i'm falling more and more in love with him

Okay but hear me out…

Jaal joining the crew of the Tempest and realizing that he thinks he likes Ryder more than a friend; that he’s starting to fall for her. He talks to her more, he starts making her a new gift that he’s put infinitely more thought into than the last one, and he starts corresponding with his True Mother more often.

She asks about this Sara Pathfinder, where she came from, what her family is like… and that’s when he realizes he doesn’t know what her family is like, does he? He’s never met her father or her mother, or knows if she has any brothers or sisters or cousins… Ryder doesn’t talk about them, and he never thought to ask.

After a mission, it left Jaal feeling particularly alone, missing his family… Ryder came to him to talk, the topic was brought up in conversation. She told him her mother and father are dead and her brother is in a medically induced coma, that she’s basically an orphan. It makes his heart hurt, he was surrounded by people, by family, always no matter what… to be so completely alone and frightened and overwhelmed in a new galaxy 600 years away from your home… he can’t imagine it. He immediately emails his True Mother.

He tells her Ryder opened up to him, told him about her family, and how it made him feel sad. He deeply cared for Ryder, he wanted to help her… He had to help his darling one. “So bring her here! Introduce us, we will be her family.” Sahuna tells him. The idea entices Jaal, especially considering the recent events with Aksuul…

He suggests it to her, and they take the shuttle to meet his family. He introduces Ryder to everyone, despite his embarrassment from the praises of his True Mother. Ryder is smiling with stars in her eyes, loving every minute. She missed the family atmosphere so desperately, she loved being surrounded by it again. He was so glad he helped her, made even gladder by the confession that she felt the same way about him that he did about her.

… a first, for him.

That moment we were all Deadpool

All in my head

Insp. by the song “All in my head” by Tori Kelly

-> Part 2

Characters: Jungkook, Reader, a little bit of Jimin

Genre: Fluff, Angst?

Summary: Jeon Jungkook - a guy that people love to hang out with, someone that girls fall in love with and most impotent, a boy that is your best friend since primary school. But later you seemed to like him more as just a friend

HEEEYY! I am back! :D I just wanted to finally post something and I have so many more ideas but I just can’t write them for now…I hope I will soon :)

I’m sorry if there are any mistakes in there, i was to lazy ro re-read it :’)

(pic cr. to owner)

“I hate you!” you yelled as the male stood in front of you holding your book in his hands high, so you couldn’t reach it.

“You love me” he giggled.

You jumped to grabbed your lecture but he held it higher.

“Screw you Jungkook!” you were done with his little games and sat down on your chair again to write on your homework. Your friend laughed and back hugged you.“I was joking~”

“Jungkook please stop playing around we need to finish this”, you sighed and leaned your head in your left hand while you struggled on writing your essay. “Why did I even come over when you don’t even do anything?”

“I wanted so!” He crossed his arms and looked back at his paper. “Why do we even need this?”

“To get good marks and a great job” you didn’t look up at him and focused on your book.


You didn’t answer.

“Y/N?” He poked you with his pen in your sides.

“What?” you glared at him.

“Can you please help me?” he pouted and he knew you couldn’t resist him.

With a sigh you looked over at his paper where just the title was written on it in red paint.

“I don’t know how I should start this”

“Here read mine and maybe you will think of something. But don’t copy it!”

“Alright!” he smiled brightly as you showed him your work that was almost done.

You would always come over to him when he needs help with homework or to hang out after school like playing video games or going to the mall. You were lucky to have a friend like him, he was fun to be with and everyone else liked him in school, but that could also be a little problem.

“Jungkook do you have time tomorrow?”

You were about to put in your book in your locker as you heard a guy talking to your friend.

“Oh well-”

“We wanted to go to a club and to check out some girls”

“Sounds like fun but” he looked over to you “tomorrow is Saturday and Y/N and me are going to the cinema”

You smiled. Saturdays are your “Fun days”, that’s what he calls them, and that means that only the two of you would spend time with each other.

“Maybe next time” The guy said before he left.

You went over to him as he closed his locker.

“You could have went with him if you wanted, it’s no big deal”

“Saturday is our day and nothing is going to change that” he rubbed playfully your head before he went to the class room.

You followed him and sat down on your seat next to him. While you were putting your books out for the lesson, you overheard a conversation of two girls beside you about the day, that lovers share their time with and gift their love for each other. Valentine’s day.

You were never a fan of that day, nor was Jungkook. He would just joke over you being his ‘date’ going to the amusement park, making fun and complaining over couples there.

