i'm fine :|

Sick Scenario

I’m a massive fan of characters pushing through an illness. I want A being terribly sick but having to give a class presentation, and B can do nothing but sit and watch with bated breath while A grips the podium and struggles through the presentation.

Bonus: A makes it through, but as soon as they start back towards their seat, they stagger, and B is out of their seat and at A’s side in seconds.


Dongwan x Guitar = NOSEBLEED + HYPERVENTILATING = (due to the blood sucked back into my nose then it lead to the symptom of DYING) (if the culprit dont give me mouth to mouth resuscitation i’ll be dead then)

so I went bowling

and, naturally, I typed in danny phantom for my name. it abbreviated it to dp on the board, since the full name is a little hard to fit in a little square. anyways, I’m sure most of you know what dp can stand for. as a result, my friend and I had this conversation (while she was filming me, mind you. she put it on her story):

elise: taylor
me, on my phone: yep
elise: you know dp means double penetration, right?
me: *looks up from phone while the camera zooms in on my face*
me: it means danny phantom you whOre

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Hey Aero-chan, I hope this doesn't sound angry or hateful cause I'm really not, but have you seen that page with drunk Gin-san and drunk Tsukki in the last chapter? What do you think sensei is gonna do? Would it make sense for them to end up together after the ending of Love Potion arc? Will he really end this with pairing Gintoki with someone? I find that kinda ending a bit tasteless for a manga like Gintama so I'm kinda, not happy about this. I just wonder what you think. Thank you.

This doesn’t sound angry or hateful at all! You’re worried about Gintama potentially getting a bad ending and I understand that! Here are some links that will hopefully put you at ease!

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can i intrude a little and ask what you're studying (and where if you feel like saying) i'm in year 12 and decisions are a com'n my way

i just recently started a graphic design course!!


Let Your arms enfold us

Through the dark of night

Will Your angels hold us

Till we see the light?