i'm getting far in life




AhRo is everything to me. Not because I want or need her. She is the reason I’m still alive and breathing.

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whenever I feel really scared or sad or hopeless or uncertain about the future I listen to the Rincewind audiobooks at night and I wish I could thank Pterry for writing an anxious depressed loser who doesn’t get to do what he wants and spends most of his time terrified but survives anyway and moreover desperately /wants/ to live even though his life is a trainwreck

I really don’t think I can quite sum up how much it is sometimes exactly what I need

me: I need a professional to critique my work

professional: hi here’s some critique of your work

me: cool cool bro, let me just stab my eyes out to avoid reading it. actually I’m already blinded by my own tears so maybe that wont be necessary

So I finished episode 30 last night...

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Being a team Lysander is hard, girls.

so freaking hard.

I might be posting my favorite screenshots and my reactions to it, just bc yes

And may or may not finally end with writing the NSFW with Lys I’ve been working on for weeks now C:


I finally watched that one show

Hi Tumblr I guess it’s about time I come back. I was really enjoying being away too…

There are some blogs here whose content I don’t want to give up on and some people I can’t see myself communicating with on any other means so yup I’m stuck here. Though I’ll definitely minimize the time I spend here, which is easily done considering what my life looks like at the moment. Also shitposting. I can’t do that on any other site. 


Destiel AU: Ballet V.S. Hip-Hop
Growing up, Castiel always loved to dance, favoring ballet over anything. Being the best Ballet dancer in the state, competing at all of the competitions and taking home every prize was always a grand time, words couldn't explain. He would even spend most of his afternoons in his basement which has been fashioned into his own personal dance studio.
Every year the state of Kansas holds a big dance competition where different teams battle against each other, you can battle against a team in the same category as yours, or you can go against a completely different category. This year, Cas’ team agrees on challenging one of the Hip-Hop teams, but what happens when it’s his turn to go up against someone who happens to be the best Hip-Hop dancer in the state, Dean Winchester?

Playlist for this AU HERE!