i'm fine :|

Tried to make a video for this, but the audio kept cutting out so I’ve decided to simply to write it out here. I’ll start with a basic timeline of things that’s been roughly established by the people of the house.

10:45: Roommate that works night audit rushes out to get to work while I’m playing Fallout 4 with headphones in to keep noise down from the game/detox from debate that turned to fight with friend

11:00 or not so long after: Two roommates that sleep in the space where the game consoles are go to bed

11:30 or such: I look up to see a pair of eyes creeping around the side of the entrance into the living room. Person disappears so quickly that I’m convinced either one of three things happened:

  1. Friend I got in a mini fight with is checking up on me, but wants to give me space
  2. I managed to wake up the other roommates sleeping nearby through my muttered commentary of the game
  3. It’s something I saw out of the corner of my eye so quick that it wasn’t really there

Somewhere within this timeframe, without my knowledge, friend I got in a semi fight with suddenly realizes a light has been flipped on upstairs. Calls out to ask who it is and when it goes off assumes it’s someone fucking with him.

11:45/50: I turn to notice that the front door to our house is open, although not the screen door. Now, living in an old farm house in the summer, this isn’t an uncommon occurrence. Sometimes you think the door is really closed and it still swings open. So I immediately messaged the house group on facebook to check, got a message from roommate on night audit that, “Oh, I must have not gotten it shut behind me, sorry!” I did a quick check to make sure both cats were in and all was well.

6:00 (in the morning): I finally stumble upstairs to bed and immediately feel uncomfortable. The light I had left on is now off and various items are knocked off my mini fridge while my cookie jar is open. I write that part off as possibly done by cats, but there’s also a folded blanket that’s been moved and one of my handbags. Even my laptop has been unplugged. I message the group, don’t receive a clear answer, and then collapse into sleep figuring I’ll get a clearer one when more people are awake.

8:00: One of the roommates pounds on door to alert me that there needs to be a house meeting. Once I get out I’m surprised to find that, in a house of late risers and someone who had just worked a night shift, everyone is in the hallway. A comment is made of, “So, we think someone got in…?” and immediately everything nasty spirals down my spine as I gasp out, “I saw him!”

We’re highly convinced that this was a drunk college student on some sort of dare. He rifled through everything that could be a purse or handbag (right down to a friend’s knitting needle bag?) yet in the end only took one beer, a cookie or two, and $5.00 in change—all from various places around the house.

Our house is on lockdown right now with everyone very spooked, even after a proper saging. No one was hurt, but it’s still very creepy to know that someone came through and touched your stuff. I wish I could have done something to stop him, but, at the same time, everyone is very glad I didn’t since he could have hurt me somehow.

Still, no one was hurt, we’re all just very creeped out. And we’re all calling this idiot the “Not So Artful Dodger” currently. 

I need to stop comparing myself to others…