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Some Gochi for my followers, love you guys! Thanks for being there, enjoying my fanart and my blog :)

The One With The Interruption
  • *221B*
  • John: *knocks on Sherlock's bedroom door*
  • Sherlock: *in a sexy voice* Come iiiiin. I've been waiting for youuuuu.
  • John: *enters* Hey, I was just wondering- *shouting* for God's sake! *backs runs out in horror* what the hell are you doing?
  • Sherlock: *following, pulling on a dressing gown; annoyed* What does it look like? I was- I was taking a nap.
  • John: *averting his eyes* Since when do you take naps in that position? *groans* tPlease tell me you weren't waiting for me...
  • Sherlock: *frowns* Don't flatter yourself. I'm seeing someone from work *thinking* I'm seeing a woman from work!
  • John: *impressed* That really fit Hopkins woman?
  • Sherlock: ...
  • Sherlock: Sure.
  • John: *quickly* Well, in that case, just give me a second and I'll be out of your hair. I'll just get a jacket and when I get back, I don't want to know anything.
  • -knocking-
  • John: *grimaces* Maybe that's her... *approaches the door*
  • Sherlock: *panicking* Okay, umm...
  • John: *opens the door*
  • Sherlock: *relaxes* It's just Grant and Mycroft...
  • John: *frowns* I thought you two were at dinner?
  • Greg: Well, we were! But Mycroft was talking so loudly on his phone they told us to leave.
  • Mycroft: *texting* I had to talk loud because that awful music was loud!
  • Greg: *frowns* It was important.
  • Mycroft: *sighs* They'll be other meals, Gregory.
  • Greg: *narrows his eyes* You'll be lucky.
  • Molly: *entering, happily; flipping a bottle of champagne, giggling to herself*
  • Molly: *sees everyone; suddenly shy* Oh...um... *grins widely; falsely excited* I'm so glad you're all here! My lab finally got new scalpels!

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I keep thinking of an au now where Shisui is sent back in time to the warring clans era and is just?? Good god why me but also I'm gonna make this wORK and sees tobirama and is totally infatuated so the senju are just so confused why there's a random (powerful too) uchiha following them but not attacking just kinda. Staring at tobis ass


The horrible thing is that I can see this so clearly, okay, this is the most Shisui thing to do. Not just Tobirama’s ass, but asking questions so he can fawn over his brain and it’s so gorgeous and Tobirama is flattered but also just ?????

can I just say that @whorebaby is one of my favorite blogs
it’s horrible that they went through such trauma of course, but their blog has such good and eerily relatable content about csa/trauma
I’d recommend giving them a follow if you’re interested!

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hey, Mittens! I'm fawning over the 12.15 gifsets and the woods convo with Dean & Crowley just struck me as an interesting kind of implication of how Dean might be processing Cas' barn confession. from him admitting "We've ALL changed." Crowley flatly saying "I don't care about [the girl of the week]," followed by Dean's 'oh shit he said that' expression, leaving a space for [who Crowley really cares about] [which EVERYBODY made clear in their barn!behavior]. "Maybe we rubbed off on you," then

cont. “Don’t flatter yourself,” then we rubbed off on each other. reciprocal rubbage. lmao innuendo aside a moment, if we can read Cas into this, (because they’re both Davy Perez), I feel a sort of vindication at the idea that yes! Cas was changed by them! they were changed by HIM, too. and a lot of how he’s changed is aaaaall him. Don’t flatter yourself, Dean, it’s not all your fault. and anyway softening these creatures can be a good thing. I’m glad Dean heard this. Scheherazade by proxy?

cont. also hahaha they do just MENTION Cas in the middle of that, (now that I’m looking at gifs in the right order), a thank you Dean had had in mind for like– weeks or however long this is after the barn– so clearly we can bring Cas into it! thought of him had been underlying the whole chat, virtue of thank you. and this is also after Crowley mimics the gruff!Dean performance, so Dean knocks it off. I weep, essentially. I’m so glad.


I like this theory.


Underscored by Crowley playing the STOP REPEATING ME game. I don’t know if that has a name, repeating everything someone says in a mocking fashion like that, but when my sister used to do it to me I’d end up yelling STOP REPEATING ME at her and she’d yell it back until mom came in and made us go to opposite ends of the house for a while. :D

Clearly, Crowley’s not engaging in that level of sibling drama. He’s doing it in a friendly, teasing way. More like the way Mr. Mittens and I might do this to each other, gently teasing each other a couple of times without it escalating to the point where anyone’s yelling (or being sent to their room).

