i'm falling in love with these kids!


here we are now, with the falling sky and the rain
     we’re awakening ♪

one of the scenes I would really love to see (as I’m sure many people have thought of!) is Rey experiencing her first rainfall ☺ also because “Awakening” has become one of my theme songs for TFA and all the new kids, there’s something about it which is very beautiful and fits so well thematically ;;

AND BONUS PIC: Finn + Rey (+ Poe’s jacket of a thousand uses (〃▽〃) )

I still think how absolutely adorable Ford was in Dungeons Dungeons and more Dungeons when he just stopped everything to play the game with Dipper, and he just got SO into the game too. Here he is this serious old man who has too much work to do and he sees the die Dipper is holding and instantly morphs into a little kid. What a fucking precious doofus.

DaiSuga Week 2015 - Cliche

Give me an original TV movie where all the kids are thrown in a super tropey, maximum cheesy US High School setting and Daichi is the captain of the football team and he falls for the cute but kinda weird student council vice president, and maybe they’ll sing about their feelings or something.

Okay so first the the Kindergarten was The Enigma of Amigara Fault

(plus the beta kindergarten essentially being the reverse side of the mountain in the original manga) 

Now this? 

All I’m saying is someone on the crewniverse is a Junji Ito fan and that’s both amazing and more than a little disturbing. 

cries forever because Kyo has always been looking out for Tohru ever since they were little kids, she just didn’t know it, and Tohru has always been attached to Kyo and wanted to be Kyo’s friend since day 1 and…


I watched this hallmark christmas movie the other day that should more aptly have been named Screaming Holiday Horror Show in which a successful career woman (played by gretchen from mean girls) wakes up one morning in an nightmarish alternate universe where she’s married to her high school boyfriend, has no job, has two kids, goes to pta meetings and cooks dinner every night for her family, etc. although she possesses no motherly skills, she eventually submits to her new, boring as hell life, gives up ambitions for the career she loved, and passively falls into loving her new children and husband. so of course! she wakes up that next morning back in her old life, and what does she do? does she go back to the job that she’s worked so hard for, where she recently got a big promotion? of course not! she quits and goes to find her high school boyfriend and go on a first date with him and that’s how the fucking movie ends!!! how romantic!! she seems to blindly expect that by going on one (1) date with this man they’ll get married and have the exact same children, even though she’s ten years older and those eggs are probably gone by now. even if she does get married and have kids, biologically she’ll have different ones, and how fucked up is that, how could she not spend every day comparing them to the daughters she remembers? it’s literally like her children DIED and have been replaced with new ones and she’s gonna have to carry that memory around with her alone for the rest of her life and this is a love story??? DARK HALLMARK CHANNEL show me a romantic ending with the cursed ghosts of alternate universe children haunt the protagonist until she dies

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"It's not badass it's super lame I give kids high fives all day." Cue the Dean/Aaron scene where you try to downplay yourself and I'm like "is that supposed to make you less interesting" and fall a little further in love while you run away from me. It's still pretty badass, Madd. And now it's also adorable.

here’s me breaking two bricks with my forehead

and here’s me beating up a 4-year-old

don’t fall in love with me
your heart is locked, but before you know it I’ll own the key
I’ll figure out how you think, I bring danger but you’ll want to protect me
being with me will be as easy as breathing, I will make you feel free

they say the best love always does
I would know I’ve learned from the best
I’ve gone through them all, the athlete, the drug dealer, poor kids and the well dressed
all just trying to get my undressed
treat me like shit, oppressed

got myself out of all those
I left the relationships but kept the tricks so now I’m a pro
I’ll have at the first hello

I’ll make you feel alive
I’ll be the fresh air you’ve been craving
a new journey everyday
tell you you’re beautiful, who cares what you weigh
you’ll feel safe

then I’ll start to pull away
talking less everyday
I’ll be busy, won’t answer your calls
I’ll have you crying, confused, what did you do? punching walls, throwing your brothers baseball’s
outside at midnight
I won’t text you goodnight

then I’ll leave
you’ll need at least 6 months to grieve
I’ll do it when I know I am your whole world, your life revolves around our relationship
you’ll abuse drugs, and alcohol, so drunk you call me from your spaceship

you’ll ask me what went wrong
I’ll apologize, tell you to stay strong
you’ll play our song
every night before bed
thinking about every word I ever said
all the things you want to tell me, all the secrets and opinions and words unsaid

I won’t feel awful
it won’t hurt, the break up wasn’t painful

I’m sorry in advance
don’t give me a chance
don’t look at me, pretend not to notice my glance
I’m not looking for romance

