i'm feeling sad and contemplative today

villainpunk  asked:

"I'm not leaving you alone. Not now, not ever."

BruHarvey always leaves me feeling sad lmao xx

It was Harvey who broke the silence.

“It would have been my fifteen year wedding anniversary today.”

Turning in bed so that he could face his contemplative partner, Bruce watched as his gaze never faltered from the ceiling.


He already knew, of course, but it would have been tactless to bring such a thing up.

Acting as if Bruce had never spoken, Harvey continued to speak.

“Fifteen years ago today I stood before a minister and swore to love and respect my wife until death did we part.” His hands folded atop the covers, Bruce watched as Harvey started to scratch agitatedly at the back of one hand. “Seven years we lasted before I died, and then we parted.”

Sighing as he followed the train of thought, Bruce matched Harveys’ position as he turned to face the ceiling too.

“You never died,” Bruce soothed, “you were a victim of an attack which attempted to steal your life and left you in need of help.”

“Gilda was a good woman, she tried to fix m-”

“You never needed fixed, Harvey.” Bruce interrupted, tone laced with urgency. “You needed help to come to terms with what had happened. You are not broken. Never were.”

Bruces’ hand slid across the blankets which covered them both as he laced his calloused fingers within Harveys’ own in an attempt to calm and comfort him.

As their hands met, Harvey jolted as though shocked and his head twisted to meet Bruces’.

“She was a good woman. This corrupt city never took that from her,” Harvey argued gently as his free hand came up to wipe away a small amount of spit which had collected in the corner of his scarred lips, “and she was always going to be better off without me.”

“That is not true.”

“You’re a good person too, Bruce.”

“No I am not,” Bruce pointed out softly as he shook his head, “but I try to be. As do you.”

Pausing, he added wryly.

“Half of the time.”

Smiling at the half-hearted joke, a sliver of concern pierced Bruces’ core as Harvey made no attempt to even react to the silly wordplay.

“You’ll leave too. Eventually.” The conviction within Harveys’ voice was difficult to contest as he came to a conclusion. “Things are good at the moment but that won’t last forever and then you’ll leave.”

Bruce sighed.

It was going to be one of those days.

Grunting lowly as he disturbed his stiff body to slide across the bed and close the small space which had existed between them, Bruce released Harveys’ hand as he locked his arm around his bare chest, intertwining their legs securely.

“I’m not leaving you alone.”

The words were murmured directly into Harveys’ ear as Bruce allowed the determination and conviction which fuelled his life to fill his voice as he fought to convince Harvey of his feelings.

“Not now, not ever.”