(that wouldn’t really work since we share a room…)


I mean, Dean making that entire conversation with Crowley all about thanking him for saving Cas in the first place… sort of makes THAT conversation all about THE OTHER conversation. They exist as a narrative matched set.

We were hoping that Crowley would pull this sort of nonsense on Cas when they were on their Buddy Cop Road Tour early in the season, so it’s nice to see him finally get a chance to annoy Dean, as well :D

So yeah, Scheherazade by proxy. :D

(*cries about why these things always happen because of Crowley* *then feels a lil bad for Crowley* *someone should really send him a fruit basket or something*)

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Omg omg omg girl you will never guess what just happened. So I'm at work and I overheard these two girls talking about Riverdale. The one said she follows this girl on Tumblr who writes amazing bughead fics. She also said this girl writes cool bughead inspired songs... girl!!! It's you lol

Oh my god! That is so funny! I’m dead, how cool is that though?! What a small world! I’m so flattered!💙💛💙


Hello everyone! I just can’t believe my eyes, I’m so happy to be doing a follow forever, I haven’t done one in a while and I didn’t have enough time for it, you know school is a pain and during the Winter Break I have been everywhere but home with my family. Anyway, I’m so surprised to see I reached 2k+ followers knowing that my blog is always on queue and I post an edit only once a week. I can’t thank you all enough for always being with me, appreciating my blog and works, it makes me want to continue on doing what I like!

So yeah, thank you to all of my followers for appreciating my “thingyes”, even if we don’t talk, I always see you in my notification bar and you succeed every time in making me happy. I love you <3

Thank you to all of my mutuals and blogs I follow for making my dash so lively and gorgeous, I’ve met a lot of nice and talented people here who made me love Tumblr more than I already have when I came here. And of course, here’s the list of the people who I admire and want to be always happy and healthy:

Italic - lovely blogs who fill my dash with lovely posts, people who I look up to

Bold - precious mutuals and also faves


@ackermanss  ★  @aeselyn  ★  @aizawah  ★  @aizawashoutta  ★  @akatsukigadaisuki  ★  @akiko-natsuko  ★  @akutagawaas  ★  @akutagawah  ★  @almaskarmas  ★   @atsushisnakajima  ★   @ayaarin​  ★  @beccaheller  ★  @bertholdts  ★  @cactifilia  ★   @dazaiosamu-s  ★   @dazzai  ★   @de-k-u  ★  @doublepasse  ★    @dragneel-brothers  ★ @eriboook  ★  @evilkitten3  ★   @flamefly  ★  @fujimotoshiro  ★    @hina-shoo  ★  @hinazkii


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I saw the last ask I couldn't believe it! You're back!! I'm so happy! Against all odds I have followed this blog with a sliver of hope that maybe one day it will come back and I can't believe it! I'm really exited.

i can’t believe there are so many people still following this blog from like four years ago! it’s so humbling and flattering. ^^

i don’t want to give anyone false hopes tho: this comic isn’t coming back full-time. i just have a few ideas for some new comics that i hope you enjoy. :)

Thanks a million for all the sweet comments and new follows over the last few days, it’s been a little overwhelming but I’m super jazzed that you’re here and really looking forward to hopefully getting to know you guys! For those who haven’t seen yet, my giveaway is still open until the 15th so feel free to jump in on it. (:

Also, special shoutout to @seirui​ … I’m unbelievably flattered that such a fab artist would recommend my stuff and I want to return the favour. He’s got some great draws and super cute characters who I’m already in love with, so please check him out and give him a follow!

Anyways I started watching Voltron and it’s pretty dope so here’s a space dad.

Hey guys, I was thinking..
I started this art thingy for fun and I was not really sure about it but you guys seem to appreciate it and I am seriously SO overwhelmed and humbled and flattered, I still have a hard time believing it.
But I was wondering.. since I have followers (or broadly speaking, people who follow my work but not my blog) in several different time zones, if you wish me to tag you or send you a msg whenever I post a new artwork I’ll gladly do it:) I’ve seen other artists doing it and I thought that was actually rather nice but I was too bloody shy to ask 😅So I am boldly telling you now: just let me know through an ask, a msg or this post and you won’t miss out on any of my future projects 😊
Thank you.
*this has been a psa*:D

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hiii!!!!! do you know any blogs with a similar aesthetic like yours?? i just love your blog so so much

ahhh thank you so much!!! <33

i don’t even know what my own aesthetic is lol but here are some aesthetic blogs i really like ((i’m not mutuals with everyone though i hope no one minded me tagging them???)) all a++++ blogs though

@shyubi @delium @umaio @lovguk @sulqis @sugyo @kotikjoon @shykooks @solasm @pamilku @sukooks @valuekook @czevny @caitc4t @entrytrash @milktu 


so apparently the ceo of the game company that makes hello neighbor is following me now?

um…hello sir, not sure how my content would be interesting to you, but i’m flattered nonetheless!

