i'm ganondorf guys

So, I read this absolutely DELIGHTFUL LoZ OoT series by  BetterBeMeta which I loved (Gerudo ladies! Zelda being a punk 12-year-old! Fixing the issue of the only dark-skinned dude in the game being declared unambiguously evil!).

The end of the lil’ coda-sequel made me cackle and involved Ganondorf scooping Zelda up ‘to perch on his shoulder like a finch’ and that image was TOO CUTE. Also there’s the implication that he’s going to teach her to be very sneakily seditious and not get in trouble next time and I just.

I really wish there was more, but as it is, I’m delighted and needed to Draw A Thing because authors who make me giggle myself out of the grumps deserve fanart.


Ah, seems Grandpa Shade is still a little sensitive ; 3;

Heading into headcanon territory here:

Since Ganondorf still retains his memories from his past selves, he remembers Time and the battle they previously had. When Time became Hero’s Shade, he was given the memories of all the previous Links, as well as maintaining his own (I wrote out a prompt about this, but you guys won’t get to see for a while). I’m pretty sure Ganondorf must have taken some part of the Hyrulean Civil War, whether it was actually participating, or just sitting back and watching. But, he had to have been there. So, it’s no surprise that he knows what happened to Time’s poor momma, and it seems Time still holds some grief about it.

I wonder if he ever got to see his parents again in the afterlife…

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