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What the actual fuck, Maya????? That kid Freddie son is bigger than my 3 year old cousin????? I'm shook!!!!!!

jfc that kid’s feet are half as big as mine already! sorry but he ain’t 18 months old. 28 months, maybe. lol


As we said plenty of times, his size is far from the main problem regarding this farce and I know, I know that there are exceptions, that genes are jumpy etc etc, but that little man isn’t a bit bigger than usual, he’s a giant, if Tammy doesn’t look out he’ll be running away on that horse of his. I’m looking at him sitting there all strong and straight and I’m like…..ok…whatver…ok….but damn!! Him being way older than Freddie should be, would also explain while they could start using him as the baby a lot later than when they should have and we had to go through that very embarrassiing series of creepily still dolls and newborns, eh. 

i don’t like how gmw fandom is reducing the relationship riley and lucas had together to somehow being less than the one between maya and lucas

like people are acting as if maya stepping back (i’m lowkey uncomfortable with how this whole situation is described as a “sacrifice” or “giving up lucas” bc that feels icky but there’s really no other way to explain it) means more than riley stepping back which doesn’t seem fair to me

maya has a crush

a crush that hasn’t really gone anywhere yet - that hasn’t gone beyond the teasing and the hint, the infinite possibility, of something more 

but riley likes lucas - she really likes him, and maybe it’s not meant to be but that doesn’t make her feelings any less valid than maya’s

he’s her first kiss and date and (almost) boyfriend

and he did like her back

this wasn’t a one-sided thing, no matter how much the fandom wants to ignore that in favor of judging riley as ditzy and infatuated and somehow shallow

i don’t think there’s anything wrong with liking a boy because he’s pretty and kind and smart and good - for wanting to believe in him, beyond a doubt - but riley likes him as a person too - as lucas friar who wants to be a veterinarian, who likes sports and also school, who has anger issues but is trying to be better, who understands her best friend and wants her happiness too

so lucas isn’t just a boy she likes, alright - he’s one of her best friends and if you think riley’s feelings are just surface-deep, that’s kind of sad

  • Person: I hate Kylo Ren
  • Me: ok
  • Person: he's an awful human being
  • Me: hm-mh
  • Person: disgusting character
  • Me: hm-mh
  • Person: evil man who should get far away from everyone and is irredeemable
  • Me: hm-mh
  • Person: privileged little brat who thinks he's edgy
  • Me: hm-mh
  • Person: overgrown child with temper tantrums
  • Me: hm-mh
  • Person: also he's weak