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Hey guys!

Just a heads up that I’m temporarily gonna close the text requests, just so that I can get caught up. I still have some requests from January so I wanna make sure I don’t make the list too long. Hopefully I can finish them up soon and open it up again!

Of course, three sentence fic requests are (almost) always open and I’m also open to any drabble AU suggestions you might have for the ongoing 100 Day Drabble Challenge!

As always, please message me if you have any questions!

Stay frosty~


It’s finally Spring Break, finals are DONE and I am BACK to drawing!! Which means that requests are getting done, you’ll see a BUTTLOAD of new doodles very soon, and yes, even some weird drawings inspired by some friends here (lookin at you, @divinitycas)!!!

Today will have a whole bunch of uploads, so keep an eye out! 

I’m so glad to be back and thank you all so much for waiting so patiently for the requests to be done!! 

~ Mello :)

I got a few requests that went along the lines of “just anything fenhawke,” and I was stuck at work without my prompt list when inspiration hit, so….

Fenris could feel Hawke’s gaze against his back just as surely as he could feel the fingers that ghosted lightly down his spine when he sat up.

“You always get dressed so soon,” Hawke complained. His tone of voice – half asleep, thoroughly exhausted – brought a twitch of triumphant amusement to the elf’s lips.

“You always assume we have the sort of time to spare for lying about naked,” Fenris answered. The warmth he heard in his own voice still startled him. He loved this man – Maker, but it burned through every inch of him, a fire deep and glowing in his core, melting things he’d long thought frozen.

Hawke grunted, mumbling something as he shifted closer, arm sliding around Fenris’s middle. “Today we do,” Hawke said. “Please don’t get up.”

“I’ll come right back,” Fenris promised, pulling away.

“Thought elves were supposed to be into the whole casual nudity thing,” Hawke grumbled as he threw himself back into the welcoming embrace of his pillows, one eye yet remaining on Fenris in all his bare and slightly glowing glory.

“Yes, well, I’m not a particularly good elf.”

“I’d beg to differ. I think you’re very good.”

Fenris chuckled, gathering the clothing discarded so hastily earlier – the black leggings and undershirt he wore under his armor, the brightly colored smalls he hid under that. He never went so far as to sleep in his armor anymore, not with Hawke, and not even alone, now that Danarius was dead, but there was a certain security to be found in the weight and cover of clothing. He had spent too much of his life exposed to hungry eyes that roamed where they pleased. Eyes that watched, that wanted, however they feared.

Hawke’s eyes watched, too, but they were…different.

“Maker, you’re beautiful,” he heard him utter.

Hawke expressed delight and surprise when Fenris climbed back into bed, dressed, not in his usual night wear, but in one of the mage’s own shirts. It was far too large for him, slipping over a shoulder, falling nearly to mid-thigh – but it was soft, and warm, the flannel fragrant with Hawke’s scent.

“I thought I might suggest a compromise,” Fenris said, and chuckled as Hawke’s fingers jubilantly danced over his bare legs and, of course, quickly up under the shirt. He settled at the mage’s side, and was smiling by the time sleep found him.

A/N: No, it’s not SWAS 12, because I am semi-sick trash who couldn’t bring myself to post that monstrosity. It still needs some editing, but I’ll get it done soon enough. In the meantime, please enjoy this little drabble- it’s a little rough, because I’m still trying to get back into the swing of writing fics, buuut… It’s something, I guess?

I thought that these two requests both kinda fit under one umbrella, so I decided to just merge them. :’) I hope you guys don’t mind. Please enjoy- I’ll post something with better quality soon enough.


“I’m going to skin him alive with my own two Gods damned hands!” Astrid fumed, furiously dragging the back of her hand across her cheek to wipe away the bright paint smeared across her skin. She spoke through gritted teeth, but if Hiccup didn’t know her any better, he would assume that she hadn’t already drawn blood from her lip due to mercilessly biting down on it. He could not do much, other than almost helplessly watch as she carded her hands through her hair.

Her partially singed, now shoulder-length hair.

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Preference #396: He makes fun of your obsession for a show

Niall: He didn’t even ask anymore if you would go out on Tuesday night. He knew the answer was no, as long as your favorite show was playing. You could simply record it, but you never did. No, you had to see it live. It was too important to miss by even a minute. ”this obsession you have with this show is not healthy,” Niall joked, when he wanted to take you to a big industry party on Tuesday, and knew it would never happen. You rolled your eyes and stuck out your tongue towards him. “I love one show. Let me enjoy it.” He wrapped his arms around your waist, “I would if that didn’t mean I can’t have your company to things on certain nights.” You laughed and shrugged your shoulders, “It is one night Niall. I believe you’ll be fine.” “I’ll miss you,” he told you, knowing there were no words to convince you to come. You kissed him quickly, “I’ll miss you too.”

