i'm finally seeing it staged

It baffles me how much time and energy certain portions of the fandom spend talking about how Jensen should act at conventions, or in public in general. He’s too reserved, he’s trying too hard or not trying hard enough, he’s looking at Jared when he should be looking at Misha (or vice versa), he’s joking too much or he’s too serious… Just like Dean, the poor guy never gets a break.

But even when Jensen does manage to behave to everyone’s satisfaction, he gets treated like some sort of trained puppy who managed to do a trick it was trying to learn. He gets praised for overcoming his shyness, for relaxing more and opening himself up, for “coming out of his shell”.

I realize I’m kind of overreacting here, but being reserved, wanting to keep some distance between yourself and other people, and wanting to keep parts of you just to yourself… that’s not a crime. It’s not a flaw that needs to be fixed or a shortcoming than needs to be overcome. It’s a personal disposition, a character trait. There’s no right or wrong about it.

Besides, let’s not kid ourselves. None of the cast are their “real themselves” when in public. Everyone’s got a stage persona, everyone’s chosen parts of themselves that they reveal to the fans and some parts that they keep private.