i'm forever glad the picture from my birthday is of my favorites

after hitting a milestone of 1k followers & having this blog for nearly a year, i’ve decided it would be nice to post my first follow forever ! first of all, tysm for following me !! honestly, i still remember how ecstatic i was when i reached my first 100, so lowkey this still seems a bit surreal to me ?? i truly love you guys a lot & honestly pls feel free to hmu at any time !!

(also, i’m vv sorry if i’ve forgotten anyone & the url order is basically oldest to newest blogs i followed !! ) (and the beautiful graph was made by @gwcnstacyrps​ !! )

⟨ ✧°˖ the lovely mutuals

(aka tysm for blessing my dash on a daily basis!) 

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⟨ ✧°˖ ppl i highkey really adore

(aka you guys mean a lot to me & if i wasn’t so rushed atm i’d def write yall a personal message as well!) 

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⟨ ✧°˖ personal messages 

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