“So do you have a date for Valentine’s day?”

“No yet” Solbin answered and you noticed her glancing over to Jungkook.

You knew she liked him, like so many other girls do.

“Y/N do you have a pen for me?” Jungkook poked your cheek to get your attention.


“You got a whole pencil case and no pen for me?”


He looked at you with a look at should say something like ‘Fuck you’ before he grabbed your case and got himself a pen.

You snapped it out of his hands and earned a evil laugh from him.

“What should you do without me”

“Get scold by the teacher, not able to write a test, not able to-”

“I haven’t asked you to answer me!” you shut him up by putting your hand on his mouth.

He bit your hand and you glared at him.

“That’s what you get!”

“Fuck you”

He laughed and blew you a kiss and it made you slap his arm.

School was over and you two rode the bus home.

You only lived a few houses away from him, so he would always walk you home.

“You lost!” He sang as he stood in front of the garden of your home. You were having a little race to see, who will pay the food for tomorrow at the movies.

“Hey! My bag is heavy plus you cheated!” you leaned against the fence, trying to catch your breath.

“No I didn’t!”

“You did”

“Whatever, I hope you got enough money” he teased you and defended himself as you tried to punch him.

Suddenly you heard your mother calling you from the main door.

“Hi Jungkook” she smiled “want to come in? I made some rice cakes!”

“Yeah thank you Mrs. Y/L/N!”

Jungkook was like your mothers second child and she loved him just like that, since his parents are also really close to mine.

As you entered the house, you were greeted by the delicious smell of warm food. Both of you rushed over to the dinner table and started to eat the home cooked meal.

“I always loved your moms rice cakes” Jungkook swarm over the food.

“I know” you giggled.

“So what are we going to do next Friday?” Jungkook asked as he was playing with your tiny pink rubber ball.

“Go to school?” The ball bounced over to you and you hit the floor with it only to let it land on Jungkook’s lap.

“No I mean it’s Valentine’s day” he threw it back to you. “What  should we do?”

“Hm” you threw the ball back to Jungkook and he caught it in the air. “Maybe karaoke?”

“Nooo. They would only sing love songs” he played alone with the ball while he was thinking “Or maybe we could just play games at home” he looked over to you “I bought a new game!”

“Cool!” you smiled back at him “And we won’t see any stupid couples”

“Yeah” he threw the ball again back to you and it bounced over you. You climbed of the bed to fetch the ball that rolled under it.

“But I need to tell you something”

You looked surprised up at him as you heard how his tone changed as he talked.


“Well…” he shifted a little in his seat. “I kinda got asked on a date for this day”

You looked blankly at him before you sat down on the bed again. “By who?”


Of course!

“Oh” you nodded “And…are you going?”

“That’s what I wanted to ask you”

“Ask me? Why should you ask me, I’m not your mother”

“Yeah, but we always hang out on that day to not fell lonely and…I want your permission. I don’t want you to feel hurt”

It was silent for a while. You thought about what answer you should give him. It felt wired to know that Jungkook would go on a date with someone on a day like this, on a day wher people that love each other were together.

You nodded. “Go”

“Really” his face lightened up at your answer.

“If you are happy, I am happy” you smiled.

“And you are really sure?”

“Yeah. Solbin is a really friendly and nice girl and I like her too, since I worked on a project with her once”

“Oh so you know a little more about her”

“Yes, and I know that she likes the type of guys that are sweet and caring”

“Oh shit am I sweet?”

“You are sour”

Your friend only gave you a glare as you laughed at your own bad joke.

“For real Y/N”

“Just be yourself idiot” you laughed. “We all love you the way you are”

“What movie are we gonna watch?” Jungkook asked as you looked at the monitor that showed all kind of movies that were showing today.

It was loud and the cinema surprisingly full.

“This!” you pointed at a action movie.

Jungkook agreed and you made your way to buy popcorn and waited in front of the hall where the movie will be shown.

“Oh man”

“What? Don’t say you don’t have enough money” Jungkook said as he saw your pale face.

“No idiot! There is Jimin!” you whispered. “Let’s watch another movie”

Jimin was your crush ever since you joined college with Jungkook. He was one year above you and he was just the most handsome and the kindest person you ever met. Every time you saw him smiling, your knees felt like pudding and your heart would skip a beat.

“Jimin?” he smirked. “Haven’t you dreamed of a moment like this?” he teased you. “Maybe I should ask him to go on a date at Valentine’s day with you”

“Don’t you dare to even go over to him!” you warn him but he ignored you and made his way over to the older boy.