I want a short love story
ill convince myself you’re the one
you won’t want anyone else, you’re off the market, done

after a few months I’ll get bored
I know I promised
I was the sweetest
now you’re the craziest

my love become your drug of choice
you’ll call a few times a day just to hear my voice
you’ll think about me always
driving on the highway
when you’re stuck at work on a friday

but I’ll leave abruptly
I’ll tell you it’s over and to never talk to me again, bluntly

the withdraw
will just get worse, keep going downhill
I’ll block you on everything and delete your number
you’ll cry to your mother

in a few weeks I’ll be at it again
and I’ll unblock you and let you see
the new girl I pick
you’ll question my words, if I had loved you how could I move on so quick

you will eventually move on but you’ll never forget
the smell of my cigarettes
the sheets on my bed
you’ll say it’s just another regret

but we’ll both know
a text from me, a simple hello
will make your heart dance
you’ll think about giving me a second chance
but listen to me when I tell you, don’t.

—  the warning you didn’t want to see
Broken hearts & the Disney College Program

Here’s the thing they don’t tell you before you start this program: you’re going to fall in love. 

You’re going to fall in love with the parks, with your housemates, your work friends, Blaze pizza, cute boys on buses, with Happy Mondays, with strangers in bars, and sometimes, you’re going to fall in love with guests. This week I fell in love with a family. 

It was instantly like I’d known them my whole life. Seeing the kids became the highlight of my shifts. I’d hear a little “Kimberley!” called across the food court and would look up to see a blur of colour running towards me. 

My week was full of hugs, and laughter, and getting distracted by Lexi or Brody telling me about their day. Their parents were amazing too. I was head over heels for the whole family, and when their flight home was cancelled because of the weather, and they had to stay an extra 3 days, I was silently elated that I didn’t have to say goodbye yet. 

Unfortunately, today was the day I did have to say goodbye. Brody came in sleepy and sad to say goodbye, and gave me a huge hug and a kiss on the cheek and whispered that he’d miss me. Lexi gave me a Cogsworth Tsum Tsum and a Disney trading pin with Ariel & Flounder that says BFFs on it, and popped in and out all night, reassuring me she didn’t have to say goodbye yet. When we DID have to say goodbye, we hugged each other about 1000 times whilst I used half a tissue box trying to pull myself together.  

When you’re going into the College Program, you expect to meet people who make your life better. You expect it to be your friends, and your housemates, and your co-workers. And those people DO make a huge impact. But nothing could have prepared me to stand in the middle of the shop floor, crying and hugging those kids, and feeling my heart break.  

Do y'all know how happy I am that Dizzee was the universal take-away of the show? Like, finally a Black boy is a fan favorite.

And not for being a badass in a fight scene or being part of a broken-but-can-be-fixed relationship. Dizzee is favorited because he’s sweet, and he’s happy, and he’s possibly falling in love while discovering himself.

So I’m just really happy that both young Black kids and older Black people who never had this sort of representation, now have it. And in a show that is good. So so good, and doesn’t need any suspensions of disbelief to get passed the bad parts. It’s good as is, and that makes me happy. I want to be this sort of creator.

I think what annoys me most about the ‘Hermione deserves better than Ron’ argument (aside from the obvious and blatant vilification of Ron, of course) is the fact that it completely disregards Hermione’s right to choose.

Hermione chose to start a relationship with Ron. She chose to date him, she chose to marry him, and she chose to have kids with him. She may not have chosen to fall in love with him, but she definitely chose everything that happened after.

By saying ‘she deserves better’ you’re implying that she made the wrong choice. That she doesn’t know what’s best for her. She doesn’t know what she wants. (Alternatively, you could just be saying you don’t really care for her choice, which is- well.) And aside from being just a tad misogynistic, it also takes her character’s agency away.

TL;DR Hermione doesn’t deserve ‘better’ than Ron. You know what Hermione does deserve? She deserves the right to choose. And she chose Ron.

B L A C K  M I R R O R

Black Mirror released on Friday.  I’ve only watched Nosedive.  But I’m here to say: what the actual fuck you guys.  This show deals with suicide, society, binge eating, mind fucking realities, and the horrors of humanity.

And all I see is Season 3 Episode 4?  Like, are you fucking kidding me right now?  The only thing tumblr can take away from this fucking show is two girls falling in love?  While that is fucking GREAT I really think most people are missing the whole fucking POINT of the series overall.


Let’s talk about this a little bit.

Episode 1:  The National Anthem

After the kidnapping of a Royal Family Dutchess, the Prime Minister of the UK is contacted by an anonymous group, stating that the Dutchess will be put to death if he does not comply with their requests.


