i'm feeling so lost right now

I’m fully convinced they had the screening for the sole purpose of generating hype that Mon-el is finally gone to get the fans they lost from his shit stain of a “story arc” back. 

Honestly it reads to me like “We’re so so so so so sorry we thought you’d like our privileged hetero slave owning selfish white boy that does nothing but emotionally blackmail and psychologically abuse the lead female protagonist into giving him affection and sex. He’s gone now will you please come back to the show and not allow us to be canceled?!”

Sometimes you lose people, and there’s just nothing that you can do about it. Sometimes you lose something that you love. Sometimes you’re replaced by someone else and shifted to a not-so-important place in that one confidant’s heart. Sometimes relationships change and you end up feeling a little bit lonely. Sometimes you just aren’t the right fit, you just aren’t the soul that that other person needs.
—  🖤

hey guys. i really hate doing this but i’m in a pretty tough situation rn. i was just kicked out of my house and i have nowhere to go. i have very little money and i had to quit my job so i have no steady pay cheque. i feel so bad for doing this but i am just at a loss rn.

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Louis tweeting Harry happy birthday is fucking EMOTIONAL okay??? Those two had an undeniably close bond in the early days of the band, and over the years it’s stretched and withered and hidden itself and morphed and been tried by people putting something on it other than what it was. 

But they have grown. And gotten older. And changed. And Louis has had a son. And they have both lost people they loved. And they may not be those same boys who moved into the most garish flat in all of London together. But their hearts are the same. And the love and friendship forged in the fires of what they went through has brought them out on the other side to where they can be there for each other. To mourn and to celebrate. Publicly. 

And that’s some beautiful shit right there. 

That dilemma when you, as your superhero alter ego, sleep once (1) with your crime fighting partner, who you’ve been kind of falling for, and get pregnant… but you can’t be a family with him cause like… the world is at stake and the two of you can’t know each other’s secret identities–and then of course, there’s the trouble of the fact that you’re still in unrequited love with your crush from high school, who just happens to be one of your best friends… and who you’ll probably never have a chance with now that you’re pregnant with someone else’s kid. Throw in college, starting your own business, trying to Adult, and you’ll be in the same boat as Marinette Dupain-Cheng.

Similarly, there’s that other kind of dilemma where you’ve been in love with this awesome heroic superheroine since you were a high school student, and you get a chance to spend the night with her and you find out she’s pregnant now but?? you still can’t be with her?? cause of that stupid ‘can’t-know-each-other’s-secret-identities’??? Top it off with the fact that one of your best friends, who you kind of have feelings for, is now pregnant with someone else’s kid, meaning you’ve pretty much lost the two women of your dreams. Yeah, Adrien Agreste is feeling that pretty hard right now.

*takes place about 6/7 years after the end of Season 1, so Marinette and Adrien are around 22? This fic is utter soap opera material be warned lol

Chapter 1

Do you ever think about The Lost Hero era Annabeth just sitting and staring out at the ocean when Percy was missing because it reminded her of him and then you get swamped by feels.

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In the future, when Nikolai Plisetsky is dead, Yuri's cat (I call her Niva) dies. Yuri's cat was a gift from Nikolai, so Yuri is devastated, because he's lost one of the only things his grandpa left behind. Niva's irreplacable, so Yuri is FURIOUS when Otabek gives him a new cat. He feels like Otabek's assuming Niva can easily be replaced. Yuri won't talk to him for days, then he realizes: He's lost a cat given to him by someone special, and the person who gave him the new one is special as well.

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WOW MY DEAR ANON… you just punched me right in the feels… I’m so emotional right now SOBS THANK YOU FOR THIS, IT’S BOTH SO HEARTBREAKING AND SO BEAUTIFUL ;///u///; <33333333333333

In Love And Death
  • "Who am I?"
  • "Where did I come from?"
  • "Why am I here?"
  • "Where am I going?"
  • "Get down"
  • "I'm lying to myself"
  • "Take my hand"
  • "Take my life"
  • "Take it away"
  • "I must have caught something"
  • "I can't stop itching"
  • "I'm not in love"
  • "You know it's not love"
  • "I'm right here with you"
  • "Just stay with me now"
  • "Let it bleed"
  • "Did you think that I was sober?"
  • "The most that I can do for you is keep on lying"
  • "I'm far from lonely"
  • "I remember every glance you shot me"
  • "I lost my head"
  • "Just say what you wanna say"
  • "I'm feeling so lonely"
  • "I'll let you know when I go"
  • "Get down and stay awake"
  • "It's hard to say that I was wrong"
  • "It's hard to say I miss you"
  • "Since you've been gone, it's not the same"
  • "Wake up"
  • "Do you wanna take me on?"
  • "I think I might just trust you, maybe"
  • "I am not afraid to die"
  • "Just look at me, look at me now"