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I'd just like to tell you that you inspired me to download dream boyfriend/girlfriend and animal boyfriend onto my phone and i don't regret getting any of them


They’re great apps and I enjoy em a lot and I’m glad people are enjoying them as much as me!!!

Also Dream Boyfriend has an English Tumblr which contains updates to the game so they’re worth a follow!(Their tags are mcgold as well)

well then

so i just had a follower that i’ve been roleplaying with tell me that they love me. i won’t use names in case they see this and i don’t want to embarrass anyone, but this is such a new thing thing for me. for a follower to start off roleplaying with me, then say that i should date them, then say they love me. it’s very new for me, this is the first time this has happened in the entire time i’ve been here, and i’m honestly not sure how to respond. i’m not freaked out by it, i’d say it’s actually a flattering kinda thing :) i just thought i’d put this out there, because i love including you guys in things that happen in my life or that happen to me in general.

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Hey... I was following you since your very first pages and when I just saw your last panel I paused. It's just you improved so much! You're line art is clearer, you sense of colour is better, the positions of your characters is more natural, and you just became amazing in drawing dramatic scenes. I follow many artist and I simply didn't know which one is my favorite, but now, after reading your beautiful comics and witnessing your fast learning and skills , YOU have to be my favorite artist.

No way, no way, ahaha there are way better blogs out there, don’t make this one your favourite… x’D

Send me an AU and I'll give you a Starter/Drabble (roles can be switched around)
  • First Kiss: Kissing means binding your souls together for the rest of your lives, so how about an accidental first kiss? Can we say oops?
  • Toy Mission: The toys are living beings, too, but they exist to make their owners happy. I didn't like you at first, you were a terrible owner, but I hate seeing you cry, too, so I'll fulfill my duty to you.
  • Thief by Accident: You kept stealing from your alliance in the game and we all decided to kick you out of the group, and then you messaged me to ask why and it turned out that you were new.
  • False Alarm: Your alarm keeps going off every time you get home and I'm getting very annoyed by showing up and it turning out to not be an intruder after all, but then when I took a while longer the next time, it really was an intruder.
  • Child of Ours: My baby got stolen away from me and now I've found the child, but you adopted the baby from an orphanage and have been raising the child for five years.
  • Summoning Ritual: You constantly annoy me so today I let you walk in on me pretending to be summoning the Devil to offer my soul in exchange for you going away except apparently this ritual was the real deal.
  • Accidentally Blind: You lost your sight in a traffic accident that I was the cause of and I had the bright idea to get you balloons and a card to apologize and I keep stepping into the salad every time I speak to you yet you still laugh at me.
  • Frog Prince: I was drunk and spotted a frog and figured I might as well try out the myth and it turns out the frog was poisonous but luckily you found me by the road and drove me to the hospital.
  • Costume Party: I was dressed up for a Parade but it started raining and it got cancelled so now I'm stuck in the city for hours without anything to do or anywhere to go, but on the plus side you were there for it when it got cancelled and live here, so now I'm mooching off of your hospitality.
  • Coven Terror: Your coven leader had found the perfect new member to turn into a Vampire but didn't have the time to do it themselves, so you had to do it and you picked the wrong person. Now I'm giving the entire coven Hell, because I definitely didn't sign up for this bullshit.
  • Music Loss: You ruined my headset by accident while getting out of the vehicle and now I'm stalking you on your way home to ensure that you suffer just as much as I did with the loss of music.
  • Sibling Rivalry: I was aiming for your sibling but instead I kissed you and now you won't stop pursuing me. It's actually a little flattering except for when you sneak into my home to leave presents. The flowers were nice, but the breaking into my home part isn't.
  • Dragon Slaying: You keep refusing my advances, claiming I'm not your type or that I'm just not good enough, so I decide to prove it by slaying a dragon. But the dragon is like a selfish puppy and followed me back home and every time I try to approach you, it starts breathing fire.