The request that they make is less than appetizing, of course.  The PM, attempting to retrieve the Royal Highness to safety, must have sex with a pig on national television.  Contingencies in place and all.  Appalled, the PM, naturally, does everything in his power to find the Dutchess before his date with ~destiny~ (that’s what I’ve named the Pig).

Moral of the Episode:  All government members should fuck pigs because that’s what they are.

Episode 2:  Fifteen Million Merits

Out of all the episodes, this one has stuck with me the longest.  In a future (no unlike our own) where people must cycle on exercise bikes in order to obtain Merits (which is a virtual currency), which allows the rider to customize their avatar, purchase new games, watch new shows, and most importantly skip ads, and where the only thing that matters is the information the media is feeding you, Bing struggles.

Obese and overweight people are considered second class citizens in this utopia, acting as the janitorial staff for the riders around the complex.  Inheriting Fifteen Million Merits from his recently deceased brother,  Bing, weighs his options on how to use them.  He can use his merits for his own gain and remove himself from the endless cycling of his every fucking day life–or he can use his merits and gain a much needed X-Factor pass (worth every merit he has) in order to move up as a celebrity or reality show contestant.

Then he meets her.

Moral of the Episode:  We all live in a plugged in society, where we gaze through the rose colored lens of facebook and bitcoin and all the useless bullshit that the tabloids and the media says is important.  This episode is one of the most impactful.  It’s heartbreakingly beautiful.

Episode 3:  The Entire History of You

The title itself reads like Welcome To Night Vale.  In this alternate future, each person has a small little “grain” implanted in their heads for perfect recall in all things.  They can reexperience every little sensation with this “grain”.  Fall in love for the first time again.  Know what it’s like to break your hand in excruciating detail.  Remember the birth of your child as vividly as yesterday.

After a meeting goes very poorly at work, Liam attends a dinner party with his wife and a few other friends.  Upon asking how his meeting went, they all want to rewatch the whole thing (known as a re-do) to help Liam and give him advice on what he might have done wrong.  With his wife’s intervention, they don’t put his humiliation up onto the screen for everyone to see.  Instead, a girl starts talking about being brutally attacked and how she much prefers being “grain-free” now, since the assault ruined her “grain.”

Moral of the Episode:  Be careful what you wish for–memories are hell.

Season 2

Episode 1:  Be Right Back

Recently moved to the countryside, Ash, a social media addict, and his wife, Martha (UHM HAYLEY ATWELL????) seem to be living the perfect life.  Until Ash doesn’t come home one night.  Killed in a tragic accident while returning their moving van, Martha spirals deep into depression.

Well her sister convinces her to join this new social media site that allows you to talk to your dead loved ones.  It’s a computer algorithm made to mimic people based off of their social media posts.  Comforted by her husband’s face online presence, Martha slips further and further down the rabbit hole.

Moral of the Episode:  Death is hard, but what does it mean to be you?  If an algorithm can emulate you after you die, does that mean you live forever?

Episode 2:  White Bear

Waking up with no recollection of who she is or how she got in the apartment she currently occupies, Victoria wanders through a world where everyone is obsessed with simply recording her.  Confused and begging for help, Victoria is ignored by the new found voyeurism that has swept society since her suicide attempt.

When demanding for people to stop recording her, she is set upon by a strange man wearing a strange mask (embued with a weird Symbol) and fired upon with a shotgun.  Confused, Victoria must survive the assault, or die trying.

Moral of the Episode:  Don’t ask a stranger for help–mob mentality is real and society revels in spectacles and violence.  To survive you must fit in.

Episode 3:  The Waldo Moment

Jamie, a severely depressed and washed out comedian, plays the role of ever popular TV sensation, Waldo–a blue bear that interviews politicians and authority figures on TV (like a late show).  Thinking to capitalize most on Waldo, the producer decides that Waldo should run in the upcoming election against real politicians.

Hesitant to go into the world of politics, Jamie eventually agrees to this hairbrained scheme and launches his campaign of lies, slander, and backwater politics–all headed and encouraged by the producer.  What we get is a very familiar election campaign–hello Trump.

Moral of the Episode:  A bear who is completely CGI is more real than any political authoritative figure.  And people are more than willing to listen to him.  What does that say about us?  Spoon fed ideals and concepts and we take it all at face value.

In Conclusion

This show is more than just girls kissing and LGBT rights.  Stop pandering to 3x4 and instead actually watch the fucking series.  It’s important, it’s wholly mind shattering, and as a result you will find yourself looking at the world through different eyes.  Black Mirror is fucked.  It’s beautiful.  It’s horrifying.  But it’s all very real.

Do yourself a favor and challenge yourself.