Okay so this is gonna be a long post and nobody will probably even see it but I needed to talk about the concert tonight. I had the wonderful opportunity to see B.A.P last year in concert and it honestly was the best concert I’ve ever been to. I got lucky again and got to see them tonight and I can’t believe that this one was even better than last year! BAP are so talented and they are AMAZING live. They are so energetic and fun to watch and I couldn’t stop dancing and singing/yelling(I lost my voice lol) I could feel how happy they were to be there and that they love what they do. You can also tell how much they love their fans. They were constantly interacting with the crowd and every time they talked they told us how much they loved us and how thankful they were that we came to see them. So thank you B.A.P for doing what you love and I hope you all stay happy in the future.💜💜💜


When you marry your brother but it feels more like an adoption of some wild child and you’re a stupid useless teenager trying to raise a stupid useless teenager into a respectable young man.

I really love the Brandenburg-Prussia era so i did some doodles using  ヒラ’s old Brandenburg OC design since my friends really love it..

I’m not battling this sadness well. I don’t do well with prolonged periods of sadness, it’s against my very being as an optimistic person. Accept and find the silver lining - that’s what I do. I want to rail against it but I know I need to let it run its course. The last time I felt anything remotely like this, a show about fairytales brought me out of it.

So what does one do when that very thing is the reason you feel that way again?

Favorite Worst Nightmare is ten years old today, and I laid in bed this morning thinking about how I bought the album two weeks before I graduated college. I still remember clear as day, listening to it for the first time in my car. I’m full of emotions over this right now. 

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I have really complicated feelings about Mary. I actually like that's she's not some perfect mom and has her own agenda. I like her as flawed. But I just don't like that Dean once again was the one who was made to apologise for how he was feeling. And I'm not happy with how she was basically willing to let Cas die over the Colt (though I guess you can make the argument it wouldn't have mattered much). Idk, maybe I just don't like the choices she's making right now? I get she's lost, but still...

Hey anon, I’m totally with you - I think it’s great so many people seem to have complex feelings about Mary. Because that means she’s not a one-dimensional character, but a flawed, realistic person, as you point out.

I also really hate that Dean is getting the short end of the lying stick again, with Mary, Sam and even Cas at the very end of the last episode. He sure didn’t have anything to apologise for, in my opinion, but it was a good way to not let the situation escalate. He compromised - instead of shutting Mary and Sam out & pushing them away because he doesn’t agree with the stance they’re taking re the BMoL, he chose the more difficult - but imho the more mature - path of “agreeing to disagree” and settle the dispute like that.This allows him to stay close to Mary and Sam, which, I’m sure, he hopes will mean that they start trusting him more. The more you push people away, the more they’ll lie, after all.

And the narrative is obviously going to prove Mary and Sam wrong - the BMoL are going to do something horrible (well, more horrible than they have already been doing and it’ll be revealed to Mary and Sam) - possibly related to Cas - that’ll show their true vile nature to Mary and Sam. So in that sense, I’m pretty sure Dean will be vindicated - in the sense that he’ll be proven right all along.

Of course, this is SPN so it’s likely Dean won’t be able to enjoy that little victory at all, because it’s gonna come at a great price.

Anyway, yes, Mary. It hurt me that she didn’t give up the Colt to (potentially) save both Cas’s and her sons’ lives, but then again as you say Ramiel probably would’ve wasted them all anyway, and she likely realized this. I definitely disagree with some of the choices she’s making, but I understand them. Thinking about where she came from (a family of hunters), the trauma of dying in such a horrible way, getting ripped from heaven and thrown into a world you barely recognize, being faced with adult sons that are physically close to your own age, having to deal with your beloved husband’s death…honestly she’s coping better than I would, that’s for sure.

And her motivation for working with the BMoL comes from a good, albeit misguided place. Remember what a long, long road of character growth Sam and Dean have behind them. The many mistakes they made, often multiple times, with heartbreaking and disastrous consequences. She simply hasn’t had that journey yet (well, she’s learned the lesson about demon deals…). And she deserves to have one, and certainly not be judged more harshly (as some people seem to do) for her mistakes than Sam & Dean (and Cas, too). I think she’s looking for a purpose. And while being a parent is a fine and worthy purpose in life, her children are adults. They don’t need her the same way young children would. They grew up without her, and she just hasn’t connected with them on a deeper level yet - these things take time after all.

I don’t know what her endgame is, but I sincerely hope she survives the end of this season, because I think she’s a fascinating character and also because SPN needs to stop killing off all their women. She could become a multi-season semi-regular! why not?

