i'm falling more and more in love with him

one of my friends said that they weren’t expecting this at all from harry, and it really like? hit me so hard because this is more or less exactly what i expected from him, more or less exactly what my friends were expecting from him, but the general public has such a different view, and this is the harry that i have adored and admired for several years, this is the harry that’s authentic and real, and i just. cannot WAIT for the public to see the real him, the one i’ve “known” for so long, and i can’t wait to watch everyone else to fall in love with who he really, truly is.

She moved on. I never understand how she did, or how she could bring herself to, but she did. She was living her life to the fullest day by day with that amazing smile I fell for. And as I sit sipping on this glass and feeling myself slip into a dazed and foggy state of drunkenness, I seem to miss her more and more.
—  An excerpt from a book I’ll never write. (#62)
*breathes in*

mitch grassi means the world to so many people and he impacts lives every single day without even knowing about it. he is open about who he is and honestly that helps so many other people open up about who they are, whether that means they come out about being LGBTQ+ or admit that they have a mental illness, or even just something small that possibly could have been eating them up inside for a long time. his involvement with project HEAL has been so moving and impactful to so many and inspires more than he could ever know. and don’t even get me started on his talent. he is literally the most beautiful amazing flawless person on the planet and I’m so proud to love him. he is a truly beautiful human inside and out and no one can deny that. he affects thousands of people’s lives every single day. the fact that he uses his social media platforms to discuss real world issues and connect with fans all over the world means so much to me because it truly shows that he is human. he breathes the same air that we do and is as impacted by negative comments and issues as we are. he is not his fame. it does not define him. which makes it so much more real. and my god, am I ever glad to love him. I must be the luckiest person in the world to be a fan of someone so unapologetically THEM and so irrevocably good, right down the core. mitch grassi truly inspires me, and I’m not just saying that because of his fame. I’m saying that because he is so much more than that. he is inspiration. he is goodness.

I don’t wanna be fake deep but my love for niall grows more and more every single day. He’s literally the sweetest guy on earth. He always has a nice thing to say to everyone. He’s so funny, so joyful. He lights up the mood every time he enters a room. Not to forget the fact that every person, including straight males, falls in love with him as soon as they meet him. He also loves everyone. And he’s just the most supportive friend. Always showering them all with so much love and he always lets them know how much he cares for them. He’s so proud of all their achievements and he’s always there for all of them. And i’m just so incredibly proud of him for everything he’s done so far. Always up to help others and raise money for different charities. He cares so much about everyone and he simply deserves the very best.

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I read somewhere todd/darren said in 2b we will get Magnus' side of story. Thank God?! Finally? I can't really blame the interviewer by saying Magnus was not as into it because did we really get any magnus pov of malec besides his short talk with maia at the bar? Alec, to me, has always been the protagonist in malec's storyline.

I will agree that Magnus’ feelings were pretty sidelined in 2x07 regarding them taking the “next step” and that was problematic, but outside of that we actually did get strong insight into how Magnus felt. It seems people forgot about season 1, but it’s worth noting that in s1 most of the complaints were that Magnus expressed his feelings too much. So that’s something to keep in mind.

Anyway, their relationship is about them growing together as individuals. It’s always odd to me because there seems to be two parties: people who think he’s expressing too much and people who think he isn’t expressing enough The criticisms always seem to land on Magnus’ behavior or character, often while disregarding multiple scenes in the past that have shown the contrary.

Magnus is a complicated individual and it’s important to take into account his development from season 1, where his pursuit of Alec made it quite clear he wanted to be with him. As sloppy as the writing has been in s2, the setup has always been pretty obvious with malec: in 2x01, it’s acknowledged Alec abandoned his wedding for himself, not for Magnus or for their relationship. And so the majority of s2a from then on has been about Alec taking steps forward to show Magnus (and viewers) that yeah, he did that for himself, but everything he’s doing here onward? He’s doing it for Magnus, for them, for this relationship, because it’s important to him and he wants it. And so you have Alec coming to Magnus after Jocelyn, his choice at the end of their date, the gift, the this, us, it’s not going away, the i was terrified. These moments aren’t strictly about Alec’s pov; it’s also about demonstrating how invested Alec is in the relationship, as well, after Magnus made all of the initial moves in s1 (calling him, inviting him to stay the night, that talk in 1x12, showing up at the wedding) not to mention the things he’s done in s2 (saving Alec’s life in 2x03, prodding Alec into taking a break so they can have a real date, etc.)

You also have to realize that Magnus has fallen in love before. Like, yes, every love is new, but Magnus is significantly more emotionally self-aware. He knows he’s in love with Alec because he’s felt these things before. Alec is not only falling in love for the first time but also struggles with processing his emotions in general, so what triggers his realization and thus his declaration is more dramatic.

