i'm falling in love with him all over again

Since the beginning of summer, Dipper has been obsessed with mystery ever since he found Ford’s journal 

 He investigated Mabel’s boyfriend 

He investigated the Loch Ness Monster

He tried to find out who murdered the wax Grunkle Stan

He wondered about ghosts

He wanted to find out who the real town founder was

He wondered how timelines work

He wanted to find a mysterious way to get taller

He wondered the body swap carpet worked

He became suspicious about Robbie’s CD

He wanted to find the beast that attacked the town 

He wanted to know why Stan was always rough on him

He wanted to know what the thing was that was stealing his and Mabel’s  Summerween candy

He wanted to know about Stan’s tattoo

He wanted to learn about the mysterious mailbox

He wanted to know why a mysterious Gravity Falls citizen always faces left

He wanted to know where the giant tooth came from

He wanted to find the Hide-Behind

He wanted to learn about the big mysteries in Gravity Falls

He wanted to learn about the author’s secret bunker

He wanted to know the password to the laptop 

He wanted to know who the author was 

He wanted to know why the townspeople’s memories were getting erased

He wanted to know why Soos hates his birthday 

He investigated the ghost haunting Northwest Manor

He wondered who his Grunkle Stan was

When he found out who the author was, he had so many questions for him

He wanted to know his Grunkles’ backstory

He was curious about what his Grunkle Ford was working on

He wanted to know the history between Ford and Bill 

He wondered what the phrase “New Mummies Daily!” meant

And he went on an adventure with Ford to find the alien adhesive to fix the rift

He’s been through a lot of mysteries this summer 

Mysteries are his passion

And when Ford asked Dipper to be his apprentice, Dipper eventually turned it down. Why? Why did Dipper give up on something that he loved and obsessed over since the beginning of summer? Why did he give up on a big dream he had? 

Because of her folks. 

That’s right. Dipper loves his sister more than anything. And instead of living his dream and following his big passion, he chose to go home with his sister.

Now that is truly amazing :*)

Me and the Dream Dads
  • Craig: Cuddles by the waterfall under the starry sky. Bro brunch with River.
  • Damien: Reads fanfics together and shows me the Victorian lifestyle. DOGS!!!
  • Mat: Cuddles and listen to music. Falls in love over again everytime Mat plays an instrument.
  • Brian: Challenge him to everything and must win. Rages. Shows how a real Pokémon battle is like.
  • Robert: Cryptid hunting and movies. Cuddles in the back of his truck, looking at the stars and city lights.
  • Hugo: Still surprised about the love for wrestling. Ask him why is he all about the cheese, wine, and quiz shtick.
  • Joseph: *Throws the Bible at him* BEGONE DEMON!!!

Them Butterflies

written by momentofclarity

Main pairing: Harry Styles/Louis Tomlinson

Rating: Explicit

Chapters: 12/12


To sum it all up - Louis is beautiful. Breathtakingly so. And Harry can’t find it in himself to even question the fact that he thinks so. Louis is mesmerising, nearly magnetic with all the energy bouncing off of him. Harry doesn’t know what to make of it, but he knows he doesn’t want this night to end. 

This is the extraordinarily ordinary AU where Harry falls in love for the first time and Louis learns how to fall in love all over again.

Worst Nightmare

Request: Hi! I was wondering if I could request a newtxreader where they are traveling for his book and the reader encounters a boggart? And the boggart is of Newt dying/severely injured/leaving her, etc.? And then he takes care of the boggart and comforts the reader? Really angsty but then all fluff? Thank you so much!!<3   AND   Hi i love your writing and was wondering if you could do a Newt x reader where they’re both in the case and newt is in his workshop and his boggart gets loose while the reader is in the fields and readers worst fear is newt being tortured so she cant use the riddikulus charm and then newt comes and sees her worst fear and then captures the boggart again and comforts her (lots of fluff please) :))) (sorry if its long)

Word Count: 1,423

Pairing: Newt x Reader

Requested by Anonymous but tagging @red-roses-and-stories @dont-give-a-bother @caseoffics @myrtus-amongst-the-stars @ly–canthrope @benniesgalaxy @whatinbenaddiction @studyforthreehands @thosefantasticbeast2

The first scream comes from behind you.

The diricawls at your feet freeze. Their food, forgotten. Their hunger, ignored. Each and every one of their eyes is focused on the grove of trees behind you, a miniature forest Newt grew to give the bowtruckles more space to live. Yet as you turn to peer into the shadows of the trees, not a single bowtruckle is present.

Unsettled, you turn back to the diricawls and throw more seeds on the dirt, hoping to break them of their trance. A few blink when seeds bounce off their neck and beaks, but none turn from the forest.

The second scream terrifies you. It’s not quite human, but not quite beast; a weird combination that turns into a moaning howl halfway through its long serenade. The diricawls disappear in small pops, vanishing before your eyes. Hands shaking, you slowly crouch and lift your wand from where you placed it in the dirt.

