i'm falling in love with him all over again

WHAT IF in season 3 Shiro falls into an alternate reality where he and Allura were together but the Shiro from that reality died just recently and Allura is really upset and grieving and it’s super angsty because she loves him and he’s BACK but he’s not HIM and it’s just all sad and dramatic and Allura has to say goodbye to him all over again when he goes back home but in the back of his mind he’s lowkey like ‘but me and Allura were tOgEtHeR whaaaaaaat’

I’ve started talking to you again and I’ve realized how much I’ve missed you and how compatible we’ve always been. I never hated you, I only tried to since it seemed like the right thing at the time. Everyone told me you weren’t worth it. They all said I was dumb to fall for you, and for a while I agreed… but in the end I have come to realize that even after everything you’ve done to me, I truly love you.
—  thoughts 3 years after a breakup
So, about Thea Queen...

I’ve always loved Thea and Oliver’s relationship. Even when she didn’t know anything, she’d grounded and humanized him. Thea knows how important Felicity is to Oliver, and she knows the pain of being lied to, over and over again. That she would actually encourage her own brother to fall back on a huge lie that will blow up in his face, that too to the love of his life about something that definitely concerns her, completely negated the character development she’d achieved till now.

Thea Queen - the girl who hugged her brother when everything about his secret life fell into place instead of being furious, the girl who wrote her brother’s political intro speech and pushed him to move on when he gave up, the girl who scrunched her nose in sheer bliss at seeing her brother SO happy, the girl who’s only ever wanted him to be happy and find love and be the amazing man that he is - would have understood that he’d lied BUT she’d have encouraged him to set it right and tell Felicity, knowing that being kept in the dark only ever led to problems for them. And coming from her, Oliver would have given it serious thought.

That she didn’t was not something Thea Queen of now would’ve, should’ve, could’ve done. That she did is one gaping flaw in her character development so far.



“…von kleinen Haus aus gingen…”


“…der Fussen…”

Has anyone else noticed that Camus is reading in German?!


Something about candy, walking away from a small house and fear…at first I thought it was Hansel and Gretel xD but I can’t tell for sure. I didn’t think I could love Camus anymore than I already do but German did it xD


Update: I noticed some names on the page in an earlier scene, Rodger and Klaus, so I don’t know what he’s reading. It’s always the same German written the three times I see him turn the page so maybe it’s just something random put in by the animators cause they think no one will notice xD The point still remains though. German. Camus is bae.