That said, there should be more of Magnus initiating the physical aspects of their relationship, like kisses, but that’s a different issue altogether.

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Hopes and dreams for S2?

  • Victuuri doing domestic things
    • Grocery shopping, cuddling, talking Makkachin on long walks together, literally sitting on a couch side by side or doing anything together whatsoever in their shared apartment
  • More Yuri Plisetsky character development
    • Yuuri and Yuri bonding
    • Victor and Yuri bonding
  • Give Yuuri a gold medal !!!!!! or 52 gold medals !!!!!!!
  • Mila and Sara
    • Mila and Sara
    • Did I mention Mila and Sara?
  • More Phichit Chulanont
  • Yuuri character development
    • Him laughing and talking confidently about things that he’s passionate about, him initiating things with Victor and falling more and more in love each day
  • Christophe’s mystery man?? What up w/ that??
    • !!!!!!
Chris Wood is PERFECT


That moment we were all Deadpool

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Phil's love for dan is so so strong and I'm sad more people talk about how much dan loves Phil like??? Phil's love is so much more subtle and very sweet. All these photos, small videos and the way he just smiles about dan is just more than enough to see that love goes a long way. Dans more vocal about his love for phil which is very sweet but also it's the smaller details that make me hurt so much with them. They've somehow managed to fall deeper in love in the past year too. I'm hurting.

phil is just more about the actions rather than saying. he shows his love in the pictures and videos of dan and keeping the love to himself and dan exclusively because that’s what makes it special to him

I'm doing this as a chat because I can't find the screenshots I want for this
  • Star: Oh boy, I know how this goes. I know how Jackie operates. She smiles, and then they fall in love, and then they get married, and then she changes her name to Jackie Lynn Thomas-Diaz. Or he's going to be really progressive and change his name to Marco Diaz-Lynn-Thomas. Jeez, I'm so annoyed that he would hypothetically do that.
  • Janna: Okay, Star, they're just talking.
  • Star: What's that? What do you mean just talking? He's smiling and she's being very charming. Is she more charming than me? Janna, if you say yes, I will kick you, I swear to Mewni.
  • Janna: You're definitely more charming. But I am here to remind you that the reason you're not dating him is because you decided to have a crush on Oskar.
  • Star: Oh, so just because I can't go out with him, someone else can? Wow.
  • Janna: Oh boy. Okay, I'm sure this is nothing.
  • *Jackie laughs at something Marco says and puts her hand on his shoulder*
  • Janna: Okay, well, that was definitely something. I know that move.
  • Star: Oh my gosh, they're going to make out in five minutes.

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I'm not sure if you are still doing those headcanons but could you please do a violent/angry or sad one for solangelo (I don't have the emoji things sorry)

★ - sad headcanon: it took a long time for nico to begin to believe that his relationship with will would last. it was for more than one reason (namely, his low self esteem and the knowledge that first relationships almost never work out) and in the beginning it didn’t really bother him that much. he figured there would come a day when he and will would fall out of love or something more drastic would happen, but he felt like as long as he knew it was coming, he’d be fine. however, as their relationship progressed, the idea of not spending the rest of his life with will became harder and harder to accept. he tried not to spend excessive amounts of time worrying about it, and didn’t in the beginning, but one night when he was tired and had already had a rough day he found himself crying because damn it, he didn’t care if he was only nineteen and had only ever dated one person, he loved will and he couldn’t stand the idea of things not working out. it wasn’t until he’d had a long conversation with will one night when will had admitted to, “not being able to imagine a life without you,” that nico began to believe that maybe this could last, that maybe this person wouldn’t leave him.

Guys I keep thinking about how Anders is both more than human and very human, like he’s part fade spirit and he’s justice incarnate and he’s fire and fury and compassion and lightning and he’s more fire than the sun but then on the other hand he’s… you know.  He’s mortal.  He gets jealous, and he can be petty, and he likes petting cats, and he has fears and dreams and he falls (deeply) in love and he’s so terribly flawed and imperfect

he represents humanity and he represents more than humanity, and I just.  I love him so much

Credence doesn’t know. Credence doesn’t know–will never know. Percival mauled this over as the rains dug into his skin. His eyes were burning from the settling dust. Somewhere deep within himself he knew that he was going to die in that room. Alone and hungry and Credence deserved to fucking know. He can’t breathe anymore. Something tightening in his chest, feels like his ribs but he knew it was because Grindelwald was captured and no one would ever know he was there. He bit down on his tongue and could feel what should have been tears forming. Though, he could only dry heave and that hurt more.

