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omg i can't believe the hate that anon sent you but props to you for handling it so well + your legs look great :)

anon said:
don’t listen to that stupid anon cuz damn, ur legs are fine as hell 🔥🔥❤

anon said:
Ignore the anon hate, you are the most beautiful girl in all the USA and part of Canada 😂😂😂 (?) Just joking, but ignore it and love yourself because you deserve all the love bby ♡

@63koi said:
lmao @ the thighs anon, your response was perfect, seo! :’) also, you don’t need to loose any weight on your thighs at all. you have a really nice body weight and don’t feel pressured by anyone! (+ i agree, you are a smol bean)

anon said:
um what was that person on about?? you’re gorgeous and so are your thighs babs (I mean that in the least pervy way possible, no worries)

anon said:
may i just say that if your legs are big then mine are huge :333 you look great, don’t worry~~

@phantoms-stars said:

anon said:
huh lmao seo you re not fat at all you re sooooooooo cute you know?

anon said:
Ok first of all, there is legit nothing wrong with her(the bloggers) thighs and you would think people would express their jealousy of successful people in different ways besides body shaming hello its 2017 @that-one-anon ;))))))))))))

anon said:
seo I love you so so much whether you know it or not you’ve made other people better bc of your inspiring personality so any hate coming your way is just out of jealousy or boredom and s/o for not letting the hate get to you! you honestly are one of the best people I’ve ever encountered

Let me just say that I absolutely ADORE you. You’re so young and you certainly have such a bright future ahead of you. Your response to hate anon is 10/10 amazing. You really stay true to your ideals because you certainly don’t respond back with hate but with positivity and sassiness haha. Hope I can be a great studyblr like yours!!

oh my god i’m crying with happiness because i logged onto tumblr and saw a whole lotta love and body positivity in my inbox + kind replies to the original anon hate and i’m so grateful to all of you brilliant people and your amazing support :’)))

thank you so so very much :’)

“By the way, according to the story setting, in all exhibitions of this season Yuuri is skating Victor’s “Hanarezu ni Soba ni Ite”, and only in the Grand Prix Final exhibition of the last episode Victor himself joins him too.” - Kubo Mitsurou (source)


$1 stories - E is for exhibitionism



[ lady killers - g-easy ]

‘if you don’t know by now’


‘Do you want to go dance?’

‘No, I’m good.’

She turned to the man next to him.

‘How about you?’

‘I don’t dance. Thanks though.’

She shrugged, smiling, and moving on.

‘Suit yourselves.’

‘So…how are you?’

He Tian asked, leaning in to be heard over the music.

Mo Guan Shan tensed up at the sensation of warm breath on his neck.

‘Fine, thanks.’

He Tian studied him in profile as he stirred his drink, resolutely avoiding eye contact.

After about a minute, he sighed and turned to face him.

‘And how are you doing, He Tian?’

He smiled his wolfish smile.

‘I’m doing just great. Better now that you’re here.’

Mo Guan Shani scoffed.

‘Yeah, I’m sure.’

‘No, really! It’s been awhile since we got to talk like this.’

‘There’s a reason for that.’

‘Oh? Why? Is she going to be mad that you’re here with me?’

‘I don’t think she’s be particularly happy about it.’

Unconsciously, they’d moved closer, their thighs were pressed together.

‘Well where is she?’

‘On the dance floor with her friends.’

‘Does she still hate me?’

‘She doesn’t hate you. She just thinks you want to fuck me.’

‘She’s not wrong.’

‘Don’t start this shit again. Why are you so determined to ruin all my relationships.’

He Tian placed his hand on Mo Guan Shan’s thigh under the table and he nearly choked on his drink.

‘Because you keep picking the wrong relationship, you fucking idiot.’

Surrounded by his girlfriend’s catty friends, he couldn’t exactly react the way he normally would.

‘Move your hand.’

The moment he said it, he realized he’d chosen his words very poorly.

He hand inched up his thigh and he froze.

‘You know you’ve missed this. I certainly have.’’

Mo Guan Shan turned his head to whisper in He Tian’s ear, making him jump and pull back for a moment.

‘There’s only one part of you I’ve missed.’

He told the girls he was going to get some shots, and He Tian followed him down the stairs.

He led him away from the bar and onto the dance floor.