You looked away from them, not wanting to know what they did. As Jungkook came back, you noticed a huge grin on his face.

“He said yes”

You looked unbelievable at him and over to Jimin who was smiling at you.

“What should I do!”

“Thank me!”

You punched him before you hugged him, almost losing half of your food that were in your hands on the floor.

Soon the people started to get in the large room and you noticed Jungkook walking over to another row.

“Jungkook where are you going? Our seat is in here”

“Your seat is in there. I swap seats with Jimin” he winked and sat on his seat, that was one row above yours. You gave him a death glare before you saw Jimin coming your way. Nervously you sat down on your seat and waited for the boy to sit next to you.

“Hi” you heard his smooth voice.

“H-Hello” you stuttered “Listen, you don’t need to sit here! Jungkook just-”

“No! I’m perfectly fine sitting here!” he smiled brightly.

You just smiled shyly and looked away from him to the big screen that was showing an advertisement.

The movie started a few minutes later and since you were a nervous wreck, you eat all your popcorn in 5 minutes.

“Here” you heard Jimin as he poked you “You can have some if you want” he pointed at his popcorn that was between your seats. He must had notice that you finished yours.

“Thank you” you whispered and he smiled.

He was so sweet and caring, just liked you imagined him to be.

Suddenly you felt his hand on yours. You looked shocked at him and he smiled at you and you couldn’t hide your red cheeks, luckily it was dark so he couldn’t see it.

At Valentine’s day you had your date just like he promised you to go with you. He brought you to a really nice and expensive restaurant. The table was decorated nicely with a golden candle holder with red roses next to it and a white elegant tablecloth.

You laughed and talked a lot with your date, but somehow you had to think about Jungkook. With him it was always so much more fun and you laughed until you had tears in your eyes. He was just giving you the feeling of being accepted and loved by someone, no wonder that you two were friends for so long. Will he give the same feeling to Solbin? Will he like her more than you?

“Y/N?” You saw a hand waving in front of you.

“Hm? Oh sorry! I was just thinking about something”

“It’s ok. You looked cute staring like that” he smiled. “Have I mentioned how beautiful you look in that dress?”

You weren’t used to be called like that. No one called you beautiful or cute before, expect your mother, not even Jungkook. Has he called Solbin pretty?

Stop thinking about him!

“Thank you” you blushed and looked down at your half finished plate. “I think I should go now”

“I will drive you” he stood up and helped you with your jacket.

You thanked him once again and leaded you to the car. He was a totally gentle man, opening the door of the car for you before he sat at the driver’s seat. The ride to your home wasn’t long and as you wanted to leave Jimin grabbed your wrist to let you look at him.

“It was really nice today” he smiled and looked into your eyes. “I hope we can do this again” he leaned in closed and as you were about to kiss you noticed Jungkook passing by the car.

You turned you head to peek his cheek and quickly opened the door.

“Good night!” you said before you closed it.

Jungkook noticed you waving at the car that was driving off.

“Hey! How was it?” he walked over to you as you were about to leave in the house.

“It was nice” you answered “And your date?”

He smiled brightly before he gave you an answer “So nice! I’ll tell you more tomorrow”

“Good night”

“You look pretty in the dress” you heard him saying before he turned around and walked to his home.

You starred at his back for a long while and smiled uncontrollable with red cheeks.

School was over and you haven’t seen Jungkook the whole day since you never had classes together at Monday. You were waiting for him by the entrance of the school building so you could drive home together. You looked at your watch and he was 5 minutes late.
After another few minutes, you spotted him walking down the stairs, with Solbin.
It was nothing new to you, Solbin joined you ever since he started dating her. She was there when he came over to you to learn, she went shopping with you two and had lunch with you.

“Hey Y/N” they greeted you and you waved back at them.

“Hurry the bus will leave in 5 minutes!” you grabbed his arm, but noticed then that he wasn’t moving.

“Solbin and I will go over to the library”

“Library?” you looked confused at them “You never went to the library”

“I want to bring back some books and look for some new once” she explained.

You heard the bus driver starting the motor of the yellow vehicle.

“Oh shit!” you cursed “See you later!” you yelled over to the couple as you ran to the bus.

You luckily made it in it and sat next to the window, looking out and saw them leaving without looking back.

“He buddy! What are we gonna do tomorrow?” you asked as you sat down next to Jungkook who was already eating his lunch.