This got long so I’ll stop here - but thanks for sending this, I was planning on talking about Mary at some point on this blog, and your ask was the perfect opportunity for it.

an extensive prompt masterlist pt. 2
  • "Are we really just friends, then?"
  • "Do you want me to leave?"
  • "I can't believe you!"
  • "I swear it won't happen again."
  • "What did you say?"
  • "I'm not jealous, why would you say that?"
  • "Why are you smiling so much today?"
  • "You're jealous, aren't you?"
  • "They were just a friend, okay? Nothing more."
  • "When you said you loved me, I thought it was going to be forever."
  • "I'm sorry I called you at 3AM. I needed you."
  • "Maybe I was wrong. I don't need you in my life."
  • "We can't keep doing this."
  • "I don't want to be your secret, anymore."
  • "I have the right to know what's going on!"
  • "The police are coming."
  • "I might have had a few shots."
  • "Are you sure this is legal?"
  • "Isn't this amazing?"
  • "I'm going to take care of you, okay?"
  • "I don't need your sympathy."
  • "I'll miss you when you leave."
  • "You have to believe me."
  • "I'm a monster."
  • "You shouldn't love me."
  • "Stay the night. Please."
  • "You can't die. Please don't die."
  • "Run away with me."
  • "It's about the baby. It's yours."
  • "I wish this could last forever, don't you?"
  • ❤: the morning after.
  • ♛: my muse finds your muse after they ran away.
  • ✎: a journal entry about your muse written by my muse.
  • ▲: my muse is dying in your muse's arms.
  • ▼: your muse is dying in my muse's arms.
  • ★: our muses go stargazing.
  • ✌: our muses spending christmas together.
  • ☯: our muses share a new years' kiss.
  • ✿: my muse gives yours a gift.
  • ☠: your muse comes back to my muse's doorstep 5 years after their death was announced.
  • ♒: our muses spend a day at the beach.
  • ➳: your muse says their first "i love you" to my muse.
  • ☁: my muse says their first "i love you" to your muse.
  • ☏: my muse's voicemail to your muse after a huge fight.
  • 💍: our muse's wedding day.
  • [text]: What do you want now?
  • [text]: So that wasn't you leaving the bar with another person?
  • [text]: Goodnight, I love you.
  • [text]: This is why you're my best friend.
  • [text]: Help, I'm lost.
  • [text]: Do you want to bet on that?
  • [text]: I miss you so much, you have no idea.
  • [text]: Guess who just got back in town.
  • [text]: So I might be in a hospital right now.
  • [text]: So... I just broke up with my boyfriend/girlfriend.
  • [text]: We're breaking up.
  • [text]: We can't keep doing this anymore!
  • [text]: Come on, come to the party!
  • [text]: Can you pick me up from the bar? Too drunk to drive.
  • [text]: You have no clue how I feel so shut up.
  • [text]: I can't believe I wasted my first kiss on you.
  • [text]: I overheard what you said. I didn't know that's what you thought of me.
  • [text]: I call bullshit.
  • [text]: You thought you could get away with that, didn't you?
  • [text]: There's nothing you can do to get me back.

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Hey Fudge, my name is Brandon and I think your posts about positivity and everything are great. I think what you do to uplift people is so nice and I want you to know you're an amazing person. As for me, it's already too late to help me out of this 6 year thing but that's ok. I am who I am and I can't change that. To be honest, I've cut before but I stopped because the physical and emotional pain I've already feel is much worse. I'm just so tired you know? So tired of crying myself to sleep.

It’s never too late for anyone I’m really sorry to hear you think so…

But I want you to know Brandon that things will get better eventually and that its okay to feel really sad and lost right now. But I believe in you, just keep fighting you deserve to be happy again someday and I want you to keep fighting for that, I want to see things good for you again someday!

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Hi! I've seen you post a lot about Six of Crows. I got about 60 pages in and I still feel a little confused, I don't know if it's just me? I feel like I was thrown into this world I know nothing about, was I was supposed to read/know something more first? I also don't understand why there are so many k's added to all the names and words. I really want to like it but right now I'm just feeling a little lost. Can you help?


Six of Crows is set in the same world as the Grisha Trilogy, which came first. Personally, though a lot of people really like that series, I didn’t. I gave up after book two. 

So, if you want to know a little more about the world, you could try Grisha? You might love it! It sets up the world and there’s a couple of characters from Grisha that re-appear in SoC. Although reading Grisha is not essential to understand SoC… it might help with that what the heck is going on feeling ;) 

Or SoC just isn’t for you? I struggled with the start of the book a number of times before I got through it…

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I've been feeling a bit run down recently. I have lost of homework to do, and help with my school's play. Can you pretty please write something about Lorcan and Elide? (I'm so tired, I forgot their ship name! I feel so stupid right now.) *Facepalms*

I’ve gotcha babe, Elorcan coming right up!

“You should be sleeping.”

“You should be minding your own business.” Elide snapped over her shoulder, barely allowing time to whip her head towards the doorway before her shoulders resumed their hunched position over the worn oak desk she was perched beside.

