i'm getting attached to these textures

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Hello!! sorry if this is a silly question, but how do you get that toolbar with all the brushes to appear on the side? I just watched your speed paint video and thought that was really convenient to see the brush texture/be able to scroll down easily? Idk if i'm making sense—tysm!! ;0;

On Photoshop, if you go to Window > Brush Presets, it’ll open a window. Just drag it to where you want it to be (you could also attach it to another window by waiting for a blue line to appear):

Make sure your brush presets are set to stroke thumbnail, which you can check by clicking the icon in the top right corner of the window:

Hope this helps!

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Hello! I really admire you and your work^^ seriously, how can you draw like that?! I was wondering for the bts Halloween sketch, what pencil did you use for it? And how did you get the texture of jungkooks blazer ..? Sorry and one more question 😁 do you have any tips on doing lips? I'm really bad with that feature !

Hello anon!

I just saw your recent message >< I’m really really sorry for my late reply ;;
Thank you so much for admiring my work. It means a lot to me❣

I used a normal mechanical pencil ‘uni KURU TOGA’ :)
For kookie’s blazer, it’s just a paper texture from my sketchbook :D

And no worry! Feel free to ask me anything although it takes me awhile to reply. I’m sorry! ;A;

As for lips, please check the attached image~ {it’s step by step of how I draw lips in my halloween bts fanart}. I’m bad with words explanation so I hope this really helps! Thank you again for dropping by to leave such nice message❣

Have a great day~! ^-^

One Direction's personal groomer shares the boys' tour beauty regime

peaking about working with the pop stars, she said: ‘My favourite hair at the moment is Louis’ because it’s got really long and he lets me do fun stuff with it.

'I’ve been using Fudge Urban Texture Blaster on Niall’s hair - we wanted to style his hair a bit flatter for the new video so I blow-dried it really flat and straight so it looked really nerdy but then messed it up with the Texture Blaster and it looked really cool.’

Revealing the secrets behind taming Harry’s wild curls, Lou said: 'The secret to curls is to let them dry naturally…if you need to get ready quickly, invest in a good old 80’s diffuser attachment for your hairdryer. Not joking.’

So how would she transform the boys’ looks if she could have her way?

'I would shave Liam’s head again and grow Zayn’s long again. I’m not winning on either,’ she laughed.

Lou, who is the global brand ambassador for Fudge Urban - a collection of unisex hair styling products inspired by fashion, culture, music and all things creative - also shared her top beauty tips for achieving the season’s hottest looks.

Those of you who were too afraid to experiment with rainbow hair will be pleased to know that the more muted 'drainbow’ hair is the hottest style for this summer.

'Those cool people who live in East London were first on the scene with neon/lumo/vunge green/pink hair last year. And when the dye started to wash out, they accidentally created a whole new look: drainbow,’ she said.

'It’s a much more wearable colour trend that’s great for girls who don’t want to go too crazy with their pretty hair.’