i'm finding it harder to smile

lumin-z  asked:

Can I just say I'm absolutely in love with your blog. I have always viewed Drrr in a very psychological way & it's so nice to read your posts & stories. Very glad you're here with us, the way you analyze characters will never stop making me smile <3

I have been feeling a little down so reading this message (again) cheered me up a bit, thank you.

I’m very interested in psychology, have been since quite a while, around middle school, so that’s probably why my analyses and stories are quite psychological. To be honest I feel lonely sometimes because I don’t interact much here but thank you for the support :)

If you’ve always viewed Durarara in a very psychological way perhaps that’s why you prefer (?) Izaya, he certainly has a lot of psychology going on.

A Crimson Storm Hiding a Heart of Gold (Closed)

There was a sudden heavy silence when Jameson asked why Smiles tormented him, and why they both just didn’t try to get along.
{Why would I ever be nice to my prison warden. He never lets me out, he won’t even give me a chance, even while he’s sleeping now. It’s becoming harder and harder to actually try controlling our body.}
“Well how would you feel if someone always kept trying to control your body?! Plus, last time I let you do anything all you did was go out and literally just destroy people’s property.” Miles suddenly shouted, a stern anger in his voice.
{How I would feel? You mean how I feel all the time already?! I share this body too, I don’t just want to be a spectator anymore!}
The voice shouted, and eventually just started to make a grumbling sort of noise, trying to focus on the other’s words, but the urge to try and fight for control over Miles, or maybe even Jameson as they resonated, was becoming more and more tempting.
{Sounds like you don’t like visitors much then, eh?}