The third scream, the worst one, sends you into motion. It’s loud, carrying over the treetops, breaking from the shadows, a noise that would horrify even the most experienced of aurors. What’s worst, though, what sends you into a dead sprint, heart slamming against your ribs, terror pulsing with every fast heartbeat, is the familiarity of the voice.

“Newt.” You try to shout, but your voice is just a whisper, strangled by the fear that has taken a hold on your movements. You’re slow, think you may very well be running through honey as you force your feet forward. Your hands are shaking, your legs are wobbling, but Newt screams again. It tapers off into loud sobs, wails, and a few curses.

“Newt!” You shriek successfully this time as you reach the grove. You trip over a root, hardly noticing the lack of bowtruckles on the trees as you stumble into the shadows, eyes anxiously scanning the area. You turn into stone at the sight. Every limb freezes, you can’t even think about moving as you process what’s happening.

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Prompt: Robert fanboying so hard over something. Maybe they get to watching the new guardians of the galaxy or wonder woman?

so i haven’t written anything outside of my english class in the past five or so years so if it’s terrible i’m sorry, but i’d like some more practice so send me prompts!

Wonder Boy. 

Aaron has never be one to go to the cinema. If he want’s to see a film so badly, he can buy it and watch it in the comfort of his living room, thank you very much. But it’s Robert’s turn to plan date night so it’s not like he has a choice in the matter; besides a movie, dinner and a quick snog at the side of greggs sounds pretty good to him.

They’re halfway through their main course now and Robert’s barely taking a breath between his mouthfuls of risotto, the excitement rolling off him in waves.

“But Aaron did you see? She fucking flew! You couldn’t even tell it was special effects!” He’s had a spot of sauce on his tie for the last twenty minutes, but Aaron’s in no rush to tell him.

“Yes Robert, I saw” It doesn’t even process for Robert that Aaron even replied.

“And the way that building just collapsed! It’s like it was actually happening! Imagine if the BT tower just fell right in front of our faces, I wouldn’t have a clue what to do!”

It’s not like his nerd of a husband is new to Aaron, God knows how many hours of Star Wars he’s sat through, how many arguments they’ve had over where to put his “collectables” (“they’re not dolls, Aaron!” ) and he’s lost track how many times he’s had to pull him away from Hotten’s “Nerd Palace” or whatever Liv calls it, but this is a rarity.

Robert’s lips are stained from the red wine he just had to order, traces of dark red around his mouth, his cheeks are flushed so brightly against his pale face, and it’s a surprise that he’s managed to even get any food in his mouth, what with how wide his grin is. There isn’t a part of Aaron that cares about ‘Wonder Woman’ sure, there were some explosions here and there but he’d much rather spend his night doing something he actually enjoyed, like his husband.

“Did you hear everyone gasping when that guy came around the corner! It sounded like the entire place was having a heart attack!”

“Hm, yeah I heard.” It must have been Aaron’s fork hitting the plate as he stabbed into his piece of steak that pulled Robert into reality, looking down at his plate, almost in embarrassment, his cheeks an even brighter red.

“I’m sorry, I know it wasn’t really your thing, you can pick what we do next time. I’m sure you’ll have more fun then.”

Aaron isn’t one to get soppy, but he can practically feel Robert’s heart sinking along with his own. Here is Robert, so used to hiding his passions, not used to being so open with himself and those around him. But here he is, on a date with his husband, in the most romantic, candle lit restaurant Aaron’s ever seen, with risotto around his mouth, ketchup on his tie from when he nicked one of Aaron’s chips, talking more passionately than he even realises.

“No, no! Did you see how quick he fell to the ground when she punched him?”

Robert’s eyes light up, the grin back on his face, and reaches across to gently grasp at Aaron’s hand. 

And Aaron falls in love all over again.

If anyone would be proud of Harry’s sass, it’s Lily. Like mother, like son, y’know? Everyone lives AU - Lily’s the one who cheers Harry on and highfives him when he slaughters someone Malfoy, Lily’s the one who massages Harry’s back before he gets on the train to Hogwarts and whispers pro tips in his ear, Lily’s the one who ignores Sirius’ loud laughter and calls Harry tiger - “go for the jugular, NO MERCY” - James is in the background falling in love all over again

Usnavi falls in love with Nina instantly the first time he sees her, a little baby in a bundle of blankets, so tiny and pink and precious, a brother falling hard for his sister. He thought he’d never love anyone this much. Twenty-five years later and Nina lets him hold her firstborn child and Usnavi feels it all over again.

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Hi , how are you? :) I read the explanation you did regarding Yoongi's venus in aries and how it affects him, would you mind doing one for Jackson too? :)

Hey, anon! I’m good, how about you? Sorry about the delay! Jackson’s Venus is acting a lot differently from Yoongi’s, even if both guys have similar charts. I know, just by looking at them you wouldn’t think that - but both have Pisces, Aries and Aquarius defining a lot of who they are and that by itself could mean they’re a lot more similar than we realize. In certain ways, I guess that’s true - but their approach to love is very different.

