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So, just so everyone knows where I’m at so far. I have about 82 requests……

It’s going to be a long February. XD

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I would also like to remind everyone that if your message is missing a number, or doesn’t have a specific ship typed in, it’s getting tossed. If you think you were vague on what ship you wanted, you might want to send it again while you still have time.

bias list tag

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1. Ahn Jaehyo (my ult and everything!!)

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2. Jang Dongwoo 

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3. Na Dokyun (my soft baby napokki !!)

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4. Johnny Seo (wow the fluffiest)

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6. Kim Minseok (xiu xiu !!)

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7. Lee Jian

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8. Jung Wooseok, but I ain’t loyal 

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9. Baek Juho KIm YoungBIN I swear my bias is YOUNGBIN BYE

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10. Jang Sebin

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things I wish Judith Tarr, in specific, would stop doing:

  • focusing so goddamn much on bloodlines and breeding
    • like, 1. not everyone needs a special lineage and 2. your lineage shouldn’t be the most important thing about you 
  • men and women as natural opposites/X to the other’s Y
  • love as a thing that conquers all including your original personality
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They move in together.

@peachypotpourri​ said: “ I’d love to read about the time they actually move in together and the first few days/weeks :3 I’m a sucker for domestic bliss.”

“Try to pick each other up” - PINOF 8

i’ll save you from the fire!! - dan 2016