“Yeah! It’s ‘Funday’!” you grinned “I have a new video game!”

“Sounds great but..” he looked over to Solbin that was coming over to sit down with her lunch next to her boyfriend and give him a kiss on the cheek.

“Oh I understand…” you looked away from them while biting on your lower lip.

“Sorry Y/N next time we will play the game!” Jungkook tried to cheer you up.

“No, It’s ok” you smiled at them and stood up. “See you guys later”

“Where are you going?” Jungkook looked confused up at you.

“I’m not hungry anymore” you lied and left the cafeteria before he could say anything.

As you were walking to, who knows were, you suddenly bumped into someone.

You excused yourself but before you could leave, the person held your arm.

“Are you ok?”

You looked up at the person.

“Oh Jimin! Y-yeah I’m alright!” you smiled at him.

“Are you sure?” he looked worried at you. “You are really pale”

“Uhm..The food today just made me feel a little wired” you lied.

“I’ll come with you”

“No no, I’m alright! Thank you Jimin!” you smiled before you went further away from him.

“Y/N? Why are you still here?” Your mom asked as you were playing with your playstation in your room.

“Why?” you asked without looking at her.

“It’s Saturday”


“You were always going out with Jungkook at Saturdays”

“He is on a date with his girlfriend”

“And what about you?”

You paused to look confused at her.

“I mean what about the guy you had a date with”

“Oh moooom!” you whined and pressed play again. “He was nice” you answered and hoped that she would leave and she did.

As she closed the door behind her you made a mistake and lost the game. Angrily you turned it off and lied down on your bed to check your phone. You got a few massages from some people but not the person you were looking for. Your best friend.

You sighed and let the phone fall down next to you. You close your eyes to think about something else then him. You tried to think about Jimin, and the first date and the kiss in the car, but your mind would always wander off to Jungkook.

You buried your face into your pillow and smiled as you reminded as Jungkook called you pretty. Your smile faded away as Solbin popped into your mind. Suddenly you felt like you wanted to cry and you didn’t know why.

You grabbed your phone and texted Jungkook.

You starred onto the screen until it went black.

No new messages yet.

Usually Jungkook would text you immediately .

You waited for an answer but fell asleep.

Days passed and you and Jungkook weren’t as close as you were before. You would walk home alone since he walks his girlfriend home and even walk with her to school, even if she lives a farther away from him.

You started to be jealous, but why? You were only his friend.
You taught he would always stay by your side, making you laugh or cry, getting angry at him.

At least you had Jimin, that’s what you thought as you saw him at the entrance of the school building.

You wanted to greet him as suddenly a girl run over to him, hugged him tightly and even sharing a kiss. Shocked you stood there looking at them before they were leaving their place.

Tears started to form in your eyes and you ran into the school building over to your empty classroom, looking for your best friend, but he was nowhere to see.

You grabbed your phone and called him.



“Oh sorry Y/N can you call me later? I’m at the library now” he was talking quietly.

You tried not to sob as you were talking “Oh alright. Bye”

He hung up and you put your head into your hands, crying even harder. He wasn’t there for you anymore, the ‘Funday’ wasn’t existing anymore.

He was just so far away from you even if he was there.

Your heart ached even more when you see him sitting next to Solbin.

You used to say if he was happy that you would be happy as well. But now you know, it was all a lie.

You taught he would like you as much as you did, but it seemed that you where blind to reality.

It was just all in your head.

sometimes i just look at yoongi and think, wow. out of all the people, he ended up stealing my heart. he ended up being my ultimate bias out of everyone. he ended up being the one who makes me smile so brightly whenever i see him he makes my day happier and he does things to make me admire him more and more. and every day i keep falling more in love with him ??? why does he do this to me i don’t understand it 

All Night (M)

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**credit to original owner of gif  ヽ(^◇^*)/

pairing: jungkook x reader
word count: 1.7k
a/n: someone immediately needs to stop mE FROM WRITING MORE JUNGKOOK SMUT

~ smut warning ~

Seeing as Jungkook wasn’t always the most romantic person, you found yourself wondering just how he managed to sometimes pull of cute stunts that made you fall in love a little more with him. Something was telling you he had been having words with his hyungs about how he could possibly show you just how much he did love you, but for now you would just accept his tokens of gratitude.

Well, other than the time that Jungkook tried to cook dinner and massively failed because he never actually switched the oven on meaning that nothing inside ending up cooking, so you were left to order pizza instead to celebrate your first anniversary. But it’s the thought that counts, right?