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Dear Dad, my whole life, I’ve been told I was destined for greatness based solely on the virtue of my name. I was taught sacrifice was for the foolish. Survival was all that mattered. But now I find myself at a crossroads, and I must decide what I believe to be true. There is no such thing as destiny. Legacies must be earned by the choices we make. I now know that we write our own endings, and we can either choose to hide as villains or live as heroes.

WHAT IF in season 3 Shiro falls into an alternate reality where he and Allura were together but the Shiro from that reality died just recently and Allura is really upset and grieving and it’s super angsty because she loves him and he’s BACK but he’s not HIM and it’s just all sad and dramatic and Allura has to say goodbye to him all over again when he goes back home but in the back of his mind he’s lowkey like ‘but me and Allura were tOgEtHeR whaaaaaaat’

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my slutty confession... I'm in love with someone I shouldn't be in love with and he has 2 step kids with his ex whom he spent 11 years with We are addicted to one another, we can be a part, spend days, weeks even not talking but the second one of us is even remotely suggestive it blows up and then all at once falls into place, the harder we fight it the more we crave it... he's 20 years older than me but my god does he wake up my body. i just want him to fuck me over and over again.

Not to go on a dragonball Fandom rant buuuuttt.....

The thing is with dbz Fandom on youtube is let’s face it…there are a lot of dudes, so I’m not going to complain on there but I had to just be like….uhhhhhhhmmmmm their thoughts and theories about the female characters are so ooooooon dumb like uuuuugghhhhhh Like when kale and caulifla were reveled every fucking video was “they gonna fight over cabba they jealous and both gonna fall in love with him”
( children pls) And now that the Grand priest looked evil last episode all of the sudden vados evil theories coming out again and everyone saying how she’s cold hearted compared to whis and I’m like nigga you watching the same Show? Cuz whis literally fucking laughed when beerus found he was getting erased and not him. But no vados is the bitch okay Just had to get that off my chest.

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“Pete was just saying that he fancies you.”

Carl’s little laugh is making me fall in love with him all over again.

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S and T for the fanfic ask thing? 👀

Fanfic Meme Ask!

S: Any fandom tropes you can’t resist?

Mutual pining, being dorks around each other, thinking that their feelings are unrequired at first, soulmates, being both seducer/seduced, Victor being a total wreck at flirting but still succeeding at it because Yuuri thinks he’s endearing anyway, Yuuri being a huge nerd and Victor falling in love with him all over again, just the general “undeniably smitten” thing.

T: Any fandom tropes you can’t stand?

Victor being portrayed as a slob (or uncannily extra), Yuuri not thinking Victor is funny or having no sense of humor, Yuuri’s anxiety being portrayed as flat-out rudeness or just generally making him oblivious to everything, Yuuri’s aversion to PDA (I mean… have we watched the show?), the whole dishcourse issue. 

Hoseok hasn’t been inside Yoongi’s condo for almost a month, the same amount of time since Namjoon introduced his boyfriend to the group.

So the moment Hoseok opens the door to Yoongi’s place, his heart sinks at the sight of the flowers that breath life into the room.

Pure white gardenias and light pink roses delicately and meticulously nurtured, carefully placed in clear glass vases, and the overwhelmingly familiar scent hits Hoseok with pain and sympathy. He stares and notices how some petals’ edges have turned brown from age, while the others are in the process of blooming.

There’s enough flower for each day of the month. Enough gardenias to express an unspoken secret love. Enough light pink roses towards someone gentle and worthy of immense affection. Flowers that will never reach the hands of whom they were meant to be given.

The entire room smells just like “him”, and Hoseok is caught in between wanting to drown in the scent in “his” memory and the reflex to hold his breath for the fear of losing himself.

He hears a pair of feet shuffling lazily in his direction and looks up to see Yoongi with a blank expression. Hoseok’s mouth feels dry, but he knows something must be said. “Hyung-”

“Don’t,” Yoongi sharply cuts him, his eyes a curious mixture of exhaustion and endurance. “Don’t.”

“I know we all strangely gravitate towards him, but this,” Hoseok gestures to the flowers with sad eyes. “How did it turn into this?” He pleads.

“That’s enough.” Yoongi drops a folder on top of a table. “I got what you came in for, so just lock the door behind you when you leave. I’m going to sleep.”

Yoongi lands on his bed face first, accepting the full impact without struggle, lost in thought. Maybe in a different world, Yoongi wouldn’t hesitate to keep Seokjin for himself even though someone else got there before him. Maybe in a different world, the two of them could be together.

But unfortunately, this world has a different scenario. In this world, Namjoon isn’t foolish enough to let Seokjin go. In this world, no amount of hard work can make Yoongi win Seokjin over.

But despite all this, Yoongi still chooses to be the fool who falls irrevocably in love because the life that Seokjin brings beats the pain of losing him.

since I finished his BM artifact I figured I’d spend some time fleshing out his MM traits, and man, Cas feels so whole with this bow

I always fall in love with it all over again when I switch back to it for a while

I don’t like playing as MM at all, but eventually he’ll be able to transmog to this appearance and he’ll have the perfect bow forever =u=