i'm flying away

“I wish I were one of them.” She muttered, her eyes following the flock of birds sitting on the power line above them.

“Why is that?” her friend laughed.

“Well,” she started. “I think we all have periods where we just want to escape, you know? To just pack all of our things away, change our hair color, our style, our name, anything to start brand new-”

“But life prevents that.” she smiled sadly. “We have too many obstacles, too many expectations, and too many pressures to do things a certain way to be happy.”

“These birds have it so easy, though.” she spoke softly, “they just fly away.”

—  Excerpt of a book I’ll never write #146

We have officially hit rock bottom.

Enjoy these sketches of some idea some twitter mutuals and I discussed XD Hehehe…

(And to clarify, I love PSG’s art style. The art style and music in the series for me is AAAAAH. Love it.)


@johnroxyweek 2nd Day: God Tier

permanent vacation: it’s okay to be different
She’s kinda hot: it’s good to be you, don’t do what society wants, do what you want
Fly away: it’s okay to run away from your problems and to leave everything behind for a while
Jet black heart: it’s okay to hurt, and to feel pain but we need to stick through the pain and get to the better side because it will all be worth it

They’re all becoming such talented writers and I can’t wait for sounds good feels good

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: What if they really did film 2 music videos when they filmed She's Kinda Hot and all the 7 trillion dogs Calum had on leashes will be for the Fly Away video? Where did those dogs come from? What were those dogs used for? Did Calum keep them? Would they make him feel better right now? What is happening with all this new music? Remember when I said I wanted new 5SOS music ASAP... Well this really was ASAP WOW. So Fly Away huh... I bet that's going to be good. ANOTHER SONG OFF THE ALBUM THAT ASHTON SAID HE'S NEVER BEEN MORE PROUD OF ANYTHING IN HIS LIFE. It's going to be such a great album. OMG... So many anthems. Such wow. So great for all the rejects like me out there joining the New Broken Scene. It's fine... I'm fine.

Dating Ashton would mean you would wake up see his fingertips tracing and dancing over your exposed stomach and see a sleepy smile punctuated with his dimples being evident and lying against him whilst you are watching movies but he gets distracted when his mind wanders to the song that he is working on and he would tap it out on your side and he’d giggle when you squirmed under his touch. Then one day when he’s on tour you’d get a text and he’d tell you that your relationship with him inspired the second albums to be called ‘Sounds Good Feels Good’ as he loved the warmth that he felt in his body when his fingers danced over your skin making you laugh which he thinks is the most beautiful sound in the world




|| Kids in the Dark - All Time Low // Miles Away - The Maine // Fairly Local - twenty one pilots // Weekend Millionaires - Katelyn Tarver // Devil - Papa Roach // Let Them In - PVRIS // Fly - Sleeping With Sirens // Berlin - New Politics // You To Believe In - Paradise Fears // More Than You’ll Ever Know - Nathan Sykes // Rejects - 5 Seconds of Summer // Wonderland - Taylor Swift // Stockholm Syndrome - One Drection // The Minstrel’s Prayer - Cartel // Easy Enough - State Champs // Ghost - Halsey // Hotel Ceiling - Rixton // Paralyzed - Against the Current // Face Everything and Rise - Papa Roach // Sledgehammer - Fifth Harmony // Bright - Echosmith // Heroine - Sleeping With Sirens // Fourth of July - Fall Out Boy // This Means War - Nickelback // Must Be Love - Christina Grimmie ||