So even though you did wish that you would get to spend a little more time with Jungkook on your second anniversary, the fact he had sprayed your entire home with a rose scent and thrown petals over the bed and run a bath for you with candles, left you feeling very appreciative of Jungkook’s efforts to make you feel loved. But the candles he had lit were slightly worrying, since they seemed to edge closer and closer to you each time you looked over at them.

In the end, however, you never even realised just how long you’d been laying in the hot water and forgetting about the stress of the everyday world. You hadn’t even noticed Jungkook come in and sit by the side of the bath, his hands lazily moving in the water as he admired you from outside the water. It wasn’t until you felt his fingertips brush over your skin that a hum left your lips, his presence immediately warming you.

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What did you love about Beauty & the Beast? I really enjoyed it too!

just to be clear, i was never big on the original BATB. it just didn’t rank in my top faves (Lion King being number one). so i didn’t go in with high hopes or anything. i thought it was an okay movie. on principle i enjoy musicals though, and they did that well. i thought Gaston and LeFou were a delight. i thought most secondary characters were good, like the castle staff. i liked the additions to Belle’s character to develop her more beyond just the fact she likes to read. the retcon of the Prince’s story was good; him being this arrogant costumed freaky deak straight out of a regency novel was hilarious to me and strangely alluring.


New year, new theme(?

oliver falls in love with men faster than he falls in love with women. despite the fact that his dad was the one to physically abuse oliver, his mother is the one that emotionally and mentally abused him and that left more of an impact on him than his father’s abuse. he can trust men more than he can trust women, so he tends to be a lot more guarded with women. the only woman in his life that he actually really trusts is his psychiatrist and he doesn’t even 100% trust her. so basically…if he falls in love with your female muse, you should understand that it has taken him a long time to get to that point. 

on another note, if oliver falls in love with your muse and your muse doesn’t feel the same, never, ever feel pressured about it. because !!! oliver falls in love with a lot of kindness and he honestly has no idea that what he’s feeling is LOVE. so if he falls in love with your muse, you should know that he probably won’t have realize what has happened. he has no idea how to handle his emotions and love is one of those things he doesn’t understand.

the way you’ll know if he’s falling in love with your muse is really kind of easy. he’ll stop stuttering as much, which is a sign that he’s not AFRAID or nervous around your muse. this, of course, happens when he learns to trust as well, but trust is on the road to love anyways ( platonic or romantic ). he opens up about his childhood. and this is important because despite the fact that oliver will mention his abuse in passing or say a few things that will strike someone as alarming, he has NEVER gone into detail with anyone about his abuse. if this happens, if he actually goes into detail and doesn’t leave out anything, that means he trusts you. that means he’s giving you a piece of him that he doesn’t know he has, and he’s trusting you not to break it. there are other signs as well, but those are the most important. falling in love doesn’t even necessarily mean romantic, but really…oliver doesn’t know the difference anyways.

anyway… who wants to love oliver?

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Author's choice + funeral.

moonlight | maia | 100 words

They gather at dusk. They don’t stand in front of graves; there are no bodies. Those things aren’t needed.

Luke is the one to start the howl, and Maia hates him a little more in that moment. You did this! She wants to scream. You did this. You did this. You did this!

She falls to the ground as her own howl rips from her chest, joining the voices of the others. Too few voices. She misses Gretel’s voice the most, but her grief for Alaric is newer. For Taito. For all of them.

The moon rises. The howl grows.

She absolutely would. If all else failed, she’d end up deciding that it meant there was more to the family now for her to love. (Hell Oswald could even convince her of that if she doesn’t get there on her own)

I know she’s possessive and honestly over dependent on him, but there’s more to her than that. At the very least, for sake of RP and the fact that unchanging characters would be boring as heck to write.

Also yes we need to write this :)


Jemma + heart eyes at Fitz in 3X11

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francisco román alarcón suárez

he’s tiny
you’re in love with him and his stupid hair

plus he touches balls ;)

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and the more i look at him the more that i’m in love

i’m falling into the deep isco hole all thanks to you

send me a footballer and i’ll give you my opinion on them

AM I the only one that thinks that the romance between Arthur and Gwen was a little bit rush and forced? I mean I really loved her with Lancelot, they seem to have a connection, chemistry but then out of nowehere she falls in love with Arthur but then when she sees again Lancelot she loves him even more? I could keep going with details and all but in summary I think Merlin has more chemistry with Arthur than Gwen.