Liam: Once your show started, it was as if you went into another world. You heard nothing Liam said, and saw nothing he did. Your only focus was the show before you. He found it the funniest thing, and when this week’s episode came to an end, he laughed, “You and that show. I’m telling you the house could be fire, and you’d still just sit there.” You were not so certain of that fact. You had no idea how engulfed in the show you could become. “I’m not that into.” “I should film you! You ignore the world once it’s on,” Liam informed you, planning to do just that next week. “Just wait. I’ll show you next week. No matter what i do, you ignore me.” “Well maybe you’re just annoying. I am trying to watch a show,” you responded, a bit of laughter in yours words as you did, “You should actually pay attention too. Maybe you’d like it just as much.” “No, but I’m glad you do.”

Harry: Every single week Harry made fun of the way you went on and on about your favorite show. You could tell he was only joking though, so you made no effort to stop. Not that you would have anyway. You truly loved it, and felt a need to speak about it so much. “Let me guess, this was the best episode yet,” Harry cut in, before you could start gushing about this week’s episode, “Just like last week’s, and the one before, and the one before, and the…” You held up your hand to stop him from going any further, and rolled your eyes playfully. “I’ll have you know I did not think last week’s was the best. Remember? Or did you tune me out again, I can repeat it all.” Harry laughed at that. He had no doubt you would do just that. “No, no, I remember. I was joking. Okay, what happened this week. I should just watch this show already, so I’ll fully understand what you’re saying.”

Louis: For the first time in your life, you were completely obsessed with a show. Every week you could not wait to see what would happen. You had never been so into anything before. You didn’t even realize how much you talked about it, until Louis began making fun of you. “If I have to hear about that show one more time [Y/N], I’m gonna start ignoring you. Please shut up.” You bottom lip shook, not realizing he was only joking. He noticed the tears welling in your eyes, and his tone instantly changed, “Baby, I’m joking. I was just joking. I love hearing you talk about it. Your face just lights up. I love how happy it makes you. I was only kidding.” You didn’t know if you believed his words, but you wanted to. “You’re sure? I’ll shut up if I annoy you.” Louis shook his head, and pulled you into his arms, “No, please. Talk about it all you want. I was only kidding, I promise.”

Zayn: “Let me guess, you’re about to talk about your show. Again.” Zayn interrupted you, before you could speak. But the moment you opened your mouth, he knew what would come out. It was all you spoke of lately, ever since you’d gotten into it and began your binge watch that had been going on for almost 2 weeks now. You hesitated to speak now. Zayn noticed this moment where you stopped yourself, and laughed, “I don’t mind. Just saying, I know what you’re gonna talk about. Just tell me, what now. What happened? Another character die or something?” You shook your head, “No, not this time. It was a happy season end, for once. Do you really want to hear about it?” He didn’t. Not at all. But it made you happy to talk about, so he sighed, “Yeah, tell me. What happened?”

I was a bit confused at first, but since you’ve already given the scenario @humanitysstrongestweeb, I’ll just give their reactions. Hopefully I interpreted your request the way you intended!

As soon as the word left your lips, you immediately regretted it. Aomine’s grin was positively feral as he backs you into the wall behind you. “Baby, huh? I don’t really mind. As long as I’m the only one you call that, Babe.” As he began feverishly assaulting your neck, you wondered why you didn’t say it earlier.

Frantically waving your hands, you tried explaining to Takao about your habit. He was clearly trying to hold back his laughter as he watched your face get redder and redder. “You’re so cute, baby. It’s fine, I don’t mind at all.” He pulled you into his arms with a radiant smile on his face, you were just too adorable.

Kagami was beat red and sputtering. “B-baby? W-w-what?!? Where did that come from?” Realizing that your habit had finally surfaced, you began explaining to Kagami while twiddling your fingers. Eventually he calmed down enough and while his face was still red, he was able to look you in the eye. “I-uh don’t mind. You calling me b-babe.” You had to hold yourself back from jumping him then and there. 

another quick (1-2hr??) paint study from last night of the rad af @billymoran by request from photographer ash! she reminded me that i was still in the midst of doing these when things started getting pretty busy. i really love doing them! and billy seems to be my test subject for these–this time around i used my sketch brush with pressure-controlled opacity through the whole piece!

personal favorites are all from the june viper room show, where the lighting was so vibrant and cool and EVERY photog picked up on that! looking forward to doing more!

anonymous asked:

Hello! I've been sick the past couple days and just feeling awful and was wondering if I could request some fluffy stiles look after sick Derek or vis versa? I'd really apperciate it if you can get around to it! I love your writing by the way!

*wraps you in blanket* Hope you feel better soon, buddy. Have some fluff. ♥

“Derek, stop!” Stiles only just managed to pull the bowl of hot soup back, before Derek’s swatting hand knocked it out of his own. “You’re gonna make me spill it, and I do not want first degree burns just because you’re a giant baby.”

Derek groaned, his nose scrunching but his eyes staying closed. “Not hungry,” he managed to get out in a low grumble, his lips barely moving but judging by the dramatic eye roll Stiles did, the words were clear enough.

“Yeah well, you’re gonna have to eat something,” he said, leaving the bed momentarily to put the bowl of soup on the bedside table. “You haven’t eaten all day and it’s dinner time, so you either eat willingly and I’m gonna force feed you.”

“I’ll puke on you,” came the mumbled warning followed by a heavy sigh.

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