you feel happy?

aby465  asked:

I'm probably getting glasses soon..... In kinda nervous but I think it would be awesome to have Hanji's glasses! What do you think? ((Love Ur work btw!))

If you need glasses it’s important for you to wear them, so you probably should get some really awesome ones (like Hanji’s ;))