He shook his head feverently, exaggeratingly mouthing, ‘not a chance.’

Laughing,he grabbed his ex boyfriend’s  wrist and dragging him into the writhing mass of sweaty, drunk, college girls and stepped forward to press their bodies together.

Mo Guan Shan tried to pull away, but He Tian’s arm was locked tightly around his hips.

‘I’m not going to dance with you!’ He shouted over the music.

He Tian huffed a laugh in his ear, moving his hips in an all too familiar way.

‘My girlfriend could see us, dude.’

He ran his fingers through the short red hair.

Mo Guan Shan gasped when He Tian gently licked from is collarbone to his earlobe.

‘You love it.’

There was nothing he could have done to stop his erection.

He Tian pushed his his knees between Mo Guan Shan’s thighs.

‘Yeah, that’s what I thought.’

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I can never decide if Alex is more handsome or beautiful. Like, his face is very distinctly masculine but there's still a sort of delicacy to his features that I find quite charming. Even now that he's bulked up quite a bit, there's still a sort of gentleness to his looks -- he's got a very fine bone structure. He's very elegant!

He’s beautiful, handsome, sexy, cute and adorable all in one! His face is actually perfect.

Originally posted by lady-where-has-your-love-gone

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o yes!!!! that ask was me!!!! my family is chinese (taiwanese) too!!!! aLSO. YOU HAVE A JUNG JAEHYUN FOLDER???? aND Y ES EXACTLY I WAS TALKING ABOUT THOSE PICTURES 👀👀 girl youve been caught - jaehyun enthusiast

Oh good, I’m glad I didn’t tag the wrong person ^^  


bye underneath the cut are some of my fave pics from the folder i’m gonna go study now and not think of jeffrey for the next 20 years 

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Katsuki: Just don’t ask for weird adult stuff, y'hear?
Yamikumo: You almost sound like you’re concerned for my well-being.
Katsuki: And only one outfit per ask. Have some mercy on Yami.
Yamikumo: Thank you, Katsuki.

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I just spent the last 48 hours binge-reading Tumbling Together, and I’ve got to say, I enjoyed it a lot more than I was expecting to.

I’m usually not one for Hero/Villain pairings, particularly unrepentant villains like Snart. People tend to write them in a way so that either the villain reforms or the hero goes bad. No one seems to think of the pair of them coming to a compromise in a morally grey area.

The way you’ve written them, though… I have to say, I’m impressed. It’s full of the complications that would actually realistically happen if such a pairing really occurred. The conflicts of interest, the clashes over the alternate halves of their lives, the mess of close associates in both halves finding out and being in the know about both halves and the necessary public-secret of the relationship…

It’s a very well thought out plot and a particularly well-written story on top of that. Bravissimo, Phyn. It is definitely officially one of my favorites, now, and saved in my bookmarks right along with the rest of them.

Panties and stockings (lmao bad title)

“Jungkook! The hyung’s and I are going to the store! You wanna come?” Jimin, Jungkook’s boyfriend calls out from downstairs. “No hyung! I’m fine, thanks for asking though!” Jungkook looks down from the stair railing and smiled at his boyfriend, Jimin smiles back and blows a kiss, Jungkook giggles but does the same.

After 5 minutes, Jungkook was sure they were gone. He rushed back to his AND Jimin’s room and goes to a spot where he hides his things. The opens the box and sees his stockings and panties. He’s never told Jimin about this because, well, he’s too embarrassed. He slowly takes off his clothing and put on the panties and stockings.

He kneels back down next to the box and took out his pink over sized sweater and put it on. The ends of the sweater barely covered his panties. Jungkook sighed and smiled, it’s been so long since he’s worn this, mainly because they were busy with the comeback.

The blinked a couple of times and looked at himself in the mirror.

He heard a door open.



“Jungkookie-ah?! I forgot something here! Can you help me find it?” It was Jimin. Oh fuck, why? Why did this have to happen now at all times?

After not getting a response from his younger boyfriend he started walking up the stairs, “Jungkook-ah? Where are you?” Jungkook panicked, he grabbed his clothes and the box and rushed towards the bathroom.

