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look Percy (the real Percy from PJO) is witty with a sarcastic self-deprecating sense of humor I relate to on a personal level. He’s not a happy-go-lucky kid ready to spread joy and cheer, but he’s also not…cruel. He’s not hard and sharp. He’s soft and compassionate. He’s always been the first to jump to an underdog’s defense, another trait I really relate to. The first to protect or befriend them if he saw they needed a friend, even if it means no one else wanted to be his friend for befriending said person. Percy’s ADHD sometimes gets him into trouble in school (as well as uncalled for monster attacks) but he’s not a troublemaker and he’s not ‘a cool kid’ either. Percy tries to keep his head down and not get into trouble, not get noticed, and he chooses to hang out with the lonely, misfit-ish kids at school, like Grover, then Tyson, and then Rachel. In Gym class his dodgeball team was made up of all the misfit bullied kids in school because he likes them, feels for them, and wants to defend them. Percy has such a big, bleeding heart. Even when Annabeth was missing in TTC and Percy was worried sick about her, Percy still went out of his way to cheer up Bianca and a random shop owner he didn’t even know just because they looked sad. He bought a rubber rat from a lonely shop owner just to cheer that person up, to see that person smile, and was bashfully surprised when Bianca called him “a good guy”. Like I get Percy is a great warrior and intimidating in battle (especially when he’s angry), but I don’t think he’s this intimidating loner enigma in school or in general, nor is he some popular talkative goofball. Percy rolls into Goode High on a beat up skateboard wearing similarly beat up clothes and meets eccentric paint-splattered Rachel at her locker and then they chat about video games and her “save the marine life” campaign this weekend or poke fun at the ‘mean popular’ kids on their way to class cause not all the cool kids are mean or go tell some upper class man picking on some freshmen to fuck off. Percy’s done some weird and wild stuff being a demigod, sure, but he’s still a dork who trips over his own feet and is nice even if he’s not real outgoing and the Mist is still a thing, which makes mortals forget about a lot of the scary stuff. He’s probably viewed as more strange by others than intimidating, running off or disappearing all of a sudden and then reappearing with no real explanation. He’s a witty misfit dork with a heart of gold. People are probably more “wtf” about Percy Jackson than “jfc”.


Been busy with stuff and things, so have a cropped version of a drawing I did back in 2014 and never posted on this blog

(Please do not repost or use this or any of my art for fanmix covers, graphic edits and so on thanks)

I once watched this Ted Talk where the guy was talking about how our generation are completely unique in the way that we can approach our careers. So he was talking about how years ago, you got a job and you stayed in that job for the rest of your life. Then there came this change where our grandparents and our parents were all about climbing the ladder of the career you chose and trying to be in a better position but within the same field.

But now because of the nature of the job market and how (relatively) easy it is to learn new skills, our generation doesn’t have to climb that one ladder, we can jump between ladders and climb the rungs in different fields with ease for the first time. So basically what I’m saying is if you feel pressured by teachers or your family telling you that you have to choose a career and basically plan your entire future, remember that the world is evolving and you don’t need to be scared that you’ll be forced to stick to one career path for your whole life

i love that feeling when you’re hungry and you even have healthy quick to prepare microwaveable food you enjoy that’s readily available but you limit yourself to one corn on the cob because you’re convinced you don’t deserve to eat lmao

dear the 100 fandom, bellamy’s love for octavia and clarke is not a competition. thank you.

being a fan of stannis baratheon on hbo’s game of thrones has probably been one of the least rewarding fannish experiences imaginable. like going to a festival where your favorite band was listed as a headliner, waiting all day in the front row while other acts play way past their allotted set times due to popular demand (and the people in charge of the festival not giving a shit), and finally, it’s fucking midnight or something, the band gets onstage, starts delivering a predictably excellent set and you love it … but also most of the crowd is drunk and rude and you can’t really see shit because everything’s so poorly-lit and after only five songs the facilities abruptly get shut down because some electrical equipment caught fire and you didn’t even get to hear five of your other favorite songs and ? ? ? what was the point

the next day (and every day for the rest of time) that fire is the only thing anyone remembers about the band as in “oh my god i can’t believe they let a fire break out onstage! what kind of musicians are they” and/or “lol isn’t it ironic about the fire since their band name has a reference to fire. they had it coming” and you’re just like FUCK YOUUUU ALLLLL

also the frontman of the band never gives any interviews. not ever