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SLEEPOVER SATURDAY: Top 3 things with vintage lesbians (real or fictional)?

OOOOOHHHH this is genuinely so so tricky, like i might have to cheat a bit + split it into top 3 tv + top 3 books 

top 3 tv:

  • bomb girls (really + truly gone too soon)
  • call the midwife (my faves r happy + in love as far as we know, they probably had a fab time in a very empty nonnatus when everyone else was away in south africa. and they went on a v gay holiday to paris which makes my heart v happy)
  • i’m torn between seis hermanas (canon vintage lesbians with such wonderful chemistry but i got massively behind + am told Bad Things are happening to them now) & the bletchley circle (not quite canon but essentially practically canon + they mean like A Lot to me). i’ll put them both here because i’m too indecisive
  • also these aren’t top 3 because the writers for both are kinda shitty but 1) home fires 4 teresa fenchurch 2) dracula 4 lucy westenra. both examples of vintage lesbians who got screwed over by their writers smh

top 3 books:

  • THE NIGHT WATCH BY VINTAGE LESBIAN GODDESS SARAH WATERS, legit one of my fave books ever. i was feeling really frustrated w/ reading when i finally got round to starting this after i started my summer holidays last year & it really really reminded me why i love books/reading so much, i fell in love w/ it (also would put the paying guests on here too but i never quite got round to finishing it because my degree got in the way as per but that’s something for me 2 finish next holidays!!)
  • carol - patricia highsmith, like….i think this is the first book i read w/ lesbian protagonists/about lesbians + so aahhh yeah it’s v important to me
  • fried green tomatoes at the whistle stop cafe - fannie flagg. similar 2 the night watch in that i couldn’t put it down which is saying a lot because my concentration when it comes to reading can b kinda terrible even for things i want to read but this is such a wonderful book, one of my absolute all time faves
  • okay these top 3s are really getting out of hand but i have 2 mention code name verity - elizabeth wein. not technically canon vintage lesbians, i went into it thinking they were actually canon so that was lowkey disappointing because they should so obviously be canon. anyway, i read it all in a day + it made me cry, like i actually can’t remember crying more at a book than i cried at this so ! again, one of my fave books

why did this escalate so much o my god!! anyway, thank u!!!! this was such a fun question to answer haha