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Burr, let’s be reasonable here

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We took my mom downtown to the Mall this morning because she’s only seen the Lincoln Memorial at night and when it was under construction. After walking around a bit and taking some photos, we stopped by one of the many souvenir stands selling ‘I <3 DC’ t-shirts and caps and keychains so my mom could get a couple of t-shirts for my nieces. When my mom paid, the woman running the stand asked if she wanted to add a Tr.ump magnet to her purchase for a dollar. My mom said, “Oh, noooo, no, no, no, that’s okay, no thank you.”

The lady said, “Oh, in that case, here, you can have this for free,” and handed her a really nice Hillary Clinton ‘Stronger Together’ photo magnet. :D

it’s my birthday in 25 days

if a new tomlinshaw fic hasn’t been uploaded by then i am hereby kindly requesting SOMEONE who follows me to write one for me


*Writes story in tags*

anonymous asked:

X-files au where either Tsuna works in the X-Files department in the FBI or he's Mulder's nephew. Have fun~

New game where someone sends prompts like the above and ya’ll have to submit to this blog fully written out AUs, fics, or art for said prompt, because then it doesn’t just sit in the inbox and I wonder what to do with it because I’m just;;;;


In the event that this does become a thing, I would appreciate it if anyone that does send a prompt submits it through the Submissions Page, rather than through the ask box, which is for asking questions. Please stop submitting things through the ask box.

Last year, there was an FT Positivity Week. I participated and I’d love it if we brought it back because it was fun.

That being said, I think it would also be fun if we had an FT Negativity Week, where we share things we don’t like about the series. I’m not convinced that everyone is okay with everything that’s ever happened in this series.

I mean, nobody has anything mean to say at all about the villains?

We only have nice thoughts about the Daphne Arc?

We’re all totally fine with Lisanna coming back and doing barely anything?

Heck, no one has a problem with characters dying and coming back in general?

death stranding isn’t an actual video game. it’s a game for kojima where the goal is to get all his favorite celebrities to become his friends and the trailers are the equivalent of him twitch streaming it all to us