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So, miracle of miracles, it looks like I’ll actually have something to post before N7 Day! I’ve had my head buried in the sand with these edits for a bit, but I think I’m actually making some good progress now (it’s three chapters that are really involved, so I’ve wanted to get them right in particular and that’s hard and scrolling my dash is a whole lot easier so I’ve been doing a lot more of that tbh). And I haven’t forgotten about the prompts y’all sent me! I’ve just been in kind of a horrible head space these last few weeks. But I’m making progress there, too, so expect a productive autumn from around here :D


「The trembling fear is more than I can take
When I’m up against the  E C H O  in the mirror」

This was going to be an April Fools saying I made an Echotale MAD to 「ECHO, but I’m late. I love the song. Aruvn’s version is one of my favorites (I imagine G singing with Megalovania mixed in ///// ). If I could, I would make a MAD.

Echotale AU
[ Original Gaster!Sans design by borurou ]


If you feel safe enough to do so and the person in question has nothing preventing them from their ability to do so,

Call out guys who grow up with the luxury of having women do all of the feminized work in their households, who devalue the labor as they themselves do not have to engage in it.

Call out guys who become shocked and appalled when asked to clean dirty dishes by women who have been cleaning up after them for the duration of their lives.

Call out guys who decide to clean only the dishes they themselves use, when living in a household where women cleaned their dishes indiscriminately. 

To people with periods

- always make sure you have tampons and pads or whatever you use!!
- always keep something on you, especially if your periods aren’t scheduled.
- working out helps with the pain, but go easy on yourself. Stretching also helps.
- stay hydrated as fuck.
- craving chocolate or sweets? Go get it, it’s fine.
- feeling bigger? Well that’s probably because you are a lil bigger, but this too shall pass. It’s just bloating and water.
- take a really hot bath or shower, the warm water helps with the pain.

  • SU Fandom:I don't like that all the buff women in the show are antagonists
  • Me:That's fair
  • SU Fandom:The argument presented in the episode, however unintentionally, has a lot of parallels to how people in real life are told to react to oppression with pacifism, and I feel the show could have handled it better
  • Me:That's fair
  • SU Fandom:Bismuth was right, they should murder every Homeworld Gem they can
  • Me:That's not fair I don't like to hear that at all

I know I left you speechless
but now the sky has cleared and it’s blue
and I see my future in you

OMG look what my sick/lazy butt finally finished!!
We’ve reached 260 now X’D ahhhh this is so many people~
Thank you so much everyone!!!! <3 <3 <3

Picture features-
Ink Sans - @comyet
Swap Sans - @underswapped
Outertale Sans - @2mi127 
Splatter(InkSwap), Cadet(OuterSwap), and Van(OuterInk) - @askcomboclub

I wasn’t going to make anything at first because I have a lot of homework to do, but I needed to do some vent art and there you have it.

Congrats on 9 million! (I almost wrote billion… wouldn’t that be insane omg)

Thanks for existing, Jack, you make my life a lot more bearable tbh

“Care to dance, Mrs Jones?

hook-a-boo requested a Captain Swan wedding! (I had to make an Enchanted Forest-ish one)