Percival is almost dead with his eyes rolling in the back of his head when something darker than the room breaks in and grabs him. Slamming him hard against a wall and he can practically feel his heart being ripped from his chest. Suddenly and all at once, it stops and his body is almost gently placed down. His feet hit the ground and he tumbles in on himself. His eyes flickering as the face of the boy appears in front of him, lips parted slightly and some kind of worry wrapping around him and picking him back up.

Credence had always known. Percival had changed drastically and Credence knew but couldn’t say anything because if he did Percival would really be dead. Not just laying back in his apartment and screaming in a sleep Credence couldn’t wake him from.

Percival would never forgive him, he had decided that.

Things go back to routine and Credence stays there. Mostly, to make sure Percival is okay because sometimes he isn’t and he won’t admit it but his shoulders get thrown back and tremble and his eyes become hollow and he scratches at his scars–

Credence finds him one day, pulling his hair and sitting in the hallway. All of the lights off in the apartment and he’s shaking. Credence goes to him and takes his hands from his hair and coaxes him into breathing again. Percival looked at Credence and knew he was a burden to the boy. A boy who had plenty of issues himself and was taking care of a man who should be able to take care of himself.

Percival realized that with a son in his throat, choking him. He pushed Credence away but the boy who had grown to fit his skin and wasn’t so colorless anymore came closer and pulled the man into his chest. Letting him cry because everyone cried Mr. Graves. It’s okay.

Percival is able to look at himself in the mirror for only three seconds before he breaks it. His fist had shards of glass in it and blood dropped on the floor and he remembered that Credence would have to clean it up and he tried to do it himself but he was shaking and his heart was in his throat–he cut himself and thought he was a waste.

Credence cleaned up the mess.

“I’m sorry, Credence.”

“For what, Mr. Graves?”

Christmas comes and the anxiety takes hold of Percival because he had to get Credence something and he didn’t know what. He got him a coat and Credence loved it, was the nicest thing anyone ever got him.

Percival yells at Credence but not really at him. It was one of his bad days, Credence labeled them Gone Days. Days where he was harsh and cruel and he didn’t want to be. He was more mad at himself and he yelled at Credence and told him to leave–he fucked up. He fucked up. He fucked up. He fucked up. Credence cried and Percival did too. He won’t touch Credence because all he does is mess up everything he loves. Credence hugs him anyway and tells him it’s okay because he knows he isn’t really mad at him. Percival clutches him then, pulling their shoulders until they knock and his heart his beating against his.

Credence told Percival he loves him but Percival didn’t believe it. No one could love a man like him. A broken man who was too destroyed to ever be right again. He told Credence this. Credence didn’t care.

Percival told Credence he loves him moments later.

But, that doesn’t matter now because Credence isn’t in the apartment. He’s off getting groceries and Percival is finally staring at himself in the mirror despite how it hurts and he can see his ugly and he knows Credence is there out of guilt or pity or something he doesn’t know. He cries again and falls and lays on the ground because he’s a broken man.

Credence comes home and finds him like that and pulls him up and has him get undressed and puts him into the bath because warm baths always help. Percival knows Credence feels guilty and that’s all.

Credence loves Percival.



I do love this though! Absolutely! It’s fantastic and makes me want to cry! 

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Reactions of Sidon, Mipha, Kass, Urbosa, Zelda and Link in seeing their S/O being sweet to them, but watch on the battlefield as they become a cold, agressive and merciless fighter? (I'm sorry if this is a lot.)

(These are my daydreams sometimes tbh)


  • He would first fall for the sweet loving s/o when they first meet. 
  • Monster populations would increase after a blood moon, so Sidon would help the soldiers clear the area every once in awhile.
  • S/O would ask to come along too, and at first Sidon didn’t think much of it, but the sudden change in demeanor would certainly take him by surprise.  
  • Not that he’s complaining. 


  • Similar to her brother
  • When you showed your more aggressive side she would get more worried than anything.
  • Reckless behavior often leads to grave injury, and Mipha can’t heal everything.


  • As a traveler, he is bound to run into conflict as he roams.
  • He never pinned his s/o to be so aggressive though.  
  • He finds that they become like that more out of the desire to protect him, which means a lot to him.


  • A+ way to make her love you even more. 
  • At first Urbosa thought you were just a demeure type of person.
  • As a Gerudo, strength and aggression in battle is a must. 
  • You really turned out to be just her type.


  • Mark her as scared and horny.
  • Although she has to see a lot of her father’s soldiers become the same, it is surprising to see her s/o become the same. 
  • In the long run, it just means that she has two people protecting her, which is more than she could ask for. 


  • He’s the same, so Link was less shocked than the others.
  • He worries that his s/o might lose themselves in the process and become too reckless.
  • A good talk with them put any of his worries to rest.
  • Now he just has a reliable partner in arms.

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