“That’s not the Lady of Perranth that smiled so sweetly at the visiting nobles during dinner.” Lorcan’s cruel amusement–soothed by the companionship of the dark haired girl slaving away over court documents mere feet away but always present, manifested in his snide reply. “What would Aelin think if she kne-”

“She’d wish I’d never kissed your sorry lips because then she could have ended you that day in the marshes.” Elide growled, so focused on the bite of wood into her fingers as she slammed her pen down that she missed the flash in Lorcan’s eyes.

“That.” He murmured softly, fae eyes searching for blood from his perch in the doorjamb, “is unnecessary.”

“What do you want, Lorcan?” The raven-haired beauty sighed, pushing away from her chair and angling her head to finally face her nighttime visitor. “I’m busy.” For only a moment, Lorcan allowed himself to get lost in the moonlight reflected from her eyes into his. Then he took in the rest of her face that was illuminated from the wide window in her chambers. The crescent bags weighed down by the demands she’d placed upon herself since returning to Perranth. The clenched jaw barely holding in shuddering sobs.

“You’re busy working to solve a problem that was never yours to begin with.” He snapped, striding carefully, but intently, to the desk and splaying a tan hand across the scribbled upon parchment. “What is this?”

“A petition from the farmers…”

“Then have your council work on it. This one?” Elide’s eyes burned, but she spoke.

“A law needing review…”

“Send it to the duke you appointed to be in charge of that!” Lorcan demanded, his fingers sprung off the desk and gently curved as they approached the curve of Elide’s cheek. “You cannot do everything!”

“But I have to try!” Elide yelled, tears dancing across the rims of her eyes, held in through sheer force of will. “I have to make up for the years I wasn’t here, have to prove that I’m not useless!”

A beat of silence, blanketing her suite, and then…

“Put me down!” She ordered, kicking with her good leg as she was hauled up, up, up and over a sturdy shoulder.

Lorcan said nothing, knowing that if he did all of the wrong words would come out. But he didn’t need them now, he just needed her to realize that she could never be worthless, never be anything less than perfection…

The cool kiss of night washed over Elide as Lorcan carried her onto the balcony, wiping away the hot tears begging for release. Slowly, as if he were handling a newborn rather than a woman, Lorcan shifted so that she was curled in his arms, floating in the darkness.

Her hand didn’t flinch from his as he tugged, placing her fingers against his heart. She didn’t shudder as she would have with any other man daring to be so close, but then again Lorcan had never been like any other man.

“Am I worthless?” He whispered into the shell of her ear, any farther away and his words would have been swallowed by the night.

“Of course not.” Elide murmured. “Never.”

“This…” Lorcan’s heartbeat thrummed beneath her touch, “all of it, is yours. It beats because of you, therefore you are always integral. Always needed. It is okay to delegate, to loosen the reins you pull so tightly against yourself. Because at the end of the day they need you, as do I. And I can’t show you just how much I need you if you stay up every night like a damn owl.”

A quiet chuckle rasped out of her throat, and in that darkness, where it was just them and the pale glow of moonlight and two hearts beating as one, Elide allowed her lips to press against Lorcan’s.

“Am I to believe,” she inquired between kisses, “that this was your way of telling me you’re lonely?”

“Only part of the plan.” Her fae warrior admitted, tilting his neck so that her head could rest in its crook perfectly. And then, because she looked so weary, so exhausted, Lorcan began to hum a lullaby.

He couldn’t carry a tune to save his life, but it was the certainty, the rumble of his chest against hers as he serenaded her that lulled Elide to sleep, that finally soothed the strained planes of her face into the picture of peace.

Always needed, the stars seemed to chorus in time to Lorcan’s melody, always loved.

Sorry it wasn’t longer, I didn’t have much time! Good luck with your studies!

Leo appreciation post

Leo Elster is such a complex and deep character. He’s one of those that is in between but at the same time he knows where he belongs. His entire personality is based on his family and when he lost them he lost himself. He is at the same time guardian and guarded (he tries to protect his siblings but they carry what he needs), the oldest and the youngest (he died after Maxie was born, and when he came back he had just some of his memories), the brother and the son (his love for Mia). The most fragile and the strongest, able to live in this world, without being part of it,

He had to know the world through the eyes of synthetics and then lead them in it, with little memory of what being a human means. He learned through them what he taught before his mother killed him. A had a new mind with little memories and a dying body, uncapable to support his new system.

He does not trust people and he trusts too much synths. He needs the contact of his family and refuses anything else. He can not be touched and loves to hug and greet. He’s human and he’s not and have to live under the full capacity of his feelings without someone there who ’s been where he is now before able to tell him what to do with himself. He’s the first one, one of a kind, he’s the one who’s really alone and when he loses his family, he’s lost his ability to feel the world as someone with “humanity” do.

His blood is red and blue.

I love Leo Elster and I really think he deserves better.