i'm fat and ugly

I am fat and ugly and like, this for Raymond:)

Since you said you were going to make a Tumblr of your own and write about my “retarded legs” I will do it for you lmfao.

Hey everyone, I am Lizzie and I am not skinny. I am not fat either though. But my legs are big and I have a lot of calf muscle:) So Ray wants me to let all of you on Tumblr know how gross and fat and ugly I am because he thinks it is going to embarrass me. But hey, if that’s what makes him feel good then so be it. He told me I can’t see my ankles because I am so fat and I am ugly and that’s why he is with Erica and not me.

OKAY! He wasn’t complaining when he was inside of me though. 

So yeah, that’s me telling all of you how fat and gross I am and how my life will never amount to anything. Yeah, this is coming from a person who tried to make it through boot camp TWICE and still doesn’t have the Marine uniform. GTFO idiot.

lmao raise your hand if you think he is pathetic!


suck it.

My self esteem has been so horrible lately because I gained a lot of weight back this year, like over 10 pounds. And I know it’s probably healthy but I just get this terrible body envy when I see skinny people and I look at myself and feel so frumpy and bulgy and out of proportion and I know I’ll never look like they do