i'm for sale

Happy 15th Anniversary, Kingdom Hearts!!

The RPG MAKER series is on sale for 60% off on steam until March 24, 2017.

Along with a bunch of music and graphic resource packs.  If you ever wanted to create your own RPG, Adventure game, or what have you, now’s a pretty cool time to download ‘em.

Announcement Time!!!

My Store

AHHH I finally got a Redbubble store up!!!! I’ve been trying to get it set up for soo long

I know I’m not exactly the most professional artist, but I still figure my art is decent enough to put up for sale. All of the above pictures are available for purchase. It would be absolutely lovely if you would take a look <3 <3

I’ve played DA:O so many times, but even after all these years that part in the intro video where Duncan goes “until the Grey Wardens came” gives me chills. Every. Single. Time.

BTS Tickets for 3/29/17 !

Hi, everyone! I don’t talk much on here, but I am really in a bind and becoming lowkey VERY desperate… I have 2 BTS concert tickets for their show in Chicago (Rosemont) that I really need to sell. Unfortunately, I will not be able to go as I am traveling and cannot afford to keep them. If anyone is interested, please message me here and we can discuss prices and everything. Also, please help spread the word if you know anyone who may be interested in the slightest. Hope you all have a wonderful day! 

Genos figured out how to get to all of the best sales before the stores close.


Original watercolor paintings up for grabs! Free shipping and a complementary one card tarot reading with your purchase.

A. Dandelions (4x4)
B. Amethyst cluster (4x4)
C. Moon & stars (4x4)
D. Keep Growing (4x6)
E. Miniature bee (2x2 canvas)

Frames not included.

If you’re interested in buying one and supporting your fellow witch, please send me a message! 😊

Thank you!!

Went to the mall today to treat myself to some gifts since I love to buy things I don’t really need. But I need to be nicer to myself so I thought I could treat myself to buying cute stuff. I bought a new stuffed animal to add my family of plushies >o