i'm fine she lied

  • What she says : I'm fine.
  • What she means : The reason HIMYM finale was a tragedy lies in the last seconds where Ted and Robin get back together. Not only did the writers destroy the most interesting and romantic couple this show has ever had, but they also gave the annoying stupid excessive male character his happy ending while ruining the independent woman and the sensitive womanizer. Worse, they admitted Robin should have been The Mother, which would have been catastrophic since she's never wanted kids. Also, Ted was ready to marry any girl. Robin never left Barney's mind. For Ted, there has been Stella, Victoria, Tracy, etc. For Barney, there was only Robin. She was The One™.
  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: Elfen Lied is a tragedy about the human condition and how terribly we treat one another. There is practically no antagonist for the majority of both the manga and the anime. The anime should be looked at on its own rather than as an adaptation of the manga, as it's so different, yet still very good. I cried during every episode and it wasn't any different when I read the manga and cried during every chapter. Kouta and Lucy could have been such great friends if he hadn't fucking lied and she hadn't killed his sister and his father right in front of him. The children in the orphanage deserved to get torn apart because they killed a puppy and that's not okay. Lucy might still be alive in the anime despite what the firing squad scene might make you believe. There's a fan theory that it's probably Nyu who appears at the end of the final episode because she liked the clock, which was chiming the moment she stepped in, whereas Lucy