i'm extremely happy they covered this song

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"You can't underestimate his fans" to me that comes across as they realized they were losing too many and had to come up with a way to placate them, and even though in print or interviews he can't say the name 1D, he'll sing the songs and that will make some happy and bring back the people they drove away. But I'm extremely bitter about everything these days, so what do I know.

Anonymous said:  If you read that whole article i think that guy is mostly reffering to harry covering wmyb which is their biggest hit and tipical pop song so very surprising that he is performing it.

Hi anons,

Okay so to me it sounded like Harry wanted to distance himself from One Direction. This is also mirrored in the way he words things and how ‘he’ behaves on social media, so I’m not surprised by it. He continuously refers to them as ‘the band’. There is power in words, and by not naming it directly, it feels a lot more disconnected when he talks about it. 

Don’t get me wrong - it’s clear he relishes in singing the songs, and it’s clear he enjoyed the experience of 1D, but it’s clear that out of all of them he has been most vague about them post-hiatus and never said anything about them returning at one point at all and keeps very mum about his bandmates. I’m sure there’s a myriad of reasons for it. 

But yes. I think it was a decision fueled by the idea of wanting to fulfill the wishes of fans for commercial benefits - not so much nostalgia or a personal wish from Harry’s side. Which is fine, fans are the consumers so yes give us what we want :P

As for singing WMYB specifically - I’m sure people might disagree, but yeah I think it’s a very deliberate choice. It’s different from Niall singing Fool’s Gold, since we never got to hear that song being performed live, so it gives fans a new experience of what it would’ve sounded like on stage.  

But WMYB is the staple One Direction song, and by making him the first member to ‘reclaim’ it and reinvent it, it does send out an undercurrent signal to people saying ‘hey, you don’t need 1D for this song, Harry does an ever better version of it all by himself’. 

Which I’m sure is exactly what Sony wants.