Just as he locked it he heard the bedroom door open. Not even 10 seconds later he heard knocks, “Jungkook? Are you in there?” Jungkoom stuttered a response, “Y-yeah hyung! W-what did you n-need?” “I just needed help finding something, what are you doing in there anyways?” Jimin walked towards the counter near the bed and unlocked the bathroom door.

Jungkook panicked, yet again.




“Um- Jungkook. You’ve- never mind. Okay.” Jimin sighed and put the key back on the counter.

When he thought Jimin was gone, he sighed in relief, but then. “Jungkook- why are your boxers and pants on the floor? Are- are you naked in the bathroom?”


“U-um” Jungkook couldn’t think of a response in time, Jimin swung the door open and looked at Jungkook, Jungkook looked back at him.


“I- um-” Jungkook looked everywhere but Jimin. He placed his shirt over his panties and blushed a deep red.

Jimin was staring at him with possessive eyes, like he could just eat him right then and there. Not that Jungkook would mind actually.

Jimin slowly walked away and closed the door. Jungkook looked at his lap in shame and curled his fingers around his shirt.

Then he got a message. It was from the group chat that all seven members were in.

Jimin: Go on without me, I need to take care of Jungkook.

Another message.

Taehyung: Ew, okay. We’re not going to the dorms tonight. Fuck that.


Yoongi: Gross.

Namjoon: We’re sleeping in someone else’s dorm. Fuck that.

Jimin: Oh I will be fucking that. ;)

Hoseok: DUDE WTF

Jungkook: Fuck

Jimin: Fuck indeed. ;)

Jungkook couldn’t walk the next day and Jimin kept patting his ass.


  • Person: How are you?
  • Me: A little annoyed about the classic dichotomy of Gryffindor versus Slytherin/Good versus Evil because I'm a Slytherin but I'm not evil okay I'm just ambitious and I actually want to help people and just because Alexander Hamilton did AWESOME things doesn't automatically make him a Gryffindor I think his cunning and drive to leave behind a legacy actually make him more of a Slytherin than Gryffindor but all in all I'm doing pretty good, thanks for asking.

Requested by anonymous

“Hey, Y/N, can I talk with you a moment?” Colossus asked, sounding a little nervous.

You looked up at him. “Yeah, sure, what’s up?”

He waited until the last person in the room left before speaking again. “We’ve known each other for a while now, and for just as long, I’ve…” he started, struggling to find the right words. “Sorry, I should’ve rehearsed what I wanted to say.”

“No, it’s fine,” you told him, putting your hand on his arm reassuringly. “Take your time.” You knew English was his second language, so you understood how hard it was to find the right words sometimes.

“I’ve found that I have really come to care about you, possibly to the point of ya tebya lyublyu,” he said, slipping into Russian.

You just looked at him, confused. You know he just said that he loves you, but he doesn’t know that you know Russian. So you decided to play dumb and see how he acts.

Piotr blushed, a hand coming up to rub the back of his neck. “I just slipped into Russian, didn’t I?” he asked bashfully.

“Yep, you did,” you said with a nod.

“Sorry, I just kinda got lost. Lost in the words or your eyes or-“

You cut him off by giving him a kiss, going up on your tip-toes to reach and putting your arm on his shoulder for balance. He wrapped his arms around you, his embrace feeling strong and protective.

After a moment, you pulled out of the kiss. “I love you, too,” you admitted.


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I'm a 15 year old bi girl and come from a very Christian home. I'm a Christian myself, but believe that liking the same gender is just fine but my parents don't really agree with me. Last year, they found out about my kind of girlfriend at the time, and took it so badly that they had me homeschooled. I just wanted everyone whose parents love and accept them to know how lucky they are <3 We might be the most progressive generation, but we still have a long way to go

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I't so sad to even admitt that I did not even follow you (mostly because I had no idea, sorry omg) why did you do it, can I ask? And again thank you so much♥ I really appreciatted!!

Lol thank you and my pleasure :’> 

Do you mean why I drew Ariadna..? It’s because I liked your little description of her on my post’s reblog + she has a nice design, so it’d be a shame if I left her alone ^^

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Being married to the wrong person is a whole lot worse than being alone. Not sure what you're going through, but you can be strong and you can survive. But please don't marry someone for the wrong reasons. Both of you deserve more than that, and it wouldn't be fair to any kids you have either.

i appreciate this, and you’re probably